‘The Walking Dead: Assault’ Game Bashes Walker Brains on Your iOS

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Still jonesing for your Walking Dead fix? We know you are. Rick, Glenn and all your friends are just a click away on your iOS device. The Walking Dead: Assault is a squad-based game that tasks players with putting together their dream team for the undead onslaught. You can only use four of the characters at a time, and each brings different skills to the table. As the group’s leader, Rick grants a bonus that makes your allies more effective. As a former police officer, his headshots are deadly. Andrea wields a rifle to do long-range damage. Glenn, famous for playing “bait” for the walkers, has a taunt move that brings them in so other characters can polish them off.

It’s based on events from the comic book more than the AMC TV show. This universe is a fun sandbox to play in though. Early reviews say it packs a lot of strategic fun in for a very reasonable $1.99 price. There’s also trivia, artwork and links to purchase volumes of the comic book.

If you’re more interested in making the who lives and who dies choices Rick is often faced with, Telltale Games has an excellent series you should check out. Those looking for a good, old-fashioned shoot ’em in the head are getting a title aimed at them. The Dixon Brothers will star in Activision’s The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct. Sorry, you’ll have to wait until 2013 for that one.

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