Blu-ray Review: Star Trek The Next Generation Season Two

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What a way to end a week, huh folks? That’s right; our friends  out at CBS Films, who have been sending us loads of old series, have just topped them all by sending out the Blu-ray version of Star Trek: The Next Generation Season Two for us to review. This one won’t be out until December 9, so we’ll have a bit of time to get excited about the release.

Star Trek: The Next Generation Season Two takes us back to the Enterprise, NCC-1701-D for those keeping track, everybody’s favorite Galaxy-class starship out on its now-continuing mission to explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life and new civilizations, and in general, boldly go where no man has gone before. Along the way, they’ll run into all manner of each, from the nigh-omnipotent Q to a whole host of aliens and cosmological features that will pose all manner of troubles for the Enterprise crew, and make sure there’s always something new waiting around the next bend of space.

Admittedly, I was never so fond of the earlier episodes of Star Trek: The Next Generation. In fact, I had something of a barometer when it came to “Next Gen” episodes: Worf. More specifically, Worf’s sash. If Worf was wearing that ridiculous gold sash, I could count on some low-rent, poorly-realized piece of marginal work that might be good, but was more likely to have not aged well. But if he was wearing the gray metal sash, I had a much better chance of liking what I saw.

Though this was the season Worf started wearing gray pretty much exclusively, I needn’t have worried. The Blu-ray remastering here, coupled with some serious advances in the hardware since my good old days of watching the show, added up to make for one fine time indeed. Frankly, I never thought the show could look this good, proving that I was deeply underestimating what this show could bring to bear. In fact, this was the start of some great stuff right here, including the introduction of the Borg, and the beginning of some truly impressive things yet to come.

Not surprisingly for a Blu-ray version of one of television’s biggest science fiction franchises in the history of television itself, this will be absolutely crammed with special features. Special features on pretty much every disc in the rack, in fact, including most everything from featurettes like no tomorrow to tech updates to even, unaccountably, Reading Rainbow sequences featuring LeVar Burton.

Star Trek: The Next Generation Season Two is some impressive stuff; not necessarily the best in the series but certainly some fine stuff in its own right. Naturally, there will be intensive comparisons not only between these episodes and those of the wider series but also between each of these episodes individually. Still, for the most part, science fiction fans–whether they were specifically Trek fans or not–should get a serious thrill out of this one.


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