DVD Review: O.B.A.M Nude

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Maybe it’s the start of a trend, but today, we’ve got something new, a copy of “O.B.A.M Nude”, sent our way from And Justice For All Productions and their distributor for us to review. It represents the second anti-Obama DVD we’ve had for review as well as the second from director Kenneth Del Vecchio, who directed another title we’ve covered recently, “The Life Zone.”

“O.B.A.M Nude”, the acronym portion of which stands for “Occidental Births A Monster”, is somewhat of an allegorical tale, as we go to Occidental College, where a loner is snorting cocaine, smoking marijuana, and I guess occasionally attending a class. But this loner has big dreams; he wants to be a big deal. While even McDonald’s wouldn’t hire a cokehead pot-smoker, there’s hope for our young man yet in the form of Satan, who arrives at the loner’s door with an offer he can scarcely refuse: his dream on a plate for the cost of not only his soul, but also the souls of millions more. Possibly due to his coke-addled state of mind, he agrees, and so begins the political career of the cokehead known as O.B.A.M.

Overall, “O.B.A.M. Nude” has an overall feel that’s Faustian by the way of no budget, and clearly does not like its target worth a fig. Even some more objective viewers may be turned off by the approach taken here. There’s plenty of stock footage showing up in this one–even some that showed up in “The Life Zone”–and anyone who’s watched the other is going to be put off by this.

Either you’ll recognize the source of the footage in the one, or you’ll be upset that you’ve already seen a good swath of the movie in the other. The entire movie takes place in pretty much one room of some guy’s house, and as far as special effects go, you’ve got occasional animation to break up the stretches that amount to two guys talking to each other. One of them is even the writer / producer, Del Vecchio, himself.

It’s also rather implausible to see Satan turn to O.B.A.M. for advice on how to advance a plot of global destruction. The highest level of evil in the universe wants advice on how to wage economic warfare from a cokehead pot-smoker? Isn’t that sort of like taking your car to be fixed by a Chihuahua? If that’s not enough controversy, don’t worry, as there’s plenty more to go around. It is absolutely crystal clear who the object of the allegory is, and Del Vecchio’s entire body of work–based on this and the earlier “The Life Zone”–leans toward the almost rabidly conservative.

Special features are in very short supply here, with just a trailer and a scene selection menu filling in the gaps.

“O.B.A.M. Nude” is a puzzling bit of movie; it doesn’t have anywhere near the veracity or the sheer credibility of “2016: Obama’s America”, but it’s still an interesting look at the rise of a man that we all know. While facts may be in slim supply–and original content possibly less (depending on just which movie came out first, “The Life Zone” and “O.B.A.M. Nude”)–it’s still reasonably well put together, and though it’s clearly got an agenda, it’s still a little something unusual. Poorly done, low budget, sure…but it’s certainly unlike much else out there, and that gives it at least a rental to its credit.

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