Blu-ray Review: History in 3D

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Our friends out at the History Channel are offering up another major slice of history, and in brilliant 3D, with their newest box set “History in 3D”, a copy of which they sent over for us to review.

“History in 3D” is going to cover an absolutely massive string of history. First, we’re going to get a very, very, very general overview of history as a whole thanks to “History of the World in Two Hours”. Next, they’ll segue into the Titanic with “Titanic in 3D”, showing off a combination of underwater photography and stories of the survivors to create a new and unusual whole. Finally, it’s back to familiar ground for the History Channel, as they take us through a look at World War II in full 3D, with–not surprisingly, “WWII In 3D”.

The good news about this box set is that there’s going to be something here for just about anyone. For those who want a shot of World War II history, that’s here. Those who want a look at Titanic, that’s here. And for those who just want the extra-general nickel tour of the world as we know it, well, that’s right here also.

It’s important to note, however, that this series isn’t for everybody. Those without an interest in history, of course, will be completely at a loss on this one. Those who subscribe to creationism will be especially put off by “History of the World in Two Hours” because “Let there be light” is absolutely not involved in this one. This is very much a Big Bang / evolution sort of affair. A lack of interest in the Titanic, underwater film, or World War II will also disqualify users from a hefty chunk of the proceedings.

But if there’s one group that absolutely should get hands on this–much in the same way it was suggested back when the History Channel released “The Universe in 3D”–and that’s those with impressive home theater systems. Whether you have 3D capability or not, it’s still going to be an amazing show. Underwater footage of disturbing depth and clarity, war at its most brilliant, and of course, the history of the entire planet so clear and breathtaking that it feels like you’re almost in the room with it makes for a magnificent show, if of a somewhat specific interest.

The special features are oddly lacking for a box set of this incredible depth: it’s limited to just a set of subtitles for each presentation. Each will include a variety of European languages, but perhaps strangest of all, no two presentations will have exactly the same subtitles.

“History in 3D” is going to offer a massive, sweeping look at the broader issues that made history what it is today, and at the same time, will also provide a closer look at some of the biggest events that took place during that sweeping, broader look. Strictly speaking, it’s not the kind of thing that everyone can get behind, but it’s still going to be a pretty substantial piece of work, and will prove well worth watching.

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