The Breeders Reunite for 20th Anniversary of ‘Last Splash’

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Music can be a funny business. Sometimes a group gets together, does something that a lot of people love and then for whatever reason, don’t work together again for decades. The Breeders released the critically acclaimed ‘Last Splash’ in 1993. At the height of their popularity, they played the same concert stages as Nirvana.  That group’s lead singer, the late Kurt Cobain, declared how much he love their work. After numerous sold out US shows, The Breeders took a 1994 “hiatus” that lasted until – well, now.

Kim Deal, Kelley Deal, Josephine Wiggs, and Jim Macpherson will reunite for the first time since ’94 to play the album live. They’re also releasing LSXX, a Deluxe Anniversary Edition of ‘Last Splash’ in April 2013. In June 2013, they’ll tour in support of the release. Apparently Kim Deal texted Wiggs and Macpherson to gauge their interest in getting back together to play a 20th anniversary thing.

The Deal sisters had released albums as The Breeders without Wiggs or Macpherson, the last being 2009’s Fate to Fatal.

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