Metafictional Mashup Twitter Account Wins Internet

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Luck was an HBO drama by old (white) men with a huge amount of industry experience. Girls is an HBO dramedy by young (white) women with little to no industry experience.

These two diametrically opposed shows however share one commonality: Due to the former’s production being abruptly halted because of the death of three horses during filming, and, well, everything about the latter, they are easily the most talked and written about HBO shows of the last year or so. Perhaps inevitably, the two shows have now been linked in one hilarious gimmick twitter feed.

Luck Horse on Girls is now a thing that exists, and it’s pretty funny. The character bio is pitch perfect: “I died on the set of HBO’s Luck. Now I hate-watch Girls.” The tweets are pretty much all inside jokes about things that have happened on Girls but they are funny ones. Here are some of the better tweets so far:

Like a lot of these joke twitter accounts, rumor is that it’s actually the creation of people with surprisingly high level media jobs.

According to Foster Kamer of the New York Observer the feed is maintained by GQ associate editors Lauren Bans and Daniel Riley and GQ editor-in-chief Jim Nelson. Whether this represents the last word in internet chatter about Girls or a new beginning remains to be seen.

Luck Horse on Girls twitter feed.


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