At the End of the Day: McDermott/Mulroney, 48 FPS, RIP J.R. and the Spanish Announce Table

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People have been making Dylan McDermott/Dermot Mulroney jokes for about 15 years, yet for some reason Saturday Night Live did a whole, very funny sketch about it Saturday, and 2 Broke Girls chipped with another joke on Monday (Hulu)

Seinfeld Today is the best new high-concept Twitter feed in quite some time (Twitter)

An essay arguing that 48 FPS technology will “wall off” all cinematic history that came before it. Because we all know no one cares about TV shows that came about before HD (Bad Ass Digest)

National security journalist Spencer Ackerman, in defense of “Zero Dark Thirty”‘s torture scenes (Wired)

Eric D. Snider with a hilarious piece about how the only people we can trust about “The Hobbit” are fanboys who haven’t seen it yet (Pajiba)

Larry Hagman’s been dead barely a week and the producers of Dallas have already announced the airdate (March 11) for J.R. Ewing’s funeral (TV Line)

WWE pays tribute to one of its greatest tropes: The Spanish Announcers’ Table, through the years (

Answers to rhetorical questions posed by movie titles (Mcsweeney’s)

Reddit hosted an Ask Me Anything with a bait girl from To Catch a Predator, because of course they did (Reddit)

I can’t even possibly begin to sum up the Gawker/Lena Dunham war. Just go read it. (Gawker)

A plea for Jason Segel to put the kibosh on a ninth season of How I Met Your Mother (Warming Glow)

Jeff Millar, creator of the “Tank McNamara” sports comic strip, has died (Los Angeles Times)

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