DVD Review: “Your Sister’s Sister”

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I think I need a break from Mark Duplass for awhile. At least, from the Mark Duplass who isn’t arguing about fantasy football with Ruxin and Taco.

The actor has starred in about ten different movies in the past two years, just about all of them navel-gazing indie flicks, many of which he directed or co-directed. And while some of them were passable- “Safety Not Guaranteed” had its moments, and I really liked his “The Puffy Chair”- I’m just about all Duplass-ed out. At least The League provides a weekly respite.

His latest is “Your Sister’s Sister,” recently released on DVD and Blu-ray. It’s Duplass’ reunion with director Lynn Shelton, who directed him in “Humpday.” That inexplicably praised 2009 indie drama starred Duplass and Josh Leonard as two straight guys who dare each other to make a gay porn film as part of Seattle’s annual “Humpfest” contest.

“Your Sister’s Sister” has a premise that’s not quite as audacious, but it’s still occasion for a whole lot of long, long talks.

The plot is actually somewhat promising: Duplass plays a man mourning his dead brother, who for a time had dated Duplass’ platonic best friend (Emily Blunt.) Blunt, seeing her pal’s continuing depression, sends him off to spend a week at her father’s cabin.

But the cabin turns out to be occupied, by Blunt’s recently-dumped lesbian sister (Rosemarie DeWitt.) However, the two hit it off, and sleep together, because it’s an ironclad rule in all American indie films that all lesbian characters must have sex with a man by the time the movie’s over.

But guess what- Blunt is in love with Duplass, and the feeling may be mutual. So everyone finds out, and they talk about it. For a long time.

The movie starts out well, but just sort of gets more ridiculous and outlandish the longer it goes. There’s a terrible plot twist at the end of the second half, and you’ll only love the ending if you thought the finale of The Sopranos was the most brilliant thing ever. There’s even a spermjacking subplot, which plays like something lifted from a Men’s Rights Activist message board.

Like I said, Duplass has been in good movies. I hear he’s got a part in “Zero Dark Thirty.” But after that? I need a vacation.

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