Book, Movie Sequels on the Way For ‘Game Change’

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Of all the books written about the historic 2008 election, the most successful was “Game Change,” the scoop-filled bestseller written by Mark Halperin of Time and John Heilemann of New York magazine. It was adapted into an award-winning HBO film earlier this year.

Now, sequels are on the way for both, according to the Hollywood Reporter.  Heilemann and Halperin have signed a deal to write “Double Down: Game Change 2012,” a book about this year’s campaign, and HBO has already optioned the movie rights.

Director Jay Roach and writer Danny Strong are both expected to return for the film, although it’s a safe bet that Ed Harris and Julianne Moore will not be reprising their roles as John McCain and Sarah Palin; unless the film focuses heavily on the on-air MSNBC team, Woody Harrelson probably won’t be back as Steve Schmidt.

There’s no word on casting yet, but if the filmmakers don’t cast Ty Burrell as Mitt Romney, they’re doing something wrong.

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