More Episodes, More Houses: ‘Arrested Development’ Order Grows

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As just about every Arrested Development fan knows, during the show’s second season Fox, citing low ratings, cut its order from 22 to 18 episodes, leading to a plot point in which the Bluth Company had an order for houses to build cut, also from 22 to 18.

Start building, Bluths.

Deadline reported Tuesday that Netflix, which is reviving the series for a 2013 return, has upped the order of episodes, from 10 to somewhere between 12 and 15. The change came after creator Mitch Hurwitz came up shot enough material and came up with enough ideas to fill additional episodes. Filming has been paused to give Hurwitz time to plan, but it will resume in January.

That’s the beauty of making the show Netflix-only and finishing production before it’s released- no worries about ratings. Welcome to the alternate universe in which rather than truncated and canceled, Arrested Development is revived and extended.

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