Top Gun Coming to 3D and IMAX in February 2013

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“Top Gun” is about to satisfy your need for speed – in 3D.

The unabashedly macho 80s flyboy flick that helped catapult Tom Cruise to megastardom will appear in IMAX theaters for six days starting February 8, 2013. The late Tony Scott supervised the conversion. After that, get ready for the Blu-ray release, a 3D/2D two-disc set due February 19.

The film didn’t play to great critical reaction, but seems to have aged well. It’s earned awards from Yahoo Movies and the American Film Institute, which has placed it on numerous “Best Of” lists. It was also a brilliant lesson in merchandising, helping move mass quantities of everything from Pepsi Cola to Ray-Ban sunglasses. The soundtrack was a monster hit too, thanks largely to Kenny Loggins’ high powered song Danger Zone.

There were rumors that Cruise and producer Jerry Bruckheimer were working on a sequel, along with Scott. The director’s suicide has reportedly ended those plans.

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  • Dan

    Curious to see the Male-Female ratio of the audience for this movie. With the target audience for 3D movies being mainly men, this should tweak the numbers a bit.