Colbert to Donate SuperPAC Funds to Charity

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Stephen Colbert’s SuperPAC

Stephen Colbert’s SuperPAC, “Americans For a Better Tomorrow, Tomorrow,” was one of the more memorable recurring late-night comedy motifs of the 2012 cycle, wringing unbelievable amounts of humor out of arcane points of election law. The SuperPAC raised over $1 million, at the time of its FEC filing early in 2012, which almost certainly shatters the record for most money ever raised for a comedy bit.

What to do with all that cash? According to a report in Politico Friday, the remaining $773,704 in the SuperPAC’s war chest will be donated to a variety of charities. Donations to, Team Rubicon and Habitat for Humanity will be directed towards Hurricane Sandy relief efforts, with an addition sum going to the Yellow Ribbon Fund, in support of wounded military members.

The money will first be routed towards another gag group- the “Ham Rove Memorial Foundation,” named for a ham who resembles another notorious SuperPac leader, Karl Rove.

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