At the End of the Day: Least Essential Albums, Amazon’s Best, and People From New Jersey

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‘People From New Jersey’? Can I be on that?

A look back at Leonard Nimoy’s “Ballad of Bilbo Baggins,” which told the same story better in two minutes than Peter Jackson did telling one third of it in two and a half hours (Slate)

HBO has greenlit a show from Jason Reitman and Lorne Michaels called People From New Jersey, because it’s about time HBO did a show about that (Deadline)

“Bobby Moynihan Joins Vince Vaughn Sperm-Donor Comedy”- I hate every single thing about that sentence (Vulture)

One of the most eagerly-awaited year-end features: The AV Club’s “Least Essential Albums” (AV Club)

The Creators of Homeland have a new show coming called Tyrant (EW)

Amazon has released its list of best-selling books of the year, with “Fifty Shades” versions taking two of the top three spots (Amazon)

Lindy West returns to movie-reviewing with a skewering of “The Hobbit” (Jezebel)

ESPN has suspended Rob Parker for stupid race-baiting comments on First Take, a show that’s always been synonymous with both racism and stupidity (Sports Illustrated)

An amazing mashup of Louie and “Peanuts” (ADHD)

Cary Elwes will direct a biopic of The Who’s manager, Kit Lambert (Hollywood Reporter)

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