Blu-ray Review: Ancient Aliens Season Four

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Our friends out at the History Channel sent over a copy of “Ancient Aliens Season Four” for us to review for you today, and for those of you who can’t get enough of conspiracies and the truly bizarre, then you’ve got a whole heaping helping of fun right here.

“Ancient Aliens Season Four” gives us, much as the title would lead you to expect, the fourth season of the “Ancient Aliens” television series. Once again, the usual suspects and a few new faces will discuss, at length, several of the major ideas and theories behind aliens, and just how far back they go on Earth’s overall time line. This season in particular will boast a variety of unexpected ideas like Leonardo Da Vinci’s possible alien connection, the connection to Bigfoot, and perhaps least surprisingly of the lot, the connection to NASA. The so-called “greys” will also make a showing or two, and throughout it all, we’ll get plenty of insight into aliens and their visits to Earth.

Yes, indeed, the standards are here. though there’s a notable lack of  alien expert Georgio A. Tsoukalos, who has in recent years become an Internet meme for his bizarre explanations of world events and equally bizarre hairstyle. He’ll make some appearances, but it seems like he’s a little lacking this time around, despite the fact that he’s cited as a consulting producer. Perhaps more interestingly to a lot of folks, there will also be some background on the so-called Mayan doomsday prophecy and its surprising connection to several other doomsday efforts.

While many will likely look at this and just think it’s bizarre beyond all reckoning, which likely explains why the History Channel sent this sucker packing to their subsidiary channel, H2. This has about as much to do with history as, as Scott Adams once put it, a painting of a diamond has to do with a real diamond. Very little of this can be proven–plenty of it is acknowledged by the presenters themselves as only understood on a fragmentary level–and much of it has to be taken with a huge grain of salt and on a whole lot of faith. Still though, it’s clear that the stuff you’ll see on “Ancient Aliens”, no matter what it is, is not likely to be seen anywhere else at all.  That certainly gives it more than a little recommendation, especially these days, when anything smacking of the unique is tough to come by.

Oddly, there’s not much in the way of extra features here. Especially strange for a Blu-ray compilation, extra features are limited to your choice of English or Spanish subtitles.

“Ancient Aliens Season Four” certainly won’t be for everybody. Many will find it dull, unable to suspend disbelief for the length of time required to get into the possibilities, let alone accept half of this at face value. But for those willing to give it a chance and listen to some material that is almost certainly wrong, there may be enough interesting twists to make it entertaining.

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