Contract talks delay ‘Big Bang Theory’ production

Uh-oh, it looks like the most popular show on TV is at an impasse, with CBS risking to not be able to restart The Big Bang Theory on schedule. Chuck Lorre and his team of hacks writers are less than two months away from the sitcom’s announced season eight premiere date, and “due to ongoing more »

‘Iron’ Jamie Foxx circles Mike Tyson role

Before he could become a running gag for “Hangover” director Todd Phillips, “Scary Movie 5” helmer Malcom D. Lee, How I Met Your Mother and Law & Order writers and, yes, Adult Swim, Mike Tyson was hands-down one of the greatest heavyweight boxers of all time. He was the youngest fighter to win the WBC, more »

Jason Bateman gives it to Olivia Wilde in ‘The Longest Week’ trailer

Oh, look, another snotty coming-of-age romantic dramedy about a loaded middle-aged man-child forced to finally find his footing and grow up by way of selfless love. Just what Hollywood needed. And with none other than Jason Bateman in the lead, who’s never played a similarly immature role before. Unless you count, oh I don’t know, more »

There’s only Sin City in red band ‘Sin City: A Dame to Kill For’ trailer

Guess we had to wait for Comic-Con and the first extended, red band trailer of long-in-the-works neo-noir sequel “Sin City: A Dame to Kill For” to really be convinced the messy crime thriller isn’t a year… or ten too late. Sure, there’s no changing the fact a big chunk of the original movie’s fanbase got more »

‘New Girl’ drafts ‘Veep’ star Reid Scott for season 4 premiere cameo

Reid Scott’s sleazy, backstabbing, go-getting, oddly charming Dan Egan character on HBO smash hit Veep doesn’t really have a lot of time for relationships. Well, aside from the occasional career-boosting politicians’ daughters fling. But that’s what network sitcoms are for, as Scott will reportedly round out a steamy, dreamy love triangle on Fox’s New Girl more »

It’s official, Jodie Foster will direct George Clooney in ‘Money Monster’

There’s not much Jodie Foster hasn’t achieved as an actress, picking up two Oscars from four nominations, three Golden Globes, including a Cecil B. DeMille Award, and helping studios make hundreds of millions of dollars, especially in the ‘90s. As a director however, the “Silence of the Lambs” and “Nell” star is yet to catch more »

‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ to assemble again in 2017 for easily predictable sequel

It looks like Marvel’s latest high-stakes gamble paid off, or rather will pay off handsomely over the next few weeks, maybe months. Yes, the outcast counterpart to the flawless Avengers shall be getting their very own sequel in 2017. With the first “Guardians of the Galaxy” still a few days away from a wide-scale theatrical more »

Venice Film Festival lineup: Pacino, Pacino, Franco and Andrew Niccol

While North American fall festivals like Toronto, New York and presumably Telluride struggle to heighten their Oscar race relevance by any means necessary, one of Europe’s most prestigious film shindigs, Venice, keeps swimming against the tide with yet another roster of eclectic, linguistically diverse, mostly low-profile fest participants. Sure, they had “Gravity’s” world premiere there more »

Jess meets Jess in ‘New Girl’ season 4 premiere as Biel circles back to TV

Jessica Biel’s once flourishing big-screen career, back in the days of “The Illusionist”, “Cellular”, even “Elizabethtown”, took hit after hit recently (“Valentine’s Day”, “The A-Team”, “New Year’s Eve”, “Total Recall” and, oh my, “Playing for Keeps”), so sooner or later, the 7th Heaven whiz-kid was bound to need TV again to help pay the bills. more »

Miles Teller stoically endures J.K. Simmons’ abuse in ‘Whiplash’ trailer

They say appearances can be deceiving, and Miles Teller’s Andrew Neyman alter ego in the upcoming indie drama “Whiplash” learns that particular lesson the hard way. A young, aspiring, fairly talented but far from flawless instrumentalist, Andrew is at first encouraged by his music school teacher to “relax”, not worry about “the numbers” or what more »

Alicia Keys joins NBC’s ‘The Voice’ season 7 as Pharrell’s consultant

Newly recruited The Voice coach Pharrell Williams is in this to win, by the looks of it, and helping him carry Usher’s baton is fifteen-time Grammy Award-winning singer, songwriter, pianist and record producer Alicia Keys. Keys just revealed on Twitter her “friend Pharrell” invited her to be his team’s mentor on the upcoming seventh season more »


Little-loved MacFarlane hires universally-loved Azaria for ‘Bordertown’

(Reluctantly) love him or (vocally) hate him, but controversial actor, animator, comedian, writer, producer, director, singer and, yes, Oscar nominee and emcee Seth MacFarlane is poised to remain in the spotlight, both on the small and big screen, for at least a little while longer. No, his disgraceful boobs-centric Oscar song isn’t enough to bury more »