Toronto Fest lineup is complete, Murray and Franco added at the last minute

Just because the Toronto International Film Festival organizers announced a packed selection of Oscar contenders, world, international and North American premiering flicks and high-profile indie titles last month, it doesn’t mean they didn’t keep an ace or two concealed up their sleeves for right before the shindig’s start. Well, maybe not right before, as we’re more »

Patton Oswalt will be back on ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ in October

Brooklyn Nine-Nine surprised a lot of pundits with a very unique, cabley sense of humor, strong ensemble cast and simple but clean and well-executed premise. Funny cops and Andy Samberg playing charming and quirky sounded like the perfect recipe for failure, yet Brooklyn won over the critics in no time, snatching an unexpected two Golden more »

Fox turns down Tina Fey-produced ‘Cabot College’, next stop NBC?

It seems not every major stateside TV network can get and appreciate Tina Fey’s very particular, very original sense of humor, and so the 30 Rock star, writer and producer will merely continue her mutually beneficial NBC collaboration. The Peacock, which pulled 30 Rock out of the air in 2013 after seven hilarious, cult-followed, critically more »


Keanu Reeves searches for glory past in ‘Rain’ TV series

The small screen may no longer be routinely identified as the second-rate refuge of A-list movie actors going through a rough patch, but even with so many current stars voluntarily turning to TV for new challenges and extra creativity leeway, some still only ditch the big screen as a last resort. Keanu Reeves, for instance, more »

‘True Detective’, ‘Orange’ emerge as Emmy favorites after Creative Arts wins

Not nearly as high-profile as the big, glitzy, live broadcasted Emmy ceremony, the preceding Creative Arts gala often works as a pacesetter and ballot filler for awards prognosticators. But you have to know how to read and interpret the “Creative” trophies. For instance, even though the all-around nomination count leader, HBO’s oft-snubbed Game of Thrones, more »

‘Equalizer’ preview used to tease Eminem/Sia single, not the other way around

You know how movie trailers these days tend to feed off the popularity and catchiness of music hit singles to boost awareness and hype? Heck, most films don’t even end up using the songs on their actual soundtracks, and oftentimes, there’s but a loose connection between the picture being advertised and the melody in the more »

‘Open Windows’ trailer: Sasha Grey is stalked, tied up and… saved by Frodo?

Against all odds and defying great prejudice, adult movie legend Sasha Grey abandoned the pornographic landscape at her peak and set out on a path of rediscovery, struggling to make it in the mainstream cinematic décor. The best chance she got at a big break came from a legend of a slightly different background and more »

Emmys add Viola Davis, Octavia Spencer, Key and Peele to presenter lineup

Amy Poehler once said that only the Golden Globes can bring together the beautiful people of film and rat-faced people in television, but separating the two once largely contrasting categories is no easy feat anymore. That’s clearly because the standards of solid television have been greatly elevated of late, whereas good movies seem to be more »

Idris Elba-produced indie fills up cast with numerous familiar faces

Normally, we’d need much higher-profile behind-the-scenes names than that of rookie feature director Jim O’Hanlon and unknown writer Leon Butler to get excited about a project that’s barely taking off. Especially an indie effort. And one that’s gone through a helmer and name change already. But “A Hundred Streets”, previously titled “One Square Mile”, has more »

David Ayer and Brad Pitt’s ‘Fury’ to wrap up 2014 London Film Festival

The BFI London Film Festival has declared war against fellow fall Oscar pacesetters. Literally. Okay, maybe not literally literally. But in its limelight battle with Toronto, Venice, Telluride or New York, the London shindig seems to heavily rely on war movies. Specifically, pictures set during World War II. Always a fertile ground for Hollywood auteurs more »

Trailer: Scorsese-produced ‘Revenge of the Green Dragons’ puts a new spin on American Dream

After winning his first and thus far only Oscar, as well as bringing in a personal-record $130 million in domestic grosses to Warner Bros. with “The Departed”, I guess you could say Martin Scorsese owed Andrew Lau, Alan Mak and Felix Chong. The three inspired the legendary Hollywood filmmaker’s Boston-set crime drama with a little more »

New York Film Festival roster includes 30 screeners in total, 14 US premieres

Thus far, the gradual slate unveil tactic worked splendidly for New York Film Festival’s organizers, which made the headlines three times already, revealing “Gone Girl” would open the shindig, “Birdman” close it, and “Inherent Vice” take the centerpiece stage. But the rest of the fest’s lineup couldn’t have possibly been as prestigious and high-profile, so more »