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VH1 standing behind controversial reality show ‘Sorority Sisters’

Reality shows often focus on the most embarrassing members of a group, whether they’re “real” housewives or bachelorettes. But black Greek organizations aren’t laughing off VH1’s Sorority Sisters. They’ve petitioned the network to end the reality show, and have been successful in getting some advertisers to pull out. Honda, Crayola and Hallmark are among the more »

Ray Lewis brings ‘Coaching Bad’ to Spike in February

Former NFL star Ray Lewis will join anger management specialist Dr. Christian Conte on Spike in Coaching Bad. They’ll work with nine coaches who can’t turn off their angry, profane ways even away from the fields they coach on. Conte is a licensed counselor, author and professional speaker. Lewis, of course, was famous for his more »

American Idol down to one night, Coca-Cola drops sponsorship

Coca-Cola out. Not only has American Idol gone down to airing one night a week on Fox, but it’s losing longtime sponsors. Coca-Cola announced Tuesday that it didn’t re-sign for Season 14. AT&T announced its departure in January 2014. American Idol has been losing viewers for a while, as NBC’s The Voice offers serious competition more »

‘The Walking Dead’ setting “Cobalt” spinoff in Los Angeles

TVLine reports that the upcoming spinoff from “The Walking Dead” will be set in Los Angeles. It’s a good thing that Zombieland TV adaptation didn’t get picked up, or things could have gotten awkward. That movie and its TV spinoff were set in L.A. as well. Early reports suggest the TWD spinoff may be a more »

‘Wedding Ringer’ event postponed due to leaked e-mails about Kevin Hart

“The Wedding Ringer” is a much anticipated comedy for Sony.  It’s hoping Kevin Hart will become to the Martin Luther King holiday weekend what Will Smith once was for the July 4 weekend. Hart’s “Ride Along” pairing with Ice Cube pulled in almost $50 million for the four-day weekend earlier this year. But a leaked more »

WWE TLC Recap: Shock TV

With TNA moving a ways down the cable dial, WWE’s biggest competition is its own product: NXT. The future stars of WWE put on an incredible show at NXT Takeover R Evolution, and there was pressure on the big show to perform. After the Tables, Ladders, Chairs (TLC) and yes, apparently Stairs PPV, the social more »

Dave Bautista, Gina Carano ready to bust heads in ‘Kickboxer’ remake

WWE viewers may be over Bautista, but directors love him right now. Fresh off his star turn as Drax in “Guardians of the Galaxy,” he’ll appear in a remake of “Kickboxer”  according to The Hollywood Reporter The 1989 martial arts flick began the legend of Jean Claude Van Damme. He’ll have a cameo in the more »

Hacker leak reveals proposed 21 Jump Street – Men in Black crossover

The hacked e-mails of Sony motion picture chief Amy Pascal are yielding all kinds of interesting revelations. The already improbable comedy success “21 Jump Street” might get combined with the sci-fi trappings of “Men in Black.” Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill would be on board, while Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones probably wouldn’t be more »

Stephen King’s ‘It’ will get the two-movie treatment

“It” will follow in the footsteps of final Hunger Games and Harry Potter adaptations, getting two films helmed by True Detective director Cary Fukunaga. Vulture tracked down producer Dan Lin, who is excited about the project, and about getting author Stephen King’s blessing. Lin said King was ecstatic about their treatment, calling it the version more »

‘Hit The Floor’ actress Moseley found dead in suspected murder-suicide

Stephanie Moseley, an actress and dancer currently appearing as one of the cheerleaders on VH1 drama Hit The Floor, appears to have been the victim of a murder-suicide. LA Police believe her husband, identified as rapper Earl Hayes, shot her several times before turning the gun on himself Monday. Hayes was once signed to Floyd more »

AMC moves ahead with ‘Preacher’ pilot

There’s a comic book renaissance going on in movies and TV. Projects such as The Flash and Arrow  are finding audiences, and shows featuring Supergirl and Agent Peggy Carter are on the way. But Garth Ennis’ Preacher isn’t anything like those, or most other books. It follows Rev. Jesse Custer, who is on a quest more »

Chris Pratt may join Magnificent Seven remake

Chris Pratt is as “in demand” as any actor in Hollywood right now, thanks to his lead role in summer smash “Guardians of the Galaxy.” Now according to Deadline, he may be joining up with another group of unlikely heroes. He’s reportedly attached to the remake of classic western “The Magnificent Seven.” Denzel Washington, Morgan more »