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Bravo to Introduce 17 New Series That Will Surely Raise Our Level of Intellectual Discourse

Bravo, the TV network that once upon a time showed operas, is poised to unleash 17 new quality “reality TV” programs on the American public this year. EntertainmentTell has confirmed that none of them involve operas. So what do these new series involve? * A bunch of young hotties who live and love (and “work”) more »

TV Guide Network Will Join Crystal Pepsi as Thing from the 90s You Can’t Get Any More

The other day, my mom casually mentioned the new issue of “TV Guide.” You know, one of those “wait…WHAT???” moments. I replied, “TV Guide still exists? And you buy it? WTF? Did you ever hear of your remote control’s GUIDE button?” Well, now there’s some big news for this iconic yet completely anachronistic brand. The more »

Lightning Bolt’s Brian Chippendale Releases Best Action Flick of 2013

  Brian Chippendale, the drummer/vocalist half of Rhode Island’s cataclysmic noise-rock duo Lightning Bolt, is just as serious about his art as he is about his music. With his solo music project Black Pus, he’s bringing together his passions for both into one handy carrying case: an LP called “All My Relations,” due on Thrill more »

Tera Melos Release a Second Track, “Sunburn,” from Upcoming “X’ed Out” LP

In the far-flunger-than-ever world of 2010s indie rock, few bands enjoy a fan base as dedicated and tongue-wagging as Sacramento’s stunning math-noise-progressive-pop-free jazz-??? trio Tera Melos. Because their music is so challenging and densely layered, however, those fans are few. Lucky for me, I’m one of them, and it’s an extremely rewarding place for my more »

Bob and David Will Share the Rotten, Wonderful Fruits of Their Rejection

Bob Odenkirk and David Cross are comedy legends who, for some reason, constantly need to sell, sell and resell themselves to doubting, risk-averse, small-minded Hollywood movers-and-shakers. Along with “The State” and “The Kids in the Hall,” HBO’s “Mr. Show with Bob and David” was a landmark in 1990s sketch comedy. Its influence was particularly strong more »

Backstreet Boys to Get the Kijak Treatment

If I told you that the Backstreet Boys have been around for 20 years, would you immediately curl into the fetal position at the realization of just how old you are? Would you dismiss them as boy band fluff not worthy of your attention? Would you simply be all, “I don’t care”? Stephen Kijak hopes more »


Rob Zombie and The Philadelphia Flyers: Horrific Together

It’s rather appropriate that Rob Zombie is planning to direct a film about my beloved Philadelphia Flyers hockey team, because being a fan of a club that hasn’t won the Stanley Cup since the Ford administration is the definition of horror. The twist? This isn’t going to be a horror movie. Zombie’s first non-horror feature more »


Liars’ “WIXIW” Video Reminds You to Never Give Up Because You Are Awesome and Unique and Can Slam Dunk with the Best of Them

  Liars have been one of the most creative and excellent bands existent for over a decade. Each next move of the perennially shape-shifting, globetrotting trio, now ensconced in the fertile artistic soil of 21st-century Los Angeles, is forever surprising dedicated listeners. You never know what you’re going to get: mathy noise rock, tribal dance more »

Reconfigured Built to Spill Announce 2013 Tour

Like Flaming Lips, Built to Spill have been a prominent “indie rock” band on a major label since the 1990s. And like the Lips with their classic LP “The Soft Bulletin,” BTS’ career high point came in 1999 with the release of the absolutely majestic “Keep It Like a Secret.” Seriously, go listen to it more »

My Bloody Valentine Returns After 22 Years in the Swirly Mists

1991 was a particularly memorable year for rock music due to the release of three truly landmark LPs: Nirvana’s “Nevermind,” Slint’s “Spiderland” and My Bloody Valentine’s “Loveless.” We all know what happened to Nirvana. Slint promptly broke up under circumstances as mysterious and haunting as its music. And My Bloody Valentine just… disappeared. Actually, MBV never went more »