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Star Trek fan gets to pitch a new TV series

It’s been ten years since Star Trek: Enterprise, left the airwaves, and a shame; it was canned just when it had found its space-legs. JJ’s reboot/prequels/sequels/huhquels breathed new life into the franchise, and although they were both box office bonanzas, many Trek fans didn’t feel like they were “Trek,” enough. Lots of adventure and visual more »

Eli Roth might make a movie out of “MEG”

I did my study-abroad program after my junior year in Florence, Italy, where I was stupid enough to have a girlfriend the entire time, as well as possess the wrong attitude about international travel; make a bee-line for the McDonalds instead of the local bistro, spend too much time in internet cafes wondering what this, more »

A war on comedy? No. On free speech? Maybe.

About ten years ago, way way back in my single days, myself and a few buddies decided to hit Sin City, and one of us suggested that we go see Jerry Seinfeld perform at Caesar’s Palace. I was (and am not) a fan of the man’s work. I have never laughed at the few episodes more »

‘Helter Skelter’ author Vincent Bugliosi: 1934-2015

Famed former Los Angeles Prosecutor and true crime author Vincent T. Bugliosi, who rose to prominence after successfully prosecuting Charles Manson and his crew of lunatics, has died after battling cancer at the age of 80. Born in Minnesota in 1934, Bugliosi made his bones as a deputy district attorney in the city of angels more »

The “Incredibles” sequel had better not disappoint us

I still laugh when I remember that, when Pixar first fired up the engines with, “Toy Story,” there were those at the great mouse who thought a completely CGI-animated film would never work. After all, “Aladdin,” and, “The Lion King,” had just come out. Oops. Toy Story changed everything. Now, traditional animation is on its more »

An interview with author Jamie Hoang

A few years back, the publishing world got all shook up, Elvis-style, with the advent of self-publishing. Or so many hopefuls thought. The floodgates opened up, and everyone with a word processor thought they were the next Tom Clancy. 99.9999999% of those hopefuls were dead wrong. That said, I’m happy to report that Ms. Jamie more »

TV Review: ‘Daredevil’ (Netflix)

The Marvel Cinematic Universe once again expands to the small screen, this time as part of Netflix’s original programming lineup. Can we call it a network? The big three are on the ropes, and this show is yet another nail in that coffin. We’ve already had Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and Agent Carter, both on ABC,  so more »

Jeremy Clarkson and the “DIVO” Problem

Betty White recently taught us that you aren’t yourself when you’re hungry. I’m not sure she’d punch a producer out as a result. As you all know by now, Jeremy Clarkson is no longer a part of the wildly popular BBC program Top Gear. A colleague of mine has already written on the subject here, more »

Review: Community Season 6, Episodes 1-2

The dream of, “Six Seasons and a Movie,” continues this week with the premiere of the sixth season of the resurrected, “Community.” Long story short, the show, at death’s door, was cancelled by NBC, only to be picked up by Yahoo! Screen at the last minute for another 13-episode run. Creator Dan Harmon has returned, more »


Half way through this picture, it became clear that the producers, in conceiving it, must have said, “Let’s get some cameras, let’s get some hot young European talent that won’t cost anything because no one knows who they are, and by the way, my Dad has this abandoned apartment complex that we can use, let’s more »

New Netflix show, “Between,” gets away from binge model

Sorry, binge-fans, you’re going to have to wait once a week for this new Netflix show, Between, about young people being young and stuff: Netflix has occasionally tweaked its release plans, like when its “Turbo” spin-off needed more time to complete the animation process, so the whole season didn’t premiere at once. And Netflix has more »

‘Simpsons’ co-creator-turned-philantropist Sam Simon dies at 59

Sad news to report; Sam Simon, co-creator of what is considered by many to be one of the greatest television show of all time, “The Simpsons,” has passed away from complications due to terminal colorectal cancer: Nine-time Emmy winner Sam Simon, who wrote episodes of “Taxi,” “Cheers” and “It’s Garry Shandling’s Show” before co-creating landmark more »