The ‘Underworld’ series will receive its own reboot

I will never understand the appeal of the “Underworld” movies. Never. Never, Nev. Nevereenaro. What’s to like about a turgid, knowingly convoluted and unbearably humorless film series that seems to be shot through a camera that has the ability to cancel out any color that isn’t teal – the most boring member of the blue more »

Steve Carell Could Star in an untitled ‘Looney Tunes’ movie

Looney Tunes and Merry Melodies really don’t have the cultural cachet they once had. When I was a kid Bugs Bunny was an ever-present figure who didn’t just appear in your favorite cartoon shows, he also appeared on the T-shirts of the morbidly obese and made it a point to passive-aggressively hector you into not more »

The Enigmatic Trailer for ‘The Comeback’ Season 2 is Here

After nine long years, it’s nice to see Valerie Cherish on our TVs again, even if she’s just appearing in a promo that is as enigmatic, haunting and just as meaningless as those “On the next episode of Mad Men” non-previews. Yes, Lisa Kudrow’s poignant cult favorite The Comeback will finally return for its long more »

The Trailer for ‘The Brittany Murphy Story’ is Here

I love you, Lifetime Movie Network. I really, really do. I appreciate the fact that you make grindhouse movies for the middle-aged aunts of the world. I adore your brand of watered down, mawkish sleaze, sincerely and genuinely. But jeepers creepers guys, you just went too far this time.

Ken Jeong to murder David Hasselhoff in an untitled WWE produced comedy

What is it about Ken Jeong? How could he be so funny on Community but so very unfunny in everything else? How is that even possible? He’s like the January Jones of comedy in that once you remove him from within the magical confines of his critically acclaimed TV series, he’s practically useless. And that’s more »

Production on ‘Ant-Man’ has finally begun

After years of development hell, production on “Ant-Man” has finally begun. Director Peyton Reed unofficially made the announcement on Twitter yesterday while Film Buff Online has given us Marvel Studios official announcement which includes a cast list and a film synopsis and Stan Lee’s name and all sorts of hooplas and hollers and ricketa-racketa and more »

Ian Ziering demands bigger payday for ‘Sharknado 3′

In his autobiography, “Back to the Batcave”, Adam West talks about time he was pulled into Batman producer William Dozier’s office shortly after he made the cover of Life magazine. Dozier showed West the cover and calmly reminded the actor –and I’m paraphrasing here – “there were seven Tarzans” before dismissing him. Dozier’s message to more »

‘Godzilla 2′ is set to crash through theaters in 2018

Hey guys! Did you like Gareth Edwards’ “” reboot? Did you love all of the gaping plot holes? Did you enjoy spending time with all of the bland, personality-challenged characters that the film inexplicably and punishingly focused on? How about the fact that every time something interesting was about to happen, the film would immediately more »

Smallest Woman in the World has just been added to the cast of ‘American Horror Story: Freakshow’

Sure, American Horror Story may be gimmicky, it may be very dumb and it may be campy for the sake of being campy but you can’t say it isn’t entertaining. Where else on television would you see James Cromwell play a former Nazi scientist who is harassed by aliens? What other cable-series last year had more »

Marvel Studios is developing an ‘Inhumans’ movie

The success of “The Guardians of the Galaxy” has further emboldened Marvel Studios to adapt some of their deeper and relatively more obscure cuts into quirky multi-million dollar movies. Case in point, The Dissolve is reporting that Marvel is now moving forward with an “Inhumans” movie. “What are The Inhumans?”, you didn’t ask. Well, the more »

Michael Bay may not be directing ‘Transformers 5′

Sad news from the land of glitter and dreams, Michael Bay may not be a part of “Transformers 5: Planet of the Earth”. According to The Dissolve, the sensitive artiste and  his off-putting Ellen DeGeneres inspired hairdo are washing their hands of the franchise and moving on to greener, less CGI-heavy pastures. According to the universally more »

Noo ‘Terminator’ flim two bee rettilted ‘Terminator: Genisys’

Breaking news! The President calls for calm after tragic movie title misspelling! According to The Verge, millions of Americans were shattered when the title for the upcoming Terminator film “Genesis” was retitled “Genisys”. It’s unknown at this time why the producers would intentionally misspell a word in front of God and our families. Some have more »