Movie Review: “When the Game Stands Tall”

Have you ever had one of those moments when you think you’re saying something super important, but nobody seems to be taking you seriously? It’s almost as if the harder you try, the more laughs your so-called “message” receives. I hate to say it, but this is exactly what happened while I was watching “When more »

Movie Review: “Sin City: A Dame to Kill For”

Back in 2005, the first “Sin City” film was a match made in movie heaven. Take one of the most influential figures in comic book history in Frank Miller, add one of the most creative cinematic forces in recent times in Robert Rodriguez, combine them both with some of the newest groundbreaking, state-of-the-art film making more »

Movie Review: “If I Stay”

Now, I know I’m not supposed to go into a film with any preconceived notions. I’m supposed to judge each movie fairly without bias. Well, usually I do my best to follow this unwritten law and sometimes I get rewarded for my efforts. Once in a great while, I find myself pleasantly surprised by a more »


Movie Review: “The Expendables 3″

Sometimes you can have all the correct elements for a particular film to be a smashing success and you still somehow wind up with a misfire. Such is the case with “The Expendables 3″ — a drab, plodding, over-hyped misfire of a summer action flick. Series creator Sylvester Stallone resumes his regular duties by co-writing more »

Movie Review: “Calvary” (Second Opinion)

“Calvary” is one of those unique, polarizing films which will only appeal to a certain kind of audience member. Its dramatic turns are as bleak as they get. Its comedic pulse is dark and charred. Its deplorable, yet colorful characters are a study in depression, rage and terrible decision-making. And its torrid take on various more »

Movie Review: “The Hundred-Foot Journey”

Sometimes  a few small steps is all it takes to change your life for the better. Such is the sentiment behind “The Hundred Foot Journey” — the second (of two) “feel good/taste good” movies of the summer. Of course the first film (“Chef” — the much hipper, slightly better of the two) didn’t have a more »

Movie Review: “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles”

After a considerable amount of thinking, the best word I can use to describe the newest cinematic incarnation of “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” is… “EH.” It wasn’t the most horrible film I’ve ever witnessed and it certainly wasn’t the greatest. It was sort of in the middle of the road — kind of like one more »

Movie Review: “Magic in the Moonlight”

Woody Allen has always been the type that lets his life reflect in his art and at 78 years old his newest film is no different. With “Magic in the Moonlight” — his 46th time in the director’s chair — Allen attempts to combine the whimsy and naivety of the 1920′s Flapper Era with his more »

Movie Review: “Get on Up”

While reviewing the James Brown biopic “Get on Up,” it’s impossible not to compare it to “Jersey Boys” —  this summer’s OTHER film about famous, groundbreaking pop musicians. Well, after having seen both films, there’s really no comparison whatsoever.  “Get on Up” is a far superior film. In fact, “Get on Up” is right up more »

 “Guardians of the Galaxy” Crosstalk Part II: Kotzen Responds

(Critics Stephen Silver and Shawn Kotzen both saw the new Marvel film “Guardians of the Galaxy.” They’ll be discussing it throughout the day Thursday. Steve wrote first; here’s Shawn’s response:)  In my mind, what separates the GREAT movies from the GOOD ones is the attention to detail. It’s the little things that count in life more »

Movie Review: “Hercules”

It’s one thing for a film to borrow from or pay homage to another particular film. However, it’s a whole different matter altogether to completely steal from or rip off other movies… after movie… after movie… after movie… after… well, you get the point. Not only is “Hercules” remarkably (and disappointingly) similar to this year’s more »

Movie Review: “Lucy”

If you were to judge Luc Besson’s latest film “Lucy” on its opening alone, you’d have a perfectly-crafted, unique thriller that plays like a darkly comic joke, teasing us with the possibility of a particularly wicked punchline to come. It goes like this… What would happen if a sweet, yet irresponsible, young women was forced more »