Movie Review: “Hercules”

It’s one thing for a film to borrow from or pay homage to another particular film. However, it’s a whole different matter altogether to completely steal from or rip off other movies… after movie… after movie… after movie… after… well, you get the point. Not only is “Hercules” remarkably (and disappointingly) similar to this year’s more »

Movie Review: “Lucy”

If you were to judge Luc Besson’s latest film “Lucy” on its opening alone, you’d have a perfectly-crafted, unique thriller that plays like a darkly comic joke, teasing us with the possibility of a particularly wicked punchline to come. It goes like this… What would happen if a sweet, yet irresponsible, young women was forced more »

Movie Review: “I Origins”

Undoubtedly,  “I Origins”  raises some interesting questions. For instance.. Is there an afterlife? If so, what does this afterlife consist of? Also, can our souls be reincarnated? Do human beings have souls in the first place? Most importantly, does Michael Pitt actually age the same rate as the rest of us? Although these questions (especially the more »

Movie Review: “The Purge: Anarchy”

“The Purge: Anarchy” is an aptly named horror-thriller-action-science fiction hodgepodge that delivers on a level that the first film (last summer’s surprise box office hit “T”) never even comes close to. I’m not saying that this sequel is a great film. In fact, it gets rather formulaic at times and more than a few of more »

Movie Review: “Yves Saint-Laurent”

Before I did my usual, preparatory, pre-screening research on this movie, I mistakenly believed “Yves Saint-Laurent” would be a straight-forward documentary film (like last summer’s “Scatter My Ashes at Bergdorf’s”) filled with informative stock footage and long-lost interviews. Then, after discovering it was NOT going to be a documentary, but instead a French language biopic more »

“Dawn of the Planet of the Apes” crosstalk: Silver and Kotzen, Part II

Film critics Stephen Silver and Shawn Kotzen- movie theater power outages aside- both saw “Dawn of the Planet of the Apes,” and will be discussing it throughout the day on Thursday. See Steve’s first part here; Shawn replies below:   So, let me start off by saying that I have NEVER seen a “Planet of more »

Movie Review: “Deliver Us From Evil”

“Deliver Us From Evil” tries its damndest (pun intended) to break away from the mold of the conventional demonic possession film in order to bring something new and unique to the genre. The problem is, this attempt doesn’t begin until the film’s final act. Too little, too late? Maybe, if you were expecting a well-rounded more »


Movie Review: “Tammy”

I have sneaking suspicion that Melissa McCarthy has wanted to make “Tammy” for a VERY long time. After her debut on “The Jenny McCarthy Show” (no relation… I think) in 1997, McCarthy jumped around from role to role role, never really finding her niche. Then came her breakout, Oscar-nominated performance in “Bridesmaids” and everything changed for more »

Movie Review: “Earth to Echo”

Ah, the 1980′s — the era in which I cut my cinematic teeth. There were just so many great movies for us kids during this colorful, excessive time period. This is especially true regarding the deluge of adolescent-aimed sci-fi flicks that graced theaters and VCRs  in this decade. The fanciful characters in films like “E.T. more »


Movie Review: “Transformers: Age of Extinction”

Wow! That beat-up truck is “transforming” into a high-tech space robot! Oh my gosh! Check out the slow-motion camera work! That super-detailed shot must’ve cost a fortune! I mean, it lasted, like, a whole minute! I’m surprised and impressed! This movie is MUCH funnier than I expected it to be! Truthfully, I KIND OF remember more »

Movie Review: “The Rover”

“The Rover” is one of those films that refuses to be placed  in a box. In fact, if you TRIED to put it into one, it would bite, claw, kick, punch and scratch the whole, entire time. Let’s see… “The Rover” is definitely not a comedy, although it does have its share of dark (I more »

Movie Review: “The Grand Seduction”

Cuddly, yet gruff, Irish character actor Brendan Gleeson was made for roles like this. He thrives at playing the everyman and flourishes even more so while in the midst of an indie film. He seems perfectly comfortable sporting worn-out work boots and beat-up baseball caps. He’s absolutely believable traversing a blue collar tundra. And he more »