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Fin: Walter White gone one year, obsessing about “Frozen” and opening for Lena Dunham

Happy one year since Breaking Bad went off the air- it also happened to be the day of my sister’s wedding, so Sept. 29 will always be the day Amy and Jason got married and Walter White died. On that Kyle Smith essay on how his daughters are obsessed with “” and it’s ruining his more »

Thom Yorke’s album sells big… on BitTorrent

In some kind of variation on that old cliche about how someone’s such a good salesman that “he could sell ice to an eskimo,” Thom Yorke’s new album is in such high demand that people actually paid for it on BitTorrent. Yorke, the Radiohead frontman, announced the surprise release of a new solo album, “Tomorrow’s more »

GE’s “Boy Who Beeps” ad is “Boyhood,” with beeps

NBC aired an ad during Saturday Night Live this past week that was so weird and offbeat that I honestly thought it was an SNL digital short. The two-minute ad was for GE, and you could call it a cross between Steven Spielberg’s “A.I. Artificial Intelligence” and Richard Linklater’s “Boyhood.” “The Boy Who Beeps” is more »

“Interstellar” is near: New TV commercial, and an app too 

It may not feel that way, but we’re well into the fall movie season. Hell, it’s going to be October in a couple of days. But until “Gone Girl” arrives this Friday, we haven’t had much in the way of “fall movies”- those prestigious, pedigreed, critically-acclaimed films certain to come up at Oscar time. Christopher more »

 How do you watch Netflix? More are watching through boxes 

When you watch Netflix, do you do so through a streaming box, or some other way? According to a new survey, a lot more people are watching the service through digital players and TVs themselves, and less through video game systems. According to a new GfK study, Over-the-Top TV 2014, 28 percent of consumers who more »

A farewell to cartoons: A Saturday morning tradition comes to an end 

An institution familiar to anyone of a certain age came to an end over the weekend, when the last network bloc of Saturday morning cartoons aired for the final time. According to Cinema Blend,  The CW’s weekly block, known as Vortexx, aired for the last time on Saturday. The bloc, which consisted of Cubix, Sonic more »

The Rock and Robert Ludlum: Johnson to star in “The Janson Directive”

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has announced his next starring role and, as rumored months ago, it’s an adaptation of Robert Ludlum’s novel “.” According to Collider, Johnson will star in the film, with a script written by Akiva Goldsman. Ludlum, who died in 2001, had numerous works adapted for the screen, including “The Bourne Identity” more »

SNL’s season premiere: Funny, derivative and Pete Davidson rules

After months of headlines about casting and writers room changes both real and imagined, Saturday Night Live returned over the weekend for its season premiere, hosted by newly minted superstar Chris Pratt. Pratt was an excellent host, the sketches were stronger than not, and the big breakout was Pete Davidson, the new featured player who, more »

Crossover nightmares: ‘Simpsons’ meet ‘Family Guy,’ and “It stinks!”

Well, that was pretty ghastly. Sunday night’s long-awaited Simpsons/Family Guy crossover wasn’t particularly funny, witty or memorable. And that’s because, rather than a true collaboration, it was very much a Family Guy episode guest-starring the Simpsons, told through Family Guy‘s distinct sensibility and in Family Guy‘s style- one of aggressive, hateful, mean-spirited garbage comedy. Just more »

Fin: Fox News vs. woman drivers, Hulk Hogan vs. tank tops and Bill Simmons vs. ESPN

Not sure what’s the worst thing about Fox News’ mocking of the United Arab Emirates’ female fighter pilot who bombed ISIS: The denigration of a legitimate war hero, the rank misogyny, or someone in 2014 doing “woman driver” jokes. What’s next, Norm Crosby as a Fox News contributor? (Gawker) In perhaps the worst moment of more »

Anniversary thinkpiece roundup: Too much Saget edition

These days, it’s always some anniversary in popular culture. Here’s what we’re commemorating this week: Gilligan’s Island, 50 years. Danny Tyree, The Daily Iowegian  People exclaim, “You’re making me feel old!” when I tell them that. Gee, Skipper, I would have thought it had something to do with your shiny dome, extra chins and smoker’s more »

Music with your porn? Get ready for Pornhub Records

I think it’s safe to say that of all the “tube” pornography websites, is the most business-, web- and media-savvy by far. They manage to place stories in mainstream media all the time. They appear to be SEO geniuses. They even have a social media persona, “Pornhub Katie,” who has emerged as something of more »