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Fin: Obama and “The Interview,” Serial non-listeners against Serial and many, many sixth boroughs

I don’t get these people blaming Barack Obama for the “Interview” cancellation. What did you want him to do, force the release to proceed? Any action he could have taken would have exceeded his powers as president- and if he’d done anything, Obama would likely be criticized by all the same people for “overreaching.” (The more »

The best part of Colbert’s goodbye? The last “Word”

If you’re even a little bit of a Stephen Colbert fan, by now you’ve likely seen the close of Thursday night’s series finale of the Colbert Report, in which the host, and a cast of dozens and dozens of major celebrities, sang “We’ll Meet Again.” This was, of course, wonderful, and a perfect sendoff, not more »

Will ‘Fargo’ stream on Hulu? You betcha

Yesterday, Hulu announced that it had reached an exclusive agreement with FX Networks to stream several of the FX and FXX channel’s newer shows on Hulu, including The Americans, You’re the Worst, and the upcoming shows starring Billy Crystal, Denis Leary and Zach Galifianakis. Missing from that list was any mention of Fargo, the mini-series more »

Stephen Silver’s ten worst films of 2014

A note about this list: Unlike some critics, I have some say in the movies I get to see and review, so therefore there’s a natural bias at work in favor of films that I think are going to be good. Though, as you’ll see below, my intuition is far from perfect. For this reason, more »

‘Smash’ making unlikely Broadway debut in June

The people behind ‘Smash’ had a plan. Create a popular TV series about the creation of a new Broadway musical, “Bombshell,” about the life of Marilyn Monroe.  Assemble huge talent behind the scenes, including executive producer Steven Spielberg and songwriting team Marc Shaiman and Scott Wittman. Write original songs, cast popular actors, and give the more »

5 movies that mocked active dictators and were released anyway

In light of Sony and the movie exhibitors’ decision to pull the release of its upcoming movie “The Interview,” which depicted an assassination plot against Kim Jong-Il, many have pointed out that Hollywood has a long history of making fun of real-life tyrants, contemporary to the time of the films. And in every one of more »

‘Real Sports’ year-end roundtable could have used a bigger table

Real Sports, HBO’s long-running monthly newsmagazine show on Tuesday ran its annual year-end roundtable show, and it was generally well-done. A look back at some of the year’s more interesting and arresting stories, followed by a series of roundtable discussions. But let’s talk about that roundtable. It had a round table, all right- but it more »

Fin: In defense of “garbage,” the forgotten “Avatar” and recalling Mr. Hankey

Apparently now it’s a no-no to refer to things as “garbage.” I admit it’s become somewhat overused- I try to only use “garbage” 2 or 3 times a year in reference to movies, and only once or twice in regards to people. But come on, there’s nothing wrong with the word itself (The Atlantic) I more »

GE readies streaming documentary on breakdancing- minus the electric boogaloo

The latest high-profile streaming documentary is coming from an unlikely place, and it’s on an unlikely subject. According to Reuters, General Electric is planning to release an original documentary about breakdancing, called “Shake the Dust.” The doc, executive-produced by rap star Nas, will debut Dec. 24, running on such streaming platforms as Roku and Apple more »

The pulling of “The Interview”: Ten observations, the day after

1. The decision of  movie theater chains, and later Sony itself, to stop the release of the film is gutless, weak, and totally indefensible. On this the left and right are united, as are people who love Hollywood and hate it, and those who are fans and detractors of Seth Rogen/James Franco films. Part of more »

Amazon, contra Netflix, touts offline viewing

When Netflix announced yesterday that it was bringing its app to a cable/satellite cable box for the first time, due to a deal with Dish, one other tidbit was mentioned in several stories: While customers have been requesting the possibility of Netflix adding offline viewing, a Netflix executive recently rejected the idea. According to the more »

“Serial”‘s endgame:  “All speculation is equally speculative”

After 13 weeks, 12 episodes, millions of downloads and even more “Mailkimp” jokes, “Serial”‘s groundbreaking first season wrapped up Thursday morning. Was the ending sort of unsatisfying? Of course. But short of a definitive resolution to the case, a satisfying ending was pretty much impossible. The episode, at 55 minutes the longest of the season, more »