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Movie Review: “Under the Skin”

 ”Under the Skin” is likely to be seen and referred to by people who speak about it as “the Scarlett Johansson naked alien movie.” More than one review, in fact, has used that exact formulation. But that’s unfortunate, because the film is much deeper and smarter than that logline makes it sound. Directed by Jonathan more »

Fire TV sold out, with eight-day backlog

Amazon’s new set-top box product, the Amazon Fire TV, found itself out of stock quickly after its release last week, continuing the tradition of the Kindle and most Amazon-branded hardware products of the past. As of Sunday night, Amazon’s Fire TV page listed an in-stock date of April 21, for an eight-day backlog for online more »

Chromecast to add Aereo in May

Google’s Chromecast has added another new app- but whether it will be able to keep it is in the hands of the U.S. Supreme Court.  The Chromecast will add the TV streaming functionality on May 29, backer and longtime Hollywood mogul Barry Diller told Variety.  Aereo also announced the functionality on its official blog: “The more »

Stream with me, Sesame: ‘Sesame Street’ going on demand with new service

It’s safe to say that young kids today experience childrens’ entertainment much differently than any previous generation did, thanks to a wonderful thing called “on demand.” My children, aged 2 and 4, have never experienced waiting for a show to start on time.  There are currently about 100 different childrens’ shows that have episodes currently more »

Can ‘Justified’ right itself? Thoughts on a down year for a great show

Following the fifth season of FX’s Justified, which wrapped up on Tuesday, the consensus of both top TV critics and friends of mine who watch has been pretty clear: This season was the weakest of the series by a wide margin, but there’s no reason to think it can’t right itself for next year, which more »

#CongratsColbert: Twitter blesses Colbert, CBS’ new late night host

Yes, Stephen Colbert is CBS’ choice to replace David Letterman on The Late Show, as we told you earlier today. Colbert will take over the show at some point in 2015, and will do so “as himself,” no longer in character as the conservative pundit persona he’s used on his Comedy Central show. Various other questions- more »


‘Project Greenlight,’ network-style: NBC to crowdsource sitcom ideas

NBC, in its many attempts to re-create the sitcom heyday that lasted from the early 1980s to mid-2000s, has tried a few different things. It put on creatively superior shows (Community, Parks & Recreation, 30 Rock) that have been critically acclaimed and earned devoted-enough audiences to stay on the air, but were never quite mainstream more »

Movie Review: “Draft Day”

If you want to know how it became possible for there to be a major motion picture, called “Draft Day,” a football movie in which there are no games and the hero is an NFL general manager, one must look at the major changes that taken place in sports fandom in the past few decades. more »

Movie Review: “Dom Hemingway”

In an interview with the New York Times magazine last weekend, actor Rob Lowe railed against the “unbelievable bias and prejudice against quote-unquote good-looking people, that they can’t be in pain or they can’t have rough lives or be deep or interesting.” Lowe also expressed gratitude that he’s starting to get good parts now that more »

Coming soon to the Weather Channel: Tweets!

An idea that has never, ever worked, and never, ever will- tweets on TV- is getting another spin, this time on the Weather Channel. The Wrap reported Tuesday that AMHQ, the new Weather Channel morning show to be hosted by former Good Morning America weatherman Sam Champion, will “display relevant social conversations directly into its more »

Fin: Against “The Culture of Shut Up,” don’t feed the trolls, and re-examining “No Holds Barred”

That Atlantic article by Jon Lovett that everyone’s forwarding around, “The Culture of Shut Up”? It’s terrible. Horribly, hackishly written, it implies several things- that criticism equals telling someone to shut up, that all controversial statements are equal, that being upset about actual racism is on equal footing with the head of the RNC criticizing more »

Bravo says “Shabbat Shalom, go f**k yourself”; cancels “Princesses: Long Island”

Princesses: Long Island, the Bravo reality series that introduced the phrase “Shabbat Shalom, go fuck yourself” to the lexicon, is dead. Bravo throws so many new reality shows on the air each year, that earlier this week it announced 15 new shows, 16 returning series and three projects “in development.” And they’re not even all more »