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Fin: Save ‘You’re the Worst,’ Sam Elliott in Harlan and 007 in Turkey

Add me to the list of people saying it: You’re the Worst, which wrapped up Thursday night at FX, is a special, special show. It not only sported great writing and a premise that just about rescued the romantic comedy on television, but it pulled two leads (Aya Cash, Chris Geare) and two secondary leads more »

Pop culture anniversary thinkpiece roundup: “American Beauty,” “Amadeus,” and “ER” 

Seems like every day it’s some major anniversary of a movie, TV, or album debut. And along with each, many a thinkpiece. Here are the ones we commemorated this week: The Marilyn Monroe subway grate shoot, 60 years. Jen Carlson, Gothamist:  The Seven Year Itch, starring Marilyn Monroe and Tom Ewell, was filmed between September more »

HIMYM pineapple mystery solved- and surprise, it’s disappointing

How I Met Your Mother‘s second-biggest mystery, behind the one right there in the name of the show, was long about the pineapple. In the first-season episode “The Pineapple Incident,” Ted wakes up drunk, with a mysterious woman in his bed, and a pineapple on his nightstand. The question of how the pineapple got there more »

Foods are not butts: The case against Macaroni Grill’s “Baby Got Back” commercial

There are few things more incongruous- not to mention, disgusting- than taking a song that is 100 percent, unambiguously about sex, and using it to sell something that has nothing to do with sex. I could share lots of examples, from the many, many commercial uses of Marvin Gaye’s “Let’s Get it On” to the more »

U2/Apple angst meets “Eternal Sunshine” in Conan’s eRaseU2 bit

Conan O’Brien has already gotten quite a bit of mileage out of the Apple’s keynote from last week. First there was the “Acer keynote” bit. Now, Conan has released a sketch mocking the controversy over U2′s free iTunes album. The two-minute sketch takes the form of a fictitious Apple marketing VP, “Marcus Pratt,” talking to more »

The douchebag singularity? E from ‘Entourage’ to star in fantasy football sitcom

The odds of fantasy football ever serving as the basis of a great television sitcom were extremely long from the start, and The League, now in its fifth season, has somehow overcome them. But that has a lot to do with a perfect storm of a writing and casting- and that most of its better more »


Movie Review: “This is Where I Leave You”

Yes, “This is Where I Leave You” is derivative. It’s the same dysfunctional-adult-siblings-under-one-roof comedy/drama that we’ve seen a thousand times. There are too many characters and too many subplots. Those plots repeat themselves, and characters blurting out inappropriate things that they shouldn’t blurt out is a well it goes to way too many times. But more »

Movie Review: “The Zero Theorem” 

Terry Gilliam’s new film, “The Zero Theorem,” ultimately fails because it lives in the shadow of a pair of movies- “Brazil,” and “Snowpiercer.” Both cover many of the same themes, with one coming from the same director and the other coming out the same year. But it clearly pales in comparison to both. Directed by more »

Penn State movie finds its Sandusky: John Carroll Lynch

John Carroll Lynch has played some creepy bastards in his time, up to and including the potential Zodiac killer in David Fincher’s “Zodiac.” But now, Lynch has signed on to play what may be the biggest monster of his career: Former Penn State assistant football coach and convicted serial rapist Jerry Sandusky. According to The more »

Live from New York, it’s new SNL announcer Darrell Hammond 

In its 40 years- save for one of the Lorne Michaels exile years in the early ’80s- Saturday Night Live has had only one full-time announcer, Don Pardo. Pardo, who retired years ago, had even taken in his later years to recording voiceovers from his home in Arizona. But alas, Pardo passed away last month at more »

Samsung ad: A day in the life of Dax and Kristen

After years of ads from Samsung mostly taking shots at Apple, we sort of get the point. But now, Samsung has taken their advertising in a more welcome direction: By featuring Hollywood’s most adorable young married couple, Dax Shepard and Kristen Bell. In the 90-second spot for the Galaxy Tab S, set in the time more »

Apple TV gets update, Beats included

On the day iOS 8 became available across iOS devices, there was another Apple software update- a brand new interface for Apple TV. According to Apple Insider, which detailed the changes, Apple TV version 6.2.1 will “flatten” the interface to bring it closer in look and feel to the iOS7-and-later look. The other big shift more »