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It’s Michael Bay’s Benghazi: Director eyes a different kind of terror

I’m trying to rack my brain for a worse possible film project than Michael Bay directing the story of the attack on Benghazi, but after over an hour of imagining, I’m coming up empty. The Hollywood Reporter revealed Wednesday night that the “Transformers” director is in talks to make his next film the story of more »

Fin: The best of Satan, a Nat X suggestion and more sanctioning of buffoonery

Just in time for Halloween: An overview of pop culture’s best Satans. Unforgivably omitted: Pacino in “The Devil’s Advocate” and Jon Lovitz’s “Mr. Mephistopheles,” although the nice-guy gay Satan from South Park is in fact included (iO9) When Chris Rock hosts ‘Saturday Night Live‘ this weekend, all I ask is that two things: That there more »

Voltron forms, again, in 30th anniversary book 

Remember Voltron? That ’80s cartoon franchise, which I loved when I was a kid, was giving us giant fighting robots before giant fighting robots were cool. And now, for the 30th anniversary of the debut of the Voltron: Defender of the Universe cartoon series, we’re getting a commemorative book, called ,  featuring interviews with all more »

The James Franco “Room” movie is real, as writers are hired 

It’s looking like we’re going to get not one, but two future movies about “The Room”- both of which will likely expend considerably more professionalism and effort than the production of the actual “The Room.” We already told you about the “Where Are They Now” mockumentary being put together by several of the cult favorite bad more »

Much demand seen for Captain Marvel Halloween costumes

There was a lot of rejoicing Tuesday when Marvel announced its roadmap of upcoming movies, which will include a “Captain Marvel” film in July of 2018. At last, there’s going to be a  major, female-focused Marvel film. Also, this being Halloween week, a lot of people came up with the same idea. Especially comic book more »

After four years, a Conan comeback for Max Weinberg

For 17 years, Max Weinberg was one of the few constants on Conan O’Brien’s Late Night show. He led the show’s house band, the Max Weinberg 7, appeared in sketches and comedy bits- often in a comedic persona as an oft-naked arch-pervert- and served as one of the world’s few drummer/bandleaders. Even when Andy Richter more »

Fin: Farewell Boardwalk, wrestling skews older and secrets of the sexy Halloween industry

Loved the ending of Boardwalk Empire. Loved it. And ‘Boardwalk’ stuck the landing so well that it’s going to improve the show’s legacy. Even if the guy playing the Young Nucky Thompson- perfect voice notwithstanding- looked a lot more like Adam Carolla than Steve Buscemi Mindblowing wrestling fact: This past Sunday’s bout between Dean Ambrose more »

Spielberg finds the giant for “The BFG” 

Steven Spielberg tends to take a couple of years off and then direct two or three movies in a row, and it looks like that’s his plan for this year and next. Spielberg is about to begin production on “St. James Place,” the Cold War drama that stars Tom Hanks, and his next film after more »


No, Eminem is not converting to Judaism: Hoax news goes international

This whole fake news clickbait industry- you know, in which fake “news sites” publish false stories not for satire, but in order to gain fraudulent social media shares- was already unethical and tiresome. WIth stories about ebola causing full-fledged panics, it’s now officially become dangerous. And now, it’s gone international. There’s a story that popped more »

Friars Club roasts returning to TV, on ESPN 

Remember when Comedy Central started broadcasting Friars Club roasts? It was one of those ideas that you couldn’t believe didn’t happen sooner. Comedy Central showed five of them between 1998 and 2001, a couple of them (Rob Reiner and Hugh Hefner) were instant classics, especially the latter, which featured Gilbert Gottfried’s famed Aristrocrats joke. After more »


Movie Review: “Print the Legend”

Are you familiar with 3D printing? Some say it’s the wave of technology’s future, and that one day before long we’ll all have them in our homes, while others think it’s weird and incomprehensible, the printers looking strange and the things they print looking even stranger. “Print the Legend” is a documentary about that phenomenon more »

TIDAL wave crests in U.S.: New service launches Tuesday

The latest contender in the streaming wars is here. TIDAL, described as “the first high fidelity lossless music streaming service with HD music videos and curated editorial,” officially launched Tuesday in the U.S. and U.K. Launching with the support of a long list of audio and electronics partners, TIDAL is a high-quality, high-end, more expensive more »