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Fin: Armond White vs. the World, Mr. Skin’s bad timing and walking out of “Blue Valentine”

Armond White, now apparently full-time at National Review, last week published a somewhat unhinged rant, calling 2004 “the year the culture broke.” Among other howlers, he uses phrases like “lynch-mob excommunication” and “smear campaign” to address the notion of Mel Gibson being an anti-Semite at the time of “The Passion of the Christ,” as though more »

Scorsese’s Casino: This time, in commercial form only

Throughout Martin Scorsese’s long career as a director, his two primary actor muses have been Robert De Niro and Leonardo DiCaprio, yet the two men have never appeared together in a Scorsese film. Now, they’re about to- although it’s not what you think. Scorsese is teaming up with a star-studded cast that includes De Niro, more »

App me anything: Reddit launches AMA app

Reddit has emerged over the years as one of the most important, conversation-driving places on the Internet, for good or ill. But one thing Reddit hasn’t had all this time is an official app. That’s finally changed, though. Reddit announced Monday that it has launched an app for its popular AMA (Ask Me Anything) Q&A more »

Re-Wired?: ‘The Wire’ said to return, remastered, this week (UPDATE: Not this week)

David Simon’s ‘The Wire,’ considered by many the greatest TV series of all time, is set for rebroadcast on HBO. Possibly. It’s sort of a strange story, in fact. The website HBO Watch reported over the holiday weekend that HBO will soon begin broadcasting a “remastered,” HD version of all five seasons of The Wire. The more »

News networks: Stop putting Anjam Choudary on TV

With all sorts of chaos going on in the Middle East- even more than usual- you may have seen quite a few interviews on cable news with a supposed “radical Islamic cleric” named Anjam Choudary. The London-based Choudary, a frequent presence in the British press, has occasionally appeared on Fox News over the years, especially more »

Fin: Welcome back Mr. Wu, there is no real-life Purge and OJ Da Juice Man

Am I the only one who got positive  memories when the New York Times endorsed “Mr. Wu” for Lieutenant Governor of New York?  (New York Times) How will MSNBC recover from the loss of Chelsea Clinton? They’ll have to give Ronan Farrow and/or Luke Russert additional responsibilities (Daily Intel) Hey, Internet consumers of the world- more »

For Samsung only- Amazon 4K streaming, with Netflix too

Sony and LG, ever since International CES in January, have been touting their 4K streaming capability, mostly through Netflix. Now, it’s Samsung’s turn- and the manufacturer is not only offering Netflix programming in 4K, but Amazon, too. Samsung has announced that starting this fall, it will begin offering streaming movies and TV from Amazon’s streaming more »

Ten years ago: The Zell Miller/Chris Matthews duel challenge

Next Monday will mark the tenth anniversary of one of the wildest moments in cable news history: The night Zell Miller challenged Chris Matthews to a duel at the Republican convention in New York. Let me set the scene: The GOP at their 2004 convention had a surprise choice as their keynote speaker: Zell Miller, more »

LeBron’s choice: Yes to Cleveland, no to Hollywood 

It’s been a summer of change for LeBron James, as the NBA superstar shocked the world by returning to his former team, the Cleveland Cavaliers after four years (and two championships) with the Miami Heat. But now LeBron has made another shift- he appears to have backed off his plans for Hollywood stardom. According to more »

Another Banksy doc coming to HBO 

HBO later this year will air a documentary that stands a pretty good chance of becoming the second-best documentary that will ever be made about the controversial, mysterious street artist Banksy. “Banksy Does New York” is a crowdsourced doc, directed by Chris Moukarbel, chronicling New Yorkers’ impressions of the reclusive artist’s visit to New York more »

Marbury vs. musical: Ex-NBA star playing himself on stage  

Stephon Marbury has had a very strange basketball career. He was a high school point guard phenom in Brooklyn- one of the last ones- and was drafted in 1996, the same year as Allen Iverson and Kobe Bryant. With the Minnesota Timberwolves, he formed a memorable tandem with Kevin Garnett- see, the legendary “all nude, more »

Fin: Bleacher Report on the radio, the Gang sits on a roof in Minneapolis, and Deadwood’s not coming back, cocksucker 

If there’s one repository more associated with brain-dead sports commentary than sports talk radio, it’s the sports blog network Bleacher Report. So naturally, Sirius XM is launching a whole Bleacher Report channel. Because that particular site’s brand of “loser-generated content” (not sure who coined that, but bravo) can only improve when spoken out loud. Too more »