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Fin: Take that, Hamster Dad, Buffalo hates Bon Jovi and you’re ready to blow? Well I’m a mushroom cloud laying…

In addition to trying to merge with it, T-Mobile has undercut Sprint’s “Framily” family plans. And not only that, but T-Mobile’s advertising at no point has featured a horrifying “family” in which the dad is a hamster with Andrew Dice Clay’s voice who somehow has human children (BGR) A note to movie fans- if a more »

An out-of-this-world new trailer for Nolan’s “Interstellar”

Those attending Comic-Con in San Diego last week got a first look at the first full trailer for Christopher Nolan’s upcoming sci-fi spectacular “Interstellar,” and now it’s been released to the rest of us. Nolan’s film is still pretty short on plot details, but it appears there has been or will be some major calamity more »

Experience Music Project teams With Sennheiser, to add headphones

Seattle’s Experience Music Project (EMP), the only museum I’ve ever been to that offered both Nirvana and Jimi Hendrix exhibits, just got a new audio partner- Sennheiser. The German audio company has reached a deal with EMP to “deliver a world-class audio experience.” The first stage will include the arrival of hundreds of Sennheiser MOMENTUM more »

Movie Review: “The Battered Bastards of Baseball”

Are you a baseball junkie? Do you think you know everything about the game? That describes me to a T, as someone who read every baseball book I could get my hands on probably for as long as I’ve been able to read. But somehow, I had never heard of the saga of the Portland more »

“Guardians of the Galaxy” Crosstalk Part I: Silver and Kotzen

(Critics Stephen SIlver and Shawn Kotzen both saw the new Marvel film “Guardians of the Galaxy.” They’ll be discussing it throughout the day Thursday. Here’s Steve first):  We’re now up to our final blockbuster of the summer- depending on whether the “Ninja Turtles” reboot counts as a “blockbuster”- the latest Marvel film, “Guardians of the more »

No, wrestling’s Sheamus isn’t playing Darth Vader

Hey, did you hear the WWE’s “Celtic warrior,” Sheamus, is playing Darth Vader in the upcoming “Star Wars Episode VII?” No, he’s not really. This particular bit of dubious news comes from the Ireland-based tabloid the Irish Daily Mirror, with the headline “Sheamus set to reveal his Darth side,” and to call the report thin more »

Jon Stewart and Israel: The early years

There’s been a lot of talk the last couple of weeks about Jon Stewart, and how he’s been handling the current Israel/Gaza conflict. First there was some pointed question of HIllary Clinton in an extended interview posted online, then that bit in which various people were yelling various insults at him, and then there was more »

Welcome back, Taco: ‘The League’ to return in September 

The next season of its longtime lead-in, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, has been postponed to January. But FXX’s The League will be back in the fall, for its usual run concurrently with the fantasy (and real) football season. The Wrap reported Tuesday that The League‘s sixth season will premiere Sept. 3 at 10 p.m., more »

Scott Steiner on today’s wrestling and “back in my day…” 

If you’re a baseball fan, you’re likely familiar with the ever-present trope of “back-in-my-dayism.” Whenever there’s an interview with an all time great ballplayer, or sometimes an aging baseball writer, you’re often in for a long lecture about how much better the game was back in the old days, and how kids today don’t appreciate more »

Cars are the new Napster? Music industry group sues automakers over CD-ripping

The record industry-Napster legal battles of 15 years ago have a sequel- in the car. The Alliance of Artists and Recording Companies (AARC), an organization dedicated to the redemption of music royalties, has launched  a class-action suit against Ford and General Motors, alleging that the automakers’ systems for ripping CDs onto internal hard drives constitute more »


The latest ‘Sons of Anarchy’ guest star is… Lea Michele?

The idea of Glee star/pop singer Lea Michele guest-starring on Sons of Anarchy‘s final season may soon counterintuitive, because it’s hard to imagine Michele and and SAMCRO existing in the same universe. But it’s happening. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Michele will star on one episode as “Gertie, an empathetic truck-stop waitress and single mother who connects with more »

This week in mainstreamed piracy: Popcorn Time gets AirPlay, TorrentTV launches 

How a company whose entire business model is based on piracy could go on for any period of time- when every legal precedent from Napster on down indicates that they’ll be shut down sooner or later- is unclear. But that doesn’t mean we’re not getting new innovations in the content piracy space all the time. more »