Steve Anderson has been writing about movies on a continuing basis since 2004. His work has been seen in a variety of places like Film Threat, Monsters and Critics, and Movieweb. He was the former lead reviewer for Screenhead before making the jump to EntertainmentTell, and has covered topics from electronics to politics and economics, and just about everything in between.

Blu-ray Review: Scream Factory Double Feature: Love at First Bite / Once Bitten

This pairing is a little odd, but if there’s one thing I’ve come to love about Scream Factory–who sent us a copy of “Scream Factory Double Feature: Love at First Bite / Once Bitten” for us to review–it’s that these guy can not only find the strangest and best in old movies, but also bring more »

DVD Review: Devil May Call

I had my concerns going into “Devil May Call”, a copy of which our friends out at Lionsgate sent over for us to review. My concerns spent most of their time unjustified, however, at least until the ending came along to shoot this thing in the foot. “” follows Sam, a young lady who’s suffered more »

DVD Review: Swamp People Season 5

This one is personally rather exciting for me; I haven’t had the opportunity to watch “Swamp People” in quite some time, and as far as I was concerned, it’s one of the best reasons to watch the History Channel. Our friends out at Lionsgate sent over a copy of “Swamp People Season 5″ for us more »

DVD Review: Mountain Men Season 3

It’s time for another trip back into some of the wildest terrain in America as we get a look at how a whole other segment of the population lives. Our friends out at Lionsgate sent over a copy of “Mountain Men: Season 3″ for us to review, and the mountain men are still showing us more »

Blu-ray Review: Pioneer

I’ve long been a sucker for movies involving water. Doesn’t much matter what they are; I’ve just long enjoyed movies that involve the water in a substantial way. From “The Perfect Storm” to even “Fool’s Gold”; put me on a boat, a submarine, or an island and I’m doing pretty good. Our friends out at more »

Blu-ray Review: Escape From New York

We’ve got a real A-Number-One presentation today, as our friends out at Scream Factory sent over a real American classic. We’ve got a copy of no less than John Carpenter’s original masterpiece “Escape From New York” to review, and this one has still held up quite well. ” follows the legend himself in his first more »

Blu-ray Review: Wolfcop

Part wolf, part cop, all…well…Wolfcop, I suppose. The premise is a little bit given away in “Wolfcop,” a copy of which our friends at Image Entertainment sent out for review. “Wolfcop” follows Lou Garou (which interestingly is how you pronounced “werewolf” in French, le loup garou), who may well be the worst cop to ever more »

DVD Review: The Red Road: The Complete First Season

Sometimes it might seem like just about every crime drama out there has been done, and been done to death. That wouldn’t be so hard to believe if it weren’t for the fact that we’ve seen crime drama emerge from most every angle…at least, until “The Red Road: The Complete First Season.” Our friends out more »

DVD Review: Housekeeping

It’s always a happy day for me when After Dark comes out with a new release, and our friends out at Lionsgate sent over a copy of the latest, “Housekeeping”, for us to review. While we haven’t found the dog in the series yet, that makes this one a bit more dangerous than the ordinary. more »

DVD Review: Teeth and Blood

Vampires have been a part of the collective horror conscious–and collective horror unconscious–for centuries now, and that makes them rather hard to do anything new with. Our friends out at RLJ Entertainment, meanwhile, sent out a copy of “Teeth and Blood” for us to review, and this one certainly takes a crack at a new more »

DVD Review: Something Wicked

“Something Wicked”–a copy of which our friends out at Arc Entertainment sent over for review–carries with it an unusual pedigree. Said to be the last film ever recorded by former “Clueless” star Brittany Murphy after her death more  than five years ago, this one features a strange concept and a stranger execution. “” follows a young more »

Blu-ray Review: Digging Up the Marrow

It would be easy to think that horror movies were out of ideas, but “Digging Up the Marrow”–a copy of which our friends out at Image Entertainment sent out for review–has a rather novel idea here. But as we all well know, a great idea isn’t always enough to make for a worthwhile entry. Can more »