Steve Anderson has been writing about movies on a continuing basis since 2004. His work has been seen in a variety of places like Film Threat, Monsters and Critics, and Movieweb. He was the former lead reviewer for Screenhead before making the jump to EntertainmentTell, and has covered topics from electronics to politics and economics, and just about everything in between.

Blu-ray Review: Monkey Shines

While most associate the name “George Romero” with zombies–and not without reason, being that his most famous work involved the shambling dead–but what’s less often considered is Romero’s other work. Indeed, Romero has been involved in viruses, vampires…and perhaps strangest of all, monkeys. Our friends out at Scream Factory sent out a copy of that more »

DVD Review: Beneath

It’s not hard to be scared by a coal mine. Hundreds of feet–even miles sometimes–underground, it takes the comparative safety of being slightly underground a bit too far, increasing the pressure and the knowledge that, at any time, you could be buried alive. Our friends out at IFC Midnight are taking advantage of this particular more »

Blu-ray Review: The Expendables 3

It’s perhaps one of the strangest new action movie franchises to emerge in some time, taking the biggest names in eighties action movie and bringing them forward 30 years later. Our friends at Lionsgate sent out a copy of the newest entrant in the package–”The Expendables 3″–for us to review, and for those who thought more »

DVD Review: The Taking of Deborah Logan

Dealing with aging loved ones can be a trial for anyone, but as “The Taking of Deborah Logan”–a copy of which our friends out at Millennium Entertainment sent out for review–there’s always a way to make it worse, especially when evil gets involved. “The Taking of Deborah Logan” follows Mia Medina, PhD candidate, who’s just more »

Blu-ray Review: The Damned

It’s hard to pass up an IFC Midnight horror film, and with their new entry, “The Damned”–a copy of which they sent out for review–they’ll show off a bit of just why they’ve been such a powerhouse in the field for so long. For those who dig their horror without much in the way of more »

Blu-ray Review: Free Fall

Sometimes the scariest things happen in the smallest spaces. Claustrophobes be warned, “Free Fall”–a copy of which our friends out at Anchor Bay sent over for us to review–is going to positively revel in this concept, so you may want to pass this one up. Those of us who can merely appreciate claustrophobia–or a fear more »

Blu-ray Review: The Doctor and the Devils

Ever wanted to see a Mel Brooks movie featuring Timothy Dalton, Patrick Stewart and Twiggy? Well, you actually had a chance to do just that since about 1985, but now, if you wanted the chance to do so on Blu-ray, your opportunity has come with “The Doctor and the Devils,” a copy of which our more »

Blu-ray Review: The Squad

Military horror can often be fun, because in order to really make it stick, you’ve got to take something–or several somethings–really hard to kill and add said something or somethings to the mix in order to withstand the various force multipliers a military unit–even as small as a squad–can bring to bear. That’s just what more »

DVD Review: Gingerclown

“Gingerclown” is a movie that I’ve been waiting to review for the last three years or so, and now, thanks to our friends out at Lionsgate–who sent out a copy for review–I now have the opportunity. This little wonder has held my attention since I first saw the trailer, and a more magnificent mishmash of more »

Blu-ray Review: Krull

It was one of the biggest titles in science fiction fantasy action back in the eighties, and our friends out at Mill Creek have brought it back for a brand new generation. We’re talking, of course, about “Krull,” and a copy of it was sent out our way for review. “Krull” takes us off to more »

DVD Review: Penny Dreadful The Complete First Season

I’ve seen some really interesting stuff come out of Showtime before. It’s actually kind of interesting to see what all comes out of advanced cable systems, and our friends out at CBS DVD have brought out a copy of “Penny Dreadful The Complete First Season” for us to review, and this is certainly one of more »

Blu-ray Review: Tammy

Life has a way of changing unexpectedly, and that’s just the kind of situation that we’ll be faced with in “Tammy,” a copy of which our friends out at Warner Bros. sent over for review. But will you want to follow along with Tammy’s unlikely journey when this hits stores in DVD, Blu-ray and digital more »