Steve Anderson has been writing about movies on a continuing basis since 2004. His work has been seen in a variety of places like Film Threat, Monsters and Critics, and Movieweb. He was the former lead reviewer for Screenhead before making the jump to EntertainmentTell, and has covered topics from electronics to politics and economics, and just about everything in between.

DVD Review: Zombieworld

While “Zombieland” had an array of rules to follow to survive in a world overrun by the walking dead, “Zombieworld”–a copy of which our friends out at Image Entertainment sent out for review–gives us instead several looks at a world overrun, with some unlikely results. “” goes all over the planet, from Ireland to Australia more »

DVD Review: “Maude: The Complete Series”

And then there’s Maude. These words had a hand in one of the biggest television series the 1970s could offer, a series about a married woman who seemed to want a little more for herself than June Cleaver ever asked, yet there was no doubt she was every bit as in charge as June ever more »

Blu-ray Review: VHS Viral

The first two installments of the VHS series have proven to be extremely impressive, so when I heard there was a third one coming out, I got pretty excited about the whole thing. Our friends out at Magnet, meanwhile, sent out a copy of “VHS Viral” for us to review, and it certainly had a more »

DVD Review: Episodes: The Third Season

You’ve got to hand it to Showtime; they’ve got some of the best television around. “Episodes” showed that it’s ready to keep the streak alive, and our friends out at CBS Home Entertainment sent out a copy of “Episodes: The Third Season” for us to review and show that, indeed, the streak is alive. “” more »

Blu-ray Review: Vampire’s Kiss / High Spirits Double Feature

Ah, Halloween…that special time of year that calls to the kid in all of us. Trick or treating, parties, costumes, scary movies…it’s all there. Of course, given that it’s also over nine months out might make one wonder what a good Halloween movie is doing out now, but our friends at Scream Factory seem to more »

Blu-ray Review: Animal

Movies that come out of Chiller can be something of a mixed bag. While we’ve seen some greats like “Remains,” we’ve also had a few flubs like “Ghoul.” So when the time comes for another Chiller release–this time “Animal,” a copy of which our friends out at Scream Factory sent out for review, we can more »

Blu-ray Review: The Atticus Institute

When it comes to movies, some things go together really, really well. Combining the government with psychic phenomena tends to be a good combination, and our friends at Anchor Bay sent out the latest attempt to make said combination with “The Atticus Institute,” a movie that comes our way with not only a nifty idea, more »


DVD Review: Big Driver

While for Stephen King buffs right now, most attention is focused on the ongoing saga of Chester’s Mill and their issues with unauthorized building within the town limits, there’s actually other Stephen King material going on. Our friends out at Lionsgate sent over a slice of this particular development with “Big Driver,” showing us that more »

DVD Review: Exists

It’s always kind of fun to get movies with one word titles, because there’s usually a question that follows, almost inevitably. In this case, Lionsgate sent out a copy of “Exists” for us to review, and the question that follows–“what exists?”–will have some very disturbing answers. “” follows five friends who’ve gone out to the more »

DVD Review: Mama’s Family: The Complete Sixth Season

It was one of syndication’s biggest shows back in the 1980s, and now, we’re getting a look at the very last part of it all. Our friends out at StarVista Entertainment sent out a copy of “Mama’s Family: The Complete Sixth Season” for us to review, and for late eighties comedy at its very best–and more »

Blu-ray Review: The Mule

With the weather outside still cold, and likely to be so for some time–at least in the Northern Hemisphere–there are those who fall into a happy vision of a vacation far away. But as “The Mule”–a copy of which our friends out at XLRator Media sent out for us to review–shows that one should always more »

DVD Review: Mas Negro Que La Noche

If you’re puzzling over the Spanish in the title, don’t worry; you’re not at all alone. As near as I can tell “Mas Negro Que La Noche” is, essentially, “More Black Than the Night,” and however you translate it, it’s going to be a big pile of creepy. Our friends out at Lionsgate sent over more »