Steve Anderson has been writing about movies on a continuing basis since 2004. His work has been seen in a variety of places like Film Threat, Monsters and Critics, and Movieweb. He was the former lead reviewer for Screenhead before making the jump to EntertainmentTell, and has covered topics from electronics to politics and economics, and just about everything in between.

DVD Review: Yu-Gi-Oh The Complete Set

If you’ve ever seen an episode of “Yu-Gi-Oh”, then you’ve probably been pretty confused. But when you get behind the whole set–as is done with “Yu-Gi-Oh The Complete Set”, a copy of which our friends out at Cinedigm sent out for review–the whole thing makes much more sense. Sometimes. And provides a fairly exciting experience more »

Blu-ray Review: Nightbreed

One of the longest and plain old strangest careers in horror writing has to be that of Clive Barker. From the bizarre–”The Midnight Meat Train”–to the disturbing, as was the case with much of the “Hellraiser” series, Clive Barker stuff has been weird, occasionally bleak, often hard to follow, and just generally the weirdest in more »

DVD Review: Panic Room

It’s hard to imagine how much suspense can be generated by just one comparatively small amount of space, but with a movie like “Panic Room”–a copy of which our friends out at Mill Creek Entertainment sent out for review–that’s what will happen thanks to a series of exciting events and occasional contrivances. “” follows Meg more »

Blu-ray Review: The Vincent Price Collection II

For those out there who love Halloween, who crave the lengthening dark as a relief from summer’s powerful sun, our friends at Scream Factory have sent out the perfect package for you, and they sent out a copy our way to review. It’s “The Vincent Price Collection II,” and for those who like their horror more »

DVD Review: Blandings Series 2

It’s funny how British literature can produce not only some of the more exciting mysteries out there, but also some of the most laugh-inducing comedies as well. The British sense of humor gets a chance to strut its metaphorical stuff with the release of “Blandings Series 2,” a copy of which our friends out at more »

DVD Review: Dynasty: The Final Season

There’s always something bittersweet about the final season of anything, no matter how good or bad the show itself was. Even a bad show enjoys a certain note of finality from the “final season,” and it’s good to be able to have it all in one place. But “Dynasty: The Final Season”–a copy of which more »

DVD Review: Werewolf Rising

You’ve got to hand it to the folks at Image Entertainment, who sent out a copy of “Werewolf Rising” for us to review; they’re taking a step into ground that has not been frequently walked in. Ghost stories, zombie stories, vampires, serial killers…these are all well-traveled paths. Werewolves, though, are much less so, but can more »

DVD Review: Grave Halloween

With Halloween rapidly approaching–just three weeks away now–doubtless there are plenty of people considering what they’ll do with that particularly noteworthy night. Some might go out and party. Others stay in for a good scary movie. Our friends out at Anchor Bay got a little meta on us, sending out a copy of “Grave Halloween” more »

DVD Review: Delivery: The Beast Within

I don’t know what it is about horrible pregnancy movies lately, but someone’s taking this ball and running with it, as evidenced by “Delivery: The Beast Within.” Our friends out at Cinedigm sent a copy of this one over for us to review, and this one, I have to admit, has more than a little more »

DVD Review: Bonanza: the Official Seventh Season

One of the greatest Westerns of all time was a massive, sprawling epic known as “Bonanza.” Our friends out at CBS Home Entertainment sent out a copy of “Bonanza: the Official Seventh Season” for us to review and, despite having been running for seven years at this point, this series still has a lot to more »

DVD Review: The Devil Incarnate

It’s been something of a movie trope ever since “Rosemary’s Baby”, but horror films do seem to occasionally enjoy turning a pregnancy into a lethal proposition for the rest of the world. Our friends out at Image Entertainment are going to try and spice up the nights ahead of Halloween and the darkest times of more »

Blu-ray Review: The Battery

Before we start in today, no, “The Battery”–a copy of which our friends out at Scream Factory sent our way for review–has nothing to do with stored energy. Instead, it has everything to do with baseball and zombies. That sounds like a spectacular combination indeed, but can it possibly cash the check the premise wrote? more »