Scott worked in television for 15 years but left the media business entirely to pursue a more righteous path - Beer. He is an avid brewer and runs a homebrew shop. He has also been know to play dirty, sloppy guitar in loud rock n roll bands.

TV Recap: True Detective “Night Finds You”

Three cops all with sordid pasts come together over a dead body. The powers that be want them to join forces but for different reasons. The question is dose anyone really want the case solved? I think I just wrote the synopsis for when you hit the info button on your remote for Season 2 more »

TV review: ‘True Detective’ could wilt in the summer heat

When True Detective premiered in January of 2014 it was a huge success that caught most everyone by surprise. It certainly had a lot of unusual elements that helped it to stand out in the TV landscape. It also had another thing going for it that no one could have factored in – the weather. more »

For Smash Mouth, a view from the bottom rung

Years after their mysterious but thankfully brief relevance has faded into VH1 history, the cheesy pop-rock band Smash Mouth decided to remind everyone that – now more than ever – they are totally lame. Playing an outdoor food festival in Colorado, the band’s lead singer Steve Harwell got quite upset at the crowd for throwing more »

Psyche! Degrassi is just moving to Netflix

Take a deep breath everyone. I know you heard that Degrassi is ending its run on TeenNick. You were wondering how you’re going to get advice on what to do if your parents find out you’ve been sexting nude pics to strangers in order to fund your cheer squad’s new uniforms. Have no fear – more »

Nikki Glaser’s “Not Safe” is headed to Comedy Central

Look out gents, Comedy Central is bringing in another female comedian to kick your ass. The network has agreed to a deal with comic Nikki Glaser for a weekly series and a one hour stand-up special. The series will likely follow the Chappelle Show template that has become the network’s preferred format, mixing skits with more »

Degrassi no longer “Goes There”- long-running show to wrap up

After 14 years, 385 episodes and dozens of cast members hitting puberty, Degrassi: The Next Generation is calling it quits. TeenNick says this will be the final season for the adolescent soap opera, with the series finale airing on July 31, 2015. The show will wrap its final season by airing a new episode every more »

M. Night Shyamalan Ponders “Unbreakable” TV Series

It’s been a while since the name M. Night Shyamalan conjured up much more than smirks and jokes but thanks to the new FOX show Wayward Pines the director’s career might be taking a turn for the better. During a recent interview to promote the show for which he serves as an executive producer, Shyamalan discussed the idea of a sequel to his film Unbreakable, possibly in the form of a multi-episode TV show.

Jason Statham to star in “Layer Cake” sequel

Action superstar Jason Statham is helping to produce a sequel to the 2004 film Layer Cake, in which he will also star. Most people wouldn’t worry about spoilers for a movie that came out over a decade ago but this excellent gangster movie isn’t exactly as ubiquitous as Goodfellas, so I will try not to more »

Jimmy Smits to help Baz Luhrmann “Get Down”

Emmy winning actor Jimmy Smits has signed on to the cast of Netflix’s forthcoming original series The Get Down. The show is set in New York City of the late-70s and aims to show how economic decline in the city helped to fuel the eventual explosion of hip-hop culture. Smits will play “Papa Fuerte”, a more »

Assessing the many lovers of Don Draper

Now that Mad Men has officially come to an end, it’s time to analyze that key element of the show: the many loves of Don Draper. Like most good works of fiction, the central character, the aforementioned Mr. Draper, is not really the essence of the show but merely the hub that connects it all more »

Tom Brady is not a movie villain: Sticking up for the suspended QB

So its official, a report says some personnel of the New England Patriots probably deflated footballs and that Tom Brady was most likely aware it was happening if not directly responsible. So what do we do with this knowledge? There has been outcry for harsh measures: that Brady should be suspended next season, that the more »

Dolly Parton Song to Become NBC Movie

Dolly Parton is a country music icon and also a bouffanted emblem for down-home wisdom and family values. Now NBC wants to bring all that hillbilly charm straight into your living room with a run of productions based on her music. The network has given the go-ahead for Coat of Many Colors, a TV movie more »