The SAG Award Nominees start the Awards Season “Wave”

Every awards season, we critics start communicating in a secret language that only we (and the various industry voters) can/will understand. We talk about screeners and screenings, “streamers” and other online options, and something we like to refer to as “the wave.” Similar to a sentiment expressed in Hunter S. Thompson’s classic book ‘Fear and more »

Watch the first trailer for Jennifer Aniston’s dark comedy, “Cake”

In the dark comedy Cake, Jennifer Aniston plays a testy, pill-popping woman cursed with chronic pain who becomes obsessed with the suicide of a member (Anna Kendrick) of her chronic pain support group, then with her widower husband (Sam Worthington), all as she fumbles  through great personal pain. Much has been made of Aniston’s makeup-free more »


Movie Review: “Interstellar”

Space… the final frontier. Actually, when it comes to the movies, this “final frontier” has gotten a tad crowded throughout the years. The thing is, the topic of space travel has been explored on a cinematic level quite a few times during the past few decades. In fact, some of the most talented and well-known more »

“The Duke of Burgundy” takes Philadelphia Film Festival’s top prize 

The Philadelphia Film Festival’s jury named its honorees for 2014, and the winners were a series of generally obscure, low-profile titles that haven’t been among winners at other fests. At a festival that featured the higher-profile likes of “Birdman,” “The Imitation Game” and “St. Vincent,” the Grand Jury Prize for Narrative Feature went to Peter more »

WWE Slammy Awards may go away, to no one’s disappointment

The Wrestling Observer reports that the WWE Slammy Awards were originally scheduled for Dec. 29 in Richmond, VA but have been called off. There’s another live event going on at the same time, and doing the Slammy would split the roster. If this report turns out to be true, it may confirm that the Slammy more »

Movie Review: “St. Vincent”

During the first half of his long, storied career, I think it’s fair to say that Bill Murray, the acclaimed star of “St. Vincent,” has carved a nice niche for himself portraying characters that fit a certain comedic mold. Due to the fact that he wasn’t exactly blessed with the looks and muscles of… oh, more »

Sure beats Seth MacFarlane: Neil Patrick Harris to host Oscars

Neil Patrick Harris has been talked about as a potential Academy Awards host, it seems, since a couple of years after he got done playing Doogie Howser. The child star-turned-sitcom star-turned-Broadway star has already hosted the Tonys and Emmys, while also winning both. In 2015, Harris will finally host the Oscars, the show’s producers announced more »

Green Day, The Smiths, Nine Inch Nails headline Hall of Fame nominees

What’s wrong with this picture? Green Day is nominated, but a myriad of original punk bands (The Buzzcocks, Sioxsie and the Banshees) and followers (Husker Du, X) are not. Sting is being considered. Chubby Checker, who oriented the dance craze “The Twist” is not. There’s another disco act vying for a spot and yet heavy more »

First ‘Rosewater’ trailer is about hope, survival, Oscar bait

Jon Stewart’s chops as a political satirist, stand-up comedian, TV host, writer and even actor can be hardly called into question after nearly two decades of The Daily Show, although in recent years his fake news program has started to feel like a poor man’s Colbert Report. Still, the 20-time (!!!) Emmy winner has little more »

Telluride Film Festival nabs ‘Wild’, ‘Imitation Game’, ‘Rosewater’ world premieres

Things are about to get feverishly heated in the 2015 Oscar race, as the Telluride Film Festival just announced a whopper of a lineup in a traditional low-key manner. Not that they’ll ever going to gloat about it like Toronto, New York or Venice do, but the 41st Southern Rocky shindig managed to secure three more »

MTV VMAs Takeaway: Bow down to Beyonce

I was pretty open about the fact that I really didn’t care about this year’s MTV VMAs. Like I said on my Twitter, ‘NYSYNC wasn’t rumored to be reunited, so there wasn’t anything I was amped to see. But like most pop-culture obsessed twenty-somethings, I couldn’t help myself from checking in here and there. Just as I suspected, it was a total bore. Even the Kardashians were on their phones the entire time. Admittedly, I was loving Katy Perry’s wardrobe shoutout to Britney and Justin’s matching denim get-ups. And even though I’m not Nicki Minaj’s biggest fan, I was extremely impressed that she managed to perform with one nightmare-ish wardrobe malfunction. You go, girl! So yes, other than some interesting style moments, there wasn’t much grabbing my attention.


‘True Detective’, ‘Orange’ emerge as Emmy favorites after Creative Arts wins

Not nearly as high-profile as the big, glitzy, live broadcasted Emmy ceremony, the preceding Creative Arts gala often works as a pacesetter and ballot filler for awards prognosticators. But you have to know how to read and interpret the “Creative” trophies. For instance, even though the all-around nomination count leader, HBO’s oft-snubbed Game of Thrones, more »