Calista Flockhart to play ‘Supergirl’s’ boss

Look up – in the sky, the former Ally McBeal herself is returning to network TV. Actress Calista Flockhart has joined the cast of CBS’ Supergirl as Cat Grant. The character is a long running part of the Superman mythos as a reporter. In this incarnation of Supergirl, Cat is a media magnate and founder more »

‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ author James wants to try her hand at screenwriting

This will either be the best news fans of the faux-erotic book series ‘Fifty Shades of Grey‘ have ever heard, or the worst. Apparently, Erika Mitchell wants to write the screenplay for, at least, the next installment in the “international phenomenon”‘s three movie tolerance test. Now, if you don’t recognize this name, then the reports more »

‘Deadpool’ adds Morena Baccarin

Sci-fi favorite Morena Baccarin will be Deadpool’s female lead, according to the Hollywood Reporter. She’s well known for stints on Firefly, Homeland and ABC’s V reboot,  and is currently appearing on Gotham. Her character, according to the description, grapples with falling for a guy with a hideously deformed face. Deadpool is an assassin who undergoes more »

Drea de Matteo will get villainous on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Drea de Matteo joins Blair Underwood and Edward James Olmos as big guest star listed for Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D next season. Marvel has announced de Matteo will play Karla Faye Gideon, who will ally with Kyle McLachlan’s Cal character. As numerous comic readers have pointed out, Gideon also has a history with Daredevil, who is getting more »

Sony and Marvel reach deal to bring Spider-Man into Marvel’s films

Comic book buffs the world over are rejoicing at the news that Spider-Man will get to play in Marvel’s cinematic sandbox. Sony and Marvel have announced a deal in which they will share the extremely popular hero. The new Spider-Man will appear first in a Marvel film, then Sony will release a new solo Spidey more »

The Walking Dead carnage continues in midseason opener

Major spoilers for last night’s midseason premiere of The Walking Dead to follow. Seriously, the body count increases from this point on!     Still with us? OK, let’s talk about that heartwrenching episode. After Beth died in the last episode before the midseason break, we thought we could take a breath. We were wrong, more »

‘A-Force’ set to become first all-female Avengers team

Marvel’s “Secret Wars” crossover will have all kinds of repercussions and forge many new alliances. Some of them will create an all-female version of Marvel’s main super team, The Avengers. The A-Force will include She-Hulk, Nico Minoru and a new cosmic-powered hero named Singularity. The heroines in the book won’t be the only ones blazing more »

Harper Lee’s new book “Go Set a Watchman” already #1 on Amazon, no one has heard from author

Harper Lee’s one and only novel to date is probably the most-read and most-loved book about race and inequality in America, and after she wrote it, she became very reclusive. Her fans have always wanted more, and now they will have it: Lee will finally publish a second book, more than 50 years after “To more »

Netflix and Marvel tease ‘Daredevil’ coming April 10

The Guardian Devil of Hell’s Kitchen is coming in an all-new Netflix series. Boardwalk Empire’s Charlie Cox tackles the role of Matt Murdock, a blind lawyer whose other senses are superhuman after he gets coated in radioactive chemicals. Vincent D’ Onofrio, best known to TV viewers as a detective on Law & Order: Criminal Intent, more »

Flame On or something – Superman gains the power of super flare

Likely you were just saying to yourself, Superman is an underpowered character. DC should really give him something to level the playing field. Now The Man of Steel is getting a new power, super flare. As the art depicts, it’s not something he’s just going to whip out at parties. DC’s Chief Creative Officer Geoff more »


Bob Odenkirk may adapt David Carr’s “Night of the Gun”

There’s a really worthwhile profile of Bob Odenkirk, ahead of the debut this week of Better Call Saul, in the newest issue of Chicago magazine. The profile goes through Odenkirk’s whole career, from improv to the SNL writing staff to the Mr. Show days to his more recent dramatic acting roles, including on Breaking Bad more »

Dunham-Simmons III: The 18 best moments

As a man in his mid-40s nicknamed The Sports Guy who is certainly nobody’s idea of a feminist- for many years, his columns regularly included the phrase “the lesson as always- women ruin everything”- Bill Simmons is the last guy I’d expect to regularly host podcast discussions with Lena Dunham. Host them he has, as more »