Wentworth Miller joins CW’s ‘Flash’ as his archenemy, Captain Cold

When supervillain Captain Cold inevitably finds himself in Iron Heights Penitentiary, the actor playing him may have a few ideas on how to get out. Wentworth Miller, best known for his starring role in Fox drama will play Captain Cold on CW’s Flash. The villain is a master of ice-based weaponry and the leader of more »

Marvel announces female Thor and black Captain America in same week

A valid knock on superhero comics is that the majority of the people saving the world are white males. This goes on to be reflected in the various TV shows and movies based on these comics. Marvel made two big changes to the status quo this week: announcing both a female Thor and a black more »

Ultron revealed, some ‘Age of Ultron’ plot details confirmed

Entertainment Weekly’s cover story this week gives a first look at the much anticipated Avengers sequel “Age of Ultron.” Comic buffs will notice the movie design removes the robot’s mouth. It’s not as if he needs it to breathe or speak, after all. James Spader will play Ultron through performance capture technology, and even a more »

Billy Eichner is writing a book

Can Billy Eichner’s high-energy style of running up to people on the streets of New York City and yelling at them translate to the printed page? We’re about to find out. The host of Billy on the Street and Parks and Recreation co-star is writing his first book, which does not yet have a title, more »


False is the new true: Fake news clickbait, “Blood Feud” and why the truth stopped mattering

I’ve complained about clickbait of the Buzzfeed and Upworthy variety an awful lot in the last couple of years, and I know I’m not alone. It’s silly, manipulative, least-common-denominator, and it lowers the discourse considerably. I’ve long felt that when this particular era of Internet culture passes, we’ll all be the better for it. But more »

Fin: Kate Upton (not) in Playboy, LeBron and Louie and Hitler, AMA

Somehow, Kate Upton stating, on the record, “I’m not doing Playboy” led to such headlines as “Kate Upton dishes on posing for Playboy,” “Upton doesn’t rule out Playboy” and “Kate Upton in Playboy?” (E! Online) Ever want to see highlights from “Snowpiercer,” cut to Soul Asylum’s “Runaway Train”? Twitpic user Jacob Gentry came through (Twitpic) more »

Season two Sleepy Hollow teaser warns War has been waiting

Fox found a surprise smash with supernatural drama Sleepy Hollow last fall. Replacing the awkward, gawky Crane from the short story with a buff, action-oriented hero was an important step. The chemistry between Tom Mison’s Crane and Nicole Beharie’s Abbie Mills  was undeniable. Then came the addition of the always creepy John Noble as Crane’s more »

J.K. Rowling gives Harry Potter update, traffic crashes her site

J.K. Rowling has been writing a series of Quidditch-related pieces to celebrate the World Cup. Then she snuck in the first new Harry Potter story in seven years. Rowling revisits the characters as 30-something adults in a “gossip column.” The three main characters worked together in the Ministry of Magic, with Harry sporting a mysterious more »

‘Hunger Games’ teases Mockingjay, Part I

President Snow thinks he’s got everything under control in this latest teaser for “The Hunger Games: Mockingjay, Part I.” But the rebellion has other ideas. Hope has taken root, and it’s a difficult thing to stamp out. The everyday citizens of Panem have long known they’re being used, but now they have a reason to more »

Robbie Amell returns to CW on ‘Flash’

When Robbie Amell (cousin of Arrow star Stephen Amell) appeared on The Tomorrow People the same night as Arrow aired, folks started calling it Amell Wednesdays. That drama lasted only one season, but this hero wasn’t gone long at all. TV Line reports he’ll play Ronnie Raymond on the Arrow spinoff Flash. Comic buffs are more »

Movie of Reza Aslan’s “Zealot” on the way

It’s the popular, controversial. scholarly book about the life of Jesus of Nazareth that was a bestseller last year, and led to an interview with its author that led to what Buzzfeed called “the most embarrassing interview Fox News has ever done.” “,” written by scholar and pundit Reza Aslan, is being adapted for the more »

Former Superman Brandon Routh joins ‘Arrow’ as The Atom

CW’s Arrow is turning into a full-on superhero party. Flash showed up last season en route to his spinoff. Now Ray Palmer, better known to comic fans as The Atom, will make an appearance. Brandon Routh, who played the Man of Steel in 2006′s “,” will tackle the shrinking scientist. In the comics, Palmer has more »