Truman Capote’s ‘In Cold Blood’ to become a mini-series

Before the days of social media and the 24 hour news cycle, in an era where the press merely reported on what happened without spin or opinion, Truman Capote’s true crime “novel” ‘In Cold Blood’ took the world by storm. It represented one of the first attempts to mesh the ethics of journalism with the more »

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D may get spinoff, Agent Carter still under discussion

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D started slow, but has gained momentum ever since. The destruction of the organization, putting Coulson and his team on the run, was really what AoS needed. Now Entertainment Weekly reports a third season is happening, and there’s even talk of a spinoff. A recent episode gives some possible hints as to where it more »

Marvel’s movie Spider-Man is going back to high school

Forgive even the most sensitive among Marvel movie buffs if Uncle Ben’s death is starting to lose its impact. Marvel realizes a third Spidey origin story in a decade’s time is probably not necessary. Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige has confirmed its Spider-Man will go back to high school, but said the movie will assume more »

George R.R. Martin is working on another HBO show (and Winds of Winter)

I’ll understand if those waiting for the next “Game of Thrones” novel just want to get up and walk away now. But George R.R. Martin told Entertainment Weekly he’s developing a new HBO series called Captain Cosmos. It takes place at the dawn of the age of TV in 1949, and the main character is a “visionary more »

‘Pride, Prejudice and Zombies’ is coming Feb. 19

After several delays, some probably stemming from the box-office failure of “Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter,” the adaptation of Seth Grahame Smith’s “Pride, Prejudice and Zombies” will arrive Feb. 19, 2016. Cross Creek Pictures has announced the date, but this project has crossed into “believe it when I see it” territory.I find myself rooting for this more »

AMC teases ‘Fear The Walking Dead’ with first trailer

Still need that walker fix? AMC understands, heck they need it more than you do. The Season 5 finale of The Walking Dead was its highest-rated ever, with 15.8 million viewers. Coming this summer, “Fear The Walking Dead” will show how the walkers took over. It was important for the prequel to have a different more »

Jennifer Lawrence may play Patty Hearst in a biopic

Bummer that it won’t be for a John Waters’ film, but Jennifer Lawrence may play the world’s most famous heiress-with-a-machine-gun, Patty Hearst, in an upcoming biopic. Page Six reports that New Yorker contributor and CNN Senior Legal Analyst Jeffrey Toobin has written a book about Hearst’s ordeal, to be published by Doubleday in 2016, and more »

But what do The Attractions say? Elvis Costello is writing a memoir

Elvis Costello will tell his story in his own words for his first memoir, and it even has a sexy title: Unfaithful Music & Disappearing Ink. Rolling Stone reports the tome will be released in hardback and audiobook form by Penguin on October 13. Fans can pre-order the 352-page book (a little lighter than Keith more »


Chuck Palahniuk’s “Lullaby” to receive big screen adaptation, unfortunately

Chuck Palahniuk, the world famous author of bestselling books like “Fight Club” and guru of dudebro frat boys who want to seem like they’re fans of heady literature has optioned his novel “Lullaby” to independent filmmakers Andy Mingo and Josh Leake. To take a (very) brief respite from knocking Palahniuk, “Lullaby” was inspired by the more »

The Walking Dead’s latest Season 5 casualty wasn’t that shocking

Spoilers for the latest episode of The Walking Dead to follow! Don’t say Rick Grimes, or at least his duly appointed representative Brian Allen, didn’t warn you!   It’s almost impossible to keep TV secrets these days. We’ve known for a while that Tyler James Williams would play a big role in CBS’ upcoming Criminal more »

‘Daredevil’ trailer has a shout out to ‘The Avengers’

It is almost time to binge, as Netflix’s new version of Daredevil drops April 10. Just one more month, we can wait.. ugh, is it still March? “The Theory of Everything’s” Charlie Cox will put on Matt Murdock’s mask to defend Hell’s Kitchen. Vincent D’ Onofrio will evil it up as Wilson Fisk, the city’s more »

AMC orders two seasons of prequel to “The Walking Dead”

AMC’s post- Mad Men plan involves a whole lot of familiarity. Better Call Saul is scratching that Breaking Bad itch for millions of viewers. Now according to The Hollywood Reporter, the network has picked up two seasons of a Walking Dead prequel series. As with the first season of The Walking Dead, it will have more »