On the great ‘Simpsons’ aspect ratio controversy

The world became a slightly better place last week when FXX began a 12-day-and-change marathon of every single episode ever of The Simpsons, the greatest prime time television show of all time. If you’re like me, you let a couple of days go by to allow the bumpy first few seasons to run their course before more »

The Enigmatic Trailer for ‘The Comeback’ Season 2 is Here

After nine long years, it’s nice to see Valerie Cherish on our TVs again, even if she’s just appearing in a promo that is as enigmatic, haunting and just as meaningless as those “On the next episode of Mad Men” non-previews. Yes, Lisa Kudrow’s poignant cult favorite The Comeback will finally return for its long more »

In new ‘Girls’ teaser, Hannah goes to Iowa

It’s rather unfair to call this very brief, 30-second snippet a trailer. It is really a teaser. And it is working in that I cannot wait to see this upcoming season of Girls, its fourth, and that I also cannot wait to see all the ways in which Lena Dunham falls off her bike. Not more »

Ab Fab movie stunt-casts Elton John, Emma Bunton, other Brit superstars

The long-awaited movie version of Jennifer Saunders’ Absolutely Fabulous is finalizing casting choices, and they will pull any Ab Fab fan’s interest: the original cast will return, along with every star who ever appeared in the series. That’s huge, or as the British might say, “massive.”

TV Review: ‘Selfie’ struggles to be anything but awful

And thus, civilization moves one step closer to extinction… As someone who grew up with party lines and rotary phones, the notion of a life lived via a handheld smart device and social media is not only archaic, it’s pointless. Though career and contemporary fashion now require me to be glued to my 4G fad more »

End the ice bucket challenge before everyone gets hurt

You, dear reader of Technology Tell, are not an idiot. You’re savvy. You live a good part of your life online. And yet you may be wondering, what the hell is that ice bucket challenge all about other than raising awareness of ALS or some fundraising deal, but the people who splash themselves are not more »

Patton Oswalt will be back on ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ in October

Brooklyn Nine-Nine surprised a lot of pundits with a very unique, cabley sense of humor, strong ensemble cast and simple but clean and well-executed premise. Funny cops and Andy Samberg playing charming and quirky sounded like the perfect recipe for failure, yet Brooklyn won over the critics in no time, snatching an unexpected two Golden more »

Craig Ferguson: from late late night to pre-prime time?

Ever since he announced he plans to leave ‘The Late Late Show‘ this December, fans have been frantic, wondering what Scottish funnyman Craig Ferguson would do next. After 10 years following David Letterman (who himself is retiring in 2015), they’ve speculated if he would try for another talk show or do something a bit different. more »

Fox turns down Tina Fey-produced ‘Cabot College’, next stop NBC?

It seems not every major stateside TV network can get and appreciate Tina Fey’s very particular, very original sense of humor, and so the 30 Rock star, writer and producer will merely continue her mutually beneficial NBC collaboration. The Peacock, which pulled 30 Rock out of the air in 2013 after seven hilarious, cult-followed, critically more »


On Robin Williams, mental illness, and the media’s cluelessness about suicide

It’s been a week since the shocking, tragic passing of American icon Robin Williams, and everyone still seems at a loss when it comes to processing the circumstances of his death. Williams, a comedy legend of stage, screen, and television, took his own life at the age of 63 after a particularly severe bout of more »

‘Community’ star Yvette Nicole Brown boards ‘Odd Couple’ reboot

Say what you will about CBS’ 20-years-too-late Odd Couple reimagining, but the latest take on Neil Simon’s iconic play is sure drawing a lot of talent. And yes, main star, writer, producer and showrunner Matthew Perry has been deemed a jinx by many after Mr. Sunshine and Go On’s s successive premature cancelations, but this more »

SNL-based products, Schweddy balls included, are coming to stores

Colon Blow is now a real breakfast cereal you can have in your home and enjoy anytime. The hand-crafted Schweddy Balls are now a real treat, too. And while there is no mention of the number of parodied pharmaceuticals sold on Saturday Night Live’s fake ads coming to market, many other SNL products will be more »