Road Trip! Jason Jones and Samantha Bee had their pilot picked up by TBS

Everyone’s favorite married Daily Show correspondents have another little bundle of joy to share with the world: Samantha Bee and Jason Jones are having a pilot! According to Deadline, TBS (home to Conan O’Brien) has given a pilot order for a comedy about family road trips, a comedic premise that is truly a classic that more »

‘Always Sunny’ cast has the right stuff in space-based Season 10 teaser

If you love a good strut, and miss the goofy cast of the goofy show It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, watch the trailer. Their stuff is being strutted, and it is worth watching. Marvel at the differences in their height, and wonder, did they find or have to make jumpsuits to fit everyone in the more »

ABC is giving “Bachelor Party” a TV remake

The endless cycle of remaking, rebooting, or otherwise resurrecting film and television properties from decades past soldiers  on, as ABC has given a put pilot to a TV project based on the 1984 Tom Hanks comedy “.” The show will come from the Small Dog Picture Co. and the Walcott Company, in association with 20th more »


John Mulaney’s Fox Show Might Get Cancelled…maybe

John Mulaney’s new sitcom is on the ropes: Fox suits cut its order for Mulaney from 16 episodes to 13. The ratings are down and it doesn’t look good.  The old dream of every comedian used to be as follows: Write 5 minutes of funny material, mostly centered around pain from your past. Show up at open mikes and glad-hand the more »

Leslie Jones is now in the SNL cast

And not a moment too soon, the instantly iconic Leslie Jones has transitioned from staff writer to cast member on Saturday Night Live. Deadline reports that beginning with this week’s show hosted by Jim Carrey, Leslie Jones will be joining the cast of SNL as a featured player. She’s been a writer on the show more »

The return of The Comeback has a full trailer

Like balm to a chapped lip, apply this soothing new trailer for the long-awaited return of The Comeback and feel relief from boring TV shows this fall. Know that, over time, even greater relief will be experienced, as new, full episodes of The Comeback starring Lisa Kudrow begin very soon – November 9th, right after more »

DVD Review: Blandings Series 2

It’s funny how British literature can produce not only some of the more exciting mysteries out there, but also some of the most laugh-inducing comedies as well. The British sense of humor gets a chance to strut its metaphorical stuff with the release of “Blandings Series 2,” a copy of which our friends out at more »

NBC will reboot its stalled IT Crowd remake

They turned it off and on again: Deadline reports that NBC has committed to make a US version of the UK hit show The IT Crowd, with a pilot commitment and seasoned (but busy) producer Bill Lawrence at the helm. With Community moved over to Yahoo! now, maybe there’s a nerd’s fighting chance for an more »

Fear not, Friends of Tom: The Best Show is officially returning

Nearly a year after Tom Scharpling first announced that he would be ending his long-running, widely loved WFMU radio show “the Best Show on WFMU,” Scharpling took to Twitter to announce that the late, lamented radio show would return to the airwaves this November (or thereabouts.) In a three part announcement that took place just more »

ABC wants ‘Uncle Buck’ back on the small screen

When he passed away suddenly in 2009, John Hughes left behind a legacy that literally redefined the teen comedy. An ’80s staple, he only directed eight films (while scripting dozens more), and yet every one of those movies remains a masterwork of their era…all except the last two, that is. ‘Curly Sue’ is kind of more »

It will seem like forever before the “Bored to Death” movie comes out

Consummate stoner, author, and competitive spirit Jonathan Ames is, reportedly, writing a Bored to Death movie. But do not hold your breath or even get excited about it now, comedy fan, it’s too far away and Ames has another project coming up first. Before the sure-to-be-delightful Bored to Death movie becomes a thing, Ames will more »

There’s a wacky new “Horrible Bosses 2″ trailer

In these pre-”Hunger Games” days of our existence, the movie “Horrible Bosses” is still regarded as a dark comedy, not a blueprint or documentary. Yet.  “Horrible Bosses”  was done with barely enough of a straight face that it seemed at least partially true, and that rings true for its sequel, “Horrible Bosses 2.” In this post-Obamacare world, perhaps more »