Get the popcorn: A Real Genius TV remake is on the way

The sartorial 80s comedy/best Val Kilmer movie ever, “Real Genius,” is being remade for television. Nerds and fans alike cannot wait. “Real Genius” was directed by Martha Coolidge and has grossed over $12 million bucks. Its most memorable moment may be when students gang up against an unfair professor and turn his home into a giant more »

Sarah Silverman will adapt her memoir, “The Bedwetter,” into a Broadway musical

Sarah Silverman may mention her cans more than her singing voice, but did you know – she can really sing! Maybe you caught her lilting, Spanish-guitar influenced original number about what she thinks people who call themselves “divas” really are; perhaps you’re a fan of her classic, “The Porn Song.” Either way, if you’re even more »

DVD Review: Deadbeat Season One

Sure, we’ve seen series before where people try to help ghosts out of the various jams said specters find themselves in before being able to “cross over” or “go into the light,” but what happens when the people doing the helping would kind of rather not? That’s what we’ll get here with “Deadbeat: Season One,” more »

The voice of Grumpy Cat will be perfectly articulated by Aubrey Plaza

First the news broke regarding who turned down the chance to bring to life the voice of Grumpy Cat: Jane Lynch said laid down Granny Law and said “no” to voicing the blue-eyed and downturned-pink-lipped meme machine. Jane Lynch probably thought she’s iconic enough without that credit on her resume – or perhaps she’s wisely more »

NBC dares tread on sacred ground with a ‘Problem Child’ TV reboot

It borders on the blasphemous. How dare any network, let alone the former place of the peacock, NBC, defile something as magnificent as the Michael Oliver epics ‘Problem Child’ and ‘Problem Child 2?’ We’re serious here. How The Criterion Collection has avoided presenting these two classics in the pristine, Special Edition, filled with features packages more »

Nurse Jackie will make her final rounds, show’s 7th season its last

  Shooting has begun for the seventh season of Showtime’s Emmy-winning dark comedy Nurse Jackie, and it will be the last ever for the series. The cast helped break the news at their first table reading for the new season, posing for a photo holding up signs saying “the final season.” Edie Falco is beaming; more »

Werner Herzog set to appear on “Parks and Recreation”

Director, screenwriter, and actor Werner Herzog took the stage for a packed house at the Brooklyn Academy of Music on September 4th to talk about his work, and made the most shocking announcement, although not as shocking as the Herzog doc “Grizzly Man.” It was that Herzog will appear on Parks and Recreation. Herzog will more »

Bruce Springsteen takes acting gig in old Band pal Steve Van Zandt’s “Lilyhammer”

It’s something even the most rabid pop-culture fan hasn’t seen yet: Bruce Springsteen not being himself. The perhaps painfully sincere musician never takes on acting roles, only appearing as himself in High Fidelity. And while he’s not above taking a sneaker-upper walk-on cameo as himself on TV (I blame the rise of Jimmy Fallon for more »

Comic legend Joan Rivers dies at 81

Legendary comedian Joan Rivers has died at age 81. She was hospitalized last week after she went into cardiac arrest following a minor, elective vocal cord procedure. CBS 2 reported that Rivers “was removed from the intensive care unit and taken to an executive wing of the hospital. Her own decorator was brought in to more »

SyFy says “goodbye” to Wil Wheaton for…more sci-fi?

Back on the 29th of August, geeks everywhere let out a muffled cry of disbelief when Wil Wheaton, former child star, ‘Stand by Me’ favorite and ‘Star Trek’ whipping boy, announced on his blog that the SyFy Channel was not renewing his criminally underrated ‘Wil Wheaton Project.’ Citing a New York suit who said his more »

FX green-lights Galifianakis/C.K. co-created ‘Baskets’ to the surprise of no one

Finally, FX is getting serious about its original comedy programming. The most improved cable network of the past few years has seen its star shine brighter and brighter in the drama and miniseries departments, where it’s started to rival and even defeat the likes of HBO or Showtime for the prestigious trophies. Case in point, more »

On the great ‘Simpsons’ aspect ratio controversy

The world became a slightly better place last week when FXX began a 12-day-and-change marathon of every single episode ever of The Simpsons, the greatest prime time television show of all time. If you’re like me, you let a couple of days go by to allow the bumpy first few seasons to run their course before more »