Comedy Central will roast Justin Bieber’s hairless chestnuts

Justin Bieber has been speaking to all the right people and lobbying for a Comedy Central roast on his behalf for years now, so he must feel happy now that it will actually happen. Beiber sounds ready and willing to be anyone’s straight man. Us Magazine reported that Beiber, who is 20, will be roasted more »

“Broad City” was renewed for a third season, before the second one started

Imagine the tightness in your stomach the day of an important launch, then the whoosh of triumph and glee that follows being told, “we need more of what you do,” even before the launch. Think about the adrenaline, then the rush. This is exactly what happened to the ladies of Broad City, Abbi Jacobson and more »

Beyond the Globes: A teaser for Poehler and Fey’s “Sisters”

Tina Fey and Amy Poehler are so great together, as evidenced by their most recent hosting performance at the Golden Globes. This was their third and final round of hosting the glitzy, boozy awards ceremony (many want them to host the Academy Awards one day net year), and this is their 20th year of friendship. more »

New trailer for Melissa McCarthy film “Spy”

So I guess Melissa McCarthy is the new Peter Sellers, because she’s in yet another action-comedy movie in which she transforms herself from a human woman into someone who seems unreal, hilarious in any guise. It’s called Spy, and it’s directed by Paul Feig. Feig previously directed McCarthy as a very effective but perhaps rogue more »

Key and Peele are doing a Super Bowl show

The Peabody-award winning comedy duo Key and Peele are digging deep and doing some great character work in their upcoming K&P Super Bowl special, which Comedy Central is currently teasing on YouTube in tidy one-minute bursts. The ex-MADtv performers are assuming the characters of NFL former-players-turned-commentators. You know the type: Beefy, with booming voices and more »

Jennifer Saunders has completed the first draft for an ‘Absolutely Fabulous’ film

When it began, it’s leading ladies were established British TV personalities with limited global appeal. By the end of the first season, it was an international smash. That was 23 years ago (yes – 23 YEARS). Creator Jennifer Saunders was 32, while her costar, Joanna Lumley was 45. Now, more than two decades later, the more »

Teaser arrives for Kathy Griffin-hosted “Fashion Police”

Kathy Griffin may be all smiles these days, but don’t be fooled. She will cut a bitch. And just in time for awards season – thank God! Griffin warns as much (while wearing an LBD and lovely smile) in this new teaser for the new, Kathy Griffin-hosted Fashion Police, which debuts on E! January 12. more »

Josh Radnor talks about mounting a “spirited defense” of HIMYM’s original ending

Although Josh Radnor’s career has taken him to Broadway – he’s currently starring in Disgraced, a play about race and other tough subjects tackled, unfortunately, at a dinner party – he’s not above trotting out some impressions and tirelessly defending yet again the series ending of How I Met Your Mother. It’s defending “again” because more »

DVD Review: Soap: The Complete Seasons 1 and 2

It was one of the late seventies and early eighties’ craziest sitcoms around, and in a lot of ways, it was the metaphorical face that launched a thousand other sitcoms. Our friends out at Mill Creek Entertainment sent over a copy of “Soap: The Complete Seasons 1 and 2″ to review, and this one is more »

The upcoming Pee Wee Herman movie will play on Netflix

Netflix is keeping secrets about its best new project for 2015, which is the new and ferociously long-awaited Judd Apatow-produced Pee Wee Herman movie. What we know for sure is that the movie was set up at Universal Studios, and that relationship is over. It’s in Netflix’s house now. Be good to Pee Wee, Netflix. more »

“Better Call Saul” finally has a full trailer

Mark your calendars now and make time to watch Better Call Saul, the hotly anticipated Breaking Bad spinoff that makes such excellent use of its star, Bob Odenkirk. Better Call Saul was created by Vince Gilligan and Peter Gould, and has been rolling around in the ether since about 2012. It’s about an attorney with more »

School of Rock is coming to Broadway, with Andrew Lloyd Webber producing

The 2003 Jack Black movie “School of Rock” – not the incredibly successful national chain of kids’ music schools – is headed to open on Broadway, with none other than Andrew Lloyd Webber producing. Deadline reports an additional line of intrigue to the budding behind-the-scenes of this project: Two of Broadway’s biggest theaters, the Shubert more »