On Robin Williams, mental illness, and the media’s cluelessness about suicide

It’s been a week since the shocking, tragic passing of American icon Robin Williams, and everyone still seems at a loss when it comes to processing the circumstances of his death. Williams, a comedy legend of stage, screen, and television, took his own life at the age of 63 after a particularly severe bout of more »

Finally, Thought Catalog out-trolls itself

Speaking morally, ethically and aesthetically, Thought Catalog resembles less a website than a toilet. It’s a place where people drop off, with little effort, things which would have been better off flushed. The site, a lot of the time, is your usual listicle/clickbait monstrosity- as of this writing, the top two stories on the homepage are more »


“World’s Greatest Dad” and the death of Robin Williams

When Robin Williams passed away Monday night in an apparent suicide, fans and critics took to Twitter and various other social networks and web outlets to remember the late comic. I read fond remembrances of the many movies and shows Williams starred in, from his standup to Mork and Mindy to “The World According to more »

What’s up with the Robin Williams lovefest?

Robin Williams was without a doubt one of the greatest comedians and comic actors of all time. He also was one of the most mocked and criticized comedians and comic actors of all time.

Why I love Lil Bub

I’m a grown-ass man and I’m hopelessly in love with a tiny, magical cat. A cat named Lil Bub.


False is the new true: Fake news clickbait, “Blood Feud” and why the truth stopped mattering

I’ve complained about clickbait of the Buzzfeed and Upworthy variety an awful lot in the last couple of years, and I know I’m not alone. It’s silly, manipulative, least-common-denominator, and it lowers the discourse considerably. I’ve long felt that when this particular era of Internet culture passes, we’ll all be the better for it. But more »


“They aren’t people”: Why Anthony Cumia got exactly what he deserved

I wrote a big piece last year for Philadelphia Magazine, about the “Knockout Game,” that moral panic that briefly seized America last November and December, when local news stations and newspaper websites convinced white Americans that random black people could and would punch them at any moment. This “epidemic” happened, for some reason, for only more »


Gary Oldman, Playboy and “political correctness”: Some scattered thoughts

Gary Oldman gave an interview with Playboy, published this morning, that’s led to quite a bit of controversy. Before diving into the think pieces, I decided to dive right in to the interview itself instead. A few observations: – Credit where credit is due: it’s rare for a celebrity interview to actually include substantive, memorable more »

When Gods Cry War: Alan Moore’s Miracleman in the age of the superhero

For nearly two decades, Miracleman has been a character relegated to the hushed reverence of only the most hardcore comic book fans. A working knowledge of Miracleman as both a character and a title became a sort of secret handshake in the community of superhero nerds; if you knew about Miracleman or even better, had more »


Why I rarely go to the movies in the theater anymore

  My love affair with cinema truly began that night in 1989 when my father took my brother and I to the Senator Theater in Baltimore  to see David Lean’s, “Lawrence of Arabia.” What a spectacle it was to behold. With the beautiful restored 70mm print by Robert Harris and Jim Painten, Peter O’Toole’s brilliant more »

On Elliot Rodger: “The Hunger Games” didn’t kill those people. Neither did Judd Apatow

America’s latest mass murder- and it’s pretty damn tragic that that phrase gets tossed around so casually- happened over the weekend in California, as 22-year-old Elliot Rodger murdered six people, in addition to himself. He first stabbed his three male roommates, before opening fire on numerous female targets, likely killing considerably fewer people than he more »


What fatherhood has done to my Netflix queue 

Opening up my Netflix Instant page today for the first time in awhile, I was greeted with kind of a horrifying sight: Yes, as you may have gathered from that, I have small children, a two- and a four-year-old, and they have proceeded, slowly, to pretty much take over my Netflix account. Hence the multiple more »