Memo to Sony: Don’t pull “The Interview”

To everyone at Sony Pictures, I say this: You’ve had your lives turned upside down. You’ve had your emails leaked, everything from salary data to personal details to some very, very bad ideas for movies. You’ve had actual threats of bodily harm. For a whole lot of people, this is the worst thing that’s ever more »

In the spirit of “Big Hero 6″ — A cinematic tribute to “gentle giants” (Part Two)

As Baymax and “Big Hero 6″ slowly inches toward the $200 million mark (hey, it could happen) with a $137 million domestic box office take to date, here is, as promised, the continuation of my cinematic tribute to all those who are large and in charge and have hearts that are equally large as well. The more »


What I’m sick of hearing about Bill Cosby

If you feel bad for Bill Cosby, don’t. Sure, he’s being raked through the coals at age 77, getting the worst press of career, and may very well never work in the entertainment industry again. He won’t be getting any more honorary degrees, and his days of telling teenagers to pull up their pants are more »

In the spirit of “Big Hero 6″ — a cinematic tribute to “gentle giants” (Part one)

“Big Hero 6” is a touching techno-fairy tale about a boy and his squishy, blob-like, inflatable, robot healthcare companion. I guess the concept of “a boy and his dog” is just too boring these days and I, for one, am seriously glad that it finally is. Disney’s 54th animated film is loosely based around a more »

Artie Lange and the “but he’s a comedian” defense: 5 observations

I there’s one phrase in the world I’m sick to death of hearing, it’s “leave him alone! He’s a comedian!” It’s come up in the various controversies over the last couple of years, from Daniel Tosh’s comedy-club rape jokes to various radio show controversies to the Anthony Cumia firing to this week, the kerfuffle over more »

Stay scary: Post-Halloween horror highlights

I believe Jack Skellington was speaking straight from the heart (I’m pretty sure he has one) when he uttered these pitch perfect words in Tim Burton and Henry Selick’s holiday-melding masterpiece “The Nightmare Before Christmas.” Just like Jack, I happen to love this time of year, but it’s for completely different reasons. That’s probably pretty more »

Movie Review: “St. Vincent”

During the first half of his long, storied career, I think it’s fair to say that Bill Murray, the acclaimed star of “St. Vincent,” has carved a nice niche for himself portraying characters that fit a certain comedic mold. Due to the fact that he wasn’t exactly blessed with the looks and muscles of… oh, more »


On “Gone Girl,” feminism and sociopathy

The following contains MAJOR SPOILERS regarding David Fincher’s, “Gone Girl.” Everything, including the ending and its plot twists, will be discussed. Consider yourself warned. Also, this article is for the fellas, and only the fellas. Ladies, this is not for you. You’ve been warned too. My dear chaps, This flick has a lot going on, more »

Everything you wanted to know about Twin Peaks (but were afraid to ask)

Two days ago, if you’d asked me whether or not a new season of ‘Twin Peaks’ was in the works, I would have laughed in your face. After all, David Lynch straight up said “[Twin Peaks] is as dead as a doornail.” Hell, it was beginning to look like that David Lynch would never set more »


How the Internet tricks smart people into believing everything they read

The other day I was offered a free flu shot here at the office and my initial reaction was, “Hell yeah, free immunization!” Then a co-worker told me she wasn’t getting it because it always makes her sick and another co-worker told me he “doesn’t believe in them.” This confused me and made me uncomfortable more »

Fin: Left Behind on Rosh Hashanah, Strong Takes on sports and secrets of ‘Night Calls’

I was invited this week to a press screening of the Nicolas Cage “Left Behind” movie- but wouldn’t you know it, it’s on Erev Rosh Hashanah. I suppose I’m in no position to complain, though. In fact, maybe I should be thanking them. The brilliant Twitter sports commentator known as @PFTCommenter has launched a new more »

Album sales are down and are never coming back. Here’s why that’s good.

There are few stories more annoying than the EXACT SAME ONE repeated over the last 15 years that “vinyl album sales are making a comeback!” (Hint: they never went away, at least in the indie rock and DJ world.) But I found one: “Album sales are down, OMG!” Well, no kidding. They’ve been going down since 2002. Guess what, too: They’re never coming back.