Into the Further We Go: An interview with “Insidious: Chapter 3″ star Lin Shaye

Just thought you’d like to know, this latest chapter in the “Insidious” saga promises to be the “scariest of the three, BY FAR.”

Fin: Masculinity Edition, from ‘Breaking Bad’ to Katie Nolan to Don Draper’s not-so ‘Cool Girl’

Hey, my 2012 article about Skyler White was cited in an ebook called “” edited by by Bridget R. Cowlishaw. Thanks to Bridget; order the book here (Amazon) Sure, Slate practically invented showy contrarianism on the Internet. But I still agree with their defense of “hot takes,” mostly because the definition of “hot take” has more »

Fin: “Creed” down the road, Kanye in the Holy Land and The Force in Minneapolis

Got a note from our office this morning that parking in the area is restricted on Friday. Why? Because they’re filming the “Rocky” spinoff movie, “Creed.” I suppose that’s one of the drawbacks of working just a few blocks down the road from the Art Museum steps. Two distinct possibilities for Kanye West and Kim more »

No, feminists are not out to ruin pop culture 

I’m in the middle of a much bigger and more detailed piece about this, but 2014 has rally been a watershed year for feminism and popular culture, touching on everything from rape jokes to Bill Cosby to Anita Sarkeesian to the four-years-out Captain Marvel movie. These issues have always been out there, of course. But more »