Prince: Singer, Songwriter dead at 57

News surfaced earlier today from TMZ and CNN of the passing of a music legend – Prince Rogers Nelson, better known as Prince or The Artist Formerly Known As Prince, was found dead at his estate in Carver County, Minn.       Police are investigating a death at the estate of superstar Prince in more »

On the Grammys, Chris Brown and domestic violence hypocrisy

One of the more memorable moments Grammy Awards Sunday night was when domestic violence survivor Brooke Axtell delivered an eloquent speech prior to Katy Perry’s performance. President Obama also contributed a two-minute taped statement on the topic of domestic violence. It was all well done, and unlike when the NFL did it, it wasn’t a more »

Grammy roundup: Beck and Sam Smith win; Kanye nearly does that “thing” again

On Sunday night’s Grammy Awards, Sam Smith collected trophies for record and song of the year as well as Best New Artist, while Beck won the big Album of the Year. But it wasn’t all about the young ones; the show opened with AC/DC, and one of the more talked about performances was from… Annie more »


10 Things That Sucked About the Beatles 50th Anniversary Special

First off, please don’t get irate about that headline—there were many, many things that didn’t suck about the Feb. 9th Grammys Salute The Beatles special commemorating the 50th Anniversary of the Fab Four’s debut on U.S. television. For one thing, I think it was just great that there was a special saluting . My all-time more »


CBS’s 50th anniversary Beatles special showcased the band’s lasting legacy

You can argue it all you want to. You can call them a “mere boy band” or proclaim how Macklemore and One Direction are more “talented”/”musical”/”cool”/etc. than they are/were. No matter how you say it, not matter how clever or smart you think you are, you’re wrong. 100% wrong. So wrong that it would take more »

Fin: Girls vs. Rent, The case for an ‘L.A. Law’ reboot and real-life Big Block of Cheese Day

An essay on why Girls showed a longtime fan that “Rent” really wasn’t all that good (AV Club) A new edition of the Saturday Night Live oral history “Live From New York,” featuring stories from the last ten years, will arrive this fall (Splitsider) The real-wife White House has borrowed the “Big Block of Cheese Day” idea more »


10 Things That Sucked About the Grammys

Sunday night marked the first time I’ve actually watched the Grammy Awards telecast in years … years, I tell you. Why have I stayed away from this annual orgy of self-congratulation? Because very little of the music that meant anything to me in a given year is recognized. And the music that is recognized is, more »

Macklemore and Ryan Lewis conquer 2014 Grammys

Macklemore and Ryan Lewis won’t need to visit that thrift shop anymore unless they’re feeling nostalgic. The hip-hop duo won four Grammys including best new artist and best rap album for “.” They bested Kendrick Lamar, Jay Z, Kanye West and Drake in the star studded category. In a genre consumed by songs about how more »

Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr to Set Fire to the 2014 Grammy Stage

Hold onto your hats, people! The Recording Academy announced Tuesday that Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr will perform together at the 2014 Grammy Awards.  the men will receive the Recording Academy Lifetime Achievement Award as members of the Beatles. McCartney is also nominated for best rock song, best music film, and best surround sound album. more »


Dream Theater Scores Second Grammy Nomination for ‘The Enemy Inside’

In a move that shows the Grammy Awards academy might actually be getting a clue, it was announced that prog-metal band Dream Theater (always a popular favorite here on has been nominated for its second Grammy award, this time for the song  from the band’s 2013 self-titled CD .  was nominated as Best Metal more »


Entertainment Tell Interview: Dream Theater Drummer Mike Mangini Makes His Dream a Reality

If anyone can be said to have won the rock and roll lottery, it’s Mike Mangini. The acclaimed drummer had a distinguished background playing with artists such as Extreme, Journey’s Steve Perry and Steve Vai, but after years on the road and in the studio, he had settled into a full-time teaching position at the more »


Dream Theater is Jaw-Dropping-Good on ‘Live at Luna Park’ Blu-ray

Dream Theater: Live at Luna Park (Blu-ray & CDs | Eagle Vision) For fans of progressive metal masters Dream Theater (and we are legion), the release of its new Blu-ray provides the final, definitive answer to the question “Can Dream Theater replace Mike Portnoy?” It’s been three years since the band’s founding drummer quit and more »