Fin: Kirk Cameron’s Halloween, everybody hates Buzzfeed and call Ben Bradlee and tell him…

Kirk Cameron wants to claim Halloween on behalf of Christians? Isn’t that the plot of “Tim Burton’s Nightmare Before Christmas,” only in reverse? (Politics USA) Major, major Renee Zellweger news: She’s agreed to appear in a new movie (The Dissolve) The other day I mentioned the Chevy Chase/Richard Pryor sketch. Here’s a behind-the-scenes look at more »

The 4 worst parents on the internet

The Age of Information has been said to be the downfall of civilization as we know it, creating mindless zombies who never look up from their phones, have the attention span of autistic gold fish, and frequently lose touch of unaugmented reality. Baby Boomers and a good portion of Gen X often go as far as to more »

Colbert’s tech bias: Apple yes, Google no 

If I didn’t know any better, I might think Stephen Colbert- the character, the real guy, or possibly both- has a notable tech bias: Pro-Apple, and anti-Google. Colbert famously appeared at an awards show in 2010 holding an iPad- even though the initial edition of the Apple tablet wasn’t yet available at the time. Then, more »

Lionsgate, Tribeca plan indie streaming service

It often appears that there’s little-to-no rhyme or reason to which movies are available on-demand early, and which wins or not. Sometimes a title shows up on Amazon but not iTunes. On Netflix but not cable. Movies that were there yesterday disappear today. Why? Who knows- it’s usually some combination of studio affiliations, negotiated windows more »

Fin: Keep playing “Royals,” Scarlett O’Hara sucks and Banksy has not been arrested 

San Francisco radio stations pulling “Royals” from the air ahead of the World Series is, to use a local term, hella stupid. It looks nothing like a principled stand and everything like a publicity stunt. Yea, pulling a year-old song for one week is totally gonna make a huge difference- although I would be on more »

Second-generation Chromecast appears on the way from Google 

I suppose it would make sense for Google to bring out another version of the Chromecast. There’s only ever been one, it was introduced in the summer of 2013, and while it’s added numerous channels in the time since, there’s been no hardware upgrade at all. Now, it sounds like one is on the way- more »

Fin: Parenthood’s hippie-punching, circling jerks at NRO and the stupidity of 

I love how NBC’s Parenthood, on top of all of its other virtues, takes occasional shots at, for lack of a better term, California hippie bullshit. That “spirituality retreat” in Big Sur on this week’s episode had the added benefit of dressing the characters in white and having them take a vow of silence, so more »

The Apple CEO Gotham deserves right now: Conan goes long on Bale, Jobs and Batman

Here’s a comedy bit that goes solidly in the “so easy and so stupid it’s funny anyway” category: Conan O’Brien’s show Thursday night made a whole segment out of the news that Christian Bale is (probably) playing Steve Jobs in the Danny Boyle-directed biopic, and produced a “trailer” for this not-yet-in-production movie. Yes, it’s merely more »

The Care Bears are coming…to Netflix

They were an ’80s boyfriend’s best friend, a go-to gift for that special someone (on one of the multitude of “Nth” month anniversaries we adolescents seemed to celebrate). Created by American Greeting in 1981, it was Kenner who commercialized these huggable critters, turning them into fluffy stuffed toys (and, as a result, a teen boy’s more »

Fin: “Fight Club” and the ’90s, the Dane Cook comeback no one wants and Godspeed, Ronan

The 15th anniversary of “Fight Club”- and especially Bill Gibron’s essay- made me think about something: I’ve long looked back on the ’90s, especially the latter half, as a relatively happy time, when we weren’t at war, the economy was pretty good, the future looked generally bright, and instead of the Soviet Union or al-Qaeda more »

Fin: The Love-Grohl truce, “Fight Club” at 15, and the sexiest bullfight alive 

If Courtney Love and Dave Grohl can make peace after 20 years, then I suppose there’s hope for the Israelis and Palestinians after all (Page Six) On the exact 10th anniversary of Jon Stewart’s “you’re hurting America” speech, CNN cancelled the newest version of Crossfire, meaning it has hurt America for the last time. Since more »

Great moments in quote-mangling: “Gone Girl” and “Gotham” 

Getting a quote on the poster, or in a TV commercial, has never especially been an ambition of mine as a critic. I remember from my earliest years of reading Roger Ebert that giving quotes directly to publicists is a huge no-no, which is why I never do so when they ask me after screenings, more »