Fin: @Fansince09 and Greg Bennett vs. gay-bashers, GQ goes West and “a stupid man for our stupid times” 

There won’t be a better crime-fighting story this year, as celebrated anonymous Twitter persona @FanSince09 teamed up with Greg Bennett- the gay sidekick of the sons of the one of the Real Housewives of New Jersey- to help solve a gay-bashing on the streets of Philadelphia. I want this to be a CBS procedural next more »

Choose your own NPH: Trailer for Neil Patrick Harris’ book

You may have heard Neil Patrick Harris has an autobiography coming out, and you may have also heard that it will take the form of a choose-your-own-adventure book. Now, the former Doogie Howswer and Barney Stinson has released a “trailer” for the book, one that in less than three minutes touches on many of the things more »

Netflix commits to “Love” with Apatow, Gillian Jacobs

I think I know what’s going to be go down as next, big, talked-about new Netflix show. It’s Love, a show that’s been talked about for awhile, and will soon be a reality thanks to a two-year commitment from the streaming service. Since it comes from executive producer Judd Apatow and former Girls writer Lesley more »

A streaming milestone: Roku sells 10 millionth player

Roku announced Tuesday that it recently sold its 10 millionth streaming player, since the launch of the company in May 2008. It’s been astonishing growth, as Roku launched six years as a box that streaming only Netflix, at a time before House of Cards or Orange is the New Black when “binge-watching” was not yet more »

Legends meet at last as ‘Sesame Street’ parodies “Star Wars”

Sesame Street and “Star Wars” date back to the ’60s and ’70s, respectively, yet for whatever reason they haven’t much intersected in the past. But that’s finally changed with the latest “Sesame” adult pop culture parody- “Star S’Mores.”  Yes, “Star S’Mores.” There’s Luke Piewalker. Cookie Monster as “Flan Solo” and his loyal partner, “Chewie,” who is of more »

Fin: One year of “Ozymandias,” a more Jewish Christian Mingle movie and the decline of Robin Thicke

Today marks one year since the airing of “Ozymandias,” the greatest episode of Breaking Bad and quite possibly the most emotionally wrenching TV episode of all time. They don’t make ‘em like “Ozymandias” anymore. Go back and read Alan Sepinwall’s review, which he wrote from a hospital bed (What’s Alan Watching) RE: The “Christian Mingle” more »

The SNL shakeups continue: Strong out, Che in, new featured player

I think everyone who watched Saturday Night Live in the second half of last season realized that the Weekend Update tandem of Colin Jost and Cecily Strong wasn’t doing so well. SNL has now rectified the problem, but not in the way you may have thought. New York Times late night whisperer Bill Carter reported more »

Reports: Apple’s U2 price tag was over $100 million

Apple may have put the new U2 album on the computers and mobile devices of all 500 million people with iTunes accounts “for free”- but that doesn’t mean it was “free” for Apple. According to multiple media reports, the stunt cost Cupertino “more than $100 million,” which isn’t necessarily all destined for Bono and the more »

Simpsons mania continues with live show, Conan’s “Monorail Song”

For Their 25th anniversary, are The Simpsons back in a big way this year, or what? Last month, an entire generation stayed indoors for a week to watch the entire run of the series on FX. Soon there will be an app featuring every episode of every season, on demand. Crossovers are on the way more »

After flop, “The Identical” wants another chance

So you may have heard about a movie that came out last week called “The Identical.” It had one of the weirdest backstories of any film this year: It’s a Christian-themed musical, starring longtime Elvis impersonator Blake Rayne in the dual rules of a fictionalized Elvis stand-in and his long-lost twin brother, featuring name actors more »

On CNN: Wolf Blitzer, man in motion

There’s nothing funny about war, or about a presidential address in which the commander-in-chief announces a new commitment of military force meant to degrade and eventually destroy the militia known as ISIS. But before President Obama announced military action in a prime time address Wednesday night we had a moment on CNN that made me more »

Fin: Left Behind on Rosh Hashanah, Strong Takes on sports and secrets of ‘Night Calls’

I was invited this week to a press screening of the Nicolas Cage “Left Behind” movie- but wouldn’t you know it, it’s on Erev Rosh Hashanah. I suppose I’m in no position to complain, though. In fact, maybe I should be thanking them. The brilliant Twitter sports commentator known as @PFTCommenter has launched a new more »