Fin: You’re fired, more fake news and a Gay Men’s Chorus question

NBC fired Donald Trump? Good. It’s hard to imagine a more deserved. Though I’ve been calling for NBC to cut ties with that clown since 2012, when Trump ridiculously put his name and brand behind the racist Obama birth certificate conspiracy theory. (Deadline) On the heels of this weekend’s fake New York Times website… I more » is not the New York Times: Today in fake news

Over the weekend, I read that Sarah Palin has called for the impeachment of the Supreme Court, that Michele Bachmann’s husband Marcus is divorcing her, that Scott Walker has challenged the Supreme Court to a fistfight and that Pope Francis has removed the Confederate Flag from the Vatican. Wild stories? Sure. But they all come more »

Fin: Twitter’s autocomplete problem, the card says “Moops” and The Final Countdown

As evidenced by mistakes involving both the Supreme Court decision and the NBA Draft, Twitter appears to have an autocomplete problem (Gawker, Business Insider) Where you wondering about all those “Moops” jokes, and how the Supreme Court healthcare decision relates to the Bubble Boy? An explainer from last year (Salon) A “Final Countdown” fan theory more »

It is so ordered: Court decision leads to great tweets, Andrew Sullivan comeback

The U.S. Supreme Court’s final legalization of same-sex marriage nationwide was a great day for America, and also for the Internet. For one thing, it occasioned the return from retirement, if only for one day, of Andrew Sullivan, who was calling for gay marriage as far back as 1989: But some things you know deep more »

GWTW is the new guns: ‘Gone With the Wind’ sales rise on bogus ban fears

Let’s look very quickly through this week’s saga of the so-called call to “ban” “Gone With the Wind”: On Wednesday, New York Post film critic Lou Lumenick wrote a column arguing that “Gone With the Wind Should Go the Way of the Confederate Flag.” Lumenick argued that GOTW’s racial politics are due for a re-examination, more »

No renewals yet for new HBO shows Ballers, The Brink

While the current lineup of HBO Sunday night shows- Season 2 of True Detective and the new Ballers and The Brink– all got middling-to-negative reviews from critics, ratings for all three shows were strong. According to Variety, citing Nielsen ratings, True Detective drew over 3 million viewers, the strongest performance of the series with the more »

Fin: An Inside Out theory, the best of Confederate culture and snorts from CNN and Fox

Something I noticed in “Inside Out” but sort of forgot about after the second half overwhelmed me emotionally: Did you catch all the hints in the first act about marital discord between Riley’s parents, or perhaps hints that the father was contemplating leaving? I’m convinced that this was a plot point in some earlier draft more »

Showtime, Hulu form surprise alliance

For all you’ve heard about HBO and Netflix’s battle, two of the primary rivals of both have announced a surprise offer. Subscribers to Hulu will soon be able to subscribe to Showtime for $8.99 per month, streaming all of Showtime’s shows along with Hulu’s offerings across devices. The offer is $2 less than Showtime’s standalone more »

Listen to James Horner’s best film scores

Most of the headlines about James Horner, who died Monday in a small plane crash at the age of 61, have referred to him as the composer of the score of “Titanic,” as well as that movie’s Oscar-winning theme song, Celine Dion’s “My Heart Will Go On.” That he was, but Horner had a long more »

Fin: Fox and Friends’ bad day, ‘Halt and Catch Fire’ grows and FHRITP and the First Amendment

Only Fox and Friends could have a guy accidentally throw an axe at another guy, and not even have it be the dumbest moment of that particular episode. Yes, they reacted to the presidents’s contextual use of the n-word slip on Marc Maron’s show exactly how you thought they would, including two separate mispronunciations of more »

John Oliver mines old commercials again in online-harassment segment

On Sunday’s episode of Last Week Tonight, John Oliver once again addressed a major issue that’s been covered somewhat inadequately by the news media- this time, the widespread abuse of women online and law enforcement’s seeming inability to do anything about it. And once again, Oliver did it with the help of an old TV more »

Taylor beats Apple: Swift blog post alters Apple Music business model

Taylor Swift on Monday did something that a long list of people and entities: Google, Microsoft, various governments and various media entities, haven’t been able to do: She bent the will of Apple. The mega-popular pop star, currently selling out huge venues all around the world, has been outspoken in recent years about protecting the more »