Fin: Tweets make strange bedfellows- and stolen jokes; Gene Hackman is still alive

Kind of a funny social media moment Tuesday night: After the news broke about Michelle Obama appearing in Saudi Arabia sans headscarf, I made a joke on Facebook about how it’s “not bad for the wife of a secret Muslim.” My old friend Karol, a relatively well-known writer who leans about as far right as I more »

The end of blogging? Twitter says goodbye to Andrew Sullivan

That Andrew Sullivan has announced his retirement from blogging- and most of the reactions to the news came not from blogs but from Twitter and other social media, probably says more about the decline of the primacy of blogs than anything else. Here’s what the Twitterverse had to say about the stepping-down of this icon more »


The Dish is closed: Andrew Sullivan to retire from blogging

Some shocking news out of the blog world: Political blogger Andrew Sullivan has announced plans to retire. “I want to let you know I’ve decided to stop blogging in the near future,” Sullivan wrote in an post Wednesday. Why’s he doing it? He cited both the grind of having blogged for 15 years, and more »

Get ready for Dan Savage: The Sitcom

Dan Savage has been a pioneering sex advice columnist for over 20 years. He’s been an influential commentator in support of gay rights and sexual freedom, he founded the It Gets Better project, and he forever ruined the last name of Rick Santorum, as well as any and all future Santorums. Now, Savage may add more »

The demise of SkyMall was not caused by smartphones

The demise of SkyMall is more mysterious than it seems. And while it’s cute to call it “just plane sad”, it wasn’t the Kindle that killed SkyMall. It was greed – the very thing that caused SkyMall to come into existence was what took it out of the world. When the news first broke about more »

Spotify, Sony form global alliance to put music on PlayStation

Spotify and Sony’s gaming arm, Sony Network Entertainment International Wednesday announced that they have reached a “global strategic partnership,” which will put Spotify on PlayStation consoles and Xperia smartphones and tablets. The deal will deliver Spotify music to the PlayStation Network, and will launch a new “music destination” called Playstation Music, which debut in 41 more »

Nearly half of streaming customers share passwords

Do you share your Netflix, Hulu and WatchESPN logins? You’re far from alone. According to a Consumer Reports National Research Center survey published Wednesday, 46 percent of streaming account holders have shared their log-in credentials with those outside their home, while 51 percent of American households subscribe to at least one out of Amazon Prime more »

Fin: Interview with a troll, the trouble with “awesome” and a tale of two Sundance posters

Lindy West tracked down and interviewed her own troll. Absolutely riveting (This American Life) “Awesome” is problematic  (Washington Post) In the late ’90s, two columnists- Mike Barnicle and Patricia Smith- were both fired from the Boston Globe for plagiarism/fabrication. Barnicle in the years since has his continued his career as though nothing happened, in ever- more »

Who ya gonna call? Wiig, McCarthy, Jones and McKinnon are your new “Ghostbusters”

After years of rumors about a reboot/sequel to “Ghostbusters,” the four new ‘busters have been lined up. As reported before, the Paul Feig-directed reboot will star four females, and now we know who they likely are: Kristen Wiig, Melissa McCarthy, Leslie Jones and Kate McKinnon, the Hollywood Reporter said Tuesday.  The report was that the more »

Louis C.K. goes back to the club for new special

It’s time for another Louis C.K. hour-long special- his sixth- and for this one, Louis is returning to the comedy club. On Louis C.K.’s FX show Louie, the opening credits feature the comedian walking through Manhattan’s Greenwich Village, until he walks downstairs to the venerable comedy club the Comedy Cellar. On episodes featuring Louie’s standup more »

Pravda in Indiana: The best reactions to Mike Pence’s state-run media folly

The phrase “state-run media” has a lot of connotations, none of them positive. It’s normally associated with news services controlled by dictatorships or other authoritarian governments without much freedom of speech or the press, meant to disseminate propaganda, extol the present regime and undermine dissent or opposition. And now, thanks to Indiana’s Tea Party, “small more »

On San Francisco buses, a superhero stamps out bigotry

It’s not every day that a superhero shows up in an American city and saves the day, but Kamala Khan did just that in San Francisco on Monday. Some background- an organization called the American Freedom Defense Initiative, led by the screeching right-wing blogger Pamela Geller, has for the last several years been carrying out more »