Fin: Adios Sabado Gigante, growing out of the Simmons mailbag and the lies of Hulk Hogan

Adiós a las tetas: After more than 50 years, Univision has cancelled Sabado Gigante. I’ve enjoyed the show over the years despite barely knowing any Spanish, for the same reason I watch soccer matches with Spanish commentary: Sometimes language just isn’t necessary (The Wrap) Am I the only one who just cringes at Bill Simmons’ more »

Movie Review: “Unfriended”

Finally, the horror movie NOBODY wanted to see… but EVERYBODY knew was coming. Eventually. It was inevitable. Horror flicks always seem to prey on our most primal fears and make us afraid to venture into seemingly safe places. I guess you could say it’s a “calling card” of sorts. Seriously though, let’s do a quick more »

Brooklyn comes to Springfield: ‘Girls’ stars to visit The Simpsons

Well, it’ll probably be better than the Simpsons/Family Guy crossover… Vulture reported that all four regular cast members on Girls- Lena Dunham, Jemima Kirke, Zosia Mamet and Alllison Williams- will guest-star on September’s season premiere of The Simpsons. Dunham had previously been announced as appearing. According to the report: We’re having a Girls reunion, even though Girls is still more »

Verizon is taking FiOS towards a la carte

A la carte cable isn’t dead. But Verizon may have just dealt it a crucial blow. According to a Wall Street Journal report Thursday night, Verizon will soon begin offering a slimmed-down package to customers of its FiOS TV service. The package will include a “slim” core package of a small amount of channels, including more »

Fin: Changes for Mickey Rourke’s gay rugby movie, movie-bombing North Korea and Ted Cruz’s Jews

Remember that insane idea a few years ago about Mickey Rourke starring in a biopic of openly gay Welsh rugby star Gareth Thomas, despite Rourke being both 30 years too old for the part and not in any position to play young or athletic?  The film has now been rejiggered: It’s still Rourke playing an more »

Periscope piracy is suddenly a problem

Remember a few weeks ago, when movie theater exhibitors stated that they weren’t worried about the rise of live video streaming app Periscope? There’s apparently not so much detente with Periscope, when it comes to actual content makers. According to a  Mashable piece, HBO has reached out to Twitter, the parent company of Periscope, to request more »

Dolby Vision to debut on Disney releases

Dolby Vision, the new premium cinema projection system, will make its debut this summer on a pair of releases from Disney-owned studios: Walt Disney’s “Tomorrowland” and Pixar’s “Inside Out.” The technology will be enabled at Dolby Cinema locations worldwide that are showing those films. Disney’s new “Jungle Book” movie, coming out in 2016, will also more »

Fin: Friends of Eddie Coyle, fans of ‘Justified’

I’m traveling today, so in lieu of a proper end-of-day post, I’d like to share a few of the goodbyes fans had to Justified, which wrapped up with a nearly perfect final season and series finale. Here are some Twitter tributes: Recapping JUSTIFIED and regularly re-watching old DEADWOOD episodes made my Texas drawl come back. more »

Dish expands Netflix on DVRs

It’s been rumored for years that Netflix functionality would one day make the move to the box of the cable/satellite box itself. And now it’s happening, with the news that Dish is expanding the availability of Netflix on its set-top devices. Dish also announced the addition of Vevo to the Hopper. Dish had added Netflix more »

Fin: Masculinity Edition, from ‘Breaking Bad’ to Katie Nolan to Don Draper’s not-so ‘Cool Girl’

Hey, my 2012 article about Skyler White was cited in an ebook called “” edited by by Bridget R. Cowlishaw. Thanks to Bridget; order the book here (Amazon) Sure, Slate practically invented showy contrarianism on the Internet. But I still agree with their defense of “hot takes,” mostly because the definition of “hot take” has more »

Game of Streams: Amazon touts HBO options

If you’re a user of Amazon Fire TV or the Fire TV Stick, you cannot use the new HBO Now service, at least not yet. However, Amazon seems aware that that its customers really want to watch Game of Thrones starting on Sunday, so they’ve sent an announcement showing all the different ways to watch more »

Spike Lee will direct a film for Amazon called “Chiraq,” and Kanye West is in it

Amazon is swinging for the fences (the fences being streaming giant Netflix) and producing more original content, such as Spike Lee’s next feature film. Plot details aren’t available, but the movie is called Chiraq, which is the nickname given to Chicago from of its citizens who experience terrible violence and extreme injustice. Vice produced a more »