Universal shocks Comic-Con crowd with ‘King Kong: Skull Island’ reveal

After a panel that talked up a “Godzilla”sequel and the upcoming ‘World of Warcraft’ flick, the audience saw a short clip of a deserted island. Finally, the king himself revealed his presence to the audience.  “Skull Island” will explore the strange home of King Kong, which has dinosaurs and many other monstrous creatures. It’s definitely more »

‘The Hunger Games’ releases new ‘Mockingjay’ trailer

Sporting Mockingjay symbols will be punishable by death, President Snow has declared. That army’s got its work cut out in “Mockingjay, Part I.” Fans at Comic-Con the first look at the new trailer on Friday, and now it is everywhere. The previous trailers showed Donald Sutherland’s President Snow delivering addresses, desperately trying to convince everyone, more »

Sam Raimi says there will be an Evil Dead TV series…starring Bruce Campbell!

For all Sam Raimaniacs, yours truly definitely included, any Evil Dead news is good news. Even the slightest mention of the horror franchise makes us unnecessarily giddy. So when the famed filmmaker made an unscheduled appearance at Comic Con this past week, it was reason to rejoice. What he had to say turned happiness into more »

This week in mainstreamed piracy: Popcorn Time gets AirPlay, TorrentTV launches 

How a company whose entire business model is based on piracy could go on for any period of time- when every legal precedent from Napster on down indicates that they’ll be shut down sooner or later- is unclear. But that doesn’t mean we’re not getting new innovations in the content piracy space all the time. more »

Tarantino is officially making Hateful Eight

It was not with a whimper, but with a “Yeah”: Quentin Tarantino will make his nasty Western film, The Hateful Eight. The director said “yeah,” he would commit to putting his leaked screenplay to celluloid (or whatever) at San Diego Comic Con, and lo, the nerds were pleased. The other reason QT was at SDCC more »

Post Comic-Con, the web wonders about Wonder Woman

Here we go again. No sooner had a Comic-Con weary Zack Snyder released an image of actress Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman in the upcoming ‘Superman V. Batman: Dawn of Justice,’ the web was a-buzz with their typically tempered and well-reasoned reaction. Actually, Messageboard Nation went simian shite over the pic, criticizing everything from the more »

DVD Review: The Marx Brothers TV Collection

You know, I’ve used the phrase “a history lesson” around here plenty, usually when talking about an old title Shout Factory converted to Blu-ray. But today, Shout Factory’s putting on a downright history clinic with “The Marx Brothers TV Collection,” a copy of which it sent out for review, and this one is going to more »

It’s official, Jodie Foster will direct George Clooney in ‘Money Monster’

There’s not much Jodie Foster hasn’t achieved as an actress, picking up two Oscars from four nominations, three Golden Globes, including a Cecil B. DeMille Award, and helping studios make hundreds of millions of dollars, especially in the ‘90s. As a director however, the “Silence of the Lambs” and “Nell” star is yet to catch more »

Mike Myers on WTF: “Wayne’s World,” SNL and “Putting Your Penis on the Table”

Comedy podcasts, enjoyable as they are, often end up featuring the same guests over and over again. So I was glad to see the name of Mike Myers pop up as a podacst guest on Marc Maron’s “WTF” show on Monday. Myers didn’t touch on some of the less fortunate aspects of his life and more »

Fin: Palin’s walled garden, the dawn of “booth babes” and Godspeed, Viral Politics Editor

A Sarah Palin subscription video channel? I’m all for it! Like Glenn Beck and Paula Deen before her, I’m thrilled to see Palin going exactly where she belongs: Behind a paywall. And hey, of all the inventive, scammish ways the conservative media has of getting their aging audience to part with their money- from Goldline more »

Mad Max: Fury Road was one of Comic-Con’s best trailers

It’s always a huge risk to revisit beloved material such as the Mad Max movies. But Hollywood is constantly looking for projects with built-in name recognition. I’m usually one of the first people to say no to reboots, but this one looks great. Tom Hardy will tackle the role of Max, while Charlize Theron will more »

‘Atari: Game Over’ trailer focuses on E.T. and the death of an industry

For those of us who grew up with the Atari 2600 Video Computer System (yes – that’s what it was called), the release of any new game was a reason to celebrate. From Activision’s boundary pushing entries to lesser known oddball labels, we couldn’t get enough of those mysterious, circuit board laden cartridges. Even when more »