Fin: Johnny Depp, American Snipper; lessons from ‘Louie’ and actually it’s about ethics on SVU

“American Snipper,” indeed! “Johnny Depp Has Considered Becoming a Mohel,” according to an interview he gave with ” Israeli entertainment show ‘Erev Tov With Guy Pines.’” (Tablet) What will they do, dox Olivia Benson? Law & Order: SVU is doing a “ripped from the headlines” episode about Gamergate (did Gamergate ever rise to the level more »

NBC says “Yes” to a ‘Problem Child’ sitcom

We’ve been hearing scuttlebutt for a while now about a possible ‘Problem Child’ remake. Maybe it will be a full length feature film. Maybe it will be part of a new streaming outlet’s strategy. Well, the truth has finally been revealed. According to, NBC has ordered a TV pilot for a single camera sitcom more »

DVD Review: Mas Negro Que La Noche

If you’re puzzling over the Spanish in the title, don’t worry; you’re not at all alone. As near as I can tell “Mas Negro Que La Noche” is, essentially, “More Black Than the Night,” and however you translate it, it’s going to be a big pile of creepy. Our friends out at Lionsgate sent over more »

“Chicken Soup For the Soul” will be a movie

I recall an episode of, The Sopranos, in which Tony is lying in bed with his Russian goomar, Irina. He’s just pounded the s–t out of her, and now she’s got a book in her hands and he’s got a cigar (like a BOSS): TONY: What is that? IRINA: Cheeeken Soooop for the SOOl. TONY: more »

An Interview with “Black Sea” director Kevin Macdonald: There’s no substitute for a good “sub” genre… literally.

Oscar-winning director Kevin Macdonald’s newest film “Black Sea” manages to resurrect a long-forgotten SUB-genre (more on this particular pun later) — the submarine movie. While films like “Below,” “Das Boot,”Crimson Tide,” “U-571,” etc. frequently “surfaced” (sorry, I just can’t help myself) during the 1980’s, 1990’s and even the 2000’s, this forgotten style of action-thriller has more »

They’re making a movie out of “The Secret”

Yeah. Seriously. I’m not making this up. I really, really wish I was. Alas, they are turning, “The Secret,” into a full-length feature film: Raja Gosnell is onboard to the direct the film adaptation of Rhonda Byrne’s 2006 best-selling novel “The Secret” at Constantin Film and Robert Cort Productions. The original narrative will center on a more »

Like “Transformers,” only smaller: GoBots movie in the works

I admit, I wasn’t exactly thrilled when I heard a movie about a GoBots movie being in the works. Really? GoBots? Another film franchise based on toys for 30 years ago? Especially toys that were widely understood at the time as smaller, inferior knockoffs of Transformers, which were huge at the time and produced by more »

“Ted 2″ has a teaser and a poster

Seth MacFarlane is back with a sequel to his 2012 surprise hit, “Ted,” and Universal has released a poster. Ted is supposed to be molesting himself, that’s the joke, get it? Then again, according to the first film, Ted does not have a penis, so how is he exactly choking his chicken? And Thursday morning, more »

Movie Review: “Project Almanac”

Ya know, I REALLY didn’t know what to expect from “Project Almanac.” Sure, I’d seen the same trailers and commercials as everybody else did, so I vaguely knew what the film was about. However, I wasn’t sure if it was going to be an interesting sci-fi thriller about time travel OR a run-of-the-mill, watered down more »

Movie Review: “Black Sea”

Stale, hot, tepid air mixed with the cold pressure of inky seawater as it slyly attempts to enter and turn your oceangoing abode into a watery grave… That incessant drip-drip-dripping playing havoc with every, single one of your five senses… Ideals, goals and personalities clashing as those around you scramble to keep their sanity intact; more »

Will Smith NFL concussion movie set for Christmas

Remember that movie Will Smith was going to star in, in which he played a doctor who made discoveries about discussions and was later stonewalled by the NFL? The film is officially called “Concussion,” and will arrive at Christmas this year- just as the 2015 NFL season is wrapping up, Deadline reported. Smith plays forensic more »

L7 eyes reunion after 14 years

L7 was a solid band, and perhaps it surprises them most of all that a wave of fan support over the past year has spurred them to get back together after a 14-year hiatus. This alone – a nominally successful band from the Seattle grunge Nineties heyday reuniting for some shows – isn’t remarkable. What more »