Fin: Armond White vs. the World, Mr. Skin’s bad timing and walking out of “Blue Valentine”

Armond White, now apparently full-time at National Review, last week published a somewhat unhinged rant, calling 2004 “the year the culture broke.” Among other howlers, he uses phrases like “lynch-mob excommunication” and “smear campaign” to address the notion of Mel Gibson being an anti-Semite at the time of “The Passion of the Christ,” as though more »

Guy Ritchie wants Charlie Hunnam for King Arthur film

What do King Arthur and Christian Grey have in common? Before you blurt out “nothing, you nimrod,” there is actually a connection – at least, cinematically. Long before a certain Jamie Dornan stepped in to take on the role of every soccer mom’s secret S&M fantasy, he was rumored to up for the role of more »

12-year-old’s “Undercover Cops” better than all police procedural dramas on CBS

Sean Coleman’s short film “Undercover Cops” is a gritty, urban tale of sex, drugs, questionable policing and lost love.

“Foxcatcher” gets another creepy teaser

Now that blockbuster season is officially over and everyone is gearing up for the Fall, big budget Marvel movies and films based on cartoons from the 80s are taking a bow in favor of the almost equally dreaded crop of the so-called Oscar bait. Throughout the summer the two biggest awards contendors of the coming more »

What the celebrity nudes “hacking” scandal says about us

Let’s establish a few givens here: (1) We live in a current cultural climate where we enjoy tearing down our celebrity heroes just as much as we love building them up. (2) When a celebrity does something silly, or scandalous, there is a group schadenfreude that occurs, with people piling on either against (or sometimes, more »

Blu-ray Review: Pumpkinhead: Collector’s Edition

There are certain actors that, over the years, I’ve come to note can be commonly relied on to put up a good performance no matter how frankly godawful the rest of the material around them is. Right on the top of that very short list is Lance Henriksen, and our friends out at Scream Factory more »

Scorsese’s Casino: This time, in commercial form only

Throughout Martin Scorsese’s long career as a director, his two primary actor muses have been Robert De Niro and Leonardo DiCaprio, yet the two men have never appeared together in a Scorsese film. Now, they’re about to- although it’s not what you think. Scorsese is teaming up with a star-studded cast that includes De Niro, more »

App me anything: Reddit launches AMA app

Reddit has emerged over the years as one of the most important, conversation-driving places on the Internet, for good or ill. But one thing Reddit hasn’t had all this time is an official app. That’s finally changed, though. Reddit announced Monday that it has launched an app for its popular AMA (Ask Me Anything) Q&A more »

‘Guardians’ wins snoozy box office weekend

Here’s your box office report for this past weekend, which featured no surprises except for the strong showing of “Cantinflas”, the biopic of the Mexican comedy star. Released in a scant 382 theaters, it finished 12th, ahead of more established titles such as “Into the Storm” and “Sin City: A Dame to Kill For.” Also, the underground more »


Scorsese attached to still-theoretical Ramones biopic

With the 40th anniversary of The Ramones’ first ever show upon us (that date of that gig would be September 14th, 1974), expect a wave of genuine sentimentality starting immediately, and the cautious development of commercial projects to be released around 2016. The most news-worthiness announcement being that penultimate New York filmmaker Martin Scorsese is more »

Fin: Welcome back Mr. Wu, there is no real-life Purge and OJ Da Juice Man

Am I the only one who got positive  memories when the New York Times endorsed “Mr. Wu” for Lieutenant Governor of New York?  (New York Times) How will MSNBC recover from the loss of Chelsea Clinton? They’ll have to give Ronan Farrow and/or Luke Russert additional responsibilities (Daily Intel) Hey, Internet consumers of the world- more »

Movie Review: “As Above, So Below”

“As Above, So Below.” This phrase isn’t just the title of this week’s latest foray into the realm of found-footage horror. In fact, it’s a real-life saying and is ONE of the SEVEN principles of hermeticism. So, what exactly IS hermeticism, you may ask? Well, it’s an ancient philosophy based upon personal spiritual growth and more »