Monty Python says “goodbye” with rousing sing-along send-off

It was a bittersweet moment last Sunday (7/20) night as the five remaining members of Monty Python’s Flying Circus said goodbye. Goodbye to the audience that paid a handsome price to see them during their 10 sell-out performances at London’s O2 arena. Goodbye to the legion of fans who couldn’t make it across the pond more »

Venice Film Festival lineup: Pacino, Pacino, Franco and Andrew Niccol

While North American fall festivals like Toronto, New York and presumably Telluride struggle to heighten their Oscar race relevance by any means necessary, one of Europe’s most prestigious film shindigs, Venice, keeps swimming against the tide with yet another roster of eclectic, linguistically diverse, mostly low-profile fest participants. Sure, they had “Gravity’s” world premiere there more »

Movie Review: “Hercules”

It’s one thing for a film to borrow from or pay homage to another particular film. However, it’s a whole different matter altogether to completely steal from or rip off other movies… after movie… after movie… after movie… after… well, you get the point. Not only is “Hercules” remarkably (and disappointingly) similar to this year’s more »

Roddy Piper says Mark Wahlberg will play him in a movie

Say hello to your mother for me, Hulk Hogan. The Wrestling Observer newsletter reported on a one-man show WWE legend Roddy Piper did in Scotland. During that event, Piper said that a movie about his life is in the works and Mark Wahlberg will portray him. This rumor has been floating around for a while more »

Crowdfunded “Superman” doc goes back for one more round

Remember that weird period of collective delusion in the late ’90s when Nicolas Cage was going to play Superman, in a project that involved both Tim Burton and Kevin Smith? Early last year, a Kickstarter launched for a documentary about the failed “Superman Lives” project, called “The Death of Superman Lives: What Happened?,” complete with more »

Jones joins “JFK” co-stars Costner, Oldman in “Criminal” 

Kevin Costner, Tommy Lee Jones and Gary Oldman all appeared 23 years ago in Oliver Stone’s “JFK” as, respectively, Jim Garrison, Clay Shaw and Lee Harvey Oswald. Now, the three actors are reuniting in “Criminal,” a crime thriller from “The Iceman” director Ariel Vromen. Costner and Oldman were already on board, but Jones has recently more »

Blu-ray Review: Ray Donovan Season One

Sometimes there’s nothing quite like a good crime drama, though if you came in expecting a story about the former Secretary of Labor by the same name, you’ll come away sadly disappointed. Our friends at CBS Home Entertainment sent out a copy of “Ray Donovan: Season One” for us to review, and though this might more »

‘Hot Tub Time Machine 2′ going back…to the future?

Talk about your “high” concepts. Just when you though the rude, crude, frat boy comedy couldn’t get any more bizarre, along came something called ‘Hot Tub Time Machine.’ Featuring the unlikely cast of John Cusack, Chevy Chase, Craig Robinson, Rob Corddry and Clarke Duke, the premise had a bunch of unhappy modern day men heading more »

Miles Teller stoically endures J.K. Simmons’ abuse in ‘Whiplash’ trailer

They say appearances can be deceiving, and Miles Teller’s Andrew Neyman alter ego in the upcoming indie drama “Whiplash” learns that particular lesson the hard way. A young, aspiring, fairly talented but far from flawless instrumentalist, Andrew is at first encouraged by his music school teacher to “relax”, not worry about “the numbers” or what more »

Movie Review: “Lucy”

If you were to judge Luc Besson’s latest film “Lucy” on its opening alone, you’d have a perfectly-crafted, unique thriller that plays like a darkly comic joke, teasing us with the possibility of a particularly wicked punchline to come. It goes like this… What would happen if a sweet, yet irresponsible, young women was forced more »

‘Bullets Over Broadway’ is over…on Broadway

During the very early stages of his career, Woody Allen had massive success as a playwright. His ‘Don’t Drink the Water’ was a hit, while ‘Play It Again, Sam’ became a benchmark in his creative development. After going into film, his theatrical work suffered. His 1981 play ‘The Floating Light Bulb’ lasted only 62 performances more »

As expected, a third “Best Man” movie is coming 

Fans of 1999′s “The Best Man” had to wait 14 years for the film’s sequel, last year’s “Best Man Holiday.” They won’t have to wait nearly as long for the third film. Since the second film had an ending that all but telegraphed another sequel, the news looked inevitable, and it came this week: Deadline more »