Movie Review: “Tusk”

Let me start off by saying, “Tusk” is not for everyone. Actually, let me revise this statement. Most normal, sane moviegoers will not enjoy “Tusk” THAT much. In fact, a number of them will most likely hate this film and/or be disgusted by its uber-disturbing subject matter and its loathsome characters. Even some of writer/director more »

Movie Review: “This is Where I Leave You”

Yes, “This is Where I Leave You” is derivative. It’s the same dysfunctional-adult-siblings-under-one-roof comedy/drama that we’ve seen a thousand times. There are too many characters and too many subplots. Those plots repeat themselves, and characters blurting out inappropriate things that they shouldn’t blurt out is a well it goes to way too many times. But more »

Movie Review: “The Zero Theorem” 

Terry Gilliam’s new film, “The Zero Theorem,” ultimately fails because it lives in the shadow of a pair of movies- “Brazil,” and “Snowpiercer.” Both cover many of the same themes, with one coming from the same director and the other coming out the same year. But it clearly pales in comparison to both. Directed by more »

Dan Aykroyd wants the Ghostbusters to have their own cinematic universe

Who knew that Dan Aykroyd’s descent into complete insanity (which probably began around the time of “Nothing But Trouble” for anyone at home keeping score) would eventually manifest itself in his ability to never, ever stop talking about his ideas for more “Ghostbusters” related media? Now that one of the key forces behind the original films’ in more »

Penn State movie finds its Sandusky: John Carroll Lynch

John Carroll Lynch has played some creepy bastards in his time, up to and including the potential Zodiac killer in David Fincher’s “Zodiac.” But now, Lynch has signed on to play what may be the biggest monster of his career: Former Penn State assistant football coach and convicted serial rapist Jerry Sandusky. According to The more »

Next James Bond movie to start filming in December

Daniel Craig and “Skyfall” director Sam Mendes will unite again, on the 24th James Bond pic. It will start Dec. 6 with a table read, according to Variety. This is Craig’s fourth turn as Bond, and he is signed up for two more. Also coming back are Ralph Fiennes, Naomie Harris and Ben Whishlaw. Fiennes more »

Fin: @Fansince09 and Greg Bennett vs. gay-bashers, GQ goes West and “a stupid man for our stupid times” 

There won’t be a better crime-fighting story this year, as celebrated anonymous Twitter persona @FanSince09 teamed up with Greg Bennett- the gay sidekick of the sons of the one of the Real Housewives of New Jersey- to help solve a gay-bashing on the streets of Philadelphia. I want this to be a CBS procedural next more »

NBC dares tread on sacred ground with a ‘Problem Child’ TV reboot

It borders on the blasphemous. How dare any network, let alone the former place of the peacock, NBC, defile something as magnificent as the Michael Oliver epics ‘Problem Child’ and ‘Problem Child 2?’ We’re serious here. How The Criterion Collection has avoided presenting these two classics in the pristine, Special Edition, filled with features packages more »

Tom Hiddleston joins ‘Skull Island’ King Kong prequel

It’s far too soon to say whether “King Kong” prequel “Skull Island” will be a blockbuster, but it’s hitting all the right notes so far. Legendary started its marketing with a Comic-Con trailer that no one saw coming. Now it’s bringing Loki himself, Tom Hiddleston to aboard to star. Somebody has been reading my Loki more »

Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence are not very nice in the trailer for ‘Serena’

If it’s Awards Season, it’s time for the prestige pics, and nothing is more End of Year or prestige-y than Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence in yet another period piece. Granted, the first time they were paired up (and Ms. Lawrence won an Oscar) was for ‘The Silver Linings Playbook,’ and there was hardly anything more »

Will Ferrell teases Zoolander 2 with talk of a script-reading; world holds breath, hopes sequel is good

Because Will Ferrell is a bringer of joy, he recently revealed in an interview that he plans to participate in a script reading for Zoolander 2, and that his evil character Mugatu will return. . This news not only made my heart expand, but also made me instantly request that the comedic sequel gods that more »

DVD Review: Blood Glacier

There’s nothing quite like the good old fashioned monster movie, and when IFC gets in on the action, well, that’s certainly a good sign. Our friends out at IFC, meanwhile, showed this off by sending over a copy of “Blood Glacier” for us to review, and this one is a monster movie with all the more »