Fin: The case against Megyn Kelly, “-gate” vs. ‘”-ghazi” and the worst “American Sniper” piece ever

Asawin Suebsaeng with a brave piece, arguing that the media is wrong for buying the line that just because Megyn Kelly is young, female, and attractive, that she’s somehow less fact-challenged, mean-spirited or race-baiting than every other Fox News host. There is one outlier at Fox, but it’s Shepard Smith, not Kelly. The piece also more »

A Reagan biopic is in the works

The GOP’s beloved (former) leader is getting the biopic treatment: A former Disney star will appear as a future U.S. president. Wizards of Waverly Place‘s David Henrie will play Ronald Reagan as a young man in a new biopic. Reagan is told from the point of view of a KGB officer keeping tabs on Reagan since more »

First writer of Tom Cruise movie “Oblivion” has some words for the final product

What? A writer’s script got changed in it’s journey from Final Draft (or MovieMagic) to the Silver Screen? A screenwriting professor at AFI once told me that in Hollywood, eventually, you end up being a typist. Color us all shocked. Screenwriter William Monahan (The Departed, The Gambler), who penned the first draft of the 2013 Tom Cruise more »

Would you cut the cord for standalone HBO? Many costumers would too

So far, 2015 has been a great year for cord cutters. Sling TV was announced, allowing non-cable subscribers to pay for ESPN for the first time. You can stream the Super Bowl, too, provided you have the right device. And later this year, HBO will offer a standalone package for the first time. These services more »

“Silence” is golden: Scorsese going ahead with dream project

It’s official: Martin Scorsese’s next film is “Silence.” According to Deadline, funding is in place for the film, a longtime passion project of the director’s. The film, based on tells the story of Portuguese Jesuits who were discriminated against in the 17th century. The movie will start filming next week in Taiwan, and the film more »

Blu-ray Review: The Houses October Built

Going in, there would be every reason to believe this was going to be a good horror movie. It’s got at least one evil clown, a creepy house, and a pedigree to die for. But would “The Houses October Built” be able to cash the check its appearances wrote? Our friends out at Image Entertainment more »

Zero Dark Cage: Nicolas Cage’s next movie might be better

Nicolas Cage (né Coppola, no seriously, he’s Francis Ford Coppola’s nephew…good for him for striking out on his own) burst onto the scene in the 80’s with powerhouse performances in, “Peggy Sue Got Married,” “Raising Arizona,” and, “Moonstruck.” Regarding the latter, if you haven’t seen it, you’re in for a treat. Yeah, Cher is the more »

Melissa Benoist lands coveted ‘Supergirl’ TV role

Who would have thought Glee would be the casting ground for the next generation of superheroes? Melissa Benoist, Glee’s Marley, will take to the skies as Kara Zor-El on CBS’ Supergirl, according to TV Line. In this version of the Supergirl story, she has successfully hidden her superhuman abilities until the age of 24. She more »

Fin: Mia Khalifa does not hate the Jews, misplaced Myspace nostalgia and the problem with Chandler Bing

No, Lebanese-American porn star Mia Khalifa did NOT apologize for participating in a scene with an Israeli citizen; that story was from a parody site, one making fun of the recent (and very true) international incident involving Miss Israel, Miss Lebanon and a selfie they took together. However, if you look at a couple of more »

Beware! ‘The Blob’ is being remade…again

In one of those stories that can only happen in Hollywood, a cheesy horror classic that has already been given the “modern” update treatment once, is again being remade for today’s too-lazy-to-remember demographic, and it’s bringing along the director of ‘Expendables 2′ for the ride. Yes, that famous fright flick about killer Jell-O, ‘The Blob,’ more »

Movie Review: “The Boy Next Door”

It looks like J-Lo has officially reached a NEW low. Maybe she should just accept it and go with J-Low from now on. Or maybe she should actually read the scripts that come to her and she might be able to avoid ending  up in horrible movies like “The Boy Next Door.” Well, I can’t more »

Movie Review: “Cake”

“Cake” is the sort of movie that I’m frankly sick to death of: The story of a rotten, awful human being, who gets a redemption arc that’s equal parts unsatisfying and unearned. “Cake” is not the worst 2014 movie of the subgenre- that would be Bill Murray’s “St. Vincent”- but it’s still pretty wretched. And that more »