Fin: Baseball’s best fans, drug-testing comedians and Fareed gets nailed 

One of my favorite Twitter accounts for the past several years has been @BestFansStLouis, a feed consisting entirely of retweets of unfair and often racist things posted by fans of the St. Louis Cardinals. The idea is to push back against the notion that Cards fans are somehow classier or more friendly than those of every more »

Lifetime has released a trailer for “The Unauthorized Saved by the Bell Story” and it is insane

Lifetime movies are a strange, beautiful thing. They’re uniformly terrible, silly, and incompetent pieces of filmmaking, even by the already suspect standard of the TV movie. Two years ago “Liz & Dick,” the woefully ill-conceived Elizabeth Taylor/Richard Burton biopic starring the embattled Lindsay Lohan as Taylor, briefly captured the popular imagination and became an ironic more »

Paul Giamatti has a role in the Straight Outta Compton movie

Veteran character actor Paul Giamatti has accepted an intense role in N.W.A.’s biopic “Straight Outta Compton.” Giamatti will play N.W.A.’s manager and founder of Ruthless Records, Jerry Heller. Heller is a mercurial figure with a long history in the record industry before signing N.W.A.. When he got out of the army in 1963, Heller headed more »

Movie Review: “Let’s Be Cops” 

“Let’s Be Cops” never had a chance. Not necessarily because of the world-historically awful timing of its release, although that certainly doesn’t help. Don’t hate this movie because it’s a celebration of reckless police power at a time when such a thing is somewhat out of favor- hate it because it’s unfunny, derivative and ultimately more »

On Robin Williams, mental illness, and the media’s cluelessness about suicide

It’s been a week since the shocking, tragic passing of American icon Robin Williams, and everyone still seems at a loss when it comes to processing the circumstances of his death. Williams, a comedy legend of stage, screen, and television, took his own life at the age of 63 after a particularly severe bout of more »

Keanu Reeves searches for glory past in ‘Rain’ TV series

The small screen may no longer be routinely identified as the second-rate refuge of A-list movie actors going through a rough patch, but even with so many current stars voluntarily turning to TV for new challenges and extra creativity leeway, some still only ditch the big screen as a last resort. Keanu Reeves, for instance, more »

“Satan? Call me Dad”: “The Devil’s Advocate” getting TV adaptation

I’ve always considered 1997′s “The Devil’s Advocate” one of the more underappreciated films of the late ’90s. Directed by Taylor Hackford and starring Keanu Reeves,  and Al Pacino, the film was pure high concept- what if in “The Firm,” the law firm hadn’t been a front for the mob, but rather Satan himself? “” is more »

Leonard Maltin Movie Guide to publish final edition

In news as sad as it is, sadly, inevitable, the 2015 edition of the annual  will be the last one published. According to a post Monday night on Moving Picture Blog, written by guide contributor Joe Leydon, the soon-to-be-published 2015 book- featuring over 16,000 entries- will be the final one. Known at various times as more »

Fin: Morris on Ferguson, Jarvis vs. Jarvis and “gross Amazon affiliate links”

Wesley Morris‘ essay on “12 Years a Slave” was the best piece on movies published anywhere in 2013. Now, with his “Let’s Be Cops”/Ferguson piece, Morris is going for the repeat (Grantland) For a supposed Internet guru, Jeff Jarvis has broken one of the sacred rules of the Internet: Never get into a pissing match more »

DVD Review: Agatha Christie Marple Fan Favorites Collection

With Poirot about to be coming to an end after a massive 13 series run, there’s got to be something to step up and fill the gap. Perhaps, on at least some level, that can be found from Agatha Christie’s other major mystery series involving the legendary Miss Marple. Our friends out at Acorn sent more »

Simon Cowell wants Betty Boop as the next family film ‘Idol’

Because she’s just so gosh-darn popular with kids today? Because her sexy siren silliness speaks to a post-millennial family fan base filled with cash rich flapper advocates? Because money can be made off of almost anything nowadays, including a long out of date cartoon sex pot who used to make pre-Hayes Code audiences blush with more »

‘Godzilla 2′ is set to crash through theaters in 2018

Hey guys! Did you like Gareth Edwards’ “” reboot? Did you love all of the gaping plot holes? Did you enjoy spending time with all of the bland, personality-challenged characters that the film inexplicably and punishingly focused on? How about the fact that every time something interesting was about to happen, the film would immediately more »