Movie Review: “Unfriended”

Finally, the horror movie NOBODY wanted to see… but EVERYBODY knew was coming. Eventually. It was inevitable. Horror flicks always seem to prey on our most primal fears and make us afraid to venture into seemingly safe places. I guess you could say it’s a “calling card” of sorts. Seriously though, let’s do a quick more »

DVD Review: Mountain Men Season 3

It’s time for another trip back into some of the wildest terrain in America as we get a look at how a whole other segment of the population lives. Our friends out at Lionsgate sent over a copy of “Mountain Men: Season 3″ for us to review, and the mountain men are still showing us more »

Movie Review: “True Story”

Here’s what we learn in “True Story” about Michael Finkel, the real-life protagonist played in the film by Jonah Hill: He was fired from the New York Times for fudging details of much of a magazine cover story. When he finds he has a tangential connection to a man accused of killing his entire family, more »

Movie Review: “Our Man in Tehran”

Did you see “Argo,” but wish it had made the heroism of the Canadian characters more central? If no, “Our Man in Tehran”- with the tagling “The True Story of Argo”-  is the documentary for you. The film, produced North of the border, takes us through the Iranian hostage crisis, the years that led up more »


Movie Review: “Clouds of Sils Maria”

If you ever wondered what “Birdman” might have been like if you subtracted its creativity, dynamic style and flair for the unique and simply left it with a bare-bones structure and its core thematic elements — basically taking away its soul — then you needn’t look any further. “Clouds of Sils Maria” has provided THAT more »

Movie Review: “The Sheik”

Professional wrestling is full of stories of men who have lived unbelievable, multifaceted lives. Look at Jesse Ventura, who went from Navy SEAL to wrestler to governor, or Andre the Giant, wrestler/beloved late-in-life actor, or Mick Foley, weirdo bad guy who wrote multiple bestselling memoirs and later became a noted sexual abuse activist. Among the more »

Blu-ray Review: Pioneer

I’ve long been a sucker for movies involving water. Doesn’t much matter what they are; I’ve just long enjoyed movies that involve the water in a substantial way. From “The Perfect Storm” to even “Fool’s Gold”; put me on a boat, a submarine, or an island and I’m doing pretty good. Our friends out at more »

Blu-ray Review: Escape From New York

We’ve got a real A-Number-One presentation today, as our friends out at Scream Factory sent over a real American classic. We’ve got a copy of no less than John Carpenter’s original masterpiece “Escape From New York” to review, and this one has still held up quite well. ” follows the legend himself in his first more »

Movie Review: “Backcountry”

There’s nothing scarier than being lost in the woods. Strike that. There’s nothing worse than being lost in the woods while being stalked by a hungry, territorial, severely agitated black bear. This is the premise behind “Backcountry,” a thriller/drama/horror hybrid about a pair of hipster, wannabe hikers who find themselves in the aforementioned situation. Apparently, it’s more »

Ten quick thoughts on “Going Clear”

Some thoughts on the recent HBO broadcast of  the anti-Scientology documentary “Going Clear.” Bill Gibron reviewed the movie in full; here’s some additional commentary: – I’m not going to attack Scientology’s religious beliefs. Yea, the Xenu stuff sounds deeply silly. Then again, everyone’s religious beliefs sound silly to outsiders hearing about them for the first more »

Movie Review: “A Wonderful Cloud”

“A Wonderful Cloud” is very much in the tradition of the mumblecore movement, yet it also establishes a unique and distinct voice, in the person of writer/director/star Eugene Kotlyarenko. The film, which debuted at South by Southwest last month, is absolutely worth a look, because you’re going to be hearing from this guy again. Without more »

Movie Review: “Undocumented Executive”

For what it is- a mega-low budget high-concept indie comedy that has really one joke- “Undocumented Executive” is a winning, entertaining comedy. Directed by Brian Kosisky- no, the production company “Kos Films” has nothing to do with the Daily Kos- “Undocumented Executive” has a simple, high-concept premise: Jesus Gutierrez (Tony Guerrero) is a recent, undocumented more »