Movie Review: “Black Sea”

Stale, hot, tepid air mixed with the cold pressure of inky seawater as it slyly attempts to enter and turn your oceangoing abode into a watery grave… That incessant drip-drip-dripping playing havoc with every, single one of your five senses… Ideals, goals and personalities clashing as those around you scramble to keep their sanity intact; more »

DVD Review: Paddington Bear: Collector’s Edition

With the Paddington Bear movie currently in theaters, our friends at Mill Creek Entertainment likely figured it a good idea to remind you where the oddly-dressed bear came from. To that end, they’ve sent out a copy of the “Paddington Bear: Collector’s Edition” set for us to review. “” comes with two separate breeds of more »

Blu-ray Review: Black Sails: The Complete First Season

Recent television history has featured an odd influx of piracy, between “Crossbones” on NBC and Starz’s entrant, “Black Sails.” Today we’ll see just how the Starz entrant’s premiere season turned out, as our friends out at Anchor Bay sent out a copy of “Black Sails: The Complete First Season” for us to review. “” is more »

Blu-ray Review: The Houses October Built

Going in, there would be every reason to believe this was going to be a good horror movie. It’s got at least one evil clown, a creepy house, and a pedigree to die for. But would “The Houses October Built” be able to cash the check its appearances wrote? Our friends out at Image Entertainment more »

Movie Review: “The Boy Next Door”

It looks like J-Lo has officially reached a NEW low. Maybe she should just accept it and go with J-Low from now on. Or maybe she should actually read the scripts that come to her and she might be able to avoid ending  up in horrible movies like “The Boy Next Door.” Well, I can’t more »

Movie Review: “Cake”

“Cake” is the sort of movie that I’m frankly sick to death of: The story of a rotten, awful human being, who gets a redemption arc that’s equal parts unsatisfying and unearned. “Cake” is not the worst 2014 movie of the subgenre- that would be Bill Murray’s “St. Vincent”- but it’s still pretty wretched. And that more »

Movie Review: “A Most Violent Year”

“A Most Violent Year,” the astonishing new feature from director J.C. Chandor, has got the same central dilemma that’s been raised by so many other other crime films of the past, from “The Godfather” to Boardwalk Empire to even “Get Shorty”: In a legal but somewhat gangsterish business, how much of a gangster are you more »

Blu-ray Review: Honeymoon

A honeymoon should be one of the happiest days of a young couple’s lives. But when it doesn’t go according to plan, it can bring with it at least a little sorrow. Most of the time, the sorrows are minor at worst. Sometimes, though, it can be downright life threatening. Our friends out at Magnet more »

Movie Review: “The Wedding Ringer”

Raunchy, audience-friendly comedies are the cinematic equivalent of top 40 pop songs. They’re insanely predictable. They take very little or NO chances with the production and/or the content. Finally, the most maddening similarity is that most (if not all) of the parties involved are usually FAR too talented to be involved with such an uninspiring more »

DVD Review: House of Lies Season 3

I’ve been fond of “House of Lies” since its inception, and this sharp, cynical, and likely more truthful than anyone would care to admit look at corporate America carries on in earnest. Our friends out at CBS Home Entertainment sent out a copy of “House of Lies Season 3,” which shows us that this Showtime more »

DVD Review: Tour of Duty Season One

Back in the 1980s, there were two separate shows, running almost back-to-back about Vietnam. There was “China Beach,” which was ABC’s run, and there was a second title, “Tour of Duty,” which came just ahead of “China Beach.” Our friends at Mill Creek Entertainment are bringing this one back, and sent out a copy of more »

Movie Review: “Blackhat”

It’s rare to come out of a film believing that the director should think about retirement, but that was my reaction to “Blackhat.” Michael Mann has directed some great films, some of which I have loved and cherished for years. But if this is where he is now, it doesn’t bode well. “Blackhat” is a more »