Blu-ray Review: The Dark Half

There are some things in life that always combine well. Chocolate and peanut butter, for example. Coffee and donuts. Even ham in beef chow mein, to quote Bloom County. But one great combination gets exemplified today with “The Dark Half,” a copy of which our friends out at Scream Factory sent out for review. That more »

Year-end documentary roundup: “Citizenfour,” “The Overnighters,” “Actress,” “I Am Ali”

(Critic Stephen Silver is in the midst of his  Great Year-End Catchup. Today, four documentaries- all of which are very, very good:)  “Citizenfour”: What do you think about Edward Snowden? What about Glenn Greenwald? My own feelings on those two men are quite complex. But there’s no doubt that the documentary about Snowden’s leaking of more »

The second trailer for ‘Blackhat’ offers more stalk, less talk

Has it really been six years since Michael Mann last made a movie? Was the Johnny Depp/John Dillinger tale ” seriously the auteur’s last trip behind the lens? Before that, it was only three years between the Depression era crime thriller and his update of ‘Miami Vice,’ which came only two years after his sensational more »

DVD Review: The Definitive WWI & WWII Collection

One thing is quite clear: both World War I and World War II were major events in world history, the like of which may never be seen again until a third such event comes along, an event which will hopefully never come to pass. But for those who want to get a better handle on more »

Blu-ray Review: At The Devil’s Door

One thing I’ve come to discover over the years is that, four times out of five, IFC Midnight does horror just right. It gave me one of my all-time favorites in scary movie in the form of “Home Movie,” easily one of the creepiest little titles around. Meanwhile, they sent out a copy of one more »

Movie review roundup: “Force Majeure,” “Begin Again,” “Frank,” “Penguins of Madagascar”

A brief look at a few films I saw during my year-end movie catchup: – “Force Majeure.” It’s been quite a year for movies about marriage. “The One I Love.” “Gone Girl.” And now “Force Majeure,” a Swedish film that has to be looked at as the frontrunner for the Best Foreign Language Film Oscar. more »

Movie Review: “Exodus: Gods and Kings”

I was about 50/50 on “Exodus: Gods and Kings,” up until the Red Sea parted. Yes, director Ridley Scott’s film is mostly impeccably photographed and staged. The production design of Egypt is top-notch.  Christian Bale is a fantastic Moses. It has an admirably epic and grand scale. The Ten Plagues part, especially, is well-done. And more »

Movie Review: “Top Five”

Chris Rock, after years as one of the world’s top standup comedians, has spent the last several months becoming something much more, and doing something that feels like a lot more than a simple publicity tour. Rock has been giving major, thought-provoking interviews, writing op-eds about race and Hollywood, and crafting  something of a new more »

Movie Review: “The Pyramid”

Oh joy… ANOTHER found-footage film featuring ANOTHER group of smartypants intellectuals with poor decision-making skills getting trapped in endless dark tunnels as their flares, flashlights and fleeting hopes for survival dwindle ever so slowly. Oh goody… ANOTHER genre pic featuring an increasingly ridiculous story that becomes more and more implausible with every corridor traveled. Oh more »

Blu-ray Review: Pumpkinhead 2: Blood Wings

A tale of vengeance, blood, justice, and a horror that extracts all three comes our way when our friends out at Scream Factory bring back another little marvel from the dead in the form of “Pumpkinhead 2: Blood Wings.” Those who remember the last one will catch a few familiarities here, but this one’s going more »


Blu-ray Review: Star Trek: The Next Generation Season Seven

When any television show manages to outlast the slings and arrows of fickle fandom long enough to encompass any majority portion of a decade, from five seasons up, it tends to take on a new kind of life, and when it ends, a new importance. Our friends out at CBS Home Entertainment sent over a more »

DVD Review: Hart to Hart The Complete Third Season

The early 1980s were an odd time for television, bringing out some legendary notables like “The A-Team.” But it was also a time in which things that would be outlandishly trite by today’s standards were almost new and innovative, and one such show that benefits from this dichotomy is “Hart to Hart.” Our friends out more »