Blu-ray Review: The Expendables 3

It’s perhaps one of the strangest new action movie franchises to emerge in some time, taking the biggest names in eighties action movie and bringing them forward 30 years later. Our friends at Lionsgate sent out a copy of the newest entrant in the package–”The Expendables 3″–for us to review, and for those who thought more »

Movie Review: “The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 1″

Well, it’s official. Katniss Everdeen is no longer playing around. She is now fully immersed in the battle against President Snow and his Capitol cronies. She is putting all of her efforts into making sure he pays dearly for all the pain and suffering he’s caused all of the poor people in the districts. She has more »


Movie Review: “Happy Valley”

(Note: This review of “Happy Valley” ran last month during the Philadelphia Film Festival; it opens this week.)  No, the stereotypes aren’t true. Penn State fans and supporters, as a rule, aren’t uneducated rubes. They’re also not rabid moral cretins, blinded by their loyalty to football and to Joe Paterno and still in denial about more »

Movie Review: “Foxcatcher” 

“Foxcatcher” is a beautifully shot, wonderfully acted, generally well-written film about a fascinating true-life story. So why does it seem to have a big empty hole in the middle of it? Directed by Bennett Miller of “Capote” and “Moneyball” fame, “Foxcatcher” tells the story of the lead-up to the murder, in 1996, of Olympic wrestler more »

DVD Review: The Taking of Deborah Logan

Dealing with aging loved ones can be a trial for anyone, but as “The Taking of Deborah Logan”–a copy of which our friends out at Millennium Entertainment sent out for review–there’s always a way to make it worse, especially when evil gets involved. “The Taking of Deborah Logan” follows Mia Medina, PhD candidate, who’s just more »


Movie Review: “Nightcrawler” 

“Nightcrawler” might be the most cynical movie about TV news ever produced. It’s a worthy heir to “Network” and “Broadcast News,” mostly by virtue of a couple of more decades passing, and things in real life having gotten much worse. This is a movie that shows us a troubled young man with a scuzzy air more »

The trailer for ‘Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2′ promises more fat-based funny businesss

They say that fat is funny, that size and heft add familiar buffoonery to your standard comedy fare. Granted, in light of today’s body shaming debate, it seems cruel to base your entire slapstick shtick on one’s girth. Hollywood, on the other hand, has no problem getting humor out of the huge. There always seems more »

Blu-ray Review: The Damned

It’s hard to pass up an IFC Midnight horror film, and with their new entry, “The Damned”–a copy of which they sent out for review–they’ll show off a bit of just why they’ve been such a powerhouse in the field for so long. For those who dig their horror without much in the way of more »

In the spirit of “Big Hero 6″ — a cinematic tribute to “gentle giants” (Part one)

“Big Hero 6” is a touching techno-fairy tale about a boy and his squishy, blob-like, inflatable, robot healthcare companion. I guess the concept of “a boy and his dog” is just too boring these days and I, for one, am seriously glad that it finally is. Disney’s 54th animated film is loosely based around a more »

Blu-ray Review: Free Fall

Sometimes the scariest things happen in the smallest spaces. Claustrophobes be warned, “Free Fall”–a copy of which our friends out at Anchor Bay sent over for us to review–is going to positively revel in this concept, so you may want to pass this one up. Those of us who can merely appreciate claustrophobia–or a fear more »

Movie Review: “Dumb and Dumber To”

Before I begin talking about “Dumb and Dumber To” itself, I have to start with how genuinely excited people seem to be to finally see this movie. Prior to the screening, two different reps, both hailing from a local classic rock radio station, made two separate announcements to an eager audience that they’ve both been more »

Movie Review: “The Theory of Everything” 

“The Theory of Everything,” the new biopic of famed physicist Stephen Hawking- boasts standout performances by Eddie Redmayne as Hawking and Felicity Jones as his wife Jane. They’re both challenging roles, Redmayne’s especially, but they pull them off flawlessly. It’s just a shame about the rest of the movie. Based on Jane’s memoir, “,” the  more »