Reliving “Godzilla vs. Mothra”

We move from one of the worst and most ridiculous (but somewhat fun, I’ll admit) Godzilla movies ever made to one of my favorites. I’m not entirely sure why that is. Godzilla vs. Mothra is not a fantastic film, but it strikes a solid balance between human drama and monster fights, without ever getting either heavy-handed or campy, and the special effects are visually inventive for a change.

Blu-ray Review: Paranormal Activity–The Marked Ones (Paramount)

The Paranormal Activity franchise took a bit of a left turn with its fifth installment The Market Ones, deviating from its typical setting and storyline—well, sort of.  introduces a new cast of characters, and moves the action from the upscale California ’burbs of the earlier films to a Latino area in the city—in this case, more »

DVD Review: Best of Nature

There are certain places that you go when you want something in particular. These names are famous for their craft, and focus specifically on that particular item. Among these names–and admittedly, for some not all names are the same–are “National Geographic” when it comes to depictions of nature. Proof of that comes from “Best of more »

Movie Review: Disneynature’s “Bears”

Watching the local Philadelphia news broadcast last week, I couldn’t help but overhear an incident regarding a woman that got mauled by a bear. Now, I wasn’t able to make out the details of the attack exactly, as I had just caught the tail end (no pun intended) of the report, but I was quite more »

Movie Review: “Under the Skin”

 ”Under the Skin” is likely to be seen and referred to by people who speak about it as “the Scarlett Johansson naked alien movie.” More than one review, in fact, has used that exact formulation. But that’s unfortunate, because the film is much deeper and smarter than that logline makes it sound. Directed by Jonathan more »

Movie Review: “Transcendence”

There’s a moment early on in “Transcendence,” the directorial debut of cinematographer Wally Pfister, where artificial intelligence researcher Dr. Will Caster, played by Johnny Depp, is asked if his desire to create a post-singularity A.I. is simply a way for him to create his own God. Caster replies, “Well isn’t that what humanity’s always done?” more »

Blu-ray Review: Holliston: The Complete Second Season

A bit of a riddle to kick things off today: what do you get when you put a bandmember of GWAR in full costume on the same stage as Dee Snider and then build a sitcom around it? While some here might answer “all the evidence you need for involuntary committal”, the answer is actually more »

Blu-ray Review: Grudge Match

I think we all thought it was pretty impressive to see Stallone and Schwarzenegger share a screen, but this development might be a little more interesting than even that could pull off. Our friends out at Warner Bros sent over a copy of “Grudge Match” for us to review, and this one’s going to bring more »

DVD Review: Agatha Christie’s Poirot: Series 12

Once again, another sweet slice of mystery and thriller comes our way as our friends out at Acorn Entertainment send a copy of “” for us to review. The little gray cells have already begun to sing, but can the 12th installment of this classic series keep up with a longstanding tradition of quality? This more »

DVD Review: Here’s Lucy: The Complete Series

For most people, thoughts of Lucy mean thoughts of the old black and white series. But Lucille Ball did other shows as well, including one that ran for a hefty six seasons. Our friends out at MPI sent over a copy of “Here’s Lucy: The Complete Series,” and this is one interesting piece of television more »


Movie Review: “The Raid 2″

Wow. What more is there to say when describing “The Raid 2.” Well, let’s start with — this is a man’s movie… for manly men. It’s a movie for men who enjoy the crack of broken tibulas and shotgun blasts at point blank range that turn facial features to hamburger patty. It’s a manly-man’s movie more »

Movie review: “Cuban Fury”

There’s not too many things that are funnier than heavyset individuals making fools of themselves by attempting to partake in various onscreen, physical activities. It worked for John Candy. It worked for Chris Farley. It worked for John Belushi. It worked (and still works) for The Three Stooges. It continues to work for John Goodman more »