Movie Review: “The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 1″

Well, it’s official. Katniss Everdeen is no longer playing around. She is now fully immersed in the battle against President Snow and his Capitol cronies. She is putting all of her efforts into making sure he pays dearly for all the pain and suffering he’s caused all of the poor people in the districts. She has more »

Adam Sandler struggles to get serious in ‘The Cobbler’ trailer

Oh – how far the once mighty have now fallen. Put another way – is this what we really expect from Thomas McCarthy? Thanks to him, the world was introduced to the wonder that is Peter Dinklage (‘The Station Agent’) and saw Richard Jenkins earn some Oscar nom love (‘The Visitor’). We even got Paul more »

Disney’s Cinderella has a trailer and I AM EMOTIONAL

Today marks the day that we received the first full-length “Cinderella” trailer, sent by the grace of the film gods. The new live-action “Cinderella” film is fully realized in post-production and those of us who have been waiting with bated breath for a full year have watched the trailer at least nineteen times this morning alone. more »

Anne Hathaway goes from space to ‘Song One’ in new trailer

So, apparently, there is a new “modern” folk scene in NYC, this time centered in Brooklyn instead of the traditional ’60s Greenwich Village stomping grounds, and said musical movement is key to the plot of a new film entitled ‘Song One.’ Starring Oscar winner Anne Hathaway, the story sees her character, Franny’s, brother who is more »

“Peanuts” movie trailer appears ten days- but really one year- early 

We have our first movie trailer for the Christmas season- the 2015 Christmas season, I mean. Yes, the trailer for the “Peanuts Movie,” the cinematic reboot of Charles Schulz’s beloved characters, has appeared 10 days earlier than planned. But really, it’s almost a year early. The film won’t be released until Nov. 6, 2015. The more »

In the spirit of “Big Hero 6″ — a cinematic tribute to “gentle giants” (Part one)

“Big Hero 6” is a touching techno-fairy tale about a boy and his squishy, blob-like, inflatable, robot healthcare companion. I guess the concept of “a boy and his dog” is just too boring these days and I, for one, am seriously glad that it finally is. Disney’s 54th animated film is loosely based around a more »

Depp is dandy in the new trailer for ‘Mortdecai’

Perhaps we’ve all written off Johnny Depp a bit too soon. Granted, his last few films haven’t lived up to the billion dollar blockbusters that made him an incredibly bankable international superstar, but he remains one of the most interesting actors working today. So it comes as no surprise that his upcoming January release – more »

Movie Review: “Dumb and Dumber To”

Before I begin talking about “Dumb and Dumber To” itself, I have to start with how genuinely excited people seem to be to finally see this movie. Prior to the screening, two different reps, both hailing from a local classic rock radio station, made two separate announcements to an eager audience that they’ve both been more »

The trailer for ‘Selma’ depicts the Civil Rights Movement circa 1965

Believe it or not, gentle (young) readers, a mere 50 years ago, minorities were denied basic human rights by our own Federal and state governments. There were no laws protecting against segregation, and in many parts of the South, specific rules and regulations relegated African Americans (mostly) to the back of the bus, their own more »

Trailer for the final Hobbit film hints at an epic ‘Battle of the Five Armies’

Thirteen years ago, who would have predicted this? Six films. Eighteen Oscars (and counting). Over $5 billion at the box office (and still counting) – and all from the mind of one man. ‘Star Wars’ has seen five different directors (as of now) handle the massive mythology, while other famed franchises like ‘Star Trek’ have more »

Movie Review: “Laggies”

Nobody really WANTS to become a grown-up, but in the immortal words of the Mr. Mick Jagger himself, “we can’t always get what we want.” Or can we? “Laggies” is the story of one young, brave woman who dares to defy the trappings and conventions of “normal” society by resisting the urge to “sell-out and more »

“Chappie” trailer: In the future, robots will emulate He-Man 

Neill Blomkamp directed a sci-fi movie, “District 9,” that was awesome. Then he directed another, “Elysium,” which was not quite so awesome. Now he’s trying again with “Chappie,” another sci-fi effort due next spring. The film stars Sharlto Copley, who starred in “District 9,” as the voice of “Chappie,” a robot who’s essentially a pet more »