First Day at Camp is Netflix’s Wet Hot American Summer for 2015

Don’t you love commercial flops that somehow turn out to be great, like the heavily tube-socked and short-shorts-laden Wet Hot American Summer, which came out in 2001? It bombed with the critics in spite of having a highly adept ensemble cast of comedic genius deftly interpreting all the antics – from romance, the talent show more »

Zach Galifianakis gets his redneck groove on in the ‘Masterminds’ trailer

At the time, it was the second biggest heist in US history. A collection of novice criminals, including a couple who worked for the Loomis Fargo & Company in Charlotte, North Carolina, robbed the armored car outfit, coming away with over $17.3 million in cash. The FBI investigated and, thanks to their inexperience, caught most more »

Alison Brie breakout? Trailer arrives for “Sleeping With Other People”

Shouldn’t Alison Brie be a movie star by now? I think she should. I’ve been awaiting a breakout for the Community actress for awhile now, especially after a run of strong movie supporting roles. The upcoming “Sleeping With Other People” could be the one. The film, from “Bachelorette” director Leslye Headland, stars Brie and Jason more »

Movie Review: “Ted 2″

Seriously, what can I possibly say about “Ted 2” that can sway someone’s opinion? When it comes to this kind of film — the gross-out comedy — either you find them utterly hilarious or about as funny as a funeral and, like I said, this silly farce about a grown man and his talking bear more »

Spies times five: A new “Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation” trailer

Yes, we’re just over a month away from the arrival of the fifth “Mission: Impossible” film, arriving 19 years after the first. Not bad for a franchise based on a show that lasted just seven seasons. The new film, coming July 21, has Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise) working with the team from the last few more »


It’s a new trailer, Charlie Brown!

Charlie Brown and friends are back in another new trailer for this November’s Peanuts movie. Like most of the Peanuts canon since 1962, it’s about Charlie Brown trying to reverse his fortunes- this time, by trying to get close to the Little Red-Haired Girl. Here’s the nearly three-minute clip, which swaps out Vince Guaraldi for more »

Shareef don’t like it: Bill Murray in first “Rock the Kasbah” trailer

Bill Murray is starring in a movie this fall called “Rock the Kasbah,” in which he plays an aging music manager who brings his client (Zooey Deschanel) on a USO-style tour of Afghanistan. Once he’s trapped in that country, he discovers a promising young singer and shepherds her to the local version of “American Idol.” more »

James Bond has a secret in the teaser trailer for the upcoming ‘Spectre’

Sam Mendes must be a masochist. A constant sore spot amongst film geeks for his earlier, Oscar-bait efforts (including his Academy Award win for ‘American Beauty’), he was ridiculed for thinking he could take on the heralded James Bond franchise. A bunch of meandering Messageboard rants later, and his ‘Skyfall’ became an international juggernaut, doing more »

Movie Review: “Jurassic World”

Back in the early 1990’s, celebrated science fiction author Michael Crichton penned a novel for the ages. It featured greedy theme park investors, geneticists playing God, skeptical scientists, small children in peril, and (last, but not least) a small tropical island filled with recently cloned dinosaurs running amok. Uhhh… needless to say, I was sold. more »

There’s going to be a “Boondock Saints” TV series

A remake of The Boondock Saints, the 1999 ultra-violent cult movie that very gently launched the career of one Norman Reedus was inevitable, right? But here’s a twist: it’s a prequel concept for television. Deadline reports that IM Global has acquired the rights to the Boondock Saints property, and have tapped Troy Duffy, writer-director of more »

Bloody new trailer for MTV’s “Scream” show

What is the virtue of creating a TV show based on an iconic, highly stylized series of horror movies that have no direct connection or characters in common with each other? Scream, the movie series, starred very charismatic actors who became a family among many jump-scares, stabbings, and whodunnits. Scream, the TV show, has a more »


With ‘The Martian,’ Ridley Scott offers the promise of something special, but…

By now, most film fans have given up on Ridley Scott. Whatever return to form promise he has shown in such efforts as ‘Prometheus’ and…well, that’s about it, has been obliterated by such cinematic stool as ‘Robin Hood,’ ‘The Counselor,’ and the whitewashed ‘Exodus: Gods and Kings.’ Still, few directors can get the geeks as more »