Today in “Interstellar” news: 70mm tickets on sale and a new trailer

There’s big news Wednesday for those eagerly awaiting the arrival of Christopher Nolan’s new film “Interstellar.” First, Paramount announced that the film will arrive two days early for those seeing it in on film. The versions in 70mm, 70mm IMAX and 35mm film will come out on Wednesday, Nov. 5, two days prior to the more »

Can you take it? “Taken 3″ trailer is here

For the third time, someone is screwing with the most badass 60-year-old in the world. When will the world’s creepy crime bosses and sex criminals learn? Yes, “Taken 3″- also known as “Tak3n”- has its first full-length trailer, ahead of its customary January release. This time, it appears the enemies are domestic, led by cop more »

New trailer for ‘Dumb and Dumber To’ offers more of the (lame) same

Sometimes, a fad has to give up. The culture moves on, and so should the craze du jour. Thus we come to the gross out comedy. Sure, some in the last linger bits of the School of Apatow can still make it work (see James Franco and Seth Rogen in the trailers for the North more »

Anderson’s “Inherent Vice” has a great, great trailer

It can be hard to judge the quality of a film from its trailer alone, especially the first one. But I have to say- the initial clip for “Inherent Vice,” the Paul Thomas Anderson-directed adaptation of Thomas Pynchon’s novel- looks pretty damned exciting. We have everything a great trailer needs: A great cast, in silly, more »

New trailer for ‘Jupiter Ascending’ showcases F/X, spoonfeeds storyline

Something is seriously wrong with the way The Wachowskis have been treated as of late. First, their collaboration with Tom Tykwer, the brilliant ‘,’ gets buried in a bungled attempt by the marketing minds of the studio to treat it as some manner of sci-fi epic when it was really a very telling overview of more »

“Interstellar” is near: New TV commercial, and an app too 

It may not feel that way, but we’re well into the fall movie season. Hell, it’s going to be October in a couple of days. But until “Gone Girl” arrives this Friday, we haven’t had much in the way of “fall movies”- those prestigious, pedigreed, critically-acclaimed films certain to come up at Oscar time. Christopher more »

The star-studded “Reach Me” (Stallone, Danny Aiello, Terry Crews, Kelsey Grammer and more) has a trailer

Finally, 2014 has its own confusing and wide-reaching film with a massive cast and stupefying plot: “Reach Me” is about a cult-spawning self-help book penned by a reclusive author/retired football player (played by Tom Berenger) that begins to darkly motivate a group of what seem to be alpha male cretins and thugs. Maybe it’s a more »

Movie Review: “The Skeleton Twins”

I have to say, this particular group of recent “Saturday Night Live” graduates are something special. From Tina Fey and her mainstream appeal to Jimmy Fallon and his late night appeal to Andy Samberg and his prime time appeal to Jason Sudeikis and his (unfathomable) appeal to Olivia Wilde, so many former cast members are… well… more »

Movie Review: “Boxtrolls”

Once in a great while, a children’s film is released that forces the entire genre to be reconsidered, reassessed and reevaluated. This particular movie turns out to be SO good that it makes adults forget they’re watching a cartoon aimed at kids and they’re forced to give the animated genre the respect it most certainly more »

Movie Review: “The Equalizer”

Now THIS is the Denzel Washington we all know and love. Well, at least ONE side of him. See, during the last decade or so, Denzel has shown us two sides. First, there’s the serious side he shows in solid, dramatic turns in films like “Flight,” “American Gangster,” “The Great Debaters” and “Antwone Fisher.” Then more »

Hemsworth wears the “Blackhat” in new Michael Mann trailer

We now have our first trailer for “Blackhat,” the new “cyberthriller” directed by Michael Mann, and Mann’s first new feature film since “Public Enemies” five years ago. The film stars “Thor” himself, Chris Hemsworth, as a “black hat” hacker- that means he uses his hacking abilities for evil/less-than-honorable purposes. In this case, an unknown hacker more »

‘The Interview’ red band trailer: Intrigue, assassination and Rob Lowe’s fake hair

The latest trailer for the upcoming James Franco/Seth Rogen comedy “The Interview” makes the film look even creepier and disturbing that it appeared before- and it was already a movie that depicts the attempted assassination of a real-life world leader. The film, set to arrive this Christmas, stars Franco and Rogen as journalists who get more »