DFW lives in “End of the Tour” trailer

“The End of the Tour,” the upcoming movie about the late author David Foster Wallace starring Jason Segel as Wallace, has quite a few strikes against it: Wallace hasn’t been gone that long, it’s not an overarching story of the man’s life, and Wallace’s family is said to disapprove. However, there were more positive feelings more »

First trailer for the remake of Point Break is extreme, has whooshing

In this age of remakes, will the remake of Point Break be as extreme as a fan of the original needs it to be? The previous question will not keep me awake tonight, for I have an answer, provided to me via the trailer for the new Point Break, which is extreme in a way more »

Keanu Reeves is terrorized by T&A in the new trailer for Eli Roth’s ‘Knock, Knock’

It’s hard to think of a filmmaker who has fallen faster, and further, than Eli Roth. At one time, he was the enfant terrible heir apparent to Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez, using his love of grindhouse cinema to make horror classics like ‘Cabin Fever’ and ‘Hostel.’ Then, he dropped off the planet, showing up more »

“Black Mass” debuts an even more violent trailer

A new trailer showed up just prior to the holiday weekend for “Black Mass,” this fall’s Whitey Bulger biopic that stars Johnny Depp. And if the first trailer, last month, established Bulger as the most intimidating dinner guest ever, this one shows that he was also a pretty scary father: We also see a little more »

Movie Review: “Poltergeist”

There’s no getting around it, every great memory from my childhood has now been altered beyond recognition or somehow stretched so thin that it’s almost become unrecognizable. Well, now “Poltergeist” — one of my favorite 1980’s-era horror flicks —  can be added to that soupy mix. Granted, I can’t really be mad at the fact that this once more »

Movie Review: “Tomorrowland”

When I was a wee lad there were two summer movies that I distinctly remember being genuinely excited for during the early 1990’s. Not surprisingly, both films were under some sect of the Disney logo, which meant that the mouse-eared machine was fully loaded and ready to unload action figures and fast food tie-ins at the rabid public. In more »

Watch Zac Efron keep the party going in “We Are Your Friends”

There’s a great movie to made about the culture behind EDM parties. Zac Efron is in need of that movie that makes people take him seriously as an actor. Can these two things happen at the same time? “We Are Your Friends” features Efron as Cole, a would-be producer whose claim to fame is spinning more »

Amy Winehouse doc “Amy” gets July US release date, new trailer

Asif Kapadia’s doc about Amy Winehouse will be released July 3rd in the US and in the UK, likely due to the positive response from audiences at Cannes. Deadline reports that Amy screened at an Out of Competition Midnight Screening and is “receiving the most praise” of all the official selections at Cannes, though it’s more »

The latest ‘Pixels’ trailer offers less Sandler, more spectacle

Here’s the thing about the upcoming Adam Sandler movie ‘Pixels‘ – it has one of the cleverest, most eye candy capable concepts of all the Summer blockbusters. Indeed, the premise has alien life imitating the arcade games of the past – Donkey Kong, Centipede, Pac Man – as a means of invading Earth. It’s a more »

With the new trailer for ‘Crimson Peak,’ Guillermo Del Toro goes back to baroque basics

Man, does Guillermo Del Toro love his Gothic imagery. Baroque backdrops, flowing velvet garments, formal top hat and tails, and classic architecture all filtered through his fanboy love of old school horror. It should add up to more shivers than a normal human can handle. Instead, Del Toro’s creative cannon has been hit or miss. more »

“Steve Jobs” teaser puts Fassbender in the black turtleneck

We were told last week that a preview of the upcoming “Steve Jobs” movie would debut, with perfect timing, on Sunday night’s ‘Mad Men’ finale. It did, although it had surfaced online earlier in the day. The clip for the film mostly consists of a rear shot of the back of Jobs (Michael Fassbender)’s head more »

The trailer for ‘Jem and the Holograms’ undermines the ’80s cartoon’s legacy

True confessions time – yours truly is a huge Jem fan. You remember ‘Jem and the Holograms,’ don’t you? Hasbro’s attempt to drive young girls into pre-Wal-marts everywhere by monetizing the new MTV culture into a cartoon? Well, if you are too young, or too COOL to be part of the Jem contingent, you still more »