Movie Review: “Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby: Them”

What a misleading title. When it comes to movies, I like to know as little as possible about the film I’m going to watch. Now, since we’re in a day and age where we have countless avenues that devote all of their time to covering these movies, it’s kind of hard NOT TO uncover this more »

Could ‘Big Eyes’ bring Tim Burton some much deserved Oscar love?

Tim Burton has only had his name bandied about during Awards Season twice in his career – once for his excellent deconstruction of “the worst director of all time,” ‘Ed Wood,’ and the other for a weird familial drama starring Albert Finney, Ewan McGregor, and Billy Crudup entitled ‘Big Fish.’ There was a studio push more »

Movie Review: “My Old Lady”

The last time we saw Kevin Kline on the big screen, he was hooting and hollering with a group of elder cinematic statesmen in last year’s flat and highly forgettable “Last Vegas.” In that film, Kline was part of an ensemble cast (along with fellow “alter cockers” Robert De Niro, Morgan Freeman and Michael Douglas) more »

Movie Review: “The Maze Runner”

Nowadays, it seems like every film studio is officially looking to find the next “Hunger Games.” It’s as if movie executives are scouring the “Young Adult” section for a cinematic heir to take over for Katniss Everdeen and company when their time comes, which will be sometime in 2015 right after “The Hunger Games: Mockingjay more »

Movie Review: “Tusk”

Let me start off by saying, “Tusk” is not for everyone. Actually, let me revise this statement. Most normal, sane moviegoers will not enjoy “Tusk” THAT much. In fact, a number of them will most likely hate this film and/or be disgusted by its uber-disturbing subject matter and its loathsome characters. Even some of writer/director more »

Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence are not very nice in the trailer for ‘Serena’

If it’s Awards Season, it’s time for the prestige pics, and nothing is more End of Year or prestige-y than Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence in yet another period piece. Granted, the first time they were paired up (and Ms. Lawrence won an Oscar) was for ‘The Silver Linings Playbook,’ and there was hardly anything more »

Movie Review: “Dolphin Tale 2″

There’s not too many truly GREAT things you can say about a “Dolphin Tale 2.” However, there’s not too many HORRIBLE things you can say about it either. Overall, it’s a pretty safe movie. The characters dwell in a grayish middle-ground area where they always seem to act the way they’re supposed to. In doing more »


You don’t mess with Keanu Reeves’ stuff in the trailer for ‘John Wick’

Apparently, this is one man whose private property and personal pets you just don’t mess with. Today we got the first trailer for something called ‘John Wick,’ the latest film from a mostly post-’Matrix’ MIA Keanu Reeves. Granted, it feels like he’s been in a scant few films since securing fanboy wrath via his work more »

The trailer for the Christian Mingle movie has arrived and it is mystifying

The world is a mysterious place. It is truly mystifying how we don’t get into more traffic accidents just going about our day, and it is an unknown miracle how any of us finds love. Because dating and love are such rarely touched-upon topics in popular culture, especially movies, a religious-themed online dating site has more »

See Al Pacino as a “washed up actor” in the trailer for ‘The Humbling’

It’s all so surreal. At a recent roundtable interview, Oscar winning icon Al Pacino was asked about the current state of Hollywood, and after going about the “art vs. artifice” basics, he dropped a rather intriguing bombshell – he had not only seen the current cultural phenomenon ‘Guardians of the Galaxy,’ but loved it, praising more »

Movie Review: “The Damned” and “At the Devil’s Door”

Oh man, am I a sucker or what? I feel like I keep getting duped over and over again by these “Now in Theaters” Video OnDemand (VOD) extravaganzas, especially the horror flicks — these independently-made films that promise high quality production, star a bunch of (almost) A-list actors, and feature talented, up-and-coming directors. The trailers more »

“Foxcatcher” gets another creepy teaser

Now that blockbuster season is officially over and everyone is gearing up for the Fall, big budget Marvel movies and films based on cartoons from the 80s are taking a bow in favor of the almost equally dreaded crop of the so-called Oscar bait. Throughout the summer the two biggest awards contendors of the coming more »