Vivica A. Fox will return for ‘Independence Day’ sequel

Vivica A. Fox and Roland Emmerich have both confirmed via Twitter that she’s in for the upcoming “Independence Day 2.” She played Jasmine Dubrow, the girlfriend of Will Smith’s Steven Hiller character in the first movie. With Smith not returning, Jesse Usher has been cast as the couple’s son. The sequel is coming June 24, more »

Movie Review: “Home”

Man, movies for children are not what they used to be and this is not a bad thing  and we’re all just whatsoever. It seems that more and more movies that are aimed towards children are as well structured and layered as most films aimed towards adults. In fact, I’m willing to bet that adults more »

Movie Review: “Get Hard”

The new comedy “Get Hard,” opening this weekend, believes that the following things are inherently, unspeakably hilarious: Prison rape. Panic about the idea of prison rape. Sharp weapons going into and out of people’s butts. White people walking slowly to gangsta rap. White people wearing “hip-hop clothes” while walking slowly to gangsta rap. Gay people being more »

Movie Review: “Serena”

How does a film starring two major movie stars, who have collaborated in the recent past on a pair of money-making, Oscar-grubbing hits, only get a perfunctory theatrical release, along with its on-demand bow? That’s the question with “Serena,” and the answer is simple. In short, it’s boring. “Serena” is a not-especially interesting story, and more »

Movie Review: “’71”

The Troubles in Northern Ireland have been the subject of quite a few films, but never one quite like “71,” which takes that historical moment and makes it into a first-rate action thriller. The film, directed by Yann Demange and the darling of quite a few film festivals last fall, the film follows a single more »


Bradley Cooper is planning to direct Beyonce in “A Star is Born”

All of this is still in negotiations and is not set in stone, but actor Bradley Cooper is in talks with Warner Brothers to star in and direct a remake (the third!) of “A Star is Born,” the classic Hollywood cautionary tale about making it with versions from 1937, 1954, 1976, and whenever this one more »

Jack Huston adds ‘The Crow’ to his growing list of remakes

Jack Huston’s turn as Richard Harrow on Boardwalk Empire turned a lot of heads. He landed the title role in MGM and Paramount’s “Ben Hur” remake, and now will help Relativity relaunch The Crow. Deadline reports he’ll play Eric Draven, a lost spirit seeking vengeance and brought back to the land of the living by more »

“Super Troopers 2″ reaches goal; commence the mustache rides

Efforts to get “Super Troopers 2″ made took nearly 15 years. The crowdfunding effort to put up the necessary budget took barely 24 hours. Yes, “Super Troopers 2″ reached its $2 million Indiegogo goal on Wednesday. And not only that ,as of Thursday morning the effort was approaching the $2.5 million mark. What will the more »

Even though no one wants it, Universal continues with its ‘Scarface’ remake

A while back, we discussed the disturbing news that Universal, clearly incapable of coming up with something new and/or novel for the filmgoing masses, has decided to move forward with its unnecessary remake of ‘Scarface,’ though few in the fanbase are anxious to see them sully the reputation the 1983 effort retains. Sure, it too more »

Fin: Ethnic Casting, X-Files in the age of Alex Jones and Ash IS Reagan

I can’t say much more than what’s already been said about Deadline’s “ethnic casting” story debacle. It’s like the “why isn’t there a White History Month” of Hollywood trend pieces (Deadline) As for the Jon Hamm news: It’s good that he got the help that he needs. And if you think this revelation is going more »

Streaming yes, blackouts no: This week in NFL TV news

It may be a lull in the NFL calendar- it’s the offseason, free agency is largely over, and the draft is still a month away. But there’s suddenly lots of news related to the NFL and television. – NFL blackouts are history. For decades, the NFL has had a blackout rule: If a game isn’t more »

Idris Elba has signed to star in Harmony Korine’s “The Trap”

Harmony Korine, the self-appointed enfant terrible of American indie cinema, is attracting big names for his upcoming feature “the Trap.” Idris Elba has reportedly signed on to replace Jamie Foxx, and will costar alongside fellow A-listers Robert Pattinson, James Franco, and Al Pacino. After breaking into the semi-mainstream with his poptimist, vulgar autuerist 2013 favorite “Spring Breakers,” more »