DVD Review: Blandings Series 2

It’s funny how British literature can produce not only some of the more exciting mysteries out there, but also some of the most laugh-inducing comedies as well. The British sense of humor gets a chance to strut its metaphorical stuff with the release of “Blandings Series 2,” a copy of which our friends out at more »

Hey bronies: Hasbro Studios prepping ‘My Little Pony’ movie

Hasbro has already seen big box office bucks from its Transformers and GI Joe franchises. Now it’s My Little Pony’s turn to prance into the spotlight. My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic has been a smashing success, thanks to the work of Emmy Award winning creator Lauren Faust. She did this reboot targeting young girls more »

“Gone Girl” says goodbye to top spot; “Fury” takes over

Here’s your box office report for this past weekend, which saw “Fury” take the top spot away from “Gone Girl.” What will Ben Affleck and David Fincher do now? Rosamund Pike better hope there’s a “Jack Reacher 2″ in the works. “Fury” was one of three new releases in the top five, along with “The Book of more »

Movie Review: “Listen Up Philip” (Philadelphia Film Festival) 

Does literary success require the person having it to behave like a repellant, repugnant ass to everyone around them? That’s the question at the heart of “Listen Up Philip,” an outstanding film, written and directed by Alex Ross Perry, which played over the weekend at the Philadelphia Film Festival and is set for release later more »

Second-generation Chromecast appears on the way from Google 

I suppose it would make sense for Google to bring out another version of the Chromecast. There’s only ever been one, it was introduced in the summer of 2013, and while it’s added numerous channels in the time since, there’s been no hardware upgrade at all. Now, it sounds like one is on the way- more »

Key and Peele’s first joint film feature will be ‘Keanu’

The popular Comedy Central duo Key and Peele have worked separately on movie projects, but haven’t put their talents together in a feature yet. Deadline reports that they’ll team in the New Line Cinema offering “Keanu.” The pair will pretend to be drug dealers to rescue a pet cat who has been kidnapped by a more »

‘In the Heart of the Sea’ sees Chris Hemsworth tackle…Moby Dick?

Who knew? Who knew that ‘Moby Dick,’ often considered one of the greatest American novels in the history of the artform, was actually based on a real incident? For the number of times I have personally read Herman Melville’s confusing, frustrating novel (five, to be exact), I never knew. No teacher ever told me. No more »

Cast coming together for Coens’ “Hail Caesar!” 

Film critic Christopher Orr of The Atlantic recently put together a week-long project of watching every Coen Brothers movie and ranking them. We don’t know where the next Coen film, “Hail Caesar!,”will end up on the next edition of Orr’s list, but we do know it will have one of the best casts. The film more »

Warwick Davis lands role in “Star Wars: Episode VII”

Yippee! Warwick Davis has something to tell us: Warwick Davis was about 2 years old (kidding, he was 12) when his dream of being in a galaxy far, far away came true. He originally was just going to be an extra (as an Ewok, of course) but when Kenny Baker got food poisoning, he got more »

Fin: Parenthood’s hippie-punching, circling jerks at NRO and the stupidity of 

I love how NBC’s Parenthood, on top of all of its other virtues, takes occasional shots at, for lack of a better term, California hippie bullshit. That “spirituality retreat” in Big Sur on this week’s episode had the added benefit of dressing the characters in white and having them take a vow of silence, so more »

Potter spinoff “Fantastic Beasts” will be a movie trilogy

Duh. This should come as no surprise. The powers-that-be are doing this for the same reason that they split the last Hunger Games book into two movies, the last Harry Potter novel into two flicks, and the last chapter in the pro-abuse propaganda piece of garbage franchise into two utterly unwatchable chunks of stupidity. You know, more »

Movie Review: “The Best of Me”

Now doubt about it, there are bad movies. In case you’re not too familiar with this particular brand of trashiness, these  slices of cinematic sunshine are affectionately referred to as “B-movies” and are the kind of films that might fall short on such trivial things like production value, storyline, competent actors, taste, etc. However, these more »