Fin: Dez Bryant’s whitey tape, President Nick Nolte and a drug-free Puff

This Dez Bryant videotape rumor is one of the weirdest news stories of all time. We hear there’s a video. No one has seen it or knows what’s on it. For all we know it may not actually exist- remember the Michelle Obama “Whitey Tape?“- but in the meantime every news organization is reporting on more »

“American Sniper” IS Hollywood, cont’d

When “American Sniper” was released and quickly became a box office hit and cultural phenomenon, the narrative from the political right was that finally, a patriotic movie about “real” America was at the forefront, as opposed to all the usual lefty garbage spouted from Hollywood. This especially resonated after a grand total of two Hollywood more »

Will ‘Wayward Pines’ salvage M. Night Shyamalan’s career?

It’s not easy being “the next Spielberg.” Just ask M. Night Shyamalan. Ever since ‘Time’ tagged him as the up and coming Prince of the Blockbusters, we fans have been waiting for the work to be worthy of the King…and so far…well, can you say ‘The Lady in the Water?’ ‘The Happening?’ ‘Avatar: The Last more »

Movie Review: “Focus”

Will Smith may be known as one of the few undisputed movie stars in the world, but in truth it’s been awhile since he’s done anything truly memorable. His last starring role, “After Earth,” was almost two years ago. “Men in Black 3″ was the year before, and before that he took a four year more »

So…Neill Blomkamp is making the “real” ‘Alien 3′

As a huge fan of David Fincher (I am a complete and unadulterated apologist) , I find no real fault with ” It was the material that let that film down, not the filmmaker. Still, for individuals wholly invested in the world created by Ridley Scott and James Cameron, the sudden descent into the dark more »

Not my tempo, Tony: The case for a “Iron Man”/”Whiplash” crossover

I was putting away some of my five-year-old son’s library books last night when I noticed this: Yes, I know, there’s a character named “Whiplash” in the Marvel Comics, who was even partial basis of the Mickey Rourke villain character in “” Yes, I know that J.K. Simmons has already played Jonah Jameson in the more »

Revenge of Jerry: Parks’ punching bag set for Kickstarter movie

Were you the sort of Parks and Recreation fan who loved Jerry, and always hoped he’d snap and do something violent? You’re in luck- and you can help fund it, too. “Middle Man,” a film co-written by and starring Jim O’Heir- the actor who played Jerry/Garry/Terry/Larry on Parks and Recreation- is in production and up more »

Fin: Requiem for Mark Brendanawicz, KO vs. PSU and Hollywood vs. “the left”

With the end of ‘Parks and Recreation,‘ an appreciation of Paul Schneider’s Mark Brendanawicz, a character who departed the series after two seasons and has been all but disappeared from history (Uproxx) NBC once had a Thursday night comedy lineup of The Office, 30 Rock, Parks & Recreation and Community. It may not be on more »

Scarlett Johansson forms musical “super group,” stirs controversy almost immediately

It must be difficult being Scarlett Johansson. Granted, she’s gorgeous, and she’s attached to one of the biggest motion picture franchises currently printing money at the box office (i.e. ‘The Avengers’), but it seems like, every time there’s news outside her looks or Marvel, there’s trouble. Take the recent rumor/announcement that she is set to more »

Like Brian Wilson did: “Love & Mercy” trailer appears

One of the movies we’re most looking forward to at next month’s South by Southwest is “Love & Mercy,” a biopic of Beach Boy Brian Wilson which stars Paul Dano and John Cusack as different incarnations of the enigmatic frontman. How it took this long to make a Brian Wilson biopic is unclear, as there more »

From Power Rangers to Pee Wee to DuckTales, it’s 1990 again

It’s a great week for late ’80s/early ’90s kids, because just about everything that was popular during the presidency of George H.W. Bush suddenly getting rebooted. Including, possibly, the idea of someone named Bush being president.  The Power Rangers had its first heyday in the early ’90s, and it’s pretty much continued since. And… it’s more »

DVD Review: Zombieworld

While “Zombieland” had an array of rules to follow to survive in a world overrun by the walking dead, “Zombieworld”–a copy of which our friends out at Image Entertainment sent out for review–gives us instead several looks at a world overrun, with some unlikely results. “” goes all over the planet, from Ireland to Australia more »