Twitter on the “Interview” decision

From a quick look at social media following the decisions by every major movie theater chain to delay or cancel the release of the movie “The Interview,”  it doesn’t appear that anyone agrees with the decision. It may be the most one-sided reaction in the history of Twitter. I’ve seen no “it’s a tough call, more »

Gutless theater chains drop “The Interview”

It looks like poorly spelled terroristic threats have won the day, and “The Interview” won’t be released next week after all. In a move of breathtaking gutlessness, the top five U.S. movie theater chains- Regal Entertainment, AMC Entertainment, Cinemark, Carmike Cinemas and Cineplex Entertainment- have all announced plans to drop the film, according to the Hollywood more »

Blu-ray Review: The Dark Half

There are some things in life that always combine well. Chocolate and peanut butter, for example. Coffee and donuts. Even ham in beef chow mein, to quote Bloom County. But one great combination gets exemplified today with “The Dark Half,” a copy of which our friends out at Scream Factory sent out for review. That more »

The mysterious Malick debuts trailer for his equally mysterious ‘Knight of Cups’

If there’s one name in film that still excites the cinephiles when spoken in hushed arthouse tones, it’s Terrence Malick. Often compared to Stanley Kubrick in style and subject matter, the reclusive director has only made seven films over the last forty years. In fact, there was a massive twenty year gap between his delightful more »

Memo to Sony: Don’t pull “The Interview”

To everyone at Sony Pictures, I say this: You’ve had your lives turned upside down. You’ve had your emails leaked, everything from salary data to personal details to some very, very bad ideas for movies. You’ve had actual threats of bodily harm. For a whole lot of people, this is the worst thing that’s ever more »

‘Wedding Ringer’ event postponed due to leaked e-mails about Kevin Hart

“The Wedding Ringer” is a much anticipated comedy for Sony.  It’s hoping Kevin Hart will become to the Martin Luther King holiday weekend what Will Smith once was for the July 4 weekend. Hart’s “Ride Along” pairing with Ice Cube pulled in almost $50 million for the four-day weekend earlier this year. But a leaked more »

Fin: Aaron Sorkin’s misplaced capo, mishearing Metallica and no one left to parody

An underrated part of the awfulness of The Newsroom‘s finale was that terrible musical number- at a memorial service- in which the Jeff Daniels character who never had hinted for a second that he was a musician was granted the opportunity to sing a long, long song. My favorite part: Daniels started off playing guitar, more »

Year-end documentary roundup: “Citizenfour,” “The Overnighters,” “Actress,” “I Am Ali”

(Critic Stephen Silver is in the midst of his  Great Year-End Catchup. Today, four documentaries- all of which are very, very good:)  “Citizenfour”: What do you think about Edward Snowden? What about Glenn Greenwald? My own feelings on those two men are quite complex. But there’s no doubt that the documentary about Snowden’s leaking of more »

Jason Statham is a ‘Wild Card’ in the trailer for his latest action epic

Here’s the good news about Jason Statham‘s latest action entry, ‘Wild Card.’ It was written by two time Oscar winner William Goldman (based on his own novel). Now, here’s the bad news. It was directed by will-never-ever-see-his-name-among-Academy-Award-nominees-let-alone-winners Simon West. More positives? The supporting cast includes Sofia Vergara, Stanley Tucci, Jason Alexander, and Milo Ventimiglia. On more »

New spots for HBO Go: Roku, Amazon Fire TV

HBO Go may soon find itself irrelevant, with the launch of a new standalone subscription version of HBO that may or may not replace the current streaming service. But in the meantime, fans of Games of Thrones, Girls and even older HBO programming have two new ways to watch. Amazon’s Fire TV product has added more »

“Catherine the Great” script tops 2014 Black List

It’s Black List time again, and the big winner is a proposed biopic of a famous 18th century Russian female czar. The annual list of Hollywood’s best unproduced screenplay, the brainchild of development executive Franklin Leonard, is celebrating its tenth year, and gave its top honor this year to Kristina Lauren Anderson’s “Catherine the Great.” more »

The second trailer for ‘Blackhat’ offers more stalk, less talk

Has it really been six years since Michael Mann last made a movie? Was the Johnny Depp/John Dillinger tale ” seriously the auteur’s last trip behind the lens? Before that, it was only three years between the Depression era crime thriller and his update of ‘Miami Vice,’ which came only two years after his sensational more »