JRockin’ in the USA with Shonen Knife, a Technology Tell video interview

In today’s music industry, when labels churn out and abandon acts like leftover McDonald’s cheeseburgers—and when even popular acts release new material only every two to four years, possibly playing 15 shows a summer—Shonen Knife has stood before their audience 1,000 times.

End of “Adulthood?” More like the loss of personal responsibility

In his long overview of contemporary popular culture published over the weekend, ‘The New York Times’ primary film critic, A.O. Scott, has decided to “celebrate” the end of the patriarchy and, with it, the death of “adulthood,” as he would have us believe. His proposition is clear – with shows like ‘Breaking Bad,‘ ‘The Sopranos,’ more »

Reports: Apple’s U2 price tag was over $100 million

Apple may have put the new U2 album on the computers and mobile devices of all 500 million people with iTunes accounts “for free”- but that doesn’t mean it was “free” for Apple. According to multiple media reports, the stunt cost Cupertino “more than $100 million,” which isn’t necessarily all destined for Bono and the more »

Welcome, ‘Mats! The Replacements live to play in Minnesota again

The Replacements on Saturday performed both their first headlining gig, and first performance in their home state of Minnesota since 1991. And judging by my social media feeds that night, every friend or relative of mine in the Gopher State was there and posting Vines of every song. One friend of mine said he was more »

Fin: Left Behind on Rosh Hashanah, Strong Takes on sports and secrets of ‘Night Calls’

I was invited this week to a press screening of the Nicolas Cage “Left Behind” movie- but wouldn’t you know it, it’s on Erev Rosh Hashanah. I suppose I’m in no position to complain, though. In fact, maybe I should be thanking them. The brilliant Twitter sports commentator known as @PFTCommenter has launched a new more »

The Replacements bust out “Alex Chilton” in 30 Rock return

The Replacements were famously banned from performing at 30 Rock after a particularly drunken, curse-filled Saturday Night Live performance in 1986, although “particularly drunken” is an adjective that would describe pretty much every ‘Mats performance of that era: But Jimmy Fallon, since taking over the Tonight Show chair, has been pretty kind to the formerly more »

“Sons of Anarchy”‘s “Bohemian Rhapsody”: The 2-hour version

What do Sons of Anarchy and Glee have in common? They’ve both had long montage sequences set to a cover of Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody.” The difference was, in the Glee one, it was only five minutes long. And no one got stabbed in the head. Tuesday night’s final season premiere of FX’s biker drama was listed more »


U2′s “free album” wasn’t free for Apple

Most of the things Apple announced at its keynote event in Cupertino Tuesday- new iPhones, mobile payments, the Apple Watch, an appearance by U2- had at least been rumored if not confirmed before the event even started. That is, except for the last one- I may have missed it, but I don’t think a single more »

Courtney Love won’t pay videographer; videographer karmically releases Love’s isolated guitar and vocal track

In what is as close to instant karma as one can get, videographer J.M. Ladd has released isolated guitar and vocal tracks of her performance, and they sound rougher than Lil Bub’s tongue after a long day. Vice’s music blog Noisey threw up the footage, with the lovely headline calling the tracks “worse than you’d more »

U2 performs at Apple keynote, releases free iTunes-exclusive album

Following a week of rumors about its appearance at Apple’s Tuesday event in Cupertino- and over a year of speculation about its new album plans- U2 did indeed perform at the event- and announced a groundbreaking music distribution scheme in the process. After U2 performed a brand new song, frontman Bono and the rest of the more »

HDTracks launches British, German sites

The high-resolution digital audio download store is going international. The site has launched new stores in both the U.K. and Germany, HDTracks announced Tuesday. The German site is called, while the British one is, both includes the entire, established  library. According to founder David Chesky: The tremendous success of HDtracks since our launch in more »

U2 and Apple: Together after all?

So let’s try to piece the saga of U2 and Apple together: Back in 2004, the special edition U2-themed black-and-red iPod was a huge hit. At some point the companies divorced, and U2 was endorsing BlackBerry (remember “BlackBerry loves U2″?) Fast forward to last week: A series of reports stated that U2 would have a more »