Fin: Armond White vs. the World, Mr. Skin’s bad timing and walking out of “Blue Valentine”

Armond White, now apparently full-time at National Review, last week published a somewhat unhinged rant, calling 2004 “the year the culture broke.” Among other howlers, he uses phrases like “lynch-mob excommunication” and “smear campaign” to address the notion of Mel Gibson being an anti-Semite at the time of “The Passion of the Christ,” as though more »

Fin: Welcome back Mr. Wu, there is no real-life Purge and OJ Da Juice Man

Am I the only one who got positive  memories when the New York Times endorsed “Mr. Wu” for Lieutenant Governor of New York?  (New York Times) How will MSNBC recover from the loss of Chelsea Clinton? They’ll have to give Ronan Farrow and/or Luke Russert additional responsibilities (Daily Intel) Hey, Internet consumers of the world- more »

Album sales are down and are never coming back. Here’s why that’s good.

There are few stories more annoying than the EXACT SAME ONE repeated over the last 15 years that “vinyl album sales are making a comeback!” (Hint: they never went away, at least in the indie rock and DJ world.) But I found one: “Album sales are down, OMG!” Well, no kidding. They’ve been going down since 2002. Guess what, too: They’re never coming back.

Fin: Bleacher Report on the radio, the Gang sits on a roof in Minneapolis, and Deadwood’s not coming back, cocksucker 

If there’s one repository more associated with brain-dead sports commentary than sports talk radio, it’s the sports blog network Bleacher Report. So naturally, Sirius XM is launching a whole Bleacher Report channel. Because that particular site’s brand of “loser-generated content” (not sure who coined that, but bravo) can only improve when spoken out loud. Too more »

Prince is planning two new albums for a September release

As a lapsed Prince fan (saw him on the 1999 tour way back in my college days and it remains one of the greatest concerts I have ever attended), I am always intrigued when there is news on the Purple one’s front. In September, those who have continued to follow the legendary musician past his more »

Get ready for a Weezer-based sitcom

Weezer frontman Rivers Cuomo is moving beyond the confines of pop music into the world of sitcoms. Cuomo is teaming up with Steve Franks, the creator of Psych, to create a new TV series based on Cuomo’s life. The show is called DeTour and, according to the Hollywood Reporter: DeTour is described as a coming-of-age more »

Fin: No jokes, Batman, Kevins are kryptonite and “Buffalo Stance” 2014 

A thought that occurred to me after the Kevin Love trade, which followed the departure of Kevin Garnett eight years earlier: Superstars named Kevin are to the Minnesota Timberwolves as wives named Tammy are to Ron Swanson. We’ve come a very long way in just ten years- now, apparently, a wardrobe malfunction is GOOD for more »

A New Breed: Interview with Legendary Rocker Glenn Hughes of California Breed

Glenn Hughes isn’t called “The Voice of Rock” for nothing. Throughout his career, his one-of-a-kind howling rock vocals have cut through the wall-of-guitar din of such legendary bands as Deep Purple, Trapeze and Black Sabbath. After spending years as a solo artist, creating albums that mixed his traditional rock style with the soul music grooves more »

Fin: ISIS confusion, against movie nitpicking and the Craig Finn of terrorism

Matt Singer makes the case against those “nitpicking movies” videos. The biggest problem- why not go after movies that are actually bad? (The Dissolve) If you thought Headline News couldn’t come up with a worse idea than their current social-media-on-TV strategy- they considered merging with Glenn Beck’s operation (CNN) More ISIS confusion: People think the more »

G-Unit drops a surprise EP, ‘The Beauty of Independence’

After their Summer Jam reunion, G-Unit revealed they were working on brand new music. Early this morning, they made like Beyonce and released a brand new EP without telling anyone. “The Beauty of Independence” is their first official project since 2008′s “Terminate On Sight.” The title is a not subtle reference to 50 Cent’s decision to leave Interscope Records and go independent.


If you’re not obsessed with the new Ty Segall album, Manipulator, there’s no helping you

Manipulator surely comes from some alien lifeforce that has absorbed all of Earth’s best rock music from the past 50 years and distilled it into a perfect artist named “Ty Segall.” I’m almost entirely sure that’s how this album came about, because certainly no mere mortal could accomplish such a masterwork.

Fin: Dumb Ditka, dueling SNL weeks and what’s so R-rated about being gay?

On the Mike Ditka “Redskins” comment, I ask of you: Have you ever once heard Ditka say something out loud, whether in his coaching or broadcasting careers, that didn’t make you think to yourself, “this man is a blithering idiot?” I’m just glad he never followed through on his threats to run for political office. more »