Fin: “Birth of a Nation” is problematic, “Aliens” for kids and when Spock met Data

Take every movie and every other work of art that’s ever been called “problematic.” Then add all that problematic-ness together, and it still would be less problematic than “Birth of a Nation.” D.W. Griffith’s 1915 film is a watershed in cinematic history, a groundbreaking achievement of filmmaking achievement.. which also happens to be a full-on more »

Kanye’s new album will be ‘So Help Me God’

Kanye West will continue his religious themes on his latest work. The artist behind 2013’s “Yeezus” announced through Twitter his newest album will be titled ‘So Help Me God.’ Last month, he told New York station Power 105.1 that the album is 80 percent complete and will receive a surprise release. I don’t know is more »

Fox may send “Empire” on a concert tour

Empire has already taken some moves from the Glee playbook, releasing new iTunes singles weekly. Its season soundtrack drops March 10. Now Entertainment Weekly reports Fox is considering concert tours. Dana Walden, co-CEO of Fox Television Group, told the magazine it learned some lessons with Glee. The quality of the show is the most important more »

In an attempt to stem piracy, worldwide music interests agree to an international release day

For decades, it seemed like all retail media came out on Tuesday. Looking for the latest VHS/DVD/Blu-ray? Tuesday was it. How about the latest album or single from your favorite musical artist? Tuesday again. While the rest of the world settled on their own specific days of the week (Monday in Britain and France, Wednesday more »

Klipsch is sponsoring the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Ceremony

Klipsch announced that it has signed a three-year deal to become the first-ever presenting sponsor of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony. The ceremony, marking its 30th anniversary, will now be called “The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony Presented by Klipsch Audio.” In addition, the Rock and Roll Hall more »

Madonna fell down on stage at the Brit Awards, is fine

Madonna tumbled off a set of prop stairs onstage while performing at the Brit Awards and it looked like it hurt. But in true heroic fashion channeling the spirit of “honey, I forgot to duck” survivalism, Madonna is not only uninjured but has created a teachable moment out of her fall. To recap: Madonna had more »

Fin: Dez Bryant’s whitey tape, President Nick Nolte and a drug-free Puff

This Dez Bryant videotape rumor is one of the weirdest news stories of all time. We hear there’s a video. No one has seen it or knows what’s on it. For all we know it may not actually exist- remember the Michelle Obama “Whitey Tape?“- but in the meantime every news organization is reporting on more »

Zeppelin catalog is streaming everywhere

There’s huge news for the rare cohort of Led Zeppelin fans who love the band, but didn’t purchase their entire catalog in whatever format was most popular when they were 12 years old. We already told you that Zeppelin’s music is now available on the TIDAL streaming platform, and reports this week had the Zep more »

Scarlett Johansson forms musical “super group,” stirs controversy almost immediately

It must be difficult being Scarlett Johansson. Granted, she’s gorgeous, and she’s attached to one of the biggest motion picture franchises currently printing money at the box office (i.e. ‘The Avengers’), but it seems like, every time there’s news outside her looks or Marvel, there’s trouble. Take the recent rumor/announcement that she is set to more »

Like Brian Wilson did: “Love & Mercy” trailer appears

One of the movies we’re most looking forward to at next month’s South by Southwest is “Love & Mercy,” a biopic of Beach Boy Brian Wilson which stars Paul Dano and John Cusack as different incarnations of the enigmatic frontman. How it took this long to make a Brian Wilson biopic is unclear, as there more »

At last, Kenny G does something cool

Saxophonist Kenny G has had a pretty long career, for someone who’s never been all that respected. Kenny G has been an active solo artist since 1982, selling more than 75 million records. Yet he’s associated with a couple of different musical genres- smooth jazz and adult contemporary- that have never been especially loved by more »

TIDAL adds Zeppelin albums

TIDAL differs from other music services in that it’s more-expensive, higher-res, and it also offers interviews with music luminaries and other content. Among that content is a new interview with legendary Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page- tied in with the announcement that TIDAL has added albums from Led Zeppelin’s catalog, including the newly remastered “Physical more »