Cars are the new Napster? Music industry group sues automakers over CD-ripping

The record industry-Napster legal battles of 15 years ago have a sequel- in the car. The Alliance of Artists and Recording Companies (AARC), an organization dedicated to the redemption of music royalties, has launched  a class-action suit against Ford and General Motors, alleging that the automakers’ systems for ripping CDs onto internal hard drives constitute more »

Fin: Palin’s walled garden, the dawn of “booth babes” and Godspeed, Viral Politics Editor

A Sarah Palin subscription video channel? I’m all for it! Like Glenn Beck and Paula Deen before her, I’m thrilled to see Palin going exactly where she belongs: Behind a paywall. And hey, of all the inventive, scammish ways the conservative media has of getting their aging audience to part with their money- from Goldline more »

Anniversary thinkpiece roundup: “Purple Rain,” “Paul’s Boutique” and the Paris Hilton Sex Tape 

It seems like every day, it’s the anniversary of some major movie, TV show, or album. Here’s what we’re commemorating this week: “,” 30 years. Jezebel’s Hillary Crosley:  From his on-stage booty shake (my favorite) to his Lake Minnetonka purification ceremony with Apollonia, fans ate it up and Purple Rain topped the box office while more »

Post’s Mushnick: Who will stop Drake from poisoning the minds of our youth?

It’s not a surprise that New York Post sports columnist Phil Mushnick is engaging in odious race-baiting, that he’s defending fellow prejudiced old man Donald Sterling, or that he’s using the “what about rappers” defense to any and all white racism. Deadspin’s Tommy Craggs once described Mushnick’s style as “shaking his cane at the scary more »

Monty Python says “goodbye” with rousing sing-along send-off

It was a bittersweet moment last Sunday (7/20) night as the five remaining members of Monty Python’s Flying Circus said goodbye. Goodbye to the audience that paid a handsome price to see them during their 10 sell-out performances at London’s O2 arena. Goodbye to the legion of fans who couldn’t make it across the pond more »

Hole reunion is apparently off

What a relief: Courtney Love has backed off of the Hole reunion with the lineup “everyone wants to see,” namely guitarist Eric Erlandson, drummer Patty Schemel, and bassist Melissa Auf der Maur. Spin and the NME are citing Philippines news site as the source, and the interview is odd. In it Love mostly talks more »

Weezer goes from the garage to the shack with underwhelming new song

On their first album, in 1994, Weezer performed a song called “In the garage,” as River Cuomo sang about his old garage, with posters on the wall of Ace Frehley and Peter Criss, and how “in the garage/I feel safe.” Now, 20 years later, the group has moved from reminiscing about their garage… to looking more »

Alicia Keys joins NBC’s ‘The Voice’ season 7 as Pharrell’s consultant

Newly recruited The Voice coach Pharrell Williams is in this to win, by the looks of it, and helping him carry Usher’s baton is fifteen-time Grammy Award-winning singer, songwriter, pianist and record producer Alicia Keys. Keys just revealed on Twitter her “friend Pharrell” invited her to be his team’s mentor on the upcoming seventh season more »

Fin: The Stewart non-Kickstarter, stealing from Yahoo Answers and “Boyhood”: Not Jewish enough

I’m kind of disappointed that the Jon Stewart/buying CNN Kickstarter is fake. Because remember the Colbert Super PAC? That was real. They really did create a real Super PAC, that really did raise money- over $1 million. And they really did sustain the bit for close to two years. Stewart didn’t even mention the Kickstarter more »

Fin: Harry loves “Lucy,” Kid Rock and ICP’s glass dildo dispute and strippers for Jeter

An essay about Meat Loaf’s “Paradise by the Dashboard Light,” which is my second-favorite song from 1977 told from the point of view of a teenage boy trying to convince a teenage girl to have sex with him (#1- Billy Joel’s “Only the Good Die Young.”) (AV Club) I guess I’m not the only one more »

Discwatch: Doin’ It Live on Five New Concert Blu-rays

When it comes to rock concerts, there’s nothing like being there, of course—there is no comparison to actually being present at the show, seeing the artists and just feeling the music as it’s being made. That said, we’re currently experiencing a renaissance in terms of recording and filming live concerts for home viewing. The quality more »

“Mandatory Fun” is #1: “Weird Al” revival leads to first-ever top album

The unlikely takeover of American popular culture by “Weird Al” Yankovic and his series of eight videos in eight ideas appears a success: The Prince of Parody’s album, “Mandatory Fun,” has reached the #1 spot on Billboard’s album chart. It’s the first time in the parodist’s 30-year career that Yankovic has reached the top spot. more »