Fin: Happy Thanksgiving Edition

On this Thanksgiving, we acknowledge, and are thankful for: – The best bird-related pro wrestlers ever- NOT including the Fabulous Freebirds (Uproxx) – The Racket, and what could have been (Romenesko) – The return of the MST3k Turkey Day Marathon (Shout Factory) – The potential return of Blofeld, with Christoph Waltz rumored to play that more »

Lifetime airing En Vogue “reunion” movie with 50 percent of En Vogue

With its disastrous Aaliyah biopic barely in the rearview mirror, Lifetime is taking on more 1990s music stories. On Nov. 22 it aired An En Vogue Christmas, a movie that will surely be in rotation for the next month. The movie’s plot centers on the Funky Divas reuniting to save the concert house where they more »

Life imitates “Jackie Jormp-Jomp” as Amy Adams will play Janis Joplin

A Janis Joplin biopic? With some question about whether or not the filmmakers have the rights to her music? Starring an actress who’s considerably older than Joplin was at the time of her death? 30 Rock did it first… The new film is called not “Jackie Jormp-Jomp” but rather “Get It While You Can,” it more »

Fin: An “All About That Bass” question, against Twitter in the movies and in praise of The Strand

Okay, I’ll go ahead and ask: Is the Meghan Trainor song called “All About That Bass” because the curve of the bass clef looks like a butt? Or am I completely wrong on that one? They’re showing the “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” trailer this Friday in some theaters. And you won’t even have to more »

Superman dat headphone: Soulja Boy shares his headphone dream

Dr. Dre, of course, has a line of headphones. So do 50 Cent and Ludacris and many, many other rappers of note. But there’s one rapper who does not have a headphone line yet- Soulja Boy, the rapper who had a big hit with that “Superman dat ho” song (officially titled “Crank That (Soulja Boy)”) more »

Motown crooner Jimmy Ruffin dead at 78

One of the best qualities any singer can have is knowing when they’ve found a great song. Ruffin wasn’t originally supposed to record his biggest hit “What Becomes of the Brokenhearted.” The song was meant for the Detroit Spinners, but Ruffin realized it was pure gold. He convinced the writers to let him record it, more »

It’s official: Katy Perry will headline the Super Bowl halftime show 

In August, Katy Perry was announced as a finalist to play the Super Bowl halftime show. In early October she was widely reported as the choice. But now, in late November, Perry is finally, officially in for the show, according to “an unprecedented multi-media, global announcement” made by NBC Sunday night during its football broadcast. more »

Bruce Springsteen has launched a concert download site

The Boss is giving back to his fans in a big way by hosting an archival concert download site developed with The site is starting with recent shows in 2014, and working back. Makes sense, given that fans have been trading bootlegs of older shows for much longer. Complete-ists will want to have a more »

Fin: The worst Cosby hot take, country music is gay and the Bravermans are bad parents

You can shut down the Bill Cosby Hot Take Olympics, become we have a gold medalist: It’s old friend Christine Flowers of the Philadelphia Daily News, a woman with much, much more sympathy and benefit of the doubt for Cosby than for any of his accusers, a number that’s now approaching two dozen. In this more »

Country singers Ty Herndon, Billy Gilman come out on historic day in Nashville

For years there’s been debate about what might happen if even one male country singer came out. Two did within hours of each other Nov. 20. Ty Herndon, known for hits including “What Matters Most” came out in a People magazine article, saying he’s known he was gay since he was 10 years old. Herndon more »

Concert Review: Styx Digs Deep in Jersey

In recent years, long-running classic rock band Styx has primarily performed as a part of multi-band concerts, doing one set of their best-known songs for an hour or so. I’ve seen them do shows with bands like REO Speedwagon and Journey—as well as this summer’s tour with Foreigner and former Eagles guitarist Don Felder. In more »

Can your music pass the TIDAL test? 

TIDAL, the premium music streaming service that launched in the U.S. this fall, has launched a new site to test the difference between compressed and uncompressed music. The test, available at, is meant to allow users to directly compare compressed music with uncompressed, to assure that they are “achieving the most out of their more »