Fin: Tweets make strange bedfellows- and stolen jokes; Gene Hackman is still alive

Kind of a funny social media moment Tuesday night: After the news broke about Michelle Obama appearing in Saudi Arabia sans headscarf, I made a joke on Facebook about how it’s “not bad for the wife of a secret Muslim.” My old friend Karol, a relatively well-known writer who leans about as far right as I more »

Spotify, Sony form global alliance to put music on PlayStation

Spotify and Sony’s gaming arm, Sony Network Entertainment International Wednesday announced that they have reached a “global strategic partnership,” which will put Spotify on PlayStation consoles and Xperia smartphones and tablets. The deal will deliver Spotify music to the PlayStation Network, and will launch a new “music destination” called Playstation Music, which debut in 41 more »

Fin: Interview with a troll, the trouble with “awesome” and a tale of two Sundance posters

Lindy West tracked down and interviewed her own troll. Absolutely riveting (This American Life) “Awesome” is problematic  (Washington Post) In the late ’90s, two columnists- Mike Barnicle and Patricia Smith- were both fired from the Boston Globe for plagiarism/fabrication. Barnicle in the years since has his continued his career as though nothing happened, in ever- more »

10 songs about snow for your Juno snow day

Well, at least here in Philadelphia, we got a disappointingly little amount of snow. However, some offices in the area are still closed and many people along the east coast are enjoying a snow day. So, for those of you staying warm in the comforts of your home under your blankets (notice my resentment), here’s a playlist of songs to make your snow day even more enjoyable.


Rush heading out on “last tour of this magnitude” to celebrate 40th anniversary

It’s time to break out your concert T’s and air guitars – Rush is heading back out on tour (known by a now familiar name – “R40″) to commemorate the 40th anniversary of drummer Neil Peart joining the legendary band, and this may be the last time you get a chance to see them…at least, more »

Linkin Park has cancelled all remaining “Hunting Party” tour dates

The Associated Press has reported that Linkin Park was forced to cancel the remaining dates left in their current tour, named for their their new album, “The Hunting Party,” after singer Chester Bennington injured his leg. Bennington’s injury forced a stop to the tour after just three dates in, and required immediate surgery. Bennington is more »

Ship out: The Dropkick Murphys reject Scott Walker

It happens every time there’s an election: A politician (usually a Republican) arrives at a rally with certain theme music playing. Then, a day or two later, the person or group who recorded that music, who doesn’t share that politician’s political views, asks them to stop It happened with Bruce Springsteen and Reagan with “Born more »

Fin: Mia Khalifa does not hate the Jews, misplaced Myspace nostalgia and the problem with Chandler Bing

No, Lebanese-American porn star Mia Khalifa did NOT apologize for participating in a scene with an Israeli citizen; that story was from a parody site, one making fun of the recent (and very true) international incident involving Miss Israel, Miss Lebanon and a selfie they took together. However, if you look at a couple of more »

The Mountain Goats release wrestling-themed album, first single “The Legend of Chavo Guerrero”

Pro wrestling and its pageantry has inspired all kinds of art: movies, TV shows and comic books among others. But The Mountain Goats have taken it to another level with “Beat The Champ,” an entire album about the squared circle. I was already reasonably sure this was the wrestling-nerdiest thing an entertainer has done. Then more »

Jon Haber of DEC3: Retailer Turned Rockstar

Jon Haber was living the American dream. He founded and owns a successful musical instrument retailer, Alto Music, which has continued to prosper even in tough economic times. But even with his success, there’s been an itch he’s wanted to scratch for a long time: his passion for writing and recording original music. In 2014, more »


The Grateful Dead are saying “Goodbye” with a three-night farewell

Deadheads – it’s time to break out the tie-dye and the beer bong – The Grateful Dead are getting back together for a one-off, three night celebration of their 50 year musical legacy. Actually, that’s not 100% true. The last living members of the seminal jam band – Bob Weir, 67; Phil Lesh, 74; Mickey more »

Liberace is the latest worthless celebrity hologram

Holograms are stupid, and if you pay money to see one in concert, you need to have your head examined. You may as well just stay home and watch old footage of performer on YouTube, because it’s pretty much the same thing. Whether it’s Michael Jackson or Tupac or Left Eye, in-concert holograms seem meant more »