Fin: Harry loves “Lucy,” Kid Rock and ICP’s glass dildo dispute and strippers for Jeter

An essay about Meat Loaf’s “Paradise by the Dashboard Light,” which is my second-favorite song from 1977 told from the point of view of a teenage boy trying to convince a teenage girl to have sex with him (#1- Billy Joel’s “Only the Good Die Young.”) (AV Club) I guess I’m not the only one more »

Discwatch: Doin’ It Live on Five New Concert Blu-rays

When it comes to rock concerts, there’s nothing like being there, of course—there is no comparison to actually being present at the show, seeing the artists and just feeling the music as it’s being made. That said, we’re currently experiencing a renaissance in terms of recording and filming live concerts for home viewing. The quality more »

“Mandatory Fun” is #1: “Weird Al” revival leads to first-ever top album

The unlikely takeover of American popular culture by “Weird Al” Yankovic and his series of eight videos in eight ideas appears a success: The Prince of Parody’s album, “Mandatory Fun,” has reached the #1 spot on Billboard’s album chart. It’s the first time in the parodist’s 30-year career that Yankovic has reached the top spot. more »

Fin: Ned Stark ruins Season 7, Ted Cruz vs. True Blood, and the persecution of “The Persecuted”

Sean Bean accidentally dropping a major Game of Thrones spoiler reminds me of the time Kyle MacLachlan hosted Saturday Night Live and blurted out, in the monologue, that the killer of Laura Palmer was actually Shelly the Waitress (Gawker) The new movie about “persecution” of Christians in America- which is called, you guessed it, “The more »

Weird Al’s “Mission Statement” wraps up video run

“Weird Al” Yankovic’s historic eight-day run of producing a new music video every day wrapped up Monday with the release of “Mission Statement,” a parody of meaningless tech/corporate  buzzwords. The song isn’t a direct musical parody of Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young’s “Suite: Judy Blue Eyes,” but is certainly inspired by it: Ironic that in more »


Listening Party: Is the New Yes CD Really an ‘Explosive Turd’?

For a band that sings mostly about peace and love, Yes sure has generated a lot of controversy—and even some out-and-out hatred. Lots of bands have done the “dump your lead singer and find a new guy who sounds just like him but is much easier to deal with” thing—Journey, Foreigner, Styx, and so on—but more »

Celebrities on Israel, return of the Walkman and who are three people who have never been in my kitchen?

If you’re a celebrity, it might be worth it to just go ahead and not say anything publicly about the Israeli/Palestinian conflict. Because if you do, regardless of what it is you say, you’re going to be called an anti-Semite, an Israel-hater, an Israel-firster, a terrorist sympathizer, a Hamas apologist, a self-hating Jew, or the more »

The Ninja Turtles, pizza and Macaulay Culkin converge in Philadelphia

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie franchise (old and new), former child star Macaulay Culkin, the Velvet Underground and reams of pizza all converged Friday night in Philadelphia’s Eakins Oval, in a multigenerational confluence of fun. The event was part of AwesomeFest, a occasional series of cool, off-beat events in the Philly area. Held in more »

Beyonce leads 2014 MTV VMA nomination count, followed by I-G-G-Y and Eminem

And the nominations for the world’s second most futile, meaningless, trivial award show are in. Don’t be sad, MTV, the Teen Choice Awards still hold the silly crown, with their various Adam Sandler, “Veronica Mars” and Hart of Dixie noms. My biggest beef with the VMAs remains the gala’s blatant disregard for, oh I don’t more »

Fin: This year’s Sharknado, Ignatiy’s confession and free the vagina artist

I think we may have found this year’s “Sharknado,” and it’s not ” 2.” “JWOWW’s Jersey Shore Massacre,” I’m notified via press release, is coming to theaters August 22 and to VOD four days later. JWOWW herself is listed as the executive producer, with the plot described as “a typical weekend down the shore takes more »

Paul McCartney releases classic albums as iPad apps

Paul McCartney is jumping aboard the albums-as-apps train and has decided to re-release five of his classic early works as iPad apps. Following in the footsteps of Björk, Lady Gaga, and Jay-Z, McCartney has released RAM, Band on the Run, McCartney, McCartney II, and Wings Over America as iPad apps through the Concord Music Group, and more »

Movie Review: “Made in America” 

Have you long dreamed of watching Skrillex explain his process to Ron Howard? Then “Made in America” was made for you. For everyone else? Eh. It’s a mediocre, by-the-numbers music festival documentary, featuring interviews with some of today’s most fascinating musical talents, none of whom do anything especially interesting on screen. The film covers the more »