Death Cab for Cutie tours LA for “The Ghosts of Beverly Drive” music video

I can honestly say it’s been years since a music video had any sort of influence on me. But the seemingly simplistic music video that Death Cab for Cutie released for their song “The Ghosts of Beverly Drive” had me so enamored this morning that I must have watched it 15 times already.


Fin: Rachel Dolezal and Don Draper, Gay Girl in Damascus and consequences of the Hulk Hogan sex tape

Rachel Dolezal, his lady who pretended to be black, married a black man, worked as both an African-American studies professor and ethnic hairdresser, went to Howard University and served as local president of the NAACP- how American is that? Just radical reinvention into a completely other person- she’s a Don Draper for the 21st century. more »

Fin: Ladies love Goodfellas, Reddit gets better and a BroBible petition

I realize it’s an obvious troll and all that, but I’m not sure what’s worst about New York Post film critic Kyle Smith’s “Women Will Never Understand Why Guys Love Goodfellas”- the rank misogyny, that it misunderstands both women and ‘Goodfellas,’ that actually, as evidenced by a Twitter search, a whole lot of women understand more »


A True Survivor: Songwriter/Melodic Rocker Jim Peterik Interviewed

I believe in second chances. This isn’t the first time I’ve interviewed Jim Peterik. In September 2014, I attended a book release party/concert celebrating the release of the legendary Chicago-based songwriter/musician’s autobiography  (check out my review here), in New York City. Following a stirring one-man acoustic performance (including some great stories), I had the rare more »

Fin: Don’t expect a ‘Deadwood’ reunion, the worst fan theory ever and Back in Black will be back

John Hawkes says he’s up for a Deadwood reunion, which is awesome news but I’m not getting my hopes up- they’d still need to sign up about 20 other actors with busy schedules, get David Milch to participate, and find someone to pay for it- in short, get everything together in a way that they more »

20 beach songs for your weekend getaway

Bad news, loyal readers, and by that I mean Grandmom (I promise to call you this weekend), but your favorite Cali-turned-Philly girl is headed DOWN THE SHORE this weekend. And that means you won’t be reading any of my writings on Friday because I’m taking a nice, long weekend. So, while this means you won’t have any Leonardo DiCaprio gifs celebrating Friday’s arrival, I can at least give you something to listen to in my absence.


What’s that new Drake song in the Entourage movie?

If you’ve seen the Entourage movie in theaters, you’ve probably heard that new Drake song that plays during one of the driving scenes. But what is that song?

Pandora bringing music to CE Week

Pandora will participate in the upcoming CE Week in New York, the event’s organizers announced Monday. Pandora will serve as a sponsor for the event, will participate in the C3 Conference and will supply music to the opening cocktail party on June 23. CE Week is produced annually by the Consumer Technology Publishing Group (CTPG) more »

Fin: In defense of TIDAL, Microsoft vs. cable boxes and deep inside with Clickhole

Here’s the thing with TIDAL: It seems to get nothing but bad press. Its rollout, with that silly celebrity video, was mangled badly. But whenever I meet people in the consumer electronics industry, and audiophiles especially, they almost to a man say they love TIDAL and are rooting for it to best its competition. Check more »


The Replacements’ reunion is over

Damn, I felt bad enough about failing to get tickets to the recent Replacements reunion show before… It appears the nearly two-year reunion of the seminal 1980s band is over. That’s the word straight from the stage by frontman Paul Westerberg, as reported by Pitchfork: During the band’s performance at Primavera Porto today, The Replacements’ more »

Movie Review: “Love and Mercy”

(Note: This review of “Love and Mercy” originally ran following its U.S. premiere at the South by Southwest Film Festival in March. It is republished now on occasion of the film’s wide release:)  “Love and Mercy” is a music biopic that’s both conventional and unconventional in the best ways of each. The film shows us more »


RZA is the latest rapper with an electronics industry job

Yet another major star of the rap world has taken on a role with a consumer electronics company, following Dr. Dre, 50 Cent and  RZA, an original member of the Wu Tang Clan, has joined Boombotix, a manufacturer of portable audio technology and Bluetooth portable speakers. Under his given name, Robert Diggs, RZA will more »