Geddy Lee and his bobblehead do the Ice Bucket Challenge

The Ice Bucket Challenge has reached Canada- with a challenge performed by the Great White North’s preeminent 61-year-old ponytailed bass player/frontman. Yes, I’m talking about Geddy Lee. You know- Geddy Lee? Of Rush? Of Salesmen? That’s right Meatwad. Challenged by fellow rock star Les Claypool of Primus, Lee first did the challenge with a bobblehead figurine more »

Fin: Mormons place “Book of Mormon” ads, the revival of Comedy Central and the best movie mix tapes

I saw the touring production of “The Book of Mormon” last night here in Philadelphia, having never seen it before or heard any of the music, and I loved it, it’s every bit as great as everyone says. But I noticed something interesting: The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints- the actual Mormons- placed more »

SoundHound can now produce automatic Rdio playlists

Sound search app SoundHound today announced an update that includes Connect to Rdio, which allows users to have “newly discovered songs automatically populate in a specially designated SoundHound playlist” in the Rdio streaming music service.

What’s the story with the new U2 album? 

Hey, wasn’t U2 supposed to have a new album this year? First they did, then they didn’t, and now it sounds like they may again. The band was suddenly everywhere earlier this year, on the strength of their Oscar-nominated song from the Nelson Mandela movie, and then their Super Bowl commercial and their appearance on more »

Fin: Baseball’s best fans, drug-testing comedians and Fareed gets nailed 

One of my favorite Twitter accounts for the past several years has been @BestFansStLouis, a feed consisting entirely of retweets of unfair and often racist things posted by fans of the St. Louis Cardinals. The idea is to push back against the notion that Cards fans are somehow classier or more friendly than those of every more »

No, Taylor Swift’s new video is not racist

T-Swizz’s new video to “Shake it Off” dropped today and the Internet is conflicted as to whether or not it’s okay to love the sh*t out of it. Though the song is catchier than God’s own voice inviting you into heaven and the video is Audrey Hepburn circa “Funny Face” on steroids, the Internet is more »

Fin: Morris on Ferguson, Jarvis vs. Jarvis and “gross Amazon affiliate links”

Wesley Morris‘ essay on “12 Years a Slave” was the best piece on movies published anywhere in 2013. Now, with his “Let’s Be Cops”/Ferguson piece, Morris is going for the repeat (Grantland) For a supposed Internet guru, Jeff Jarvis has broken one of the sacred rules of the Internet: Never get into a pissing match more »

‘Equalizer’ preview used to tease Eminem/Sia single, not the other way around

You know how movie trailers these days tend to feed off the popularity and catchiness of music hit singles to boost awareness and hype? Heck, most films don’t even end up using the songs on their actual soundtracks, and oftentimes, there’s but a loose connection between the picture being advertised and the melody in the more »

Looking to reboot your one-hit wonder? Put it in a Marvel film

For my dad’s birthday last week, my family took him to see The Guardians of the Galaxy. My dad is a notorious superheros fan, so it was the obvious cinema choice. And while the movie was more awesome than I could have ever imagined, it wasn’t Chris Pratt’s charming good looks and humorous antics that kept me giddy throughout the film (well, maybe a little). Instead, it was the movie’s amazing soundtrack. I swear, it was like a 70s dance party in that movie theater. Everyone was vibing.

Why you gotta be so awful? The case against “Rude” 

There’s a song on the radio all the time these days called “Rude,” by a group called “Magic!” You know, the one that goes “why you gotta be so rude/don’t you know I’m human too” and then “I’m gonna marry that girl/marry her anyway.”  This song is terrible, for quite a few reasons: Its silly, more »


Concert Review: The Winery Dogs Prove They’re the ‘Real Deal’ in Philly

The term “supergroup” has been bandied about a lot in relation to rock bands that gather together noteworthy people from other bands. Yet few actually deserve the adjective “super.” But The Winery Dogs, a trio featuring Richie Kotzen (guitar/vocals), Billy Sheehan (bass) and uber-drummer Mike Portnoy, certainly qualify as a truly “super” group. Any doubt more »

Shailene Woodley wins big at Teen Choice Awards, One Direction takes it all

The teens have spoken. Shailene Woodley is their newest idol, and Jennifer Lawrence is passé. Well, not entirely, as J-Law did manage to snatch a Teen Choice Award over the week-end, for best actress in a sci-fi/fantasy flick. “,” which in the eyes of prepubescent voters might as well have been called the “J-Law Show”, more »