Listening Party: Todd Rundgren Goes EDM on ‘Global’

Todd Rundgren has never been an artist who rests on his laurels. Since he kicked off his solo career with the album in 1970, change has been the dominant characteristic of his work. From power pop to prog to blues to hard rock to a capella to bossa nova (seriously), Rundgren’s never shied away from more »

A TIDAL wave of narcissism

So Jay-Z and the Justice League of Over-Produced Pop Stars have joined forces to fight the evil menace of streaming music services – by starting their own streaming music service. There have been many stories recently about the meek amount of royalties that services like Spotify and Pandora pay out. Work certainly needs to be more »


Interview: Porcupine Tree/King Crimson Drummer Gavin Harrison Jazzes It Up

In his life and his work, Gavin Harrison has truly elevated drumming to an art form. After rising to fame for his innovative, athletic-yet-precise work as the percussive powerhouse for progressive rockers Porcupine Tree, Harrison gained even more cred when he joined avant-rock pioneers King Crimson in 2008. Although Porcupine Tree is currently on hiatus, more »

Fin: Buying “Star Wars” again, the two David Sirotas and defending Jar Jar

I’m probably going to end up ordering the digital release of the “Star Wars” movies, since it’s about time for my kids to discover them and when they do I’d like to have the films on every device. That said, I’d love to see some data on people buying the download: Is this is fourth more »

Carl Franklin takes over Tupac biopic

Shortly after John Singleton announced he was putting a planned Tupac life story on hold, production company Morgan Creek has announced the movie’s still on, just without Singleton. Carl Franklin, director of “Devil in a Blue Dress” and “One True Thing” is taking over from here. They’re citing the traditional “creative differences,” or Hollywood’s version more »

Bob Burns, founding member of Lynyrd Skynyrd, is dead at 64

He was there at the beginning, back when the band was known as My Backyard, and then The Noble Five. He played on all the demos, and was instrumental (forgive the pun) in bringing such classics as “Sweet Home Alabama,” “Gimme Three Steps,” and “Free Bird” to Southern rock fans around the world. By 1975, more »


Billy Ray Cyrus to star in CMT sitcom

Billy Ray Cyrus, former star of Hannah Montana, is getting back into the sitcom game at CMT.  At its upfront, the network announced Still the King, a comedy about a one-hit wonder ostracized by the country music community. Gee, I wonder where Cyrus will find the inspiration? Cyrus’ character finds himself eking out a living as an more »

Trailer for new documentary about Amy Winehouse is eerie

Quick, what’s more depressing: knowing a young person has infinitely more talent in their little finger than you do in your whole body, or, when a young person with tons of talent dies before ever realizing their full potential? The latter is always more sad. While Amy Winehouse did realize much of her potential, and more »

Will the ‘Groundhog Day’ musical find success on Broadway?

With original fare finding it difficult to breakthrough (all ‘Book of Mormon’s aside), Broadway producers continue to mine pop culture’s past for more theatrical presentation inspiration. The Great White Way currently sees adaptations of established media faves like ‘The Wizard of Oz’ (‘Wicked’), ‘Peter Pan’ (‘Finding Neverland’), and animated Disney favorites (‘Aladdin,’ ‘The Lion King’), more »

Die, Die, Dayenu: Metallica’s “Creeping Death” an unlikely Passover anthem

I’ve been something of a Metallica fan for more than 20 years and something of a Jew for nearly twice as long as that. But for some reason, it wasn’t until this Passover that I knew that Metallica’s song “Creeping Death” was about the Exodus/Passover story. I guess I just never listened to the lyrics… more »

New trailer for ‘Straight Outta Compton’ has hit

N.W.A didn’t just change rap music, they changed pop culture forever. They’re still doing it, as Ice Cube is a movie star and producer on the group’s biopic “Straight Outta Compton.” Dr. Dre’s on his way to becoming a billionaire. But before they became mainstream, they were part of the most dangerous group in America. F. more »


De La Soul are working on their first album in over a decade

After nearly breaking Dropbox by releasing their entire discography for free a couple of years ago, hip hop legends De La Soul are back in the studio grind and using Kickstarter to partially fund their fist album in 11 years. Collaborations with Gorillaz and a few mixtapes aside, De La Soul have been relatively quiet more »