Fin: Clown vs. Clown on Hannity, the other case against Charlie Hebdo and eying the post-Simmons world

Shrieking clown Pamela Geller has appeared on Sean Hannity’s Fox News show, literally, every night this week. One of those shows was a “debate” with Islamic “cleric” Anjem Choudary, a pretend Islamic radical who’s a regular panelist on Fox even though he has (per Salon) “no religious credentials and virtually no public support… and is more »

Fin: Cold Pursuit, Gronk’s frat defense and a Deez Nuts explainer

I agree with the critical consensus, and my colleague Shawn Kotzen: “Hot Pursuit” is an odious, totally unfunny movie, just strikingly lazy and poorly thought-out- like a copy of a copy of a copy of “Midnight Run,” substituting lazy ethnic and gender jokes for any type of comedy. Nothing like a “comedy” in which the more »

Fin: You were wrong about Joss Whedon, the fate of the Riviera butt statue and “The Wire” guilt

You’re not going to believe this, but all of your theories about Joss Whedon’s Twitter departure were wrong (Buzzfeed) In case you were wondering what happened to the statue of showgirls’ butts that had long stood outside Las Vegas’ recently shuttered Riviera casino- I feel like there would have been a long line of douchebags more »

Kurt Cobain rocking from the crypt with new album

Fans of posthumous album releases and Nirvana are in for a treat. Director Brett Morgen has announced that a collection of music from his documentary is in the works. While working on the film, a large amount of tapes were found that contained roughly 200 hours of audio recordings made by the late singer/guitarist. Select more »

Fin: Greatest kiss cam moments, every good boy does fine and the gleeful Geller

Two men kissed on the Kiss Cam at Dodger Stadium the other night, to applause. Which reminds me of my favorite stadium Kiss Cam moment ever. It was at San Francisco’s AT&T Park, in 2013. On the kiss cam were a pair of couples, seated man, woman, man, woman. When they appeared on the kiss more »

Fin: Ed Balls Day, worse than Dr. Oz and the Baltimore Homicide board

I was just on a jury for three days. The best thing about the case? It wasn’t one that Nancy Grace was aware of. How come I didn’t know about Ed Balls Day until now? (Huffington Post) The plot thickens on the “Mallrats 2″ location question: It may film in Minnesota, as the first one more »

The latest from TIDAL: Private concert, discovery engine

Following Jay-Z’s series of tweets over the weekend defending TIDAL from weeks of bad press, there were a couple of developments this week in the TIDAL Wars. Jay-Z announced that he will hold a “B-Sides Concert,” for an exclusive audience of TIDAL members, where he will play a series of songs that he hasn’t performed more »

Music distribution redux: Part 2: wave of syndication

In recent posts I spent a good amount of time poking fun at The Musical Avengers who launched Tidal streaming music service. Now it’s time to put the kidding aside and try and figure out some new ways for the music industry to do business. I spent a bunch of years working in media, most more »

Billy Corgan joins TNA as senior producer

The rumors have had Billy Corgan joining TNA in some capacity for a while, although most stories speculated it would be as owner. Instead, TNA has announced the Smashing Pumpkins frontman will be the senior producer of creative and talent development. He’ll be in charge of creating new characters and writing storylines. This isn’t new more »

Norway kills FM Radio

I first got excited when I heard that the Norwegian government was officially shutting down FM radio in 2017. I thought: “those progressive Scandinavians must be up to something new and exciting”, which could mean that 10 years from now the US might follow along too. Then I learned that they are just switching over more »

Iron Maiden’s hi-res catalog goes to Onkyo Music exclusively

Onkyo Music announced an exclusive hi-res audio deal, bringing in the entire catalog of rock icons Iron Maiden. The deal includes hi-res version of all 19 Iron Maiden albums- 15 studio, two best-of and two live. These include Iron Maiden, Killers, The Number Of The Beast, Piece Of Mind, Powerslave, Somewhere In Time, Seventh Son more »

Fin: The freedom to not be criticized, Full House sucked and so did Playmakers

Hey, everyone, say it with me: Freedom of speech does not mean freedom from being criticized. That’s true for you, Sarah Palin, and you too, Dr. Oz, and you too, mens’ right troglodytes. Believing otherwise really is the clarion call of rank dumbasses of all stripes. I’m glad that my take on Full House- that more »