Fin: “Serial” is not problematic, neither is Mailchimp, Sandusky is guilty and introducing the Bastard Executioner

On everyone’s favorite part of the Serial podcast: The Mailchimp ad! I’m four episodes in and still don’t know exactly how Mailchimp works (Quartz) A defense against calling “Serial” “problematic.” Again- the word “problematic” MEANS NOTHING. If you want to call something racist, call it racist, and argue your case on those merits. I agree more »

Billy Corgan no longer rockin’ with Resistance Pro Wrestling

It has been a tough couple of months for Chicago-based independent promotion Resistance Pro Wrestling. AMC passed on a reality show featuring Resistance. Now Smashing Pumpkins frontman and longtime wrestling enthusiast Billy Corgan, who co-founded the promotion in 2011, has announced his departure. His connection with it was the main reason people had heard of more »

Fin: The great “Interstellar” debate: Climate denial, or penis allegory?

What’s “Interstellar” really about? Is it an allegory about “the death of the penis,” and Matthew McConaughey’s “giant space schlong, tearing asunder the atmosphere as it slides into space”? Or is it a stealth brief for the notion that climate change is a hoax? Devin Faraci argues the former, and Mark Steyn the latter, and more »

Bono bike accident kiboshes U2′s “Tonight Show” residency 

Jimmy Fallon is going to have to scramble to find new guests for his next five shows. That’s because U2 has, at the last minute, called off its five-show “residency” on The Tonight Show, due to a cycling accent suffered by frontman Bono over the weekend in New York’s Central Park. According to a note more »

Coming soon: A little Spotify in your Uber

In news that wouldn’t have made any sense five years ago, Uber and Spotify have formed a partnership, allowing Uber riders to pick the music on their rides. Techcrunch and other outlets reported over the weekend that Spotify “will soon make music a central part of its ride-hailing service,” by allowing riders to play the more »

Fin: Go to hell, KSTP, in praise of Uncle F-cka, and misunderstanding “Fortunate Son”

I’m not sure if KSTP’s report/defense of itself for Pointergate Thursday night makes me more ashamed to be a journalist, or to be from Minnesota. They reported a story two weeks ago – that the mayor of Minneapolis was making gang signs- that was false, and thoroughly debunked the day it aired. Rather than retract more »

YouTube debuts Music Key, so you can pay for free music

It’s kind of a welcome little secret for music fans: Pretty much all pop music history can be found on YouTube. Yes, there’s Spotify and Pandora and Beats Music and all of the other subscription music services. But just about every song ever recorded is on the service, which is to say nothing of videos, more »

Fin: Shingy beyond parody, don’t ban “feminist” and you don’t see dead people

The New Yorker’s getting really good at parody, with this dynamite comedy piece about some fictional AOL adviser named “Shingy” who spouts next-level gibberish and gets paid six figures to do it. I haven’t read such a dead-on satire of Silicon Valley speciousness in a long, long time, so bravo to the New Yorker for more »

Blu-ray Review: Monty Python Live (Mostly): One Down, Five to Go

Monty Python pulled out all the stops for their reunion/possible farewell performances held in July of this year at the O2 Arena in London. Tapping into Python member Eric Idle’s Broadway musical success with “Spamalot,” these concerts featured big production numbers with dancers and singers, an orchestra … far more than the typical comedy show. more »

Report that Robert Plant turned down big money for Led Zeppelin reunion is “rubbish”

Remember earlier this week, when the internet was thick with headlines to stories you didn’t read about how Robert Plant turned down $300 million, or 5 million pounds, or 800 jillion dollars or some shit? The headlines called the prospective tour the most lucrative for any artist or act in the history of live music- more »

Fin: Eminem the troll, “problematic” is problematic and don’t ban words in 2015

On the topic of his rapping about wanting to punch Lana Del Rey in the face, I offer a hypothesis: Eminem is a troll. He really was always a troll, albeit one who once possessed legitimate musical talent. At this point, though? His schtick isn’t appreciably different from Ann Coulter’s. Saying shocking stuff just to get more »

The year of “Weird Al” continues with RadioShack “Toyland” ad

This past February, RadioShack debuted a new commercial during the Super Bowl, featuring Hulk Hogan, Mary Lou Retton, ALF, and other 1980s perennials, with the idea that RadioShack was finally leaving behind its vintage-’80s store designs and getting into the 21st century. With its holiday ad, the struggling retailer has brought in another celebrity whose more »