Fin: “Fight Club” and the ’90s, the Dane Cook comeback no one wants and Godspeed, Ronan

The 15th anniversary of “Fight Club”- and especially Bill Gibron’s essay- made me think about something: I’ve long looked back on the ’90s, especially the latter half, as a relatively happy time, when we weren’t at war, the economy was pretty good, the future looked generally bright, and instead of the Soviet Union or al-Qaeda more » debuts i.amPULS wearable

For a guy whose main profession is music, seems to interface with the consumer electronic industry an awful lot. For a time he was Intel’s “creative director,” and has been a frequent visitor to International CES on behalf of various companies. Now, the performer, whose real name is William Adams, has jumped into the more »

Fin: The Love-Grohl truce, “Fight Club” at 15, and the sexiest bullfight alive 

If Courtney Love and Dave Grohl can make peace after 20 years, then I suppose there’s hope for the Israelis and Palestinians after all (Page Six) On the exact 10th anniversary of Jon Stewart’s “you’re hurting America” speech, CNN cancelled the newest version of Crossfire, meaning it has hurt America for the last time. Since more »

A very Bono apology for Apple album 

On the day after Apple’s inexplicably outrage-inducing giveaway of U2′s new album expired, frontman Bono issued an apology for the whole thing- which sounded almost exactly like the sort of thing Bono might recite, very slowly, during one of his between-song monologues on stage, before jumping into “Bullet the Blue Sky’ or something. On Tuesday, more »

Afroman’s “Because I Got High” gets a pro-pot remix

Remember “Because I Got High,” that funny novelty single from 2001 from one-hit-wonder rapper Afroman? The song is back, with a new remix, courtesy of something called Weedmaps TV- which appears to be the video production arm of the dispensary-location/review app of that name. According to a press release Wednesday, the song has been revived more »

Fin: The next stage of ebola panic, questions from Al Sharpton and M. Night Reitman 

Anyone else get the impression that the media, especially cable news, is telling us that now that a pretty American lady has ebola, it’s “real,” and it’s “arrived,” and now we’re really supposed to care? Never mind the woman- I think I’ve already seen the picture of her dog more on the news than I more »

The Prince Show: Chris Rock, Prince headed to SNL Nov. 1

Get ready for the return of The Dark Side With Nat X. Chris Rock is returning to host Saturday Night Live on Nov. 1, but the musical guest for the evening may be even bigger news: It’s Prince. Rock was in the SNL cast from 1990 to 1993 and while history has put him in more »

Sorry folks, no new Adele album this year

Financial reports can be boring on the surface, but have all kinds of tasty tidbits in them. Buried in the annual report from Adele’s label XL Recordings was the news that she won’t release a new album in 2014, which the BBC discovered in a report published Monday. XL expects a decrease in profits because more »

The Foo Fighters HBO series ‘Sonic Highways’ is the ‘Anti-Let It Be’

Way back in 1968, just after the tumultuous sessions that lead to the heralded ‘White Album,’ Paul McCartney of The Beatles decided that the band needed to go “back to their roots.” Sensing the disintegration in the working relationship between the former Fab Four, he suggested a “fly on the wall” documentary, giving fans a more »

Katy Perry addresses Super Bowl performance reports

Billboard reported that megastar Katy Perry would headline the halftime show at the 2015 Super Bowl. Yesterday Perry tweeted that she was watching her new favorite sport. Coldplay and Rihanna were other artists rumored for consideration by the NFL. CBS was using Rihanna’s “Run This Town Tonight” for its Thursday night broadcasts, then decided to more »

Fin: Trans ‘South Park,’ Maureen Dowd on “Gone Girl” and the sexiest “blacklisted” woman alive 

South Park‘s take on transgenderism- in which Cartman pretends to be transgender in order to get his own bathroom at school- was actually quite poignant and progressive. So let’s consider it Parker and Stone’s plea for a mulligan on that whole “Mrs. Garrison” storyline. You know, the one where Mr. Garrison became a trans woman more »

Fin: The end of CSNY, The Gimp speaks and Frank Sobotka’s revenge on Baltimore  

Neil Young has announced that Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young will probably never tour together again, meaning the end of perhaps rock’s greatest-ever supergroup. When I was in college I went to a CSNY concert, during the reunion tour they did in 2000. They sounded quite good, and my memories are: My friends and I were more »