An Interview with “Black Sea” director Kevin Macdonald: There’s no substitute for a good “sub” genre… literally.

Oscar-winning director Kevin Macdonald’s newest film “Black Sea” manages to resurrect a long-forgotten SUB-genre (more on this particular pun later) — the submarine movie. While films like “Below,” “Das Boot,”Crimson Tide,” “U-571,” etc. frequently “surfaced” (sorry, I just can’t help myself) during the 1980’s, 1990’s and even the 2000’s, this forgotten style of action-thriller has more »


Selma, the controversy, and the importance of timing

Since the Academy Award nominations were announced Thursday morning, the biggest story has been the lack of nominations for “Selma.” Yes, it got a Best Picture nod. But aside from that, “Selma” was nominated only for Best Original Song (“Glory,” the Golden Globe-winning tune by John Legend and Common), and was shut out completely in more »

Chaz Ebert on non-nomination: Roger “has all the trophies he will ever need”

One of the more disappointing aspects of this week’s Oscar nominations was that “Life Itself,” Steve James’ documentary about the life of Roger Ebert, was not nominated in the Best Documentary category. James is certainly no stranger to getting overlooked by the Oscars- his 1994 “Hoop Dreams,” long championed by Ebert along with Gene Siskel, more »

#OscarNoms: Twitter reacts to the Oscar nominations, snubs, Dick Poop and more

I heard about the Oscar nominations through Twitter (#oscarnoms) this morning as I walked from my car to the office; my plans to watch a live stream were kiboshed once I realized NBC was making me watch a pro-Comcast/TW Cable merger spot beforehand. “Selma” got not much besides the #Oscarnoms hashtag: “Selma” was shut out, more »

Beyond “Selma”: The ten most egregious Oscar snubs

1. and 2. “Selma,” for Best director (Ava DuVernay) and best original screenplay (Paul Webb.)  One omission would have been bad enough- but snubs for both?  This extraordinary film deserved much better, both for DuVernay’s sterling direction and a screenplay that not only had to juggle many characters and nail a complex structure, but needed more »

“Birdman,” “Grand Budapest'” lead Oscar nominations; “Selma” mostly shut out

The nominees were announced Thursday morning for this year’s Academy Awards, and there were no huge surprises, aside from an underrepresentation of “Selma” in the major categories. “Birdman” and “Grand Budapest Hotel” led with nine nominations each, with “The Imitation Game” close behind with eight. All three were nominated for Best Picture, along with “American more »

Movie Review: “Selma”

If there’s one public figure who has been LONG overdue to get their own cinematic biopic, it’s definitely Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Much like Steven Spielberg’s “Lincoln,” “Selma” focuses on the life of a great man – a man who changed the life of everyone around him, as well as the world as we more »

Watch the first trailer for Jennifer Aniston’s dark comedy, “Cake”

In the dark comedy Cake, Jennifer Aniston plays a testy, pill-popping woman cursed with chronic pain who becomes obsessed with the suicide of a member (Anna Kendrick) of her chronic pain support group, then with her widower husband (Sam Worthington), all as she fumbles  through great personal pain. Much has been made of Aniston’s makeup-free more »


Movie Review: “Interstellar”

Space… the final frontier. Actually, when it comes to the movies, this “final frontier” has gotten a tad crowded throughout the years. The thing is, the topic of space travel has been explored on a cinematic level quite a few times during the past few decades. In fact, some of the most talented and well-known more »

Movie Review: “St. Vincent”

During the first half of his long, storied career, I think it’s fair to say that Bill Murray, the acclaimed star of “St. Vincent,” has carved a nice niche for himself portraying characters that fit a certain comedic mold. Due to the fact that he wasn’t exactly blessed with the looks and muscles of… oh, more »

Sure beats Seth MacFarlane: Neil Patrick Harris to host Oscars

Neil Patrick Harris has been talked about as a potential Academy Awards host, it seems, since a couple of years after he got done playing Doogie Howser. The child star-turned-sitcom star-turned-Broadway star has already hosted the Tonys and Emmys, while also winning both. In 2015, Harris will finally host the Oscars, the show’s producers announced more »

First ‘Rosewater’ trailer is about hope, survival, Oscar bait

Jon Stewart’s chops as a political satirist, stand-up comedian, TV host, writer and even actor can be hardly called into question after nearly two decades of The Daily Show, although in recent years his fake news program has started to feel like a poor man’s Colbert Report. Still, the 20-time (!!!) Emmy winner has little more »