WWE Superstar Daniel Bryan retires at 34

Wrestling fans (today’s fan) are sad to hear the news of the early retirement of Daniel Bryan.  Bryan has been battling medical issues arising from a concussion he received last April during a match. Bryan has been struggling to return and stay ahead of his concussion symptoms and has not been a regular on the more »

Dave Mirra: BMX and X Games legend, dead at 41

Police in Greenville North Carolina announced that Dave Mirra’s body was found earlier yesterday. Early responders and authorities discovered Mirra’s body in his truck from an apparent suicide.

Mirra, BMX star, X Games gold medal winner, holds 14 X Games Gold medals, was an accomplished athlete in his own right. He not only excelled at BMX racing and tricks, he was impressive as a Rally car driver, triathlon, Ironman and almost anything he touched. He will be sadly missed. Mirra leaves behind a wife and two daughters.