Nurse Jackie will make her final rounds, show’s 7th season its last

  Shooting has begun for the seventh season of Showtime’s Emmy-winning dark comedy Nurse Jackie, and it will be the last ever for the series. The cast helped break the news at their first table reading for the new season, posing for a photo holding up signs saying “the final season.” Edie Falco is beaming; more »

The Simpsons to crossover with original Tracy Ullman versions

‘ annual Treehouse of Horror episodes have all sorts of fun winking at the audience. This year, they’ll borrow a trick from comic book crossovers and meet their previous versions. The Oct. 19 episode will have a parody of “The Others” that sees the family haunted by ghosts. It turns out these ghosts are the more »

Bond villain Richard Kiel dead at 74

Richard Kiel somehow managed to make a 7-foot assassin with solid steel teeth a lovable figure. The actor that brought Bond nemesis Jaws to life died Wednesday . Born with acromegaly, the same hormonal condition Andre The Giant had, Kiel mixed his intimidating size with a winning smile and sense of humor. His bumbling, lovable more »

‘Minority Report’ TV series ends up at Fox

For months now, we’ve heard rumors that Steven Spielberg’s hit 2002 film, ‘,’ was being positioned by the Popcorn King for a possible TV series. Few specifics were given, except that the man who made ‘Jaws,’ ‘Close Encounters of the Third Kind,’ ‘Raiders of the Lost Ark,’ and ‘Jurassic Park’ would be “hands on” with more »

On CNN: Wolf Blitzer, man in motion

There’s nothing funny about war, or about a presidential address in which the commander-in-chief announces a new commitment of military force meant to degrade and eventually destroy the militia known as ISIS. But before President Obama announced military action in a prime time address Wednesday night we had a moment on CNN that made me more »

Fin: Left Behind on Rosh Hashanah, Strong Takes on sports and secrets of ‘Night Calls’

I was invited this week to a press screening of the Nicolas Cage “Left Behind” movie- but wouldn’t you know it, it’s on Erev Rosh Hashanah. I suppose I’m in no position to complain, though. In fact, maybe I should be thanking them. The brilliant Twitter sports commentator known as @PFTCommenter has launched a new more »

Amazon Prime is now on Android phones

I hadn’t been aware that the Amazon Prime Video streaming service was not availably on non-Amazon Android smartphones, but apparently it wasn’t. But as of yesterday, it is, as a mobile app on most Android devices: Amazon today announced that Prime members in the US, UK and Germany can now enjoy Prime Instant Video on more »

WCW, WWE wrestler Sean O’Haire dies at age 43

Sean O’Haire, a talented grappler who served as one-half of WCW’s final tag team champions, died Monday.  No cause of death has been announced for the 43-year-old. O’Haire debuted in 2000, his athleticism pegging him as a rising star in WCW. Despite being 270 lbs, he could deliver an excellent looking Swanton Bomb. The Wrestling more »

Negative ad: Al Franken isn’t good enough or smart enough, and people don’t like him 

Throughout Al Franken’s gradual transition from comedian to politician, political opponents have frequently attempted to use Franken’s past writings and other comedic output against him.  See, especially, a long period in the early 2000s when Bill O’Reilly was feuding with Franken- then an author- and refused to speak Franken’s name, only ever calling him “Stuart more »

The Replacements bust out “Alex Chilton” in 30 Rock return

The Replacements were famously banned from performing at 30 Rock after a particularly drunken, curse-filled Saturday Night Live performance in 1986, although “particularly drunken” is an adjective that would describe pretty much every ‘Mats performance of that era: But Jimmy Fallon, since taking over the Tonight Show chair, has been pretty kind to the formerly more »

Blu-ray Review: The Vampire Diaries: The Complete Fifth Season

Vampires can seem like pretty mysterious creatures to the outside world, all right. After all, these things tend to stay in the shadows and well away from human view, until, of course, it’s time to turn one into dinner. Our friends out at Warner Bros., meanwhile, sent over a copy of “The Vampire Diaries: The more »

“Sons of Anarchy”‘s “Bohemian Rhapsody”: The 2-hour version

What do Sons of Anarchy and Glee have in common? They’ve both had long montage sequences set to a cover of Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody.” The difference was, in the Glee one, it was only five minutes long. And no one got stabbed in the head. Tuesday night’s final season premiere of FX’s biker drama was listed more »