Emmys 2014: likes and dislikes

The Emmy Awards wrapped up Sunday night and as usual, there were no huge surprises among the winners: Breaking Bad swept the drama categories, with Modern Family winning big on the comedy side. What I liked: 1. While Seth Meyers’ monologue was somewhat lackluster- seriously, we’re still making “no more music on MTV” jokes in more »

Ab Fab movie stunt-casts Elton John, Emma Bunton, other Brit superstars

The long-awaited movie version of Jennifer Saunders’ Absolutely Fabulous is finalizing casting choices, and they will pull any Ab Fab fan’s interest: the original cast will return, along with every star who ever appeared in the series. That’s huge, or as the British might say, “massive.”

The Trailer for ‘The Brittany Murphy Story’ is Here

I love you, Lifetime Movie Network. I really, really do. I appreciate the fact that you make grindhouse movies for the middle-aged aunts of the world. I adore your brand of watered down, mawkish sleaze, sincerely and genuinely. But jeepers creepers guys, you just went too far this time.

WE TV orders full season of reality show ‘Sex Box’

Under the category of “stuff we couldn’t make up,” WE TV will air nine episodes of Sex Box next season after looking at a pilot. This isn’t a catchy, misleading title. The show really is about a couple entering a soundproof, camera-free box to have sex. Then they will leave said box to discuss their feelings with a panel of experts. WE TV President Marc Juris called it one of the most unique and compelling show concepts the network has ever seen. It’s an adaptation of a British show. So the next time one of your BBC loving friends suggests all British TV is better, you can just remind them where this one originated.

Julianne Hough will be a judge on Dancing With the Stars

Dancer, choreographer, actress, and now add full-time judge for Dancing With The Stars to the list of stuff Julianne Hough has to do. The blue-eyed ball of charm is already a two-time champion of the show and has guest-judged before. The panel of judges already includes dancer and lovebug Carrie Ann Inaba; the famed choreographer of one of Elton John’s best videos (“I’m Still Standing”) Bruno Tonioli; and dance master/heartthrob Len Goodman. The Wrap helpfully points out the bump in the road before the show even starts: Hough’s brother, Derek, is one of the pro dancers on the show, which therefore makes a conflict of interest or at least presents bias. However, it’s just a TV show and no one ever said the judging process was completely impartial or fair. Or even that it matters at all!

Spielberg will transform ‘Minority Report’ into TV series

Spielberg’s Minority Report featured a society that arrested people thinking about committing a crime before they actually did. There are no telepaths able to stop acclaimed directors from turning feature films into TV projects. So Minority Report is joining the ranks of films spinning off into TV shows. If this project sees daylight it will join the likes of “12 Monkeys,” “Fargo,” and “Parenthood” as current film-to-TV projects.

Showtime renewed Masters of Sex and Ray Donovan

Showtime has ordered a third season for two of its shows: the pugilistic family drama “Ray Donovan” and the sexy researchers of “Masters of Sex” are coming back for 12 more episodes each. Production for both will start in early 2015. “Ray Donovan” (Leiv Schreiber) left off particularly cliff-hanger-y, as Ray is starving out his dad Mickey (played tenderly and cruelly by Oscar winner Jon Voight), who’s secretly carving out a development deal and writing a screenplay with his Skid Row buddy. Schreiber made his TV directing debut on “Ray Donavan.”

Fin: Dumb Ditka, dueling SNL weeks and what’s so R-rated about being gay?

On the Mike Ditka “Redskins” comment, I ask of you: Have you ever once heard Ditka say something out loud, whether in his coaching or broadcasting careers, that didn’t make you think to yourself, “this man is a blithering idiot?” I’m just glad he never followed through on his threats to run for political office. more »

‘True Detective’ Season 2 is coming Summer 2015

More details are finally starting to emerge about season 2 of HBO’s wildly popular anthology drama ‘True Detective,’ and they’re really enticing for the most part. Nic Pizzolatto has been hard at work on season 2, which unfortunately won’t be back on our screens until Summer of 2015, which is a pretty huge bummer since more »

FX releases new ‘American Horror Story’ teaser– kind of sucks compared to Kellen Moore’s

FX has finally released a new teaser trailer for the upcoming fourth season of American Horror Story, subtitled Freak Show.  The season is set in 1952 Jupiter, Florida where one of the last remaining freak shows struggles to survive amid dying carny culture, led by carnival matriarch Jessica Lange. Gabourey Sidibe, Emma Roberts, Sarah Paulson, Angela Bassett, and more »

FX picks up ‘The Strain’ for a second season

FX viewers love Guillermo del Toro and Carlton Cuse’s dark, creepy take on the vampire mythos. Halfway through its initial season, the network has announced a second 13-episode season of The Strain. Based on a series of books del Toro wrote with Chuck Hogan, it combines horror with procedural elements. It portrays vampirism as a more »

See “Gotham” first at Wizard World 2014

Ooh, you Batman fans are going to be jealous! The 2014 Wizard World Chicago Comic Con is happenin right now in Rosemont, Illinois and something special is planned for Saturday night – a sneak peek of the Gotham pilot! Attendees will be able to view the premiere of Gotham on August 23, 2014. A wristband more »