Jim Gaffigan’s Sitcom Heads to TV Land

I’m going to assume that Jim Gaffigan sleeps at some point during the day.  The immensely popular comedian tours relentlessly and finds time to act in movies and TV shows. His second book, Food: A Love Story, hits stores this October. And he’s raising five kids in a New York City apartment with his wife and more »

DVD Review: Debbie Macomber’s Cedar Cove Season One

Sometimes you just want a little something that you can settle in quietly and watch. Maybe it’s a rainy Sunday, maybe it’s been a rough day at work, maybe it’s Black Friday and you’ve hit all the doorbusters. Whatever the circumstances, sometimes you want calm and relaxing, and generally, Hallmark Channel is a great place more »

Mike Tyson Mysteries coming to Adult Swim

I blame “The Hangover” for pushing Mike Tyson into comedic acting, but since his one dramatic turn on Law & Order: SVU led to a boycott and his run on Broadway ended, here we are. Iron Mike’s latest role will be playing a version of himself in Adult Swim’s Mike Tyson Mysteries, an almost shot-for-shot more »

Welcome back, Taco: ‘The League’ to return in September 

The next season of its longtime lead-in, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, has been postponed to January. But FXX’s The League will be back in the fall, for its usual run concurrently with the fantasy (and real) football season. The Wrap reported Tuesday that The League‘s sixth season will premiere Sept. 3 at 10 p.m., more »

Cuba Gooding Jr. is getting a “Curb Your Enthusiasm”-style show on Comedy Central

Very cool casting news for Comedy Central’s 2015 scripted verite show Big Time in Hollywood, FL: Cuba Gooding Jr, Michael Madsen, and Keith David have signed on as cast members. Deadline has a great synopsis, including listing how many eps in which the mega-stars will appear: Written by Alex Anfanger and Dan Schimpf, Big Time more »

‘New Girl’ drafts ‘Veep’ star Reid Scott for season 4 premiere cameo

Reid Scott’s sleazy, backstabbing, go-getting, oddly charming Dan Egan character on HBO smash hit Veep doesn’t really have a lot of time for relationships. Well, aside from the occasional career-boosting politicians’ daughters fling. But that’s what network sitcoms are for, as Scott will reportedly round out a steamy, dreamy love triangle on Fox’s New Girl more »

The latest ‘Sons of Anarchy’ guest star is… Lea Michele?

The idea of Glee star/pop singer Lea Michele guest-starring on Sons of Anarchy‘s final season may soon counterintuitive, because it’s hard to imagine Michele and and SAMCRO existing in the same universe. But it’s happening. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Michele will star on one episode as “Gertie, an empathetic truck-stop waitress and single mother who connects with more »

Sam Raimi says there will be an Evil Dead TV series…starring Bruce Campbell!

For all Sam Raimaniacs, yours truly definitely included, any Evil Dead news is good news. Even the slightest mention of the horror franchise makes us unnecessarily giddy. So when the famed filmmaker made an unscheduled appearance at Comic Con this past week, it was reason to rejoice. What he had to say turned happiness into more »

This week in mainstreamed piracy: Popcorn Time gets AirPlay, TorrentTV launches 

How a company whose entire business model is based on piracy could go on for any period of time- when every legal precedent from Napster on down indicates that they’ll be shut down sooner or later- is unclear. But that doesn’t mean we’re not getting new innovations in the content piracy space all the time. more »

DVD Review: The Marx Brothers TV Collection

You know, I’ve used the phrase “a history lesson” around here plenty, usually when talking about an old title Shout Factory converted to Blu-ray. But today, Shout Factory’s putting on a downright history clinic with “The Marx Brothers TV Collection,” a copy of which it sent out for review, and this one is going to more »

From Westeros to San Diego: ‘Game of Thrones’ Comic-Con news roundup

While Comic-Con this year was all about Marvel and DC’s movie properties, with a surprising amount of “Mad Max,” there was plenty of attention on that other property beloved by nerds and non-nerds alike, Game of Thrones. Here’s some of what broke over Comic-Con week about Westeros: – Casting! We have official word on who’s more »

‘The Walking Dead’ cast delivers trailer, talks about Terminus

All roads in season 4 of The Walking Dead led to Terminus, a creepy community filled with people whose angle we don’t know. The trailer makes one thing certain. This season doesn’t start with gardening. The residents of Terminus don’t appear to be cannibals, but they don’t seem very friendly, either. As you see in more »