Zombieland 2 continues shambling toward release

According to Deadline, there is significant movement on the “Zombieland” sequel front. The 2009 horror comedy raked in more than $100 million, yet hasn’t seen a second installment. Amazon tried it as a 2013 TV pilot that didn’t get picked up. The original cast of Jesse Eisenberg, Woody Harrelson, Emma Stone and Abigail Breslin all more »

A farewell to Shirley: Yvette Nicole Brown exits ‘Community’

Community, as it prepares to move to Yahoo Screen for its sixth season, is minus another original cast member. Yvette Nicole Brown, who has played Shirley on the show since the beginning, is leaving the series, reported Tuesday.  Brown told the site that she is leaving in order to care for her ailing father: more »

Best ‘Worst’ news: ‘You’re the Worst’ renewed, moving to FXX 

FX debuted a pair of new shows this summer and put them on Thursday night- Married and You’re the Worst. The former show had a pedigreed cast- Nat Faxon, Judy Greer, Jenny Slate, Paul Reiser- while the latter had no one most TV watchers had ever heard of. Both received middling-to-positive reviews upon their debut, more »

Bill Burr wonders why women would possibly have a problem with the NFL

Comedian Bill Burr took to Conan Tuesday night with a rant about how, while he watches football for what sounds like about 20 hours per week- unimpeded in any way, it appears, by his non-football-watching wife- women are “slowly taking over” and “ruining” the NFL. Also, for the month of October, they’re going to dress more »

Fin: In defense of the Clinton baby, Coen rankings and Satan, film critic

The baby daughter of Chelsea Clinton- who is currently exactly four days old- has already been called “another liberal crybaby” by the New York Post – the same paper that published that odious “open letter to Chelsea’s fetus” a few months ago- and “the poster child of intermarriage” by Kveller. Guys! She’s just a baby! more »

Larry David keeps hope alive for more ‘Curb”

Larry David’s Curb Your Enthusiasm last aired new episodes more than three years ago, in the summer of 2011.  ‘Curb’ has aired eight seasons, despite premiering 14 years ago; when it the series’ pilot/special first debuted Bill Clinton was still president. However, the series has never been canceled, and David has occasionally given hopeful quotes about its more »

TBS’ baseball promo is “dynamite”

Baseball’s postseason gets underway today, and even if your team didn’t qualify this year, you can enjoy the great studio crew TBS has managed to pull together for the games. There’s no Keith Olbermann this year, as he’s committed to his ESPN show, but the TBS’ on-air crew includes such ’80s and ’90s on-field heroes more »

Bye bye blackouts: FCC eliminates NFL rule 

Great news for fans of the NFL, in cities where not many people go to  home games: Blackouts are a thing of the past. For as long as anyone can remember, it’s been the rule that if an NFL team fails to sell out all its tickets by a certain amount of time before game time, more »

“Crouching Tiger 2″ is Netflix’s first original feature; theater chains balk

Having already conquered original TV shows- along with original documentaries, stand-up specials and kids programming- Netflix is jumping to the next rung: Original movies. In a move that has a chance to shake up film distribution in a huge way, Netflix has reached a deal to release its first-ever feature film, ” Crouching Tiger, Hidden more »

Fin: Walter White gone one year, obsessing about “Frozen” and opening for Lena Dunham

Happy one year since Breaking Bad went off the air- it also happened to be the day of my sister’s wedding, so Sept. 29 will always be the day Amy and Jason got married and Walter White died. On that Kyle Smith essay on how his daughters are obsessed with “” and it’s ruining his more »


Netflix removing Battlestar Galactica on October 1

Listen up, nuggets. Battlestar Galactica, one of the best sci-fi series in history, will no longer be available for Netflix streaming Oct. 1. That’s the nature of this business. Every month some things will come and go as Netflix decides what’s worth continuing to pay for the rights to. The Verge has instructions on how more »

GE’s “Boy Who Beeps” ad is “Boyhood,” with beeps

NBC aired an ad during Saturday Night Live this past week that was so weird and offbeat that I honestly thought it was an SNL digital short. The two-minute ad was for GE, and you could call it a cross between Steven Spielberg’s “A.I. Artificial Intelligence” and Richard Linklater’s “Boyhood.” “The Boy Who Beeps” is more »