Get ready for Dan Savage: The Sitcom

Dan Savage has been a pioneering sex advice columnist for over 20 years. He’s been an influential commentator in support of gay rights and sexual freedom, he founded the It Gets Better project, and he forever ruined the last name of Rick Santorum, as well as any and all future Santorums. Now, Savage may add more »

Banned Super Bowl commercial watch: Still nothing banned, but GoDaddy doggie ad pulled

I’ve been writing lately about the phenomenon of “banned Super Bowl commercials,” wherein controversial brands (usually related to guns, pornography or dating websites) produce “commercials,” with no intention of ever purchasing Super Bowl ad time, but then milking free advertising by calling them “banned.” There haven’t been any for this year’s game, although as we more »

DVD Review: Paddington Bear: Collector’s Edition

With the Paddington Bear movie currently in theaters, our friends at Mill Creek Entertainment likely figured it a good idea to remind you where the oddly-dressed bear came from. To that end, they’ve sent out a copy of the “Paddington Bear: Collector’s Edition” set for us to review. “” comes with two separate breeds of more »

Everything’s coming up Duplass: “Togetherness” renewed

It’s a good week to be a Duplass. Mark and Jay Duplass’ HBO series, Togetherness, debuted to decent reviews and has now been renewed for a second season. The news follows, by a couple of days, word that the Duplass brothers had reached a deal with Netflix to host the brothers’ next four films. Meanwhile, more »

Nearly half of streaming customers share passwords

Do you share your Netflix, Hulu and WatchESPN logins? You’re far from alone. According to a Consumer Reports National Research Center survey published Wednesday, 46 percent of streaming account holders have shared their log-in credentials with those outside their home, while 51 percent of American households subscribe to at least one out of Amazon Prime more »

The Church of Scientology is fighting “Going Clear” movie

What, you were expecting the disciples of a guy named Ron to take this lying down? Just be nice and put a billboard up across the street? A pro-Scientology Twitter account bought a series of “promoted tweets” that appeared online Monday slamming a new HBO documentary about the church, comparing the film to Rolling Stone’s more »

Fin: Interview with a troll, the trouble with “awesome” and a tale of two Sundance posters

Lindy West tracked down and interviewed her own troll. Absolutely riveting (This American Life) “Awesome” is problematic  (Washington Post) In the late ’90s, two columnists- Mike Barnicle and Patricia Smith- were both fired from the Boston Globe for plagiarism/fabrication. Barnicle in the years since has his continued his career as though nothing happened, in ever- more »

Louis C.K. goes back to the club for new special

It’s time for another Louis C.K. hour-long special- his sixth- and for this one, Louis is returning to the comedy club. On Louis C.K.’s FX show Louie, the opening credits feature the comedian walking through Manhattan’s Greenwich Village, until he walks downstairs to the venerable comedy club the Comedy Cellar. On episodes featuring Louie’s standup more »

Shout “Eep Opp Ork Ah Ah!” A new Jetsons movie is in the works

Back when TV consisted of four channels (ABC, NBC, CBS, and PBS), ‘The Flintstones‘ was the reigning prime time animated series champion – not that there was much competition, mind you. Still, when the various networks saw what Joseph Hanna and William Barbera, the immediately lept at the chance to showcase their latest endeavor – more »

The Wizard of Was: Joe Franklin (1926 – 2015)

Most of you probably don’t know him. There are a few savvy late nighters who’ve seen his oddball compendium of the famous and the never will be, but they would have to be far past the age of the Internet and social media. Yet for some inexplicable reason, Joe Franklin became a fixture on the more »

Fin: Transparent, babe, McStuffins syndrome and O’Reilly on rap

Count my wife and I among those who took advantage of Amazon’s special offer Saturday and watched the entire first season of in one sitting. It’s a great show, every bit as good as its reputation. Jeffrey Tambor’s Golden Globe and that of the series were both totally deserved, and all three of the children (Amy more »

Unhappy ‘Birthday': IFC cancels “The Birthday Boys”

The cancellation of The Birthday Boys, IFC’s Bob Odenkirk-shepherded sketch comedy show, after two seasons shouldn’t be that big a surprise. The show was never all that popular, and never really caught on in the mainstream. IFC has carved out a niche, with Portlandia, Maron Comedy Bang Bang and Garfunkel and Oates as the “hipster more »