Fin: Adios Sabado Gigante, growing out of the Simmons mailbag and the lies of Hulk Hogan

Adiós a las tetas: After more than 50 years, Univision has cancelled Sabado Gigante. I’ve enjoyed the show over the years despite barely knowing any Spanish, for the same reason I watch soccer matches with Spanish commentary: Sometimes language just isn’t necessary (The Wrap) Am I the only one who just cringes at Bill Simmons’ more »

DVD Review: Mountain Men Season 3

It’s time for another trip back into some of the wildest terrain in America as we get a look at how a whole other segment of the population lives. Our friends out at Lionsgate sent over a copy of “Mountain Men: Season 3″ for us to review, and the mountain men are still showing us more »

Truman Capote’s ‘In Cold Blood’ to become a mini-series

Before the days of social media and the 24 hour news cycle, in an era where the press merely reported on what happened without spin or opinion, Truman Capote’s true crime “novel” ‘In Cold Blood’ took the world by storm. It represented one of the first attempts to mesh the ethics of journalism with the more »

Brooklyn comes to Springfield: ‘Girls’ stars to visit The Simpsons

Well, it’ll probably be better than the Simpsons/Family Guy crossover… Vulture reported that all four regular cast members on Girls- Lena Dunham, Jemima Kirke, Zosia Mamet and Alllison Williams- will guest-star on September’s season premiere of The Simpsons. Dunham had previously been announced as appearing. According to the report: We’re having a Girls reunion, even though Girls is still more »

Mick Foley’s one-man show coming to WWE Network

WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley has been on the comedy circuit since hanging up his tights. WWE has announced a TV taping of his “Cheap Pops” comedy show April 24 at Full Sail University. Foley will share stories from his legendary career and has promised that a few other superstars will stop by. Like more »

Verizon is taking FiOS towards a la carte

A la carte cable isn’t dead. But Verizon may have just dealt it a crucial blow. According to a Wall Street Journal report Thursday night, Verizon will soon begin offering a slimmed-down package to customers of its FiOS TV service. The package will include a “slim” core package of a small amount of channels, including more »

Fin: Changes for Mickey Rourke’s gay rugby movie, movie-bombing North Korea and Ted Cruz’s Jews

Remember that insane idea a few years ago about Mickey Rourke starring in a biopic of openly gay Welsh rugby star Gareth Thomas, despite Rourke being both 30 years too old for the part and not in any position to play young or athletic?  The film has now been rejiggered: It’s still Rourke playing an more »

MTV is bringing back ‘Celebrity Death Match.’ You’re Welcome.

In the world of celebrity, there’s beef…and then there’s BEEF. Entire rap careers have been made out of one artist’s anger (and articulate means of expressing same) against another. Usually, this is done in public, or in 2015, on Twitter. More times than not, it’s just meaningless A-list drivel. Now, MTV is bringing back the more »

A few thoughts on the latest David Chase Sopranos finale explanation

Sopranos creator David Chase has shared an in-depth shot-by-shot analysis of The Sopranos finale’s maddening final scene (and not just because of the Journey song), in an article for Director’s Guild magazine, the DGA Quarterly. His analysis does not exist to satisfy fans, nor the actors involved. It simply exists. In case you forgot, Chase more »

6 emotional stages of already falling behind on ‘Game of Thrones’

I recently relocated to a new state and, in the commotion, haven’t spent enough time on the Internet to be aware of the fact that Game of Thrones is apparently back???!!! And 4 extra episodes have leaked?! Sharing an apartment in a party town as a Millennial means cutting corners on things like premium cable subscriptions (and more »

Enough with the “three more episodes until the finale “

I didn’t think I’d ever find a pet peeve about “next week on Mad Men…” promos that bothered me more than the non-sequitter opacity of the clips themselves. But that was before Mad Men adopted the “just four more episodes… until the finale” method of teasing. After last week’s episode, the second of the seven-episode more »

Fin: Friends of Eddie Coyle, fans of ‘Justified’

I’m traveling today, so in lieu of a proper end-of-day post, I’d like to share a few of the goodbyes fans had to Justified, which wrapped up with a nearly perfect final season and series finale. Here are some Twitter tributes: Recapping JUSTIFIED and regularly re-watching old DEADWOOD episodes made my Texas drawl come back. more »