Stephen Colbert will appear on The Mindy Project with a full, luxurious beard

To take the awful chill out of our newly Colbert Report-less world, and to diffuse the ennui that’s set in until his new Late Show launches, Stephen Colbert will return to television guest-starring on The Mindy Project. And Colbert won’t be quite the same. In fact, he wants to introduce you to someone. It’s his new more »

Bye bye, Biggs: “Orange is the New Black” loses Larry

In short: hooray. The cheers are for the fact that the upcoming season of Orange is the New Black will not feature Jason Biggs’s character, Larry, at all. We won’t see the fallout that came after Larry selfishly write a story about his now-ex-fiancée’s prison experience; we won’t see Larry snuggling with his ex’s best more »

DVD Review: “Maude: The Complete Series”

And then there’s Maude. These words had a hand in one of the biggest television series the 1970s could offer, a series about a married woman who seemed to want a little more for herself than June Cleaver ever asked, yet there was no doubt she was every bit as in charge as June ever more »

DVD Review: Episodes: The Third Season

You’ve got to hand it to Showtime; they’ve got some of the best television around. “Episodes” showed that it’s ready to keep the streak alive, and our friends out at CBS Home Entertainment sent out a copy of “Episodes: The Third Season” for us to review and show that, indeed, the streak is alive. “” more »

Kevin Hart takes center stage for the Comedy Central’s Justin Bieber roast

Kevin Hart has become the human representation of the old adage “strike while the iron is hot.” After years of struggling as a stand-up, slowing building his audience and his brand, he’s now a much in demand actor and performer. Over the last few years he’s jumpstarted two franchises (‘Think Like a Man,’ ‘Ride Along’), more »

Fresh Off the Boat glides to an excellent start

Is it in spite of, or because of creator/writer Eddie Huang’s stubborn refusal to bend to network notes regarding the first comedy about an Asian-American family on television for 20 years that Fresh Off the Boat, the new ABC show based on his book succeeded in being fresh and funny? The show’s premiere alone made more »

DVD Review: Mama’s Family: The Complete Sixth Season

It was one of syndication’s biggest shows back in the 1980s, and now, we’re getting a look at the very last part of it all. Our friends out at StarVista Entertainment sent out a copy of “Mama’s Family: The Complete Sixth Season” for us to review, and for late eighties comedy at its very best–and more »

Trailer for “Welcome to Me,” a new movie with Kristen Wiig

Audiences saw a vulnerable Kristin Wiig play the lows of a woman’s life for high comedy in Bridesmaids, and that did pretty well in that it’s earned something like $169 million. In the trailer for Welcome to Me, a new comedy, Wiig is more heartbreaking and hilarious. Wiig plays a woman with borderline personality disorder more »

NBC says “Yes” to a ‘Problem Child’ sitcom

We’ve been hearing scuttlebutt for a while now about a possible ‘Problem Child’ remake. Maybe it will be a full length feature film. Maybe it will be part of a new streaming outlet’s strategy. Well, the truth has finally been revealed. According to, NBC has ordered a TV pilot for a single camera sitcom more »

CBS is turning the action comedy ‘Rush Hour’ franchise into an hour long drama

It’s hard to fathom how popular the ‘Rush Hour’ film franchise is. The original pairing of the motor-mouthed Chris Tucker and the physics defying martial artistry of Jackie Chan yielded a respectable $244 million worldwide. Parts 2 and 3 went on to bank $347 million and $258 million respectively. All told, that’s over three quarters more »

Comedy Central will roast Justin Bieber’s hairless chestnuts

Justin Bieber has been speaking to all the right people and lobbying for a Comedy Central roast on his behalf for years now, so he must feel happy now that it will actually happen. Beiber sounds ready and willing to be anyone’s straight man. Us Magazine reported that Beiber, who is 20, will be roasted more »

“Broad City” was renewed for a third season, before the second one started

Imagine the tightness in your stomach the day of an important launch, then the whoosh of triumph and glee that follows being told, “we need more of what you do,” even before the launch. Think about the adrenaline, then the rush. This is exactly what happened to the ladies of Broad City, Abbi Jacobson and more »