DVD Review: Yu-Gi-Oh The Complete Set

If you’ve ever seen an episode of “Yu-Gi-Oh”, then you’ve probably been pretty confused. But when you get behind the whole set–as is done with “Yu-Gi-Oh The Complete Set”, a copy of which our friends out at Cinedigm sent out for review–the whole thing makes much more sense. Sometimes. And provides a fairly exciting experience more »

Pitbull to star in two reality TV shows about his “lyfe”

Right off the bat: Pitbull shall not, will not, go the way of Cee-Lo Green now that he has entered the reality TV show realm. Meaning, his shows will not get cancelled because of an awful thing he might do in the future. This is my sincere hope for anyone who lives their life in more »

After four years, a Conan comeback for Max Weinberg

For 17 years, Max Weinberg was one of the few constants on Conan O’Brien’s Late Night show. He led the show’s house band, the Max Weinberg 7, appeared in sketches and comedy bits- often in a comedic persona as an oft-naked arch-pervert- and served as one of the world’s few drummer/bandleaders. Even when Andy Richter more »

‘Always Sunny’ cast has the right stuff in space-based Season 10 teaser

If you love a good strut, and miss the goofy cast of the goofy show It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, watch the trailer. Their stuff is being strutted, and it is worth watching. Marvel at the differences in their height, and wonder, did they find or have to make jumpsuits to fit everyone in the more »

Fin: Farewell Boardwalk, wrestling skews older and secrets of the sexy Halloween industry

Loved the ending of Boardwalk Empire. Loved it. And ‘Boardwalk’ stuck the landing so well that it’s going to improve the show’s legacy. Even if the guy playing the Young Nucky Thompson- perfect voice notwithstanding- looked a lot more like Adam Carolla than Steve Buscemi Mindblowing wrestling fact: This past Sunday’s bout between Dean Ambrose more »

Friars Club roasts returning to TV, on ESPN 

Remember when Comedy Central started broadcasting Friars Club roasts? It was one of those ideas that you couldn’t believe didn’t happen sooner. Comedy Central showed five of them between 1998 and 2001, a couple of them (Rob Reiner and Hugh Hefner) were instant classics, especially the latter, which featured Gilbert Gottfried’s famed Aristrocrats joke. After more »

WWE Hell in a Cell Recap: The buzzards are following Dean Ambrose

Since Hell in a Cell took place in Dallas, just minutes from your intrepid reporter’s headquarters, this recap is from the live event. I still love the WWE Network and paying just $9.99, don’t worry. If you get the chance to see it live, you have to. It’s a different experience surrounded by a few more »

Fin: Bye bye Biddle, the politics of clowns and the world’s worst Ray Rice costume 

Best wishes to Sam Biddle, who is stepping down as editor of Valleywag, Gawker’s Silicon Valley vertical. Not only was Biddle hilariously vicious, snarky and totally fearless, day in and day out, but he’s the rare writer who actually made me rethink the topic about which he was writing- namely, that Silicon Valley is a more »


Wrestler and movie baddie Ox Baker dies at 80

Ox Baker, who turned his huge stature, epic mustache and Ming the Merciless-style eyebrows from a wrestling career into several acting gigs, dead last week at 80.  The wrestling legend suffered complications from a heart attack, according to the Hollywood Reporter. In the squared circle, he faced off against the likes of Hulk Hogan and the more »

Raylan vs. Boyd: The man in the white hat returns in “Justifed” teaser 

Justified is going to end exactly the way it should: With Raylan Givens (Timothy Olyphant) and Boyd Crowder (Walton Goggins) gunning for each other. Possibly literally. That’s the indication from the first teaser for the series’ sixth and final season, which debuted Friday through Entertainment Weekly’s website: Its mindful of my previous favorite teaser of more »

Kyle Chandler to star in Netflix drama ‘Bloodline’

Netflix keeps cranking out the shows, announcing a drama with a stellar cast. Bloodline will focus on a “close knit family with secrets and scars” exposed by a black sheep brother. It will feature Kyle Chandler, Sissy Spacek and Ben Mendelsohn. For further TV pedigree, Todd A. Kessler, Daniel Zelman and Glenn Kessler who created more »

Amazon puts Fire TV on a stick

Amazon may not have had much luck with the Fire Phone, which was released earlier this year and is widely considered a massive flop. But the company has now announced another Amazon Fire-branded consumer electronics hardware product: The Fire TV Stick. If the Fire TV was a competitor to the Roku and Apple TV, the more »