Ray Lewis brings ‘Coaching Bad’ to Spike in February

Former NFL star Ray Lewis will join anger management specialist Dr. Christian Conte on Spike in Coaching Bad. They’ll work with nine coaches who can’t turn off their angry, profane ways even away from the fields they coach on. Conte is a licensed counselor, author and professional speaker. Lewis, of course, was famous for his more »

The 10 best Colbert Report moments

So, reminisce with me as I collect my ten favorite moments from The Colbert Report. We laughed, we cried, but mostly we cried from laughing so hard. You’ll be missed, Stephen! Good luck out there!

Amazon, contra Netflix, touts offline viewing

When Netflix announced yesterday that it was bringing its app to a cable/satellite cable box for the first time, due to a deal with Dish, one other tidbit was mentioned in several stories: While customers have been requesting the possibility of Netflix adding offline viewing, a Netflix executive recently rejected the idea. According to the more »

FX’s younger shows will stream exclusively on Hulu

Hulu and FX Networks have announced a deal that gives Hulu exclusive subscription video on-demand rights to FX’s original series, the ones produced by FX’s own production arm. The deal covers such series as Tyrant, The Strain, Married, and You’re the Worst, as well as a long list of FX and FXX shows set to debut in 2015 more »

Fox has ruined “Buffy” with technology

The latest aspect ratio controversy is over Buffy the Vampire Slayer being ruined by 20th Century Fox, who by remastering the show into widescreen format have exposed errors and made the show look dumb (it’s not). They created clams where there shouldn’t be clams. Many of the errors are forced by the technology; in this more »

Fin: Barack and Boyhood, Hitler and @dogboner and “Jeopardy” in Jeopardy

“Boyhood” is President Obama’s favorite movie on the year. And come on, it’s obviously because of the scene where that lady gushes over him (Hollywood Reporter) I enjoyed the AV Club’s list of the best movie scenes of the year, and it contains some good ones, but come on: The best movie scene of the more »

American Idol down to one night, Coca-Cola drops sponsorship

Coca-Cola out. Not only has American Idol gone down to airing one night a week on Fox, but it’s losing longtime sponsors. Coca-Cola announced Tuesday that it didn’t re-sign for Season 14. AT&T announced its departure in January 2014. American Idol has been losing viewers for a while, as NBC’s The Voice offers serious competition more »

‘The Walking Dead’ setting “Cobalt” spinoff in Los Angeles

TVLine reports that the upcoming spinoff from “The Walking Dead” will be set in Los Angeles. It’s a good thing that Zombieland TV adaptation didn’t get picked up, or things could have gotten awkward. That movie and its TV spinoff were set in L.A. as well. Early reports suggest the TWD spinoff may be a more »

‘Parks and Rec’ goes back to the future in final season promo

Earlier this week, social media was full of photos and tearful remembrances from the set of the final episode of NBC’s beloved ‘Parks and Recreation.” Now, we have the first network promo for the final season, as first obtained by Entertainment Weekly. As you can see, the show is having a lot of fun with more »

Michaela Watkins is Sarah Koenig in the most perfect “Serial” parody

“Serial”‘s first season is over Thursday, so if you’re going to make a definitive parody of the popular true crime podcast, now’s the time. That’s exactly what Funny or Die did, with a very funny sketch sending up just about every aspect of Serial. There’s the music. The Best Buy pay phone stuff. The stammering. more »

Dish puts Netflix on the Hopper

For as long as Netflix’s streaming has existed, subscribers have needed to watch it either through a mobile device, or a Roku/Apple TV/Chromecast device, or a gaming console, but never through their cable box. That’s about to change, with the news that Dish Network has become the first cable or satellite provider to “integrate the more »

Fin: Aaron Sorkin’s misplaced capo, mishearing Metallica and no one left to parody

An underrated part of the awfulness of The Newsroom‘s finale was that terrible musical number- at a memorial service- in which the Jeff Daniels character who never had hinted for a second that he was a musician was granted the opportunity to sing a long, long song. My favorite part: Daniels started off playing guitar, more »