FX green-lights Galifianakis/C.K. co-created ‘Baskets’ to the surprise of no one

Finally, FX is getting serious about its original comedy programming. The most improved cable network of the past few years has seen its star shine brighter and brighter in the drama and miniseries departments, where it’s started to rival and even defeat the likes of HBO or Showtime for the prestigious trophies. Case in point, more »

‘Better Call Saul’ teaser asks what kind of world needs Saul Goodman

Breaking Bad was about chemistry, the study of change, as Walter White put it. Vince Gilligan took Mr. Chips and transformed him into Scarface right before our eyes. Better Call Saul will feature its own set of changes. About five years before the events of Breaking Bad, Saul was a small-time lawyer named Jimmy McGill. more »

Trailer for Amazon’s ‘Transparent’: a different kind of ‘Modern Family’

Let’s face it, as much as we wanted to love Amazon’s debut pack of original content and as much as we appreciated the bold initiative to deliver richer competition for Netflix’s compact slate of already acclaimed series, the first pilot season was really underwhelming. Zombieland, perhaps the most high-profile project, didn’t even move past the more »

David Chase: Uh, about that “Tony is alive” thing…

On Wednesday, Vox published a long, rambling screed about David Chase and The Sopranos, full of stretched, pretentious literally references. However, it also included one major piece of news: For the first time, Chase appeared to definitively answer the question of whether or not Tony Soprano died in the final episode. (The verdict- he didn’t.) more »

Chris Soules is finally named our Bachelor (officially)

The word is finally out (as if we didn’t know already) that Chris Soules is our next Bachelor. It came down to Chris and Arie Luyendyk and now Arie, as supportive as he pretends to be in Twitter, is pissed. Chris, the most boring Bachelorette contestant in the blessedly long history of the show will now play host to 25 more »

Fin: No jokes, Batman, Kevins are kryptonite and “Buffalo Stance” 2014 

A thought that occurred to me after the Kevin Love trade, which followed the departure of Kevin Garnett eight years earlier: Superstars named Kevin are to the Minnesota Timberwolves as wives named Tammy are to Ron Swanson. We’ve come a very long way in just ten years- now, apparently, a wardrobe malfunction is GOOD for more »

‘We Need to Talk’: CBS Sports Network to air all-woman sports talk show

As someone who regularly watches sports, it’s depressing to see how marginalized women are in sports media, especially on television. It seems to me that if you’re under 30 and good-looking, you’re on the road to success. What comes out of your mouth is secondary. Sports is an arena where someone can write a column more »

HBO wants Scorsese’s ‘Shutter Island’ “semi-prequel” series

Was it really almost five years ago that Martin Scorsese unleashed his hyper-Hitchcock homage ” on confused audiences worldwide? The Leonardo DiCaprio vehicle upended viewers expecting something less stylized, more serious, and less flashy from the man who made ‘Mean Streets,’ ‘Taxi Driver,’ ‘Raging Bull,’ ‘Goodfellas,’ and ‘Casino’ while causing arguments over its post-WWII imagery more »

On the great ‘Simpsons’ aspect ratio controversy

The world became a slightly better place last week when FXX began a 12-day-and-change marathon of every single episode ever of The Simpsons, the greatest prime time television show of all time. If you’re like me, you let a couple of days go by to allow the bumpy first few seasons to run their course before more »

Why it doesn’t matter whether or not Tony Soprano died

There was a major development Wednesday in the long-running debate over whether or not Tony Soprano died in the final scene of the last episode of The Sopranos. The new “evidence” comes in the publication of an interview Sopranos creator David Chase gave to journalist Martha P. Nochimson of Vox. Chase has long either refused more »

Donald Glover to (finally) play Spider-Man in upcoming ‘Ultimate Spider-Man’ episode

Actor and rapper Donald Glover is finally realizing his lifelong dream of  being Spider-Man in an upcoming episode of Disney XD’s popular “Ultimate Spider-Man” cartoon. The 30 year old actor, comedian, and rapper – also known by his rap name Childish Gambino – has long been vocal in his desire to play the popular Marvel more »

Finally, ‘The Daily Show’ tackles Ferguson

The Daily Show with Jon Stewart took its annual two-week August recess the last two weeks, causing the show to miss out on the opportunity to commentate on the past 14 days of developments in Israel/Gaza, in Ferguson, and in Iraq and Syria, not to mention the death of Robin Williams and all the Barack more »