Exit Pornstache: Pablo Schreiber won’t be back on “Orange is the New Black” season 3

Actor Pablo Schreiber, who played psychopathic prison guard George “Pornstache” Mendez on the first season of Orange is the New Black- and briefly on the second- will not be back for season 3, Schreiber told the New York Post,” although he did not rule out a return in future seasons of the popular Netflix series. more »

Patton Oswalt readies new book, “Silver Screen Fiend”

Patton Oswalt is in the middle of a self-imposed super-long hiatus from social media participation- which he briefly broke Wednesday in order to retweet the news of “Weird Al” Yankovic’s #1 album- but you’ll soon have a chance to read the comedian’s words. As Splitsider pointed out earlier this week, Oswalt’s new book, titled “Silver more »

David Gregory may be out at “Meet the Press”

The writing’s on the wall, and David Gregory’s time as host of NBC’s Meet the Press is almost up. It’s so very nearly almost up that NBC has it’s hand on the clock, pushing it faster than time actually moves, and leaking bits to Page Six about how David Gregory is so totally almost out more »

Colbert’s “Late Show” will remain in New York 

When Stephen Colbert takes over CBS’ Late Show from David Letterman sometime in 2015, the show won’t be moving. The Late Show will remain at the Ed Sullivan Theater in New York, CBS announced Wednesday, in conjunction with New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo : “Today, I am pleased to announce that the ‘LATE SHOW’ will more »

Tyler Perry’s ‘If Loving You is Wrong’ headed to OWN September 9

Tyler Perry was contemplating the idea of starting a TV network. It’s a good thing for Oprah Winfrey that he didn’t, because his programming has been just what OWN needed. Perry’s soap The Haves and The Have Nots was the highest season premiere in OWN history May 27 with more than three million viewers. Haves‘ more »

Fin: Harry loves “Lucy,” Kid Rock and ICP’s glass dildo dispute and strippers for Jeter

An essay about Meat Loaf’s “Paradise by the Dashboard Light,” which is my second-favorite song from 1977 told from the point of view of a teenage boy trying to convince a teenage girl to have sex with him (#1- Billy Joel’s “Only the Good Die Young.”) (AV Club) I guess I’m not the only one more »

Will Ferrell, Adam McKay to resurrect ‘Manimal’ as a film

When I first heard talk of bringing ’80s bomb Manimal to the big screen, I thought it might be the worst idea I’ve heard since “Battleship.” Now Deadline is reporting that Will Ferrell and Adam McKay will produce this movie along with Glen A. Larson, creator of the original NBC series. This might be the more »

Jon Stewart “launches” greatest Kickstarter project ever, to buy CNN

Last night, Jon Stewart addressed the suckness of today’s media in the most spectacular way ever: by starting a Kickstarter project to buy CNN from Rupert Murdoch after a hypothetical future purchase of Time Warner. In his reaction to the news of the potential purchase, Stewart called Murdoch “the date rapist of media barons” because more »

Join the fight with this ‘Star Wars Rebels’ trailer

Disney is moving all over the Star Wars timeline to bring us some new heroes. Star Wars Rebels takes place in between Episodes III and IV, with the Jedi Council and the Republic in ruins. It focus on two new characters: Kanan Jarrus, a sort of “cowboy” Jedi, and Twi’lek pilot Hera Syndulla. The voice more »

Anthony Hopkins and Evan Rachel Wood to star in “Westworld” adaptation

J.J. Abrams’ “Westworld” adaptation for HBO has landed two of its principle stars in the form of Evan Rachel Wood and Anthony Hopkins. Abrams is on board as an executive producer alongside Bad Robot co-founder Bryan Burk veteran Hollywood producer Jerry Weintraub. The series is “inspired by” Michael Crichton’s 1973 , and the pilot will be more »

The “Real Housewives”- wrestling connection: Weaponized prosthetic leg edition

Movie critic Alonzo Duralde once said that Bravo’s “The Real Housewives” franchise is “pro wrestling for women” (Jim Gaffigan has said the same thing.) And the comparison makes a lot of sense: Both are built around frequent confrontations between strong personalities, both have a shifting view of who’s a hero and who’s a villain, and more »

“Get off my plane,” and the many other deaths of Gary Oldman

In the funniest Conan O’Brien bit of the year that doesn’t involve Triumph the Insult Comic Dog or Tinder, Conan Tuesday night hosted actor Gary Oldman, and showed the actor a supercut of his many on-screen deaths, in everything from “The Fifth Element” to “Harry Potter” to “Hannibal” to, of course, “Air Force One.” Here’s more »