Fox may send “Empire” on a concert tour

Empire has already taken some moves from the Glee playbook, releasing new iTunes singles weekly. Its season soundtrack drops March 10. Now Entertainment Weekly reports Fox is considering concert tours. Dana Walden, co-CEO of Fox Television Group, told the magazine it learned some lessons with Glee. The quality of the show is the most important more »

Cartoon Network’s “Adventure Time” to become movie

The wild, trippy ride that is Adventure Time  was bound to get turned into a full-length movie. Deadline reports that Chris McKay and Roy Lee, the team that produced “The Lego Movie” will work their magic on a this movie. Adventure Time creator Pendleton Ward will be involved too. The cartoon picks up after a more »

Fin: I’m sorry Greg Proops, Jesus lifts CNN and skipping Spock’s funeral

On Saturday night I went to see Greg Proops perform at the Helium Comedy Club here in Philadelphia, and it was a great set, as consistently hilarious as I’ve ever seen from a name comic here in Philly. However, I must say I owe an apology to Mr. Proops, because during the show, the following more »

Marisa Tomei will play Gloria Steinem in an HBO miniseries called “Ms.”

Deadline reports that HBO will put forth a miniseries called Ms. about Gloria Steinem, notable leader in the feminist movement and founder of Ms. Magazine. Marisa Tomei and Kathy Najimy will star, topline and executive produce the show for HBO. This continues Najimy’s existing relationship with the network – she also stars on HBO’s Veep. more »

Madonna fell down on stage at the Brit Awards, is fine

Madonna tumbled off a set of prop stairs onstage while performing at the Brit Awards and it looked like it hurt. But in true heroic fashion channeling the spirit of “honey, I forgot to duck” survivalism, Madonna is not only uninjured but has created a teachable moment out of her fall. To recap: Madonna had more »

Aereo auction fizzles; TiVo obtains assets

After streaming TV service Aereo had its business model essentially ruled out of existence by the U.S. Supreme Court last year, the company declared bankruptcy. Aereo had hoped for some success by auctioning off its assets. The results, alas, were disappointing. According to CNET, Aereo’s auction raised less than $2 million, less than half of more »

Brands love ‘House of Cards,’ but may not have seen it

The third season of House of Cards debuted on Netflix over the weekend, and in the week leaded up to it, I noticed something: A whole bunch of brands, through sponsored tweets, were tying themselves to the show. Like toilet paper brand Cottonelle: Welcome back, Frank. See you in 10 hours, Twitter. #HouseOfCards #bingewatching #GoCommando more »


Kelly Osbourne has quit Fashion Police, ended her “Mean Girl” ways

Joan Rivers didn’t invent the red carpet celebrity culture (that was Hedda Hopper), she expanded on it. And when Kelly Osbourne joined Fashion Police five years ago, she didn’t think her career would include being associated with making racist comments about people’s hair and dress choices. So Kelly quit. Say what you will about celebrity more »

The SNL ISIS sketch was funny, and there was absolutely nothing wrong with it

Saturday Night Live, as we all noted on its 40th anniversary two weeks ago, has been funny and not funny, but with few exceptions, it hasn’t been edgy. For most of its history SNL has been broad comedy for a broad audience and when it’s gotten away from that, it’s usually been to be weird, more »

Fin: Criminal llamas, disasters at “Fifty Shades” and live long and prosper

On a CNN New Day recap this morning about Thursday’s epic llama chase, the two llamas were referred to as “the Bonnie and Clyde” of llamas.” I guess I missed the part where the llamas killed people and robbed banks. I’m trying to understand what the average-joe argument against net neutrality is. I get Comcast more »

CW planning another super spinoff in Flash-Arrow universe

Deadline reports that CW thinks its shared superhero universe has at least one more show in it. The proposed spinoff would feature Ray Palmer’s Atom character introduced on Arrow, Firestorm and the Sara Lance version of Black Canary. Yes, Sara’s dead, but we’re talking about comic books here. Wentworth Miller’s Captain Cold will be featured more »

Leonard Nimoy, who lived long and prospered, dies at 83

Leonard Nimoy, who originated the role of Mr. Spock on the original Star Trek TV series in the 1960s and played the part in various movie and TV incarnations of the series for the next five decades, died Friday at the age of 83. Born in 1931 in Boston, Nimoy was an actor from an more »