WWE Battleground Recap: This won’t sell the WWE Network

WWE Battleground exists to get us from Money in the Bank to SummerSlam. Does anybody remember what happened at  the first ever in 2013? Not really. For history’s sake, Big Show decided to stand up to Randy Orton and The Authority, setting up several Raws worth of Big Show sadness porn and now I know why more »

Elaine Stritch, star of stage and screen, dead at age 89

Everybody that met Elaine Stritch  has a great story about her. They’re sharing them last week after she died at age 89, leaving behind a lifetime of memorable characters. The five-time Tony nominee and three-time Emmy winner enjoyed a lengthy career, earning another generation of fans as the mother of Alec Baldwin’s 30 Rock character. Her seven-decade more »

Fin: The very professional Scott Disick, Fred Durst for eHarmony and back-to-back-to-back AAU national championships

At last month’s CE Week event in New York, Kardashian boyfriend Scott Disick appeared as a paid celebrity guest at an official party sponsored by a headphone company. Now we learn that only four days earlier, Disick had been hospitalized in the Hamptons for alcohol poisoning as, Page Six reported, he was “so messed up more »

Microsoft shuts down Xbox Entertainment Studios

Among the 18,000 layoffs by Microsoft this week is the closure of Xbox Entertainment Studios. Microsoft is trying to close the gap between the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4.  In doing so, it has shifted its focus from being a total entertainment machine back to being a video game console. Xbox Entertainment projects were more »

The (almost) complete ‘Pee-wee’s Playhouse’ is coming to Blu-ray

Today’s secret word…is BLU! As in Blu-ray. Yes, after months of wondering whether Shout! Factory was/is ever going to released the beloved children’s TV show ‘Pee-Wee’s Playhouse’ on the high definition format of record, the company announced this week that the complete series will be hitting store shelves this October (October 21, to be exact). more »

Behold the official trailer for Syfy’s ’12 Monkeys’

Syfy has high hopes for its TV adaptation of the 1995 Brad Pitt/Bruce Willis film “12 Monkeys.” It stars Amanda Schull, Kirk Acevedo and Aaron Stanford. Syfy is calling this a total reimagining, although some of the elements in this trailer are very similar to the movie. Co-executive producer Travis Fickett told a reporter at more »

Charles Lindbergh is the subject of a mini-series from Dustin Lance Black

He’s often called the first “modern” media celebrity and there’s no denying that, at the height of his popularity, no one is the world was more well known and respected than Charles Lindbergh. At first, he was a simple nobody. Then, out of the blue, the US Air Mail pilot decided to make a solo more »

Why that sounds perfectly cromulent: A live ‘Simpsons’ show is coming to the Hollywood Bowl

You know The Simpsons is in the toilet bowl when it’s not only a cliché to note it’s not the show it used to be, but it’s also a cliché to point out what a cliché it is to note that it’s not the show it used to be. But we’re all adults here. We more »

Is that Michele Bachmann on Tinder? Only Conan knows

No, it probably isn’t. But someone who looks an awful lot like the famously crazy-eyed Minnesota Congresswoman is, judging by a picture featured on a very funny bit last night on Conan O’Brien’s TBS show. In the segment, Conan and “21 Jump Street” actor Dave Franco mine the popular hookup app Tinder for comedy, and succeed more »

NPH appears in LG promo

Actor Neil Patrick Harris, who has gone from playing Doogie Howser to Hedwig on Broadway- with an eight-year run on in between- signed on as a spokesman for LG Electronics earlier this year. The actor is a pitchman, as well as “artistic advisor and ambassador,” for “The Art of the Pixel,” a campaign and competition more »

Fin: This year’s Sharknado, Ignatiy’s confession and free the vagina artist

I think we may have found this year’s “Sharknado,” and it’s not ” 2.” “JWOWW’s Jersey Shore Massacre,” I’m notified via press release, is coming to theaters August 22 and to VOD four days later. JWOWW herself is listed as the executive producer, with the plot described as “a typical weekend down the shore takes more »

Billy Eichner is writing a book

Can Billy Eichner’s high-energy style of running up to people on the streets of New York City and yelling at them translate to the printed page? We’re about to find out. The host of Billy on the Street and Parks and Recreation co-star is writing his first book, which does not yet have a title, more »