Movie Review: “Poltergeist”

There’s no getting around it, every great memory from my childhood has now been altered beyond recognition or somehow stretched so thin that it’s almost become unrecognizable. Well, now “Poltergeist” — one of my favorite 1980’s-era horror flicks —  can be added to that soupy mix. Granted, I can’t really be mad at the fact that this once more »

Taye Diggs will play Hedwig on Broadway

Did you forget that Taye Diggs can sing? He isn’t just a gorgeous man. He always could sing; Diggs originated the role of Benny on Broadway in the musical Rent. And now, like a lamb returns to the flock, Diggs will return to Broadway to take a turn as Hedwig in the eponymous musical Hedwig more »

Fin: The Coca Cola/’Oseh Shalom’ mystery, Littlefinger is a PUA and life imitates SAMCRO

Speaking of ‘Mad Men’ and Jewishness, a funny story of religion, pop culture and the utility of social media: When the ‘Mad Men’ finale ended Sunday night with the “I’d like to buy the world a coke” TV commercial, I was reminded that, back in my Jewish camp/synagogue youth group days, it was common practice more »

Fin: BOB vs. trolls, defending the Amtrak violinist, and debunking the Game of 72

There’s a new sports morning show in the Philadelphia area that I’ve been watching for a few minutes each morning called Breakfast on Broad (also known by the acronym “BOB.”) A few weeks ago the local sports blog Crossing Broad ran a review of the show that was mixed, but fair. The comments, though? It more »

Fin: Men against “Mad Max,” Ranking ‘Mad Men,” and the grunts of Mad Michael

My “Mad Max: Fury Road” review will be up tomorrow. A preview: It’s friggin awesome. One of the most exciting, action-packed movies in recent history. It has every quality that makes you think the dudebros of the world would greatly enjoy it. But apparently word is out that the film has some sort of feminist more »

Fin: ‘Always Sunny’ is Real, RIP Mulaney and Beyonce, Mother of Dragons

In case you’ve watched ‘It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia‘ and ever wondered if people like that in Philly are actually real, I give you this news item: “Seemingly Drunk Guy Tunnels Into Old City Bar After Hours, Drinks More.” Sounds like something The Gang would do, does it not? (Philadelphia magazine) Speaking of crazy people more »

Rifftrax “The Room” screenings are tonight; MST3K vets returning to Comedy Central

I learned late last week from a press email- one that buried the lede by, in the fifth paragraph, offering an interview with Tommy Wiseau- that part of the gang behind ‘Mystery Science Theater 3000′ will be returning to Comedy Central for the first time in years. Mike Nelson, Bill Corbett and Kevin Murphy, three more »

Fin: Luke, Leia and Lannister, the case against Bill Simmons and the case for Dave Barry

A thought that occurred to me while watching “Empire Strikes Back” with my sons this weekend: He kissed his twin sister, he’s a skilled swordsman who lost his right hand- Luke Skywalker is Jamie Lannister! Of course, Buzzfeed got there first (Buzzfeed) Upon news of Bill Simmons’ departure from ESPN, Deadspin hammers him for his more »

Fin: Clown vs. Clown on Hannity, the other case against Charlie Hebdo and eying the post-Simmons world

Shrieking clown Pamela Geller has appeared on Sean Hannity’s Fox News show, literally, every night this week. One of those shows was a “debate” with Islamic “cleric” Anjem Choudary, a pretend Islamic radical who’s a regular panelist on Fox even though he has (per Salon) “no religious credentials and virtually no public support… and is more »

Fin: Cold Pursuit, Gronk’s frat defense and a Deez Nuts explainer

I agree with the critical consensus, and my colleague Shawn Kotzen: “Hot Pursuit” is an odious, totally unfunny movie, just strikingly lazy and poorly thought-out- like a copy of a copy of a copy of “Midnight Run,” substituting lazy ethnic and gender jokes for any type of comedy. Nothing like a “comedy” in which the more »

Fin: You were wrong about Joss Whedon, the fate of the Riviera butt statue and “The Wire” guilt

You’re not going to believe this, but all of your theories about Joss Whedon’s Twitter departure were wrong (Buzzfeed) In case you were wondering what happened to the statue of showgirls’ butts that had long stood outside Las Vegas’ recently shuttered Riviera casino- I feel like there would have been a long line of douchebags more »

Fin: Greatest kiss cam moments, every good boy does fine and the gleeful Geller

Two men kissed on the Kiss Cam at Dodger Stadium the other night, to applause. Which reminds me of my favorite stadium Kiss Cam moment ever. It was at San Francisco’s AT&T Park, in 2013. On the kiss cam were a pair of couples, seated man, woman, man, woman. When they appeared on the kiss more »