Fin: Taylor Swift, accused murderer, King David: The Movie and losing Felicia Day 

This headline- “Taylor Swift is Terrified of Being Framed For Murder”- made me laugh really hard for some reason. But I don’t think we’ll be laughing so hard when we’re reminded of it, during the Taylor Swift murder trial of 2024 (Page Six) Speaking of which, a semi-convincing explanation of why every character on Modern more »

Good riddance to ‘Here Comes Honey Boo Boo’ rubbish

And all it took was a child molester to get TLC to cancel one of the most hideous horsemen of the cultural apocalypse before it could do even more damage to the global psyche. Sure, back in 2012, it seemed like a savvy idea to put that human train wreck the Shannon Family – former more »

Disney heads to the islands for 2016′s ‘Moana’

It’s been a banner year for the House of Mouse. Currently, they are sitting on one of the biggest surprise sleeper hits of 2014 (‘Guardians of the Galaxy’), have watched Marvel make even more bank on their cinematic product (‘Captain America: The Winter Soldier’) and scored both an Oscar and a billion dollar plus payday more »

‘Cabin Fever’ is being remade. No one cares.

Twelve years ago, unenlightened horror aficionados claimed Eli Roth as the Second Coming of the Creepshow and declared his otherwise mediocre ‘Cabin Fever’ a new macabre masterwork. Granted, it arrived in the middle of the also unexciting J-Horror boom, so his blood and guts gonzo goof-off was seen as a welcome slice of splatter. Thankfully, more »

A new indie ideal is born: ‘Clerks’ at 20

Many years ago, before the invention of digital cameras, editing software, and web-based funding and distribution, multi-Oscar winning filmmaker Francis Ford Coppola saw the inevitable writing on the wall. With the rise in technology, he said, there will come an entire generation of writers and directors who no longer need the Hollywood system to survive. more »

Chica the chicken comes to 30 Rock, where the stars are

Sesame Street, over the years, has gotten incredibly good at staying in the pop cultural conversation, often by welcoming celebrities to interact with Elmo and Big Bird and Co. More recently, the Childrens’ Television Workshop has created viral videos, usually kid-related parodies of popular TV shows like Mad Men, Glee and even Sons of Anarchy. more »

Fin: Keep playing “Royals,” Scarlett O’Hara sucks and Banksy has not been arrested 

San Francisco radio stations pulling “Royals” from the air ahead of the World Series is, to use a local term, hella stupid. It looks nothing like a principled stand and everything like a publicity stunt. Yea, pulling a year-old song for one week is totally gonna make a huge difference- although I would be on more »

Fin: Parenthood’s hippie-punching, circling jerks at NRO and the stupidity of 

I love how NBC’s Parenthood, on top of all of its other virtues, takes occasional shots at, for lack of a better term, California hippie bullshit. That “spirituality retreat” in Big Sur on this week’s episode had the added benefit of dressing the characters in white and having them take a vow of silence, so more »

The Care Bears are coming…to Netflix

They were an ’80s boyfriend’s best friend, a go-to gift for that special someone (on one of the multitude of “Nth” month anniversaries we adolescents seemed to celebrate). Created by American Greeting in 1981, it was Kenner who commercialized these huggable critters, turning them into fluffy stuffed toys (and, as a result, a teen boy’s more »

Fin: “Fight Club” and the ’90s, the Dane Cook comeback no one wants and Godspeed, Ronan

The 15th anniversary of “Fight Club”- and especially Bill Gibron’s essay- made me think about something: I’ve long looked back on the ’90s, especially the latter half, as a relatively happy time, when we weren’t at war, the economy was pretty good, the future looked generally bright, and instead of the Soviet Union or al-Qaeda more »

Let’s “talk” about ‘Fight Club’ at 15

So there I was, on opening day, sitting in a more or less empty theater. I was shocked by the turnout. After all, this was the newest movie from the man who gave us ‘Alien3,’ the startling ‘Se7en,’ and the baffling brainteaser ‘The Game.’ Why wouldn’t your average film fan be excited? And where were more »

Fin: The Love-Grohl truce, “Fight Club” at 15, and the sexiest bullfight alive 

If Courtney Love and Dave Grohl can make peace after 20 years, then I suppose there’s hope for the Israelis and Palestinians after all (Page Six) On the exact 10th anniversary of Jon Stewart’s “you’re hurting America” speech, CNN cancelled the newest version of Crossfire, meaning it has hurt America for the last time. Since more »