Fin: Ed Balls Day, worse than Dr. Oz and the Baltimore Homicide board

I was just on a jury for three days. The best thing about the case? It wasn’t one that Nancy Grace was aware of. How come I didn’t know about Ed Balls Day until now? (Huffington Post) The plot thickens on the “Mallrats 2″ location question: It may film in Minnesota, as the first one more »

Fin: Cable news crushes, where is “Mallrats 2″ and Baltimore’s crowd of zero

In my early 20s, when I was single and never went out on weeknights, I watched a ton of cable news and started to develop crushes on certain anchors. Subsequent events have made me greatly regret my old thing for Campbell Brown; I can now saying the same thing about Ashleigh Banfield: Yikes. Speaking more »

Fin: The Baltimore situation isn’t about The Wire, and remembering Verne Gagne

The Wire doesn’t “explain” the Baltimore riots. Nor are ‘Wire’ analogies particularly helpful.. Great as The Wire was, it doesn’t exactly shed a ton of light on what’s going on this week in the city in which it happened to be set. Baltimore, and American cities in general, are dysfunctional, in matters of crime, policing more »

Riz Ahmed will join the Rebellion against the Empire in ‘Star Wars Anthology: Rogue One’

Riz Ahmed, last seen stealing scenes from Jake Gyllenhaal in ‘Nightcrawler,’ will join the Rebellion in Gareth Edwards’ ‘Star Wars Anthology: Rogue One’.

Frank Miller is back with ‘The Dark Knight III: The Master Race’

Famous comic book icon Frank Miller is returning to “Dark Knight’ territory with the upcoming eight-part series, ‘The Dark Knight III: The Master Race’.

Fin: The freedom to not be criticized, Full House sucked and so did Playmakers

Hey, everyone, say it with me: Freedom of speech does not mean freedom from being criticized. That’s true for you, Sarah Palin, and you too, Dr. Oz, and you too, mens’ right troglodytes. Believing otherwise really is the clarion call of rank dumbasses of all stripes. I’m glad that my take on Full House- that more »

Fin: Michael Rapaport’s guest star comeback, the Westeros diaspora and the case against the baby butt cash machine

Michael Rapaport’s guest-starring turn on the fifth season of Justified was so universally denounced as a disaster that it all but ruined that season, necessitating an all-time great rebound season on which Rapaport’s badly Southern-accented character was nowhere to be found. But with two appearances this week- as Louis C.K.’s cop acquaintance on Louie and more »

Fin: God bless ‘Americans,’ RIP Tinkerbell and against Amtrak WiFi

How damned great is The Americans? And why aren’t you all watching this show? The season finale Wednesday night was just a tour de force, and absolutely surprising, and possibly the best pop cultural use of Ronald Reagan ever. But great as this season was, I can’t wait to see the direction it takes as more »

‘Captain Marvel’ lands ‘Guardians’/’Inside Out’ writers

With the ongoing fallout from Gamergate as well as numerous online protests about the lack of “diversity” in superhero films (just this week, Disney was taken to task for keeping Black Widow merchandise off of its planned ‘Avengers: Age of Ultron’ roll out), it’s clear that the still successful genre has a fairly significant PC more »

‘Star Wars Anthology: Rogue One’ will set up the events in ‘Episode IV’

Remember the opening sequence of ‘Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope?’ Remember when Princess Leia (Carrie Fisher) bent over to confide something in her droid, R2-D2? Well, we eventually learned that she had, in her possession, the schematics and blueprints for the Empire’s feared weapon of mass destruction, the Death Star, and she was more »

‘Pan’ isn’t “ready” for Summer 2015 – gets pushed back to October

Warner Bros. isn’t having the best of years. So far, their Spring tentpole, ‘Jupiter Ascending‘ has underperformed, and while fans are anxious to see what George Miller has up his sleeve re: a new Mad Max movie (it looks amazing, by the way), other members of fanboy nation has been gnashing their collective teeth ever more »

Fin: Adios Sabado Gigante, growing out of the Simmons mailbag and the lies of Hulk Hogan

Adiós a las tetas: After more than 50 years, Univision has cancelled Sabado Gigante. I’ve enjoyed the show over the years despite barely knowing any Spanish, for the same reason I watch soccer matches with Spanish commentary: Sometimes language just isn’t necessary (The Wrap) Am I the only one who just cringes at Bill Simmons’ more »