Fin: Obama and “The Interview,” Serial non-listeners against Serial and many, many sixth boroughs

I don’t get these people blaming Barack Obama for the “Interview” cancellation. What did you want him to do, force the release to proceed? Any action he could have taken would have exceeded his powers as president- and if he’d done anything, Obama would likely be criticized by all the same people for “overreaching.” (The more »

Fin: In defense of “garbage,” the forgotten “Avatar” and recalling Mr. Hankey

Apparently now it’s a no-no to refer to things as “garbage.” I admit it’s become somewhat overused- I try to only use “garbage” 2 or 3 times a year in reference to movies, and only once or twice in regards to people. But come on, there’s nothing wrong with the word itself (The Atlantic) I more »

Movie Review: “The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies”

So, it has all come to this. All the hard work, time and effort that has gone into finally putting the works of JRR Tolkien onto the big screen can be cinematically summed up with this last action-packed, special effects-laden extravaganza… … which is ultimately what makes “The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies” more »


Stfu, Boomers- this is why Millennials aren’t buying your sh**

The past few years have give rise to a new kind of journalism: Baby Boomers bitching about Millennials. This journalism is scathing, usually backed up by statistics, and so, so fictional. The thing about statistics is that they can be used to support any opinion; they’re actually one of the biggest and most annoying contributors to Confirmation Bias, more »

Fin: Barack and Boyhood, Hitler and @dogboner and “Jeopardy” in Jeopardy

“Boyhood” is President Obama’s favorite movie on the year. And come on, it’s obviously because of the scene where that lady gushes over him (Hollywood Reporter) I enjoyed the AV Club’s list of the best movie scenes of the year, and it contains some good ones, but come on: The best movie scene of the more »

Fin: Aaron Sorkin’s misplaced capo, mishearing Metallica and no one left to parody

An underrated part of the awfulness of The Newsroom‘s finale was that terrible musical number- at a memorial service- in which the Jeff Daniels character who never had hinted for a second that he was a musician was granted the opportunity to sing a long, long song. My favorite part: Daniels started off playing guitar, more »

The trailer for the ‘Divergent’ sequel, ‘Insurgent’ looks…good, actually

Remember ‘Divergent?’ The attempt at capitalizing on the popularity of ‘The Hunger Games’ by, once again, jamming more YA teen dystopia down the gullets of the ticket buying public? Surely you remember…it’s the Shailene Woodley vehicle that was/is supposed to do for the ‘Fault in Our Stars’ actress what Suzanne Collins’ ‘Battle Royale’ ripoff did/does more »

Fin: Considering the Sony leak, Pornhub data and introducing “Problematica”

A note about the Sony leak, on top of all of the other ethical minefields: Just because an idea for a movie was discussed in an internal e-mail, it doesn’t mean that movie is absolutely happening. I highly, highly doubt that “Men in Black”/”21 Jump Street” crossover is ever actually going to happen. Speaking of more »

Minecraft lovers can breathe easy – Shawn Levy has left the film adaptation

The headline says it all. Shawn Levy, the talentless hack behind a string of deplorable family films (culminating with the about to be unleashed affront ‘Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb’) has decided to pick up his aesthetic ball and go home. Having worked on an adaptation of the insanely popular ‘Minecraft’ game more »

Fin: Bob covers Frank, “Boogie Nights” goes oral and the 2015 TV graveyard

Bob Dylan doing an entire album of Frank Sinatra-associated standards sounds more like a comedy sketch than an actual project. I’m into it, though. In fact, its makes me feel like grabbing a guitar and spending the next hour crooning Sinatra songs in a Dylan voice (Vulture) Four words: “Boogie Nights” oral history. I’m surprised more »

The SAG Award Nominees start the Awards Season “Wave”

Every awards season, we critics start communicating in a secret language that only we (and the various industry voters) can/will understand. We talk about screeners and screenings, “streamers” and other online options, and something we like to refer to as “the wave.” Similar to a sentiment expressed in Hunter S. Thompson’s classic book ‘Fear and more »

Fin: “Zero Dark Thirty” debunked, bad music on ‘Sons of Anarchy’ and Paul Reiser gets angry

Among other shocking revelations from the Congressional report on torture: The part of “Zero Dark Thirty” in which torture led to Bin Laden’s courier is NOT true. It’s still the best film of 2012 anyway (The Intercept) On the occasion of the end of Sons of Anarchy, a look back at the show’s horrible, horrible more »