Sam Raimi says there will be an Evil Dead TV series…starring Bruce Campbell!

For all Sam Raimaniacs, yours truly definitely included, any Evil Dead news is good news. Even the slightest mention of the horror franchise makes us unnecessarily giddy. So when the famed filmmaker made an unscheduled appearance at Comic Con this past week, it was reason to rejoice. What he had to say turned happiness into more »

Post Comic-Con, the web wonders about Wonder Woman

Here we go again. No sooner had a Comic-Con weary Zack Snyder released an image of actress Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman in the upcoming ‘Superman V. Batman: Dawn of Justice,’ the web was a-buzz with their typically tempered and well-reasoned reaction. Actually, Messageboard Nation went simian shite over the pic, criticizing everything from the more »

Fin: Palin’s walled garden, the dawn of “booth babes” and Godspeed, Viral Politics Editor

A Sarah Palin subscription video channel? I’m all for it! Like Glenn Beck and Paula Deen before her, I’m thrilled to see Palin going exactly where she belongs: Behind a paywall. And hey, of all the inventive, scammish ways the conservative media has of getting their aging audience to part with their money- from Goldline more »

No, female Comic-Con goers DON’T deserve sexual assault for cosplaying

This weekend’s San Diego Comic-Con saw a lot of controversy over sexual harassment cases, as per the usual. In the on-going battle against misogyny in nerd culture, female Con goers are consistently judged and policed in terms of “how slutty” their costume is. According to Associated Press: …what Geeks for CONsent and others regarded as blatant more »

‘Bullets Over Broadway’ is over…on Broadway

During the very early stages of his career, Woody Allen had massive success as a playwright. His ‘Don’t Drink the Water’ was a hit, while ‘Play It Again, Sam’ became a benchmark in his creative development. After going into film, his theatrical work suffered. His 1981 play ‘The Floating Light Bulb’ lasted only 62 performances more »

The Five Stages of Comic-Con Grief

Comic Con. Comic Con is exciting and it’s a treasure trove of geeky information and awesome exclusives. But let’s face it, if you’re not there, Comic Con is just plain harsh. But don’t worry, readers. We’re here for you. Knowing is half the battle, and we’re here to walk you through the five stages of Comic Con grief.

Spider-Man sent to the cinematic woodshed, ‘The Sinister Six’ steps in

They say time heals all wounds. That’s apparently the plan over at Sony regarding what to do with its now flailing ‘Amazing Spider-Man’ franchise. After weeks of pundit input, after drop-out Roberto Orci offered up a proposed death knell during an interview, many believed Peter Parker and his web-slinging adventures were more or less DOA. more »

Fin: Harry loves “Lucy,” Kid Rock and ICP’s glass dildo dispute and strippers for Jeter

An essay about Meat Loaf’s “Paradise by the Dashboard Light,” which is my second-favorite song from 1977 told from the point of view of a teenage boy trying to convince a teenage girl to have sex with him (#1- Billy Joel’s “Only the Good Die Young.”) (AV Club) I guess I’m not the only one more »

Marvel sets five future release dates for yet-to-be-named film projects

It’s time to let the rampant, uneducated speculation begin. As it heads to Comic-Con (where are least a few people are predicting another mammoth, every character under their banner Hall H appearance), Marvel made waves again recently, announcing five more future film projects. Or perhaps a better way to put it is that the comic more »

Discwatch: Doin’ It Live on Five New Concert Blu-rays

When it comes to rock concerts, there’s nothing like being there, of course—there is no comparison to actually being present at the show, seeing the artists and just feeling the music as it’s being made. That said, we’re currently experiencing a renaissance in terms of recording and filming live concerts for home viewing. The quality more »

Edgar Wright jumps from ‘Ant-Man’ to ‘Baby Driver’

There’s no denying that director Edgar Wright marches to the beat of his own unusual drum kit. Every film he’s made, from the brilliant Three Flavours Cornetto Trilogy (‘Shaun of the Dead,’ ‘Hot Fuzz,’ ‘The World’s End’) to his sole big screen adaptation (the video game-tinged epic ‘Scott Pilgrim vs. the World’) merges contemporary meta more »

Anthony Hopkins and Evan Rachel Wood to star in “Westworld” adaptation

J.J. Abrams’ “Westworld” adaptation for HBO has landed two of its principle stars in the form of Evan Rachel Wood and Anthony Hopkins. Abrams is on board as an executive producer alongside Bad Robot co-founder Bryan Burk veteran Hollywood producer Jerry Weintraub. The series is “inspired by” Michael Crichton’s 1973 , and the pilot will be more »