Fin: In defense of the Clinton baby, Coen rankings and Satan, film critic

The baby daughter of Chelsea Clinton- who is currently exactly four days old- has already been called “another liberal crybaby” by the New York Post – the same paper that published that odious “open letter to Chelsea’s fetus” a few months ago- and “the poster child of intermarriage” by Kveller. Guys! She’s just a baby! more »

Fin: Walter White gone one year, obsessing about “Frozen” and opening for Lena Dunham

Happy one year since Breaking Bad went off the air- it also happened to be the day of my sister’s wedding, so Sept. 29 will always be the day Amy and Jason got married and Walter White died. On that Kyle Smith essay on how his daughters are obsessed with “” and it’s ruining his more »

Fin: Fox News vs. woman drivers, Hulk Hogan vs. tank tops and Bill Simmons vs. ESPN

Not sure what’s the worst thing about Fox News’ mocking of the United Arab Emirates’ female fighter pilot who bombed ISIS: The denigration of a legitimate war hero, the rank misogyny, or someone in 2014 doing “woman driver” jokes. What’s next, Norm Crosby as a Fox News contributor? (Gawker) In perhaps the worst moment of more »


No, Ebola isn’t likely to become airborne

The Ebola virus has been the talk of the town– the town being the planet, in this case– and contagion mongering is spreading faster than pregnancy rumors in a 1940s suburb. As most pop-culturally relevant folks born before Y2K have seen and pooped their pants over the film “Outbreak”, the natural course of fear mongering during this epidemic is to more »

Fin: Godfather Obama, black Jack and Diane and meet the Amtrak residents 

Writer Lee Smith on what the president can learn about handling the Middle East from “The Godfather.” I really hope he’s not suggesting Obama simultaneously assassinate every dictator while presiding over his own niece’s baptism. Because even if it was Barzini all along, the alternative to Barzini wasn’t ISIS (Tablet) Could there be new Replacements more »

Blu-ray Review: ‘Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.’ – The Complete First Season

Here’s your dilemma. You’ve just delivered a billion dollar epic, years in the making, featuring several comic book characters you’ve carefully cultivated and protected since taking over your oft-maligned properties from the frequently clueless studio suits. You want to expand your “universe,” guaranteeing a means of effective cross-promotion as well keeping your brand current and more »

Bryan Singer will be back behind the lens for ‘X-Men: Apocalypse’

In Hollywood, money talks and outrageous, possibly unsubstantiated allegations walk. It was just four months ago when it looked like celebrated director Bryan Singer was going to fall under the weight of charges of outrageous sexual assault. In a (since dismissed) lawsuit which claimed a deliberate pattern of abuse, the filmmaker’s sexuality, as well as more »

“Pink Floyd” to release “new” album ‘The Endless River’ this November

We music fans have this argument ALL the time – is a band really a band (or perhaps, better still, the band you love/loved) if most of the original members are gone? Is Journey really Journey without Steve Perry? Is Van Halen really Van Halen without Michael Anthony? At least in the latter two instances, more »

Angelina Jolie signs on to make ‘Africa’ her next directing project

Apparently, it’s not good enough to be an Academy Award winning actress (for ‘Girl, Interrupted’), or a major league international box office superstar (her latest effort, Disney’s ‘Maleficent,’ has earned a staggering $755 million worldwide). It’s not enough to be married to one of the best looking men in the world (Brad Pitt) or to more »

Fin: Save ‘You’re the Worst,’ Sam Elliott in Harlan and 007 in Turkey

Add me to the list of people saying it: You’re the Worst, which wrapped up Thursday night at FX, is a special, special show. It not only sported great writing and a premise that just about rescued the romantic comedy on television, but it pulled two leads (Aya Cash, Chris Geare) and two secondary leads more »

‘Doctor Who”s Matt Smith decides to take on ‘Pride, Prejudice, and Zombies’

Zombies – by their very definition, these reanimated corpses continue to carry on long after their legitimate real world shelf life has expired, are disgusting and gross, and are very, very difficult to kill. So it makes sense that, even after dozens of director/actor permutations and numerous studio talent reconfigurations, the adaptation of the bestselling more »

Today’s Tom Sawyer should get high off the Rush 40th anniversary box set

It’s hard to believe it’s been 40 years since Rush released their first, self-titled album to an unwitting future fanbase – and for once, the sentiment expressed here doesn’t do the reality of the situation total justice. Truth be told, bassist Geddy Lee and guitarist Alex Lifeson have been friends for nearly five decades after more »