Movie Review: “Home”

Man, movies for children are not what they used to be and this is not a bad thing  and we’re all just whatsoever. It seems that more and more movies that are aimed towards children are as well structured and layered as most films aimed towards adults. In fact, I’m willing to bet that adults more »

Even though no one wants it, Universal continues with its ‘Scarface’ remake

A while back, we discussed the disturbing news that Universal, clearly incapable of coming up with something new and/or novel for the filmgoing masses, has decided to move forward with its unnecessary remake of ‘Scarface,’ though few in the fanbase are anxious to see them sully the reputation the 1983 effort retains. Sure, it too more »

Fin: Ethnic Casting, X-Files in the age of Alex Jones and Ash IS Reagan

I can’t say much more than what’s already been said about Deadline’s “ethnic casting” story debacle. It’s like the “why isn’t there a White History Month” of Hollywood trend pieces (Deadline) As for the Jon Hamm news: It’s good that he got the help that he needs. And if you think this revelation is going more »

The Russo Brothers are now Marvel’s main men

It’s amazing what happens when you make a hit sequel to a stand-alone superhero film that’s also part of a bigger production “universe.” In the case of Joe and Anthony Russo, the reward is becoming the main creative catalyst for Marvel‘s movie world. Indeed, after striking ’70s espionage gold with their take on Captain America more »

Fin: Ted Cruz, country boy, advice from Florida Man and Bill Simmons, brother

Ted Cruz says he “used to like classic rock,” but started listening to country music on 9/11, because “I didn’t like how rock music responded.” What the hell is that about? After 9/11, rock stars hosted telethons and concerts to raise money for the families of the victims. Bruce Springsteen that was entirely about 9/11. more »

Broadway hit ‘Beautiful: The Carole King Musical’ to hit the big screen

For those unfamiliar with her work, the name Carole King means very little. Sure, you’ve heard her songs (she crafted some of the ’50s and ’60s most memorable pop hits while a member of the amazing staff of the Brill Building, only to have a remarkable solo career afterwards), but you might not know that more »


Fin: The Jeanine Pirro Jinx, Alex Gibney good and bad and Gaby Hoffmann’s nudity clause

 I’m finally watching The Jinx, I’m about halfway through, and it’s as great as everyone says. But how come no one warned me about so much Jeanine Pirro? I got a laugh out of the incongruity of the author of the “We Need to Kill Them” monologue spending years trying to bust a guy who said more »

Mission: Impossible 5 gets a title, and a jaw-dropping teaser

There are several givens when it comes to the arrival of another installment of Tom Cruise’s internationally popular ‘Mission: Impossible‘ films. First, we will get the mandatory director tease, followed by the announcement. In this case, Christopher McQuarrie takes over for previous auteurs Brad Bird, J.J. Abrams, John Woo, and Brian DePalma. Then we get more »

Russell Simmons wants to make a hip-hop “Rock of Ages”

Hip-hop mogul Russell Simmons wants to create a “jukebox musical” in the style of Rock of Ages, called The Scenario. The musical will be based on an original story written by Dan Charnas, author of The Big Payback: The History Of The Business Of Hip-Hop, and already has an opening date of 2016, either off-Broadway more »

Fin: ‘Glee’ and a lesson in fatherhood, Neil deGrasse Tyson on 4/20  and the un-PC Jay Leno

With very little fanfare, Glee wraps up its six-season run Friday night. I think it’s fair to say that the ending of the show isn’t quite the cultural moment that the endings of Parenthood and Parks & Recreation were, and that those of Justified and Mad Men will be in the next couple of months. more »


Fin: Farewell to Chris Hayes, an awkward Q&A and “cooch toupees”

I know, ratings are ratings, but I’m sorry to see that Chris Hayes’ nightly show on MSNBC, All In, is likely coming to an end. What I liked about Hayes’ show wasn’t the lefty-ness, so much as the wonkiness. Here’s a smart guy, a young guy, a reporter, coming at the news from a smart more »

Fin: Sue the trolls, the return of Big Pussy and Squeaky Fromme, Pretty Little Liar

Ashley Judd did something brilliant to her Internet trolls- she’s suing them. Brilliant! Put those harassers on the defensive. Let subpoenas fly, and let there be consequences, for once, for the subhuman garbage people who spend their days threatening to rape and murder people on Twitter. I may hope Kentucky loses, but on this I’m more »