Chicago says “No!” to Deadheads who want to camp out for group’s final concerts

Hear that? That’s the sound of millions of Deadheads sobbing into their well worn water pipes. A few weeks ago, we told you about the plans the remaining Grateful Dead band members – Mickey Hart, Bill Kreutzmann, Phil Lesh, and Bob Weir – had for celebrating the group’s legacy (and their last time together onstage) more »

Mike Epps will play ABC’s ‘Uncle Buck’

Mike Epps has been a regular fixture in movie comedies for a while, now we’ll see if he can anchor a network sitcom. Deadline reports Epps will be the lead in ABC’s Uncle Buck TV show. Like the John Candy-starring original, Buck will be an irresponsible manchild who learns to grow up by taking care more »

I’m not sure if 2016 will be the “year” of Project Morpheus

From GamerTell Project Morpheus is exciting, but I wonder if it will really be a hit out of the gates. Read the full post on GamerTell »

Billy Zane joins “Blue World Order”- 4 life!

In 1996 and 1997, while Billy Zane was getting ready to give one of the all-time unintentionally hilarious sneering performances in “Titanic,” a villain stable known as the New World Order- led by Evil Hulk Hogan- was running roughshod over World Championship Wrestling. And in rival ECW, something called the Blue World Order also debuted: more »

At least AdWatch Tournament Edition is honest

From GamerTell AdWatch Tournament Edition wants you to watch ads all day on your iOS device. Read the full post on GamerTell »

Fin: “Birth of a Nation” is problematic, “Aliens” for kids and when Spock met Data

Take every movie and every other work of art that’s ever been called “problematic.” Then add all that problematic-ness together, and it still would be less problematic than “Birth of a Nation.” D.W. Griffith’s 1915 film is a watershed in cinematic history, a groundbreaking achievement of filmmaking achievement.. which also happens to be a full-on more »

Learn a little more of Ultron’s plan in latest ‘Avengers 2′ trailer

The running theme in Iron Man’s movies, and with the character in general, is that the moves he thinks will make everyone safer often have the complete opposite effect. Joss Whedon’s film universe has taken it a step further, making Tony Stark responsible for the creation of Ultron. In the comic books, Hank Pym is more »

HBO Now? Streaming service said to cost $15 a month

There’s finally some news about HBO’s standalone streaming service. According to the International Business Times, the service is called HBO Now, it will debut in April- in time for the new Game of Thrones season- and Apple may be a partner. And the price is $15 per month. The other twist is that Apple may more »

Mad Max rides later this year

From GamerTell Mad Max gets a release date and a pre-order bonus. Read the full post on GamerTell »

NBC making comedy easier for cord-cutters

NBC is planning to offer a new service to consumers who don’t want to pay for cable, do want to watch The Tonight Show, Late Night and Saturday Night Live as they air, and really don’t want to wait for the clips to come online the following day. The Wall Street Journal reported Tuesday that more »

‘Brewster’s Millions’ is being remade…again.

Most of us can name a few of the most adapted novels of all time – ‘The Wizard of Oz’…’Dracula’…’Frankenstein’…’Jane Eyre’…’Wuthering Heights’…but would you believe that ‘Brewster’s Millions’ should be listed among said “classics.” Indeed, after arriving on bookshelves way back in 1902, George Barr McCutcheon’s tale of a man suddenly stricken with riches, only more »

“Fifty Shades”: Merkins? We don’t need no stinkin’ merkins

If you thought, after the first 500 thinkpieces that there was nothing more to learn about the “Fifty Shades of Grey” movie generally and its sex scenes specifically, boy were you wrong. That Dakota Johnson’s Anastasia Steele sported pubic hair, during the movie’s very brief moments of full-frontal nudity, has been much remarked-upon in notices more »