Leslie Jones is now in the SNL cast

And not a moment too soon, the instantly iconic Leslie Jones has transitioned from staff writer to cast member on Saturday Night Live. Deadline reports that beginning with this week’s show hosted by Jim Carrey, Leslie Jones will be joining the cast of SNL as a featured player. She’s been a writer on the show more »

Blu-ray Review: The Vincent Price Collection II

For those out there who love Halloween, who crave the lengthening dark as a relief from summer’s powerful sun, our friends at Scream Factory have sent out the perfect package for you, and they sent out a copy our way to review. It’s “The Vincent Price Collection II,” and for those who like their horror more »

John Cena recites Dylan Thomas in WWE 2K15 “Rage” trailer

From GamerTell John Cena has no desire to go gentle into that good night. He's got at least one more video game cover in him, thanks to WWE 2K15. Read the full post on GamerTell »

A new indie ideal is born: ‘Clerks’ at 20

Many years ago, before the invention of digital cameras, editing software, and web-based funding and distribution, multi-Oscar winning filmmaker Francis Ford Coppola saw the inevitable writing on the wall. With the rise in technology, he said, there will come an entire generation of writers and directors who no longer need the Hollywood system to survive. more »

“Unbroken” has a new trailer

Angelina Jolie’s newest film, “Unbroken,” has a new trailer and from the looks of it, it looks absolutely amazing: For those of you unaware (and I wasn’t, until this movie was announced), “Unbroken,” tells the true story of Louis Zamperini. Born in 1917, he spent his youth getting into fights, then became a track star more »

Paul Schrader has distanced himself from his new movie, “Dying of the Light,” as has star Nicolas Cage

Paul Schrader is a loser, and he’s telling everyone who will listen. Do you believe him? Via Paul Schrader’s Facebook page: “We lost the battle. Dying of the Light, a film I wrote and directed, was taken away from me, redited, scored and mixed without my imput (sic). Yesterday Grindstone (a division of Lionsgate) released more »

Downton Abbey Season 5 has a trailer! OH!!

My favorite silly and overwrought, yet well-produced and entertaining prime-time soap opera has a new trailer. And OH! The drama! FIRE in Downton (it’s DOWNTON, NOT Downtown, folks, please stop making that mistake). Have a look at it below: Oh for the love of Downton. It took me a while to pull the trigger, but more »

The 4 worst parents on the internet

The Age of Information has been said to be the downfall of civilization as we know it, creating mindless zombies who never look up from their phones, have the attention span of autistic gold fish, and frequently lose touch of unaugmented reality. Baby Boomers and a good portion of Gen X often go as far as to more »

Andrew WK brings the party to Android commercial

Admit it: When you first heard Andrew WK’s music, circa 2000, you just knew he’d still be a cultural force nearly 15 years later. And you certainly knew he’d pen an advice column for the Village Voice, would attempt a short-lived career as a diplomat, and would compose parody songs about The McLaughlin Group which more »

Chica the chicken comes to 30 Rock, where the stars are

Sesame Street, over the years, has gotten incredibly good at staying in the pop cultural conversation, often by welcoming celebrities to interact with Elmo and Big Bird and Co. More recently, the Childrens’ Television Workshop has created viral videos, usually kid-related parodies of popular TV shows like Mad Men, Glee and even Sons of Anarchy. more »

The return of The Comeback has a full trailer

Like balm to a chapped lip, apply this soothing new trailer for the long-awaited return of The Comeback and feel relief from boring TV shows this fall. Know that, over time, even greater relief will be experienced, as new, full episodes of The Comeback starring Lisa Kudrow begin very soon – November 9th, right after more »

Colbert’s tech bias: Apple yes, Google no 

If I didn’t know any better, I might think Stephen Colbert- the character, the real guy, or possibly both- has a notable tech bias: Pro-Apple, and anti-Google. Colbert famously appeared at an awards show in 2010 holding an iPad- even though the initial edition of the Apple tablet wasn’t yet available at the time. Then, more »