Apple releases new video to celebrate diversity among its employees

From AppleTell "From the very beginning, we have been a collective of individuals." Read the full post on AppleTell »


Only in America: The saga of Nate Green, formerly gay country singer 

There’s a completely bonkers story bubbling up from the world of country music that illustrates a lot of things, either about the fluidity of human sexuality, or the never-ending American capacity for human reinvention, or  the moral and creative bankruptcy of the music industry. Or possibly all three. Here’s what happening according to website WeHo Confidential, more »

The NFL asks Super Bowl halftime acts if they would “pay to play”

This year, before securing their Super Bowl halftime superstar acts, the NFL did something different: they decided to ask if bands would care to pay a little something from their tour revenues to the NFL for the honor of being their halftime entertainment. Please note that the NFL does not pay the bands anything – more »

Geddy Lee and his bobblehead do the Ice Bucket Challenge

The Ice Bucket Challenge has reached Canada- with a challenge performed by the Great White North’s preeminent 61-year-old ponytailed bass player/frontman. Yes, I’m talking about Geddy Lee. You know- Geddy Lee? Of Rush? Of Salesmen? That’s right Meatwad. Challenged by fellow rock star Les Claypool of Primus, Lee first did the challenge with a bobblehead figurine more »

Reddit hits Xbox One as ReddX

From GamerTell You can now access Reddit on your Xbox One with ReddX. Read the full post on GamerTell »

Pass the BL margs: DadBoner headed to TV 

The Twitter persona known as DadBoner- the hard-drinking, hard-partying, Guy Fieri-worshiping Michigan single dad known as Karl Welzein- has already written a book and even wrote Fieri fan fiction for Flint, Mich.’s CraigsList page. Now, he may get his own TV show. Deadline reported Wednesday night that the Comedy Central has commissioned an animated pilot based more »

Apple iPad Air reportedly getting a 2GB RAM update

From AppleTell Know what could make good use of 2GB RAM? Split-screen multitasking. Read the full post on AppleTell »

Fin: Mormons place “Book of Mormon” ads, the revival of Comedy Central and the best movie mix tapes

I saw the touring production of “The Book of Mormon” last night here in Philadelphia, having never seen it before or heard any of the music, and I loved it, it’s every bit as great as everyone says. But I noticed something interesting: The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints- the actual Mormons- placed more »

Frozen is now in Disney Club Penguin too

From GamerTell Disney Club Penguin is celebrating Frozen with a Frozen Party, both on the website and in the app. Read the full post on GamerTell »

Mark Wahlberg is set to star in a movie about the Deepwater Horizon Gulf oil spill

Actor and burger mogul Mark Walhberg is in talks to star in a movie about the BP oil spill, based on a dramatic article published in the New York Times after the 2010 disaster. Titled “Deepwater Horizon”, the movie is based on what happened on the rig before everything went south, and the worst oil spill more »

New ‘Fury’ trailer…same as the old ‘Fury’ trailer

As the Summer movie season slowly starts to wind down (we’re in the final two weeks, people), it’s time for the studios to start thinking about the Fall. In between the celluloid landfill of September and the Best-of Lists of December, there will be dozens of Award Season wannabes. Back in June we told you more »

Toronto Fest lineup is complete, Murray and Franco added at the last minute

Just because the Toronto International Film Festival organizers announced a packed selection of Oscar contenders, world, international and North American premiering flicks and high-profile indie titles last month, it doesn’t mean they didn’t keep an ace or two concealed up their sleeves for right before the shindig’s start. Well, maybe not right before, as we’re more »