Eager for Android 5.0 Lollipop? You might want to wait

From GadgeTell Each new generation of the Android OS has brought about great improvement and much excitement. It tends to both work and look better. And who doesn’t like the little android bot with the latest sweet treat in hand? Lollipop. Such fun! Read the full post on GadgeTell »

A ‘Big Bang’ for Intel as Parsons stars in ads 

We have another celebrity endorsement of a technology company that will take the form of a large, national ad campaign.  Jim Parsons for Intel, though, makes a bit more sense than some of the other examples. According to a New York Times report Thursday, Parsons is now starring in a series of commercials for Intel more »

Xbox One turns one, time to celebrate (maybe)

From GamerTell Xbox One turns one, and Microsoft is celebrating with some great freebies! But there are a few catches, of course. Read the full post on GamerTell »

Samsung jumps into mobile video with Milk Video

Samsung Mobile has announced the arrival of Milk Video, a video discovery service that’s exclusive to Samsung’s own Galaxy devices. Content partners at launch include Condé Nast, Funny Or Die, Red Bull, Vevo and VICE. The introduction of Milk Video follows that of Milk Music, earlier this year. According to the company: “The promise of more »

Fin: Sony drops Steve Jobs, Maryland governors on “The Wire,” and get more depressing, Charlie Brown! 

Since Sony’s electronics division spent much of the 2000s competing with Steve Jobs- and losing badly- it never made much sense that the Aaron Sorkin-written Jobs biopic would be released by Sony’s movie studio. Now, that’s not happening either; Sony has become the latest person/entity of many to wash its hands of the film, following more »

Movie Review: “The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 1″

Well, it’s official. Katniss Everdeen is no longer playing around. She is now fully immersed in the battle against President Snow and his Capitol cronies. She is putting all of her efforts into making sure he pays dearly for all the pain and suffering he’s caused all of the poor people in the districts. She has more »

Xbox Live having cloud-related issues

From GamerTell A week of huge gaming releases has crushed Xbox Live's service. Microsoft is working on it. Read the full post on GamerTell »


Movie Review: “Happy Valley”

(Note: This review of “Happy Valley” ran last month during the Philadelphia Film Festival; it opens this week.)  No, the stereotypes aren’t true. Penn State fans and supporters, as a rule, aren’t uneducated rubes. They’re also not rabid moral cretins, blinded by their loyalty to football and to Joe Paterno and still in denial about more »

Sony offers Xperia Z3 owners three (six?) awesome free movies for Black Friday

From GadgeTell Black Friday deals come in many shapes and sizes, but usually they involve discounts or special gadget bundles. Sony seems to swim against the current this year, letting Xperia Z3 users enjoy a few riveting movies for free. Read the full post on GadgeTell »

Movie Review: “Foxcatcher” 

“Foxcatcher” is a beautifully shot, wonderfully acted, generally well-written film about a fascinating true-life story. So why does it seem to have a big empty hole in the middle of it? Directed by Bennett Miller of “Capote” and “Moneyball” fame, “Foxcatcher” tells the story of the lead-up to the murder, in 1996, of Olympic wrestler more »

Ultimate Ears and Skrillex team up for new limited edition UE Boom

From AppleTell The sound is all Ultimate Ears, the artwork is all Skrillex. Read the full post on AppleTell »


Kathy Griffin is indeed replacing Joan Rivers on “Fashion Police”

The show will go on, allegedly: Fashion Police will return to the air Kathy Griffin as host, according to TMZ. She will take Joan Rivers seat as the one who cracks the most jokes, but no one can ever take Joan Rivers’ place. TMZ reports that the show will no longer air weekly, but E! more »