Beyond James Blunt: Other people who should apologize for their songs

My feet are cold, aren’t yours? Well, they should be, because hell hath frozen over. Remember this, “song”? That’s right, watch it again, let your ears bleed in the wrong way, take it, TAKE IT!!!! SAY MY NAME. Okay sorry about that. But seriously, the “musician” who made it, James Blunt, actually apologized for it. more »

James Blunt apologizes for “You’re Beautiful,” insults people with ears and eyes

In an exclusive interview with Hello! Magazine to promote his new album Moon Landing, the permanently rumpled singer James Blunt managed to apologize for his most famous song, and insult certain segments of the music-loving population, almost at the same time. It’s true, 2005’s “You’re Beautiful” was very annoying, for what seemed like an extended more »

Oh, hai, Kickstarter: “The Room” actors plan mockumentary 

“The Room,” famous as one of the best worst movies of all time, has had quite an afterlife: It led to a highly entertaining memoir by actor Greg Sestero, a possible adaptation of that memoir to be directed by James Franco, and hundreds and hundreds of midnight screenings. I myself may or may not own more »

Kindle Fire HDX 7 lands on AT&T, lucrative Fire Phone bundle deal offered

From GadgeTell Well, this is unusual. AT&T is trying to resuscitate stagnant sales of the gimmicky Amazon Fire Phone by bundling it with a one-year-old tablet. Which Ma Bell didn’t directly sell until today. Meanwhile, Amazon is pushing said aging slate less and less, in both Wi-Fi-only and LTE-enabled flavors available with Verizon or AT&T bands. Read the full post on GadgeTell »

Legendary Songwriter Jim Peterik Takes Us ‘Through the Eye of the Tiger’ in New Book

If anything, Jim Peterik can best be described by the name of his best-known band: Survivor. Not only has he survived the pitfalls of the rock and roll lifestyle that have taken a lot of his comrades out of the game, but he also survived the heaven and hell that came with great success in more »

Enter the ‘Age of Ultron’ in this Avengers 2 trailer

Before “” released, the idea of getting one of comics’ all-star super teams on the screen was but a dream. Disney and Marvel got it done, but what could they do for an encore? There are a handful of threats big enough to warrant calling Earth’s Mightiest Heroes together. One of the greatest, Ultron, was more »

The Simpsons World is now live (for some)

Still basking in the glow of the recent FXX marathon of the greatest half-hour comedy of all time (you heard me)? Well, re-rev your engines, because The Simpsons World is now live. All 552 episodes are online, right now. Let’s see, 552 multiplied by 22 minutes equals…hang on…12,144 minutes, plus the movie…no forget the movie more »

ABC is giving “Bachelor Party” a TV remake

The endless cycle of remaking, rebooting, or otherwise resurrecting film and television properties from decades past soldiers  on, as ABC has given a put pilot to a TV project based on the 1984 Tom Hanks comedy “.” The show will come from the Small Dog Picture Co. and the Walcott Company, in association with 20th more »

Disney heads to the islands for 2016′s ‘Moana’

It’s been a banner year for the House of Mouse. Currently, they are sitting on one of the biggest surprise sleeper hits of 2014 (‘Guardians of the Galaxy’), have watched Marvel make even more bank on their cinematic product (‘Captain America: The Winter Soldier’) and scored both an Oscar and a billion dollar plus payday more »

Sleater-Kinney to reunite after long hiatus, many Portlandia eps

Watch “Bury Your Friends” It’s rare in this age of reunions to feel sincerity and a commitment to artistry, as most band reunions are nostalgia-fueled cash cows that feature a band many miles south of their peak. Not so with the Sleater-Kinney reunion, which starts with a meaningful offering to fans: a sumptuous box set more »

Movie Review: “Whiplash” 

“Whiplash” is described by Wikipedia as a “jazz music dramatic thriller,” probably the first ever made of that subgenre. But specific as its world is, the questions it raises have application all over our culture. The film, this past January’s Sunday winner, was directed by Damien Chazelle and adapted from an earlier short. The film more »

Amazon ships Kindle Voyage to early buyers, everyone else must wait

From GadgeTell Riding an unexpected wave of positively glowing reviews, Amazon’s highest-end e-book reader to date has started shipping. But if you’re not amongst those who boarded the Kindle Voyage before it was cool, you’re likely in for a long wait. Read the full post on GadgeTell »