No, Obama has not “lost” ‘Saturday Night Live’

This past weekend’s episode of Saturday Night Live featured an opening sketch in which President Obama (Jay Pharaoh) came in for some mockery, over his handling of ebola and other crises. This led to a lot of commentators to conclude that the president has “lost” the venerable comedy program: @TomBevanRCP Obama has lost the NYTimes more »

Biographer J. Randy Taraborelli turns his sights to Beyonce

The man who has penned unauthorized bios of Michael Jackson, Frank Sinatra and Madonna will tackle Queen Bey in his latest work. It’s coming to bookstores in the fall of 2015. Beyonce’s team goes to great lengths to protect her image, even trying to get rid of her unflattering Super Bowl photos. They can’t be more »

Taylor Kitsch is committed to True Detective season 2

Tim Riggins/Friday Night Lights fans, get pumped. Taylor Kitsch has signed on for the second season of True Detective, and he told Adweek that he held out for the role, not accepting any work for a whole year as he waited for the call. The actor’s last project was HBO’s so-sad-you’ll-be-infuriated Emmy-nominated The Normal Heart. more »

Danger of the Ooze: The evolution of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

From GamerTell We talked to WayForward about the new Ninja Turtles game, and how the TMNT have changed over the years. Read the full post on GamerTell »

Even Mike Tyson Can’t Beat Mike Tyson in Punch-Out

From GamerTell Mike Tyson is invincible in Punch-Out, even if the real Mike Tyson is playing. Read the full post on GamerTell »

It’s Michael Bay’s Benghazi: Director eyes a different kind of terror

I’m trying to rack my brain for a worse possible film project than Michael Bay directing the story of the attack on Benghazi, but after over an hour of imagining, I’m coming up empty. The Hollywood Reporter revealed Wednesday night that the “Transformers” director is in talks to make his next film the story of more »

Fin: The best of Satan, a Nat X suggestion and more sanctioning of buffoonery

Just in time for Halloween: An overview of pop culture’s best Satans. Unforgivably omitted: Pacino in “The Devil’s Advocate” and Jon Lovitz’s “Mr. Mephistopheles,” although the nice-guy gay Satan from South Park is in fact included (iO9) When Chris Rock hosts ‘Saturday Night Live‘ this weekend, all I ask is that two things: That there more »


NPH on NBC: A TV series of the Neil Patrick Harris variety

The old school song and dance man is a dying breed in Hollywood. The kind of fella who could truly earn the EGOT; Emmy, Grammy, Oscar and Tony. By my count, there are two of these fellas currently blazing the trail; Hugh Jackman, and Neil Patrick Harris, who has made it quite clear that he more »

Marvel announces new films, including debut of Black Panther and Captain Marvel

Marvel and Disney proved they could dig deep into the catalog with the success of “Guardians of the Galaxy.” The movies they announced Tuesday will take us to some of the Marvel universe’s hidden corners, introducing diverse new characters along the way. Let’s dive into this exciting slate: Chadwick Boseman will tackle the role of more »


Someone fly me to CatConLA next year, because cats

The organizers of CatConLa, which is to be held next June 6 and 7 in Los Angeles, describe it as “like Comic-Con… but for cat people.”

NBA Live 15 is playable, so that’s something

From GamerTell Early reviews for NBA Live 15 suggest EA Sports is making positive progress for a series that had fallen hard. Read the full post on GamerTell »

The GameStop Diancie distribution begins, involves codes again

From GamerTell The GameStop Diancie event has begun, but you have to hurry to get a code to make her available in your game. Read the full post on GamerTell »