All in the game, all in the frame? ‘The Wire’ in HD causes controversy

Three months after that weird episode in which news outlets (and even some cable listings) reported that a “remastered,” HD version of The Wire was about to debut on HBO- leading the network to declare such an announcement “premature”- the series is finally, truly arriving in HD. According to The Verge: Starting on December 26th, all more »

TV Premiere Review: “Olbermann” on ESPN2

Hell froze over Monday night, and in a related story, Keith Olbermann returned to ESPN. The well-traveled commentator, who helped launch ESPN’s SportsCenter to cultural relevance in the 1990s before the first of many acrimonious departures from cable networks, debuted his new eponymous talk show on ESPN2 Monday. Judging from the first show, Olbermann is more »

At the End of the Day: Jay-Z vs. Philly, The Smiths vs. Charlie Brown, Nirvana vs. Their Legacy

Our own Pete Croatto looks back at Zander Hollander’s great “Complete Handbook of Baseball” series of books (New York Times) Our old friend Jack Cotter on Jay-Z’s comments about the Philadelphia Phillies at a recent concert (Philadelphia Magazine) An amusing Tumblr that matches Smiths lyrics with Peanuts cartoons (This Charming Charlie) Is Nirvana overrated? (Acculturated) more »

Whitlock on TV?!?! Fox Sports 1 Readies ESPN Counterattack

In case you didn’t hear, there’s about to be a TV sports Cold War. Fox is launching its new 24-hour sports network called Fox Sports 1 this fall, aimed at taking on the dominant player in cable sports, ESPN, as well as newer competitors from NBC and CBS. According to every bit of analysis that more »

ESPN Considered ‘The View,’ For Sports

The View, only with men and about sports, doesn’t sound so much like The View at all. But it’ still an idea that ESPN considered but ultimately rejected, according to a report this week.  The sports website The Big Lead reported Monday that a top programming executive at the Worldwide Leader, Jamie Horowitz, considered developing more »

At the End of the Day…

“Waiting For Meatwad: The Samuel Beckett/Adult Swim Connection” (Splitsider) Has social media ruined Breaking Bad and other shows like it? Tim Goodman thinks so (Hollywood Reporter) Breaking Bad is overrated, just like Peyton Manning, and neither is as good as The Wire, Jason Whitlock says (Fox Sports) Why The Newsroom is a remake of NewsRadio (Splitsider) more »

At The End of the Day…

A look at mens’ names that have been ruined by their inclusion in songs. Lola knows how you feel (11 Points) If Game of Thrones had attack ads (Mother Jones) Sports columnist Jason Whitlock compares the NBA Finals to The Wire, because Whitlock always compares everything to The Wire (Fox Sports) Why “Terminator 2: Judgment more »