420 Audio rolls dope “High”-Fi Bluetooth speaker

April 20 (cough… cough cough cough) is coming up this Sunday, and it should be a rollicking good time in Colorado and Washington state, at the very least. A new audio company cheekily called 420 Audio is commemorating the occasion with its new “high”-fi Bluetooth speaker.

7 awesome deals on gadgets and gear for April 17

We’ve been gone on vacation for a couple weeks, but our Daily Deals return today! So without further ado, let’s check out today’s best deals on gadgets and gear, handpicked from all over the web just for you.

Denon introduces Envaya DSB200 Bluetooth speaker

There are dozens upon dozens of companies offering Bluetooth speakers these days, but few have the decades-long high-end audio pedigree of Denon. That’s why its new Envaya DSB200 Bluetooth speaker is a notable addition to the scene.

Samsung Galaxy S5 bill of materials estimated at north of $250

Forget writing, I should have got in the business of manufacturing smartphones.

Samsung Gear devices now compatible with 20 Samsung smartphones and tablets

What good is a mobile accessory such as the second-generation Samsung Galaxy Gear devices if it’s only compatible with one Samsung smartphone? Samsung apparently realizes this, as it has now made its second-generation Galaxy Gear devices — namely Samsung Gear 2, Samsung Gear 2 Neo and Samsung Gear Fit — compatible with 20 Samsung mobile more »

HTC One M7 to get Sense 6 update next month

For those wondering about the arrival of Sense 6 UI for HTC One M7, HTC USA president Jason Mackenzie tweeted that the update will arrive in May in the U.S.

Are we losing our humanity to digital devices?

Smartphones haven’t been around for that many years, yet they’ve had such an impact on society. On a whim, we can source and fulfill needs of information, productivity and entertainment with minimal obstacles. It sounds great on paper, but actual trends paint a far more disturbing picture. It’s quite possible that smartphones and digital devices are eroding humanity bit by byte.


Trinity is a portable wind turbine that charges your USB devices

Portable chargers are cool. I love being able to charge my USB devices on the go, without needing to find an available electrical outlet. I just hook my phone up to my portable charger, put it in my bag, and go. My problem is charging the charger. I always am forgetting to plug it in when I get home, which means it’s all too often a glorified paperweight when I need it most. But what if the *wind* took care of charging the charger?

Binder-friendly Jumpr Slate 10k ditches bulk for slim

When it comes to external battery packs, there tends to be a conundrum of capacity versus bulk. That is, unless you don’t mind carrying around bricks all day. Even so, most of the best batteries share similar shapes: a flask, over-sized deck of cards, or half a can of spam. No matter the flavor, they more »

Microsoft restocks 64, 512 GB flavors of Surface Pro 2 tablets

Besides the trouble of marketing second-generation Surface tablets as legitimate Apple iPad rivals, Microsoft has recently faced serious component shortages, being forced to temporarily halt sales of specific Surface Pro 2 versions.

May ETA for HTC One M8 mini reiterated, specs most likely include 13 MP camera

HTC-One-Mini-M8When there’s little left to be revealed about a thoroughly gossiped but unannounced gadget, insiders tend to start echoing each other. But the more moles spill their guts the merrier, as all doubt is shattered to pieces once information is verified via multiple reliable sources.

Mr Pow brings bright smiles to the portable charger party

There are a lot of portable chargers in this world. In fact, it seems like there’s a new one every day. But how many of them smile at you? Mr Pow does.