Majority of businesses continue using Windows XP

Though Microsoft has pulled its support for Windows XP, a surprisingly large number of businesses are still running the aged OS in their operations.

New LG 4K TV gets a price tag

At the Consumer Electronics Show this year, LG revealed it would ship a 65-inch Ultra High Definition 4K OLED (organic light emitting diode) TV by the end of 2014. Now, thanks to a leak, we know the retail price of the item will be $8,999, but it will sell for $6,999.

Stanford medical center begins using Google Glass

Surgeons-in-training at Stanford University Medical School are now using Google Glass as part of their vast array of medical tools.

Google Nexus 9 is in the air as Play Store slowly runs out of Nexus 7 2013 stock

Could it be bye-bye Nexus 7 2013 at last? In all truthfulness, we’d hate it if the 7-inch budget champ would be discontinued. Sure, it lost a big chunk of the mojo it launched with back in July 2013, but it’s still pretty fly for a $215 tablet.

SocialRank expands Twitter follower analytics service

SocialRank, a Twitter analytics service that launched in February, has been upgraded significantly to helps companies and brands gather more insight and value from their social media.

CIA apologizes to Senate for hacking its computers

The CIA seems to have issued a somewhat ambiguous confession that it covertly accessed Senate computers to carry out damage control in advance ahead of a report on supposed torture under its watch.

Samsung Galaxy S5 LTE-A for Europe incoming, S805 CPU, FHD screen in tow

For most high-profile mobile device manufacturers, launching an upscale smartphone every six months is more than enough. There are of course a few that prefer to spread their magic around and roll out two high-end handhelds.

New Twitter feature defines hashtags

Twitter is currently working on a new feature that lets users know what certain hashtags mean.

Google’s barge plans come to a close

After selling an unfinished barge located in Portland, Maine, it appears Google will be leaving its barge ambitions behind.

Note 3 screen used in latest Oculus Rift

When Facebook subsidiary Oculus VR first revealed its second virtual reality development kit, no specific details were disclosed about its new, higher-resolution screen. With the shipments of the second dev kit making their way to pre-order customers, however, people have been dissecting the device, allowing them to scrutinize its myriad of pieces more intimately. The results of their efforts? We now know what the headset is using: the screen from Samsung’s Note 3.

Metal framed Samsung Galaxy Note 4 expected out on September 3

Busy with countless Galaxy Alpha rumors, and also troubled by reports Samsung is gradually losing its global smartphone mojo, we almost completely forgot about the most high-profile Android product announcement of what’s left in 2014.

Microsoft starts shipping Intel Core i3, i7 Surface Pro 3 models at last

Ready to ditch your bland old conventional laptop in favor of a spunky multi-purpose tablet/notebook hybrid? Perfect timing, as Microsoft has just begun shipping third-generation Surface Pros with Intel Core i3 and i7 processors inside to early adopters.