LG G3 for Sprint tipped with 16 MP camera, fingerprint recognition

Oh, wow, it appears a bunch of LG employees might need to look for a job ASAP, as both the G3 mini and jumbo-sized G3 have leaked to the press in the past 24 hours. Expected out in June, at the earliest, the OEM’s next-gen flagship device is like an out-of-control faulty faucet, showing up in about a dozen of unofficial but mostly reliable reports lately.

Sony Xperia Z2 Tablet priced at $500 and up stateside, shipping starts May 3

Unlike its component shortage-plagued little brother, Sony’s Xperia Z2 Tablet seems to be doing just fine inventory-wise, first rolling out in UK and several other European markets and now almost ready to see daylight in the US of A.

Support Earth Day and join MPOWERD Solar Justice campaign

Each week, we bring news about the latest industry shakeups and articles about upcoming gadgets. Ultimately, in the grand scheme of things, it’s all first-world chit-chat. As audiophiles flock to Neil Young’s Pono Player, speculators discuss the latest smartphone rumors, and consumers research their next purchase, there are those in the world struggling with energy poverty.

Ossia Cota wirelessly charges smartphone from 40 feet

I hate charging my phone. Seriously. Looking for an outlet, finding the charger, trying to keep the phone off the floor so it doesn’t get stomped. But what if you didn’t need to find a charger or an outlet? What if you could charge a phone, magically, through the air we breathe? That’s the Holy Grail of device charging, right? A company called Ossia is working on it.

How low can you go? Motorola prepping Moto E, a cheaper Moto G variant

As if to aggravate the heartache we all felt when it was announced that Motorola was no longer “a Google company”, incredibly optimistic (and fairly trustworthy) rumors continue to pile up vis-à-vis Moto X and G’s follow-ups, expected out this summer. Worst case scenario, in the fall.

Leaked: Partial LG G3 mini specs, including 720p display and 4G LTE

LG’s diminutive G2 mini is barely a couple of months old, the “full-sized” G3 is at best a couple of months away from going official, yet believe it or not, we think we have the scoop on the company’s next-gen pint-sized flagship.

FINsix smallest laptop adapter now available, selling out

Remember that laptop adapter you heard about and have been waiting for? Well it’s finally here, and it’s selling like snacky cakes. The FINsix Dart Kickstarter campaign has been open for only a few hours and it has already passed half its goal. Heck, just over the course of typing this article up, I’ve witnessed the number of backers jump by 127!

LG G Watch pictured in gold, always-on display and water resistance confirmed

You have to hand it to LG, they sure know how to build buzz around their recently unveiled G Watch without revealing too much and spoiling the surprise ahead of the gizmo’s probable June launch.

8 awesome deals on gadgets, games and gear for April 22

We don’t know about you, but we’re totally absorbed in the NBA and NHL playoffs right now. There’s so much playoff action on TV every night that we aren’t getting much sleep. With baseball season also in full swing, it’s a good time to be a sports fan! And if you’re not, that’s also good, because you’re probably well-rested. Keep up with your favorite teams (or not) with some great deals on gadgets and gear. We handpicked them from around the web just for you.

Technologytell Review: Jellybox and Juicebox

Cute things are a girl’s kryptonite. A lot of unnecessarily gendered products hit the market regularly and many times it’s silly, inappropriate or just plain awkward. Other times it’s adorable and desirable and I’m 100% all about it.

Revi Charger puts cables, battery in your wallet pocket

As much as bigger tends to be better (but not always), pocket-sized functionality is really where it’s at. A large device does one little good if they don’t have it immediately on hand, right? When it comes to mobile lifestyles, many like to pack light without having to make too many sacrifices.

HTC One M8 Launched in India for Rs. 49,900

HTC unveiled their latest flagship device, the HTC One M8, at a press event in NYC on March 25th, and went on sale in a few regions right after its launch. If you’re based in India, there’s a piece of good news for you. HTC India has launched the HTC One M8 in India for Rs. 49,900 ($823), which will go on sale from May 7th.