The sub-$200 Windows 8.1 laptops are already here, thanks to this Acer E15 deal

Looking for a fairly basic Windows computing machine at a Chromebook-rivaling price point? In the market for the perfect back to school gift? Then why wait weeks, maybe months until HP and Asus go ahead and release the Stream and cryptic F205TA when the Acer Aspire E15 can be had at, wait for it, $199.

Galaxy S4 on Sprint gets international WiFi calling

Frequent international travelers will be happy to hear that Sprint is pushing out an update for the Galaxy S4 that will enable international WiFi calling. The Galaxy S4 is now the first device on Sprint’s Spark 4G LTE network to get international WiFi calling, but there could be some extra fees involved.

Sony makes headway with US carriers as Xperia Z3 seems poised for Sprint

For reasons that are really beyond our comprehension, Sony has never been able to appeal to America’s big four wireless carriers. With the worthy exception of T-Mobile, which was itself a little late to pick up the Xperia Z and Z1, the major networks inexplicably and stubbornly ignored Xperia devices over and over again, refusing to crack under the public pressures of innovation-savvy consumers.

Nokia Here maps launching on Samsung devices

Once the Samsung Gear S smartwatch is released in October, users will be seeing Here for Android on the device instead of Google Maps. A licensing agreement between Samsung and Nokia has brought Nokia’s services to other Tizen devices, so this is just an extension of that pre-existing agreement.


Starfish app lets parents know when they left their kid in the car

You hear it on the news way too often: A parent left his or her toddler locked in the car with the windows up on a broiling hot day, just so the parent can run into a bar or casino or supermarket. What if there were an app that reminded them that they are a terrible parent and they better fix the situation immediately? That’s where an ingenious new sensor/app combo, Starfish, comes in.

Google Authorship is no longer available

It felt like the end of Google Authorship was near when Google stopped showing author profile photos in search results in June, but now Authorship is actually gone. Authorship was added to Google Search in 2011, and the feature showed author information in applicable search results. As it attempts to unify the web and mobile search experiences, however, Google no longer sees a way for Authorship to be beneficial.

The Labor Day Weekend binge-watching guide

Is there anything better than a long weekend? Yes. A long weekend spent doing absolutely nothing. Sure, I have plans to go hiking and to a baseball game but for the most part I will be on my couch enjoying my air conditioning, drinking iced coffee and binge-watching to my heart’s content. But Hannah, there’s so much to watch – how can you even decide where to start? Great question, hypothetical reader. I’ve combed the recent streaming additions to our favorite streaming sites, and I’ve selected your best options for this special Labor Day Weekend.

T-Mobile confirms HTC One M8 for Windows release ‘in time for the holidays’

Three down, only one to go. Verizon got the ball rolling by actually putting the HTC One M8 for Windows up for grabs, AT&T immediately came forward to let its fans know Big Red’s exclusivity period will end soon, and now T-Mobile wants in on the Windows Phone 8.1 fun.

WhatsApp reaches 600 million active users

WhatsApp is by far one of the most popular cross-platform messaging apps at the moment. The app was recently acquired by Facebook for a whopping $19 billion. Recently, WhatsApp’s Jan Koum took it to Twitter and mentioned the active user base of WhatsApp has surpassed 600 million, which is an extremely big achievement. This is not the number of users registered on the service, but those who are actively using the app on their devices to get in touch with their friends and family.

5 things to do while Instagram is down

Like me, you probably logged into Instagram today and noticed THE APP IS DOWN. I REPEAT: THE APP IS DOWN. This is not a drill. And while this of course brings to mind the memes that were created the last time this happened, perhaps you haven’t subconsciously drafted an In Case Instagram is Down plan. But don’t worry, I have.

Asus slaps 64-bit Intel Moorefield chip on Fonepad 7, only in China for now

It’s a known fact Asus tablets and hybrids are big in Asia, where users appreciate quirkiness, uniqueness and that productivity edge so often offered by PadFones, Fonepads or Transformers. As such, it shouldn’t come as a shocker the Taiwan-based device manufacturer is kicking the 64-bit festivities into gear in China.

Lenovo has a high-end (-ish) 8-inch Android tablet in the pipeline for IFA

Unlike Samsung, Sony, LG, Asus, HTC or Huawei, which have all confirmed and teased their presence at the IFA tech expo in Berlin, Lenovo is yet to come forward with any kind of formal confirmation for product announcements early next month.