Samsung Gear VR lands at Best Buy, still requires Galaxy Note 4 pairing

The textbook definition of experimental futuristic technology, Samsung’s first virtual reality device comes closer to its prospective present-day adopters with Best Buy availability. It seemed a long shot a while back, but the Gear VR is being manufactured in enough units to cover demand via Sammy’s online store and third-party retailers.

Huawei says no to Windows 10 phones, yes to post-MWC Ascend P8 intro

In addition to being a very gutsy device manufacturer, never content to settle for home glory, Huawei stands out from the Android OEM pack with a refreshing candor and media transparency. The Chinese company literally just laid out their plans for 2015, and now they’re going one step further.

Google Agrees To Change Its Privacy Policy To Settle With UK Government

In hopes of making it more readable and simpler, a few years ago, the search engine giant Google merged more than 60 privacy policies into one document. Apparently, following an investigation by European regulators who found the search engine’s terms to be ‘too vague’, Google has reached an agreement with the UK’s Information Commissioner’s Office over how it collects personal data in the country and will be making changes to its current privacy policy.

Deal alert: Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4 at $300 on eBay ($100 off)

The winter clearance anticipating spring launches of sizzling hot new gear at MWC and beyond continues, as Samsung now looks to get rid of lingering Galaxy Tab S 8.4 inventory on eBay. Technically, it’s Tiger Direct that wants to do its clients a favor by slashing $100 off list, but you get the idea.

Stop, Lollipop time! HTC One M8 treated to Android 5.0 update in Europe

After a number of opening gaffes with Lollipop deadlines for Google Play Edition devices, HTC seemed to get its head in the game by accelerating the process for certain unlocked One M8 versions, and the Dev Edition.


TechnologyTell Review: Logitech Keys-to-Go keyboard

To some people, a keyboard is just a keyboard. But they may be the same type who can pick any random mechanical pencil off of retail peg-hooks and feel completely satisfied. I don’t know how to do that, since even mechanical pencils are tools in my eyes. And any tools I use – knives for the kitchen, trimmers for the backyard, or keyboards for writing/gaming – are carefully chosen for the long-term.

PSA: Razer Nabu X smartband goes on sale for $50

One of the most intriguing wearable devices to come out of the Consumer Electronics Show earlier this month can be now picked up from Razer’s online store. The Nabu X is as basic and minimalistic as “smartbands” come, but it’s only $49.99 and it does everything an activity tracker should do.

Microsoft Office released for Android Tablets

There definitely is no lack of good applications for Android, but one thing that has been missing from their artillery was Microsoft Office until recently. Microsoft announced the general availability of their famous Microsoft Office for Android tablets, today, which means it’s available for all Android tablet users. The company announced that they are removing more »

Get your fancy elegance on with Braven’s latest LUX speaker

2015 is definitely starting to look like the year set for colors and styles. If you read the second half of my 2015 CES wrap-up, you’d know that when it comes to personal audio, black is outsold by color options. Now, black will always have a place in my heart and on my tech, but it’s nice to own other gear with some lively pop.

Samsung Galaxy J1 goes official with humbler-than-expected internals

Just when we were ready to hail Samsung’s return to form in the low-cost Android smartphone space, the oft-rumored Galaxy J1 timidly broke cover in Malaysia, shattering sweet dreams and debunking wishful speculation.


Microsoft ‘no longer manufactures’ the Surface 2, effectively giving up on Windows RT

Don’t say we didn’t warn you. The signs were there, making the prophecy easy peasy, and now all that’s left to do is count the days until the very last Windows RT-powered gadget will vanish into thin air. It might still take a while, since, well, you have to be pretty, um, eccentric to splash the cash on a Surface 2.

Xiaomi Mi4 Launched in India for Rs 19,999 ($326)

Xiaomi has expanded to a few developing markets, and it’s apparently working out well. The company has managed to be a part of the top five smartphone vendors and is receiving a warm welcome, especially in India. The Chinese company has released a number of its handsets in India, and the latest one to join the product portfolio, the Xiaomi MI4.