Instagram video ads roll out

A year after the company announced it would at some point include video ads, Instagram is now rolling them out. Instagram has begun adding video advertisements to its service, and the ads are between eight and fifteen seconds long. So far, the ads are from large companies like Disney, Activision, and CW, though we’d expect them to be more diverse in the future.

Amazon says bad pricing hurt Fire Phone sales

The Fire Phone has not been doing well, despite having some unique features. Amazon launched its first smartphone in June and made it available for $199 before switching the phone’s price tag to $99 a couple months later. The initial pricing issues with the Fire Phone are now being blamed for some of the device’s failure.

Samsung goes full metal with mid-range Galaxy A3 and A5 smartphones

We’d be lying if we claimed we didn’t see them coming, as we almost lost count of the times we saw them spilled, leaked and detailed in the past couple of months. But now they’re official, marking Samsung’s formal entry into a new design era.

Motorola remains dedicated to “pure Android”

Google has officially passed Motorola to Lenovo in a nearly $3 billion acquisition deal. While Motorola was under the control of Google, the company’s phones received faster upgrades and were outfitted with “pure” iterations of Android. Even with the acquisition, those things will not change, according to Motorola Mobility president Rick Osterloh.

Judge rules cops can force phone fingerprint unlocks

Major smartphones like the iPhone 5S, iPhone 6, and Galaxy S5 have fingerprint scanners that have all but replaced the need for regular passcodes for most people. Unfortunately, fingerprint locks are not being treated the same way as regular passcodes, and that has been seen in a court case in Virginia. Judge Steven Frucci says cops can force people to hand over their fingerprint just like a physical item such as a key, but the same is not true for passcodes.

LG unveils nearly bezel-less display

A display with almost no bezel has been unveiled by LG. The company now has a 5.3-inch panel with a bezel of just 0.7mm, and that is 0.2mm thinner than a credit card. No plastic frame is used with the panel since LG has improved Neo Edge technology. That panel technology uses adhesive, eliminating the need for other materials that would normally increase the panel’s bezel.

Nexus 6 pre-orders go live stateside… for a second, get pulled almost instantly

We told you Google was having trouble mass-producing its latest Nexus installments and meeting demand, even more than usual, and N6’s failed US launch just adds fuel to the speculation fire.

It’s official, Samsung’s Gear S rolls out to US carriers November 7

Samsung may have difficulty, to say the least, in meeting Gear S release deadlines in the UK, but intriguingly enough, the US rollout seems to be going ahead as planned. It’s obvious the company is merely following the money, dear British readers, so don’t be too sad.

CurrentC may be transitioning to NFC

A competitor to Apple Pay and Google Wallet that has been backed by more established retail companies called CurrentC might transition to Bluetooth LE or NFC. The CurrentC platform is still in beta, and reports came out earlier this week stating email addresses had been taken from the service that belonged to beta testers.

Oh, the humanity: Huawei says no to KitKat for Ascend Mate 2

While owners of flagship devices and even mid-rangers from household Western mobile brands are holding their breaths in anticipation of Android 5.0 Lollipop updates, Huawei dropped a massive bombshell bound to hurt its already shady stateside reputation.

HTC One M8 for Windows and Galaxy Note Edge coming to T-Mobile in November

Don’t make any plans for gadget holiday shopping just yet, as you might end up hating yourselves for jumping the gun. A number of drool-producing smartphones are on their way to US carriers and “Uncarriers”, including the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge and HTC One M8 for Windows.

Microsoft laying off another 3,000 employees

Microsoft is wrapping up its employee layoffs for 2014 with 3,000 additional cuts, according to GeekWire. The company reportedly cut thousands of workers on Wednesday, and Microsoft doesn’t have any more scheduled layoffs between now and the end of the year, so all of Microsoft’s other employees should be safe.