Soon to launch: Amazon mobile credit card reader

Various reports have been circulating that suggest e-commerce giant, Amazon, is launching its very own mobile credit card reader – putting them in direct competition with similar services such as PayPal Here and Square.

Newegg promo code slashes 15% off select tablets, laptops and other electronics

They say the perfect time to buy gadgets is around the winter holiday season, which many retailers think of as the giving season. Well, they clearly haven’t met Newegg’s higher-ups, who seem to have no problem in turning a humdrum end of July into a less crowded, less crazy shopping window.

Japan’s Prime Minister wants robotic competition in the 2020 Olympics

Japan’s love affair with robots has produced some truly wonderful technological surprises, from Kirobo the robot astronaut to electronic, news-reading automatons. And In 2020, the country wants to bring its love of robots to the Olympics – by having robot athletes compete against each other.

First-gen Nokia X devices close gap to X2 via fresh software update

You know how, much to the dismay of unfortunate Nokia X owners, Microsoft announced a little while back the X2 actually runs a different software build than its predecessor? And how the first-gen would never get updated on account of its humble hardware?

Google to release “Hands-free” car app for Android

Using your smartphone while driving is a recipe for disaster, which is perhaps one of the things that makes a new app leaked by Google so welcome.

Rumor: Windows RT not dead yet, 10.6-inch Surface 3 tablet due out in October

Given Surface Mini’s unexpected last-minute delay (cancelation?), and Surface Pro 3’s surprising release in gargantuan 12-inch form, trying to anticipate Microsoft’s next Windows tablet move is harder than ever.

LG’s first Android-powered Tab Book is official, convertible, super-beefy

It looks like Android is slowly but steadily becoming a solid alternative for Windows in the execution of tablet/mini-laptop hybrids, as LG has just taken the wraps off its rookie Google-powered Tab Book effort.

Robot “baseball fans” coming to a ballpark near you?

What if you didn’t want to spend the time and money on attending a game in person, but still wanted your voice heard at the ballpark? One Korean baseball team, mired in its own cycle of losing and empty seating, has an innovative answer: seat-filling robot fans — referred to as “fanbots” — that represent real fans in the stadium.

Launch of Samsung’s Tizen phone delayed in Russia

Samsung revealed on Monday that it will be pushing back the launch date of its Tizen-based Samsung Z phone in Russia.

LG’s Windows Phone comeback reportedly codenamed D635, 720p screen in tow

Although we’ve known for a good five months now that Microsoft managed to allure LG back to the Windows Phone platform the Koreans abandoned a few years ago, the exact plans of the G3 makers remained a mystery.

Researchers develop stable lithium anode battery

Researchers have long sought the “holy grail” of battery design – a smaller, more efficient, and cheaper battery that can charge everything from electric cars to our handheld gadgets.

Windows Phone-based HTC One version rumored again, ETA is ‘later this year’

HTC has had an on-again, off-again type of relationship with Microsoft for many years now, never truly abandoning the Windows Phone ship, but scarcely showing signs of pure, passionate, lasting love towards the perennially fledgling platform.