Google begins warming up to those who became Project Glass beta testers during I/O

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If you remember back to Google I/O you will likely remember that grand Project Glass presentation and how those that were in attendance were invited to become beta testers. Well, they were invited to join in as long as they were willing and able to purchase a $1,500 pair of glasses. Anyway, since that point the news about those who have made the commitment has died down some. Things have recently changed however and while we are not seeing all that much from the outside, those who signed up have been sent a welcome email. The email has come by way of the Project Glass Team and is addressed to the “Glass Explorers.” Anyway, while only those who have the numbered glass (and will have the actual glasses next year) can participate in this, they have been invited to a special and private Google+ group. According to the details that have been revealed, this Google+ group will offer goodies such as “private” updates which include exclusive content, special events and Hangouts. Needless to say, we wish we had a pair of glasses so we could participate. But on that note, the more this stuff begins to be discussed, the more that will hit the interwebs for everyone to see. Simply put, it looks like more Project Glass details will end up being revealed sooner rather than later. Or at least that is what we here at GadgeTell are hoping to see happen.

Via [Phandroid]

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