Vizio announces the Co-Star Google TV pre-orders have sold out, leave us wondering how many units were actually available for pre-order

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Vizio originally announced their Co-Star Google TV set-top box back on June 26th and then later followed up on July 24th with news of pre-order availability. The Co-Star was (still is) priced at $99.99 and to be honest — it was all sounding like a good deal. And well, those pre-orders went live and Vizio has since announced that they have sold out. A quick check of the Co-Star product listing on the Vizio website shows only the following;

“This item is currently out of stock on”

That being said, the folks at Vizio did offer a message on Google+ letting everyone know the situation. Here is what they had to say;

“Thanks to our fans support, we sold out of the #VIZIOCoStar pre-order in the first 12 hours.”

And sure, we commend Vizio for announcing a compelling product, however we cannot forget that this is still a Google TV device. In other words, this is a device that up until now has had (from other manufacturers) a tough time on the market. Maybe Vizio did something right as they had a more than fair price and maybe they had enough backing because of their name — but we still cannot help wondering what the sell out actually means in terms of actual numbers sold.

Either way, despite that Vizio Google+ posting stating that they already had pre-orders back up and running (strange if they sold-out), the listing on the Vizio website is still not accepting new orders.

Via [Google+ Vizio] and [TechCrunch]

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